5 Best Web Hosting Services For Blogs 2021 🥇 [ Survey Data]

Starting a blog in 2021 isn’t difficult when you find the perfect blog hosting companies for your wordpress websites.

If you are searching for the Best Web Hosting Services For Blogs 2021 then make sure to hold with the article to get started with the perfect web hosting services for your WordPress sites under budget.

Starting a successful blogging site in these days isnt much hustle when you find your blog niche that finds widespread readers, which helps your site to get enabled monetizations to make make money from.

The Point: If you want to make more money from your blog and by-product to make more money you will need to have big leagues hosting provider which boost your site speed and can handle the unlimited resources with much fuss.

In this article, I am going to drill more under and help you to find the best blog hosting.

Let’s dive right in.

How I Crafted Today’s Article & What To Look for in Best Blog Hosting

Almost all web hosting claimed to furnish best performance and system supports. Do they give such user experience to thier clients?

From my experience is total “No”

I have migrated a lot of hosting companies from the last 5yrs and for a most maximum of the reasons I have transferred is because of thier system supports and uptime guarantee. They were such bad every time my site lives 5-10 visitors site slow+ crash.

Choosing the bad web hosting service for wordpress blog can fur your website in the day you can expect 3-6 times a day downtime + cause google index and security issues and sometimes for the necessity of the reason it knocks your whole blog.

I have individually experienced those problems with our this blog and transferred successfully to two perfect host blog for now which I will be mentioned soon.

Not only that if you prefer bad hosting you have to migrate your hosting for sure which makes +1 hustle.

It’s your selection to make the important clean decision with your blog and the most salutary part is you reading this line and I comprehend you have come in this article to find out the most high-grade blog hosting services. And My assignment in today article to find your perfect host that fits under budgets.

When choosing a web hosting for your blogging sites you need to keep these 3 important factors:

  • UpTime: Your website must no go down if you are paying to host companies. This is #1 uptime factor to look in before you host. Else if harms your website traffic and rank slightly as being said above.
  • Migration: There are still numerous hosting companies which charge $15-25 per website transfer which is totally hellish. You have to pay the price for hosting plans+ migration fees so. You must take care and This is #2 important factor must look.

I have written a perfect article and came up the list of the best wordpress hosting which offers free website migrations.

  • System Information: Before you choose any hosting company and signup you must learn more about them such as system supports, clients feedbacks, uptime speed records.

  • Customer Support: There is no point using such hosts which do-not appears live 24/7 online, offline and ticket supports. The web hosting company you have chosen should have the expert on the topic you raised and respond when you need help in anytime anywhere you want.

I have written hundreds of articles related to hosting on different worldwide websites and including ours are mostly seen.

I have tested over more than 50+ web hosting companies so far and over long weeks and hours, ‘ i have listed the top 9 wordpress hosting for blogs for this article.

Every hosting are quite a top-notch and officially recommended by wordpress + budget-friendly for cheap hosting, managed cloud, shared WEB hosting I got covered almost everything.

Want to jump right into the lists you”re interested in? Just use our handy Table of contents:

Best Web Hosting Services For WordPress Blogs 2021

best web hosts for bloggers
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#1. GreenGeeks – Eco-Friendly Affordable Host

Greengeeks logo
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  • Good Uptime – 99.94%
  • Great Speeds – 515ms
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Free Site Migration
  • 24/7 Live Chat and Email Support


  • Phone Support Isn’t 24/7



GreenGeeks is the #1 Eco-Friendly Web Hosting service in the hosting industry that runs with the full green renewable energy for hosting servers.

Greengeeks is our #1 best web hosting for blogging in wordpress. This web hosting pricing plans are so budget-friendly and come with the choicest features when relating to other hosting platforms for a blog in terms of pricing and features.

This web hosting uses renewable resources which is more environmentally our web hosting and runs with the fu green renewable energy for hosting servers for customers.

This is why greengeeks is called #1 unique web hosting and has earned a lot more extra value in the wordpress community and ranked as top hosting servers.

They have a tremendous list of awards and nominators for emerging planet unique Eco-friendly web hosting. This is why they got a tag for the #green web hosting service.

Greengeek’s uptime guarantee is 99.99% and thier average load time for our website was 300ms which was much more good comparing to SiteGround hosting.


They installed tenth the amount of energy it uses back into the grid in the form of renewable energy and produces 300% Green Energy Match power for servers.

These web hosting offers free 30-day’s money-back guarantee with free website migrations with 24/7 support backed by two methods live chat and ticket form which will help you get a quick reply if you run into any problem with thier wordpress experts teams.

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

  • Lite ($2.49/mo): 1 Website/ free domain for one year/ Unlimited web space, data Transfer/ Standard Performance

  • Pro ($4.95/mo): Unlimited Website, Storage, bandwidth, Free domain for one year, 2x Performance

  • Premium ( $8.95/mo): Unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth,, Free Premium SSL, Free domain for one year, dedicated IP, 4x Performance

All of the plans include Unlimited Databases,300% Green Energy Match, Free CDN, Nightly Backups, 30-Days Money Back Guaranteed with free website migrations.

🤔 Is this the best wordpress blog host for you?

I have personally used GreenGeeks Web Hosting in our of our another blog and I have included and ranked greengeeks in our every article no any list of the hosting for any purposes can be completed without greengeeks. With just the pricing of $2.95, you can host one website with everything unlimited space, bandwidth, and free CDN.

My recommendation for your blogging websites goes with a plan of Pro where you can host unlimited websites with 2x  faster performance with everything unlimited features and officially recommended by Greengeeks Community ItSelf.

Discount Today’s Deal: Greengeeks Promo Codes & Coupons Jan 2021 [75%Discount]

#2. DreamHost –  WordPress-Endorsed Hosting

DreamHost logo
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  • Guaranteed Uptime – 100%
  • Royal Load Time– 300ms
  • WordPress-Endorsed Hosting
  • Free Website Migration
  • No-Risk – 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Comprehensive- docs and tutorial
  • Unlimited- Traffic 
  • Free Website Builder


  • No C-panel Uses High-Quality Custom Made Dashboard



Dreamhost started selling domains and web hosting from more than 23+ years now. That’s huge! Launched back in 1997 and one of the oldest web hosting company in the market which if officially recommended by wordpress and PcMag brand sites.

Dreamhost is a very cost-effective hosting for wordpress blogging websites with just paying a few amounts of bucks you get best hosting plans with free 97 days money-back guarantee.

This hosting strong services and performance has gained a lot of value in the wordpress community and earned them a position among the top 3 web hosting companies officially recommended by wordpress/

Since the launch in 1997 now they host over more than millions of domains and sites and offer month- month hosting plans here you can pay them bucks in monthly wise no need to pay for yearly plans.

If you are not read invest in yearly plans contract then this could be the hosting you are looking which lets you pay in (monthly billing system]


Dream host’s average load time came in at 300ms with the uptime data of 100% which is decent. There are only a few webs hosting companies which offer 60+days money back guaranteed but Dreamhost is one of them which provides no risk money back within 97 days.

It’s rare to find out such hosting with such features and the best part DreamHost is officially powered and recommended by wordpress.org itself as said above.

In a nutshell, Dreamhost offers practically every type of hosting plans for every type of niches people who are looking forward to using on thier site for different purposes.

They have got woocommerce plans, Shared Plans, WordPress, and much more on offer.

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

  • Shared Starter ($2.99) : 1 website/ Free Domain name/ unlimited traffic/ Fast SSD Storage/ Free Website Builder, SSL/ 3 Year, 1 Year & Monthly Plans/ Add Email [$1.67/mo]

  • Shared Unlimited ( $3.95/m) : Unlimited websites/ Free domain name/ Wordpress pre installed/ free unlimited emails

All of the plans include  Unlimited traffic, bandwidth, storage, wordpress pre installed, free automated website migrations, WP builder, SSD Storage with 3 Year, 1 Year & Monthly Plans

🤔 Is this the best wordpress blogging host for you?

Dreamhost is an excellent option if you don’t want to be in the yearly contract you can just go ahead with their monthly plans and pay them monthly wise, but the pricing will slightly increase when you choose month to month go hosting than yearly one.

This makes good for small to medium blogging sites whether you’re new to wordpress or already the old player have expertise with the platform.

My recommendation is to go with yearly and THEIR upper timing plans. As because you will SAVE 43% Over Monthly in yearly and SAVE 63% Over Monthly in 3years plans.

#3. A2 Hosting – Fully Cloud Build InfraStructure

A2 hosting logo
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  • Recommended By Brands and Bloggers Especially
  • Free Website Migrations
  • Monthly Payment Available
  • Wordpress Full Cloud Infrastructure Servers
  • Swift Support 


  • High Pricing In month to month go plans

A2 Hosting

($4.99/MONTH) Drive Plan!

A2 Hosting is one the web hosting which offers the fastest shared wordpress host that offers scalable and affordable hosting services available on the market now with entirely built on cloud infrastructure

A2 hosting is most widely used by especially bloggers, digital marketers for fast loading speed which is fully built on cloud infrastructure that falls under the pricing of every people.

This web hosting was founded back in 2002 and another #3 one of the oldest web hosting company on the planet.

This hosting platform is a popular well-received option for blogs that require extra power for WordPress or other CMS platforms.


A2 hosting includes Free SSL certificate, unlimited storage, bandwidth and offers free website migrations with month to month payment systems.

A2 hosting offers 24/7 online/ offline supports backed by all three methods phone, emails and ticket systems.

The best part is you can cancel a2 hosting plans in “anytime” money-back guarantee cancel anytime anywhere you want you will give a refund.

A2 hosting more focus on speed acceleration and performance than pricing. The is the a2hosting tag line brand is “Our Speed, Your Success”.

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

  • Startup ($2.99) : 1 website/ 100 GB SSD Storage/ free money back guaranteed and site migrations/Great Start For A Single Site.

  • Drive ( $4.99) : Unlimited Websites/ Unlimited SSD Storage/ Free & Easy Site Migration/ Money-Back Guarantee/ More Sites & 2X Resources.

  • Turbo Boost ( $9.99) : Unlimited Websites/ Unlimited NVMe Storage/ Easy Site Migration/ Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)/ Money-Back Guarantee

🤔 Is this the best wordpress blogging host for you?

A2 hosting is top-notch web hosting for wordpress blogging platforms which are a very cost-effective option for bloggers sites with advanced features fully built on cloud infrastructure.

However, this hosting also provides a month-month payment option but monthly hosting costs expensive than the yearly plans.

My recommendation is to go with yearly plans if you want to save money and promotion rates.

#4. HostGator- Unlimited Web Hosting

5 Best Web Hosting Services For Blogs 2021 🥇 [ Survey Data]
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  • Recommended WP Beginner Brand!
  • Free Website Migrations
  • 24/7/365 support

  • 99.99% Uptime Result


  •  Very cheap prices the first term and expensive upon renewal


($2.75/mo) Hatchling Plan

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hostings which is mostly trusted used by beginner bloggers, new online marketers, which offers unlimited bandwidth and storage to users

Hostgator is a low-cost hosting and simple plus the budget hosting game on today’s internet game than other hosting providers.

One of the most popular reasons Hostgator is popular and listed among the top 10 hosting companies in the world is because of thier reliable performance and more than its pricing budget-friendly system.

Now this web hosting hosts millions of domains and websites in their platforms, A better, budget-friendly webtop web hosting for blogging websites.
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No records of hosting for small business, blogging, budget-friendly, shared and cheap web host can be complete and listed without including Hostgator hosting.

Hostgator offers web hosting for every business purpose and have plans like shared, wordpress, VPS, Managed Dedicated and reseller hosting.

Their plans so much optimized with just one view everyone cam starts thier online business not only that;

Hostgator also free 32 days trial to new users. Learn how to get HostGator for free 32 days without a credit card! Sounds good right.?

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

  • Hatchling ($2.75) : 1 website/ free domain name for one year/ website builder/ Unlimited storage,bandwidth, free money back guarantee
  • Babay ( $3.50) : Unlimited Websites/ free domain name for one year/ Unmetered bandwidth, storage/ free SSL Certificate
  • Business ( $5.25) : Unlimited domains/ Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer/Free dedicated IP/ SEO Tools/ free domain included

All of the plans include One-click WordPress installs, Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer, Free SSL certificate, Unlimited bandwidth, storage, SSL certificate .

🤔 Is this the best wordpress blogging host for you?

Hostgator offers surprisingly budget-friendly pricing, with good performance and gives what the price you pay for. A great web hosting services for those who want to start their online blogging and business.

Related Guide;

#5. CloudWays- Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting

Cloudways logo
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  • Best 100% Uptime History
  • Trained Expert 24/7
  • High-Speed Cloud Servers
  • Wordpress & Cloud Optimized Server
  • Managed Host + Advanced Security


  •  No Free Domains


($10/mo) Managed WP Hosting

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting server where you can choose six different cloud providers in cloudways and which makes your work easier and easy to manage with the best supports. No need to worry about backups, migrations everything in one same platform

We ‘ve talked about a lot of budget blog wordpress web hosting so far, now lets wrap thing up with something different.

Cloudways is a managed wordpress hosting platform where you can host your websites in six different cloud hosting servers under one single platform called cloudways.

This is why cloudways called managed to host platfrom. Cloudways offers a wide range of plans and inclides lots of fratures supports.

This web hosting is one of the biggest names in managed wordpress hosting and the best liquid choice if you want to enter the managed internet host world.

Cloudways s hosting platform as got high sky rating from the online community from bloggers, internet marketers and pros including from our blog.


Right of the bat, if you have a good amount of high traffic blogging site and searching for the managed hosting then cloudways it the perfect option. You can also go with if you can spend$10/month every month!

You can host your site on six different servers DigitalOcean server (DO), LinodeGoogle cloud platformVULTR or Amazon AWS in the same place.

Read Our: Honest cloud hosting review after using it from months. Why this web hosting is called the best-managed cloud host brutally Honest Review.

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

CloudWays ServerMonthly Pricing
Digital Ocean$10/M
VULTR$ 11 /mo
AWS$ 36.51 /mo
Google Cloud$ 33.18 /mo

Use Our Partner Coupon Code { POCKETLINKO} for the first month you can save flat  20%.

🤔 Is this the best wordpress blogging host for you?

Cloudways is an exciting web hosting and overkill for Wordpress blogging sites.

They have approximately 50+ technical support members which helped over 9000+ users over 45 different countries to launch their own 12,000+ servers and 25,000+ web apps etc.

Plus, they provide month-by month payment system which helps you to try thier hosting before you be in the long contract with with them.

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The qualities of the best Hosting For WordPress Blogs

About more than 49% of the web are powered by wordpress. As being said I have tested more than 50+ web hosting services and came up the lists.

As per my experience of writing those hundreds of articles related to hosting guides my recommendation for the best wordpress blog goes with GreenGeeks, DreamHost.

There are a lot but for different purposes. Just like for high traffic websites my recommendation goes with CloudWays, WPX hosting and kinsta. They are top-notch for large businesses websitess.

These are the top hosting companies to start a blog because of their fair pricing systems, supports and the best excellent 24/7 online supports with no risk full money back guarantee

There are thousands of hosting you can choose but that thing if you are going to start a blog then my recommendation goes with these above hosts as they are trusted by wordpress.org itself and brand sites such as trip advisor, Unity, PC Mag etc.

Still, confuse? Not satisfy here some features you should be on the looking for to save your time and money to find out your perfect blog host

  • Pre Installed WordPress: You don’t need to install wordpress manually some hosts provide auto wordpress installed.
  • Support: You will get supports from Wordpress experts
  • Free Doman Name: You will be only paying for hosting plans so look for such hosts which will provide a free domain name for the first year to save some bucks.
  • History: Before you choose hosts you must be looking forward to thier history of uptime and system performance and customer feedback.
  • Free Access to themes/Plugins: There are still some hosts Bluehost and wpx hosts which provide premium themes for free.

These are just basics it depends on your budget which one to go. Every hosting are good when your budget to reach thier plans and features.

But there are still some hosts which provide those premium host feature in thier starting plans which I have mentioned above.

How to narrow down these best blog hosting providers of 2021

In our blog you can find plenty of guides related to hosting and its discounts so need to worry if you are not going to start brand new blog.

Every successful website has a tremendous hand of its hosting services. If everything goes well. you’ll the same like brand sites and giving the example of using these hosts.

Let’s wrap the article final!

  • 🤩 Best Value for your money: GreenGeeks, DreamHost offers the best performance, supports, unlimited features in thier starting plans.

  • 💰 Best Budget-Friendly: If you’re looking for a low budget-friendly hosting with free 30days option, Hostgator is top-notch.

  • 🚥 Best web hosts for high- traffic blogs sites: Cloudways is best ready to hosts for high traffic blog sites come with the monthly pricing of $10/m

That’s not the end! We at pocketlinko are digging every day to find perfect hosts for your blogging sites,so weekly or monthly this page will update make sure to bookmark!

Let me know in the comments below what you think about these best blog host providers for WP Sites.

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