5 Best Web Hosting For Photographer’s Sites & Business 2023

Choosing a web hosting for photography can be difficult and stressful. Whatever photography business class you specialize in, fashion, wedding, portrait, landscape or wildlife, etc, you need to own a first photography business website to acquaint people with your works.

If you are going to market your services as a photographer, your high-quality images as stock photos, print, videos, you can do these things with web hosting plans.

Every website you visit there is a tremendous huge hand of web hosting, that why I have done comprehensive research into the best web hosting for photography websites with a special study like storage, backups, bandwidths, and budget-friendly pricing which helps to craft this perfect article.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

💭 How I Crafted Today’s Article & What To Look for in Photography Hosting?

For each photography web hosting, I am going to share our industry-leading web hosting chosen by millions of users and some itself recommended by wordpress.

I am not going to define each photography host, all my focus is going is to help you find out the hosting that fits under your budget with 100% satisfaction so that you don’t have to migrate and stick as long you want.

All my focus is to help photographers to build own photography portfolio without costing extra. There are some hosting which offers free web builder and free domain name with yearly+ monthly payment systems which makes your budget even lesser and you dont have to buy third party website builder.

Let me share with you some of the high grading factors that help me build this perfect article some of the lists of the top came out from this article: best web hosting for designers.

I am not a photographer, but I am a UI.UX designer who designs sites daily and I know what are the factors I should look at to build today’s photographer article.

For Whom This Photography Web Hosting is for🤔?

If you are thinking to start your photography website or already have and want to migrate from old web hosting to new web hosting. This article is made for both.

Should I Go with Cheap Web Hosting Or Higher Plans🤔?

Before you read other words, Cheap means budget-friendly pricing which comes with the pricing of less than $3-5/ per month.


Higher plans mean ‘fortune web hosting companies’ plans which come with the pricing of more than $10-20/ per month.

Which one to Cheap Plans vs Fortune Plans🤔?

When you are a beginner and just started or going to build your perfect portfolio photography for fashion, wedding, portrait, landscape or wildlife, etc. You dont have to go with fortune web hosting on starting phase of the website.

You will not have sufficient visitors and it takes time to build the website and gain organic visitors from search engines.

If you already have clients for your photography business or migrating from other wen hosting then you can always go with fortunate web hosting plans that helps site to load fast if it fits under your budget.

Still, when it comes to web hosting providers, there are many factors to consider and feature you have look just like;

StorageBandwidth: You must choose a web hosting providers which offers unlimited space and bandwidth. In photography, you cannot decrease the image quality and each photo takes more than 5-20MB. Don’t choose hosting plans with limited storage and bandwidth.

In starting profile make sure you dont go with unlimited storage pricing will slightly increase and dont worry there some hosting providers which provide unlimited features like storage, bandwidth with the pricing of less than $5/ month.

I don’t want your money to get invest in something which you don’t need in starting face, almost many hosting providers store with more than 20+SSD GB so unless you won’t fulfill those hosting storage why a move for higher plans. 🙂.

how cdn works
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CDN: A CDN takes your website files and data distributes them across multiple servers to make website content delivering fast.


Disclosure: I am an affiliate for some host, and will receive a commission if you sign up through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to you, and you will get discount pricing through my link. 🙂

This is a guide made respectively for photographers and photo lovers who want to build a photo website.

Best Web hosting for a photographer
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Best Website Web Hosting for Photographers 2023

1. BlueHost: Best all-around provider for photography websites.

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  1. Recommended plan from: $2.95 / per month
  2. Available storage space: 50GB
  3. Bandwidth/number of visits: unlimited
  4. Free CDN: ✅
  5. Free domain: ✅
  6. Free SSL: ✅
  7. Custom domain use:
  8. Custom Themes: ✅
  9. Money-back Guarantee: 30 Days No risk!

Bluehost is the best photography hosting provider for website because it provides the uptime gurantee of 100% with each plans.

An excellent platform for all website purpose officially recommended by wordpress.orf with the ranking of #1.

Bluehost customer support and value for pricing are top notch what you pay we get for sure with 30 days money back guarantee. If you want to build your photography website then bluehost is my #1 recommended host.

💡 Photography high-grade features + Pricing: Bluehost

Bluehost features
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Bluehost scores 5/5 rating in my research for support, pricing, quality, features, feedbacks and 24/7 phone and live chat.

If you fall into any problem Bluehost has a bunch of hosting tutorials with a guide to short you out. If you know the basics of how to build a website with wordpress then

Bluehost tool dashboard
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Bluehost will be the best choice from overall listing because this web has its own custom dashboard due to which you can easily track your visitor analytics, user comments, and anything else happening on your website right from your Bluehost dashboard.

The best part bluehost offers free domain for the first year along with custom pre-made themes and templates for photographers themes, with FREE SSL and Custom CDN. You will also get $100 google ads credit from which you can grow your website traffic fast and helps to drive customers with google ads.

Bluehost shared pricing
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If you are now going to build a photography website then you can go with the plan of $2.95/ month for one single website with a free domain.

If you are migrating from old host to Bluehost then you can go with either choice plus and if you’re on a tight budget then you can go with pro plans with the pricing of $13.95/ per month where you will get a 30days trial of office 365, domain privacy, automated backup, Dedicated IP.

Is BlueHost the most suitable option for your photography site🤔?

Yep! Bluehost is the best overall photography web hosting provider came up with the uptime of 100% in our research. Will it satisfy-you?

2. DreamHost: Best For Unlimited Features

Dreamhost website builder
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  1. Recommended plan from: $2.59 / per month:
  2. Available storage space: Unlimited
  3. Bandwidth/number of visits: Unlimited
  4. Free CDN: ✅
  5. Free domain: ✅
  6. Free SSL: ✅
  7. Custom domain use:
  8. Free Website: ✅
  9. Money-back Guarantee: 97 Days No risk!

Dreamhost head page
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Dreamhost is my another #2nd best-recommended web hosting for a photography website. If you decide to build your site with Dreamhost, you can go ahead because this web hosting also officially recommended by wordpress.org.

I am not recommending you to go with it just because it is recommended by the wordpress community. Dreamhost plans come with a pricing of $2.59 which is a wordpress host where you get the high grading features just like:

Free website builder, Custom CDN that makes the website load fast 5x faster, Free SSL, Privacy Protection, daily unlimited backups, with free email hosting.

Dreamhost does not provide c-Panel because Dreamhost has thier own custom made dashboard from where you can control every single element of the site.

💡 Photography high-grade features + Pricing: Dreamhost

With Dreamhost you no longer have to be in yearly contracts like Bluehost because Dreamhost provides month- to month payment system plans which helps you not be on yearly contracts.

Dreamhost offers 24/7availability supports. Live chat is available from 5:30a.m. to 9:30pm . You can reach directly to wordpress experts teams who can help your problems to get solved.

Dreamhost features wordpress
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This web hosting is jam-packed with advanced security options, image hosting tools, and other amazing, it can easily handle large media files without decreasing the site speed especially built for Wordpress optimized servers.

Dreamhost plans start with $2.58/per month where you can host one single website with the free domain included with free website drag and drop builder from which you can build your photography website with clean UI.UX design without increasing page scripts and you no longer need that elementor and other page builder tools.

If you are just getting started and thinking to go with dreamhost then you can go with $2.58/per month plans where you can host one website and get one free domain.

Like wise..

If you already have a website and thinking to migrate to Dreamhost then no need to worry Dreamhost host comes with free website migrations and a wordpress plugin from which you can either do it yourself or Dreamhost expert there for you.

You can go with a DreamPress managed Wordpress hosting plan with the starting price of $16.95/mo which is built for 100k+ visitors per month domain name + website builder.

Dreamhost discount latest
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Today Dreamhost is offering a flat 67% discount on hosting plans and 92% on domains. Love the host? You can go and grab the deal you can save up to $100 -$300 with the higher plans.

Do you want the best hosting for photographers on a budget with unlimited features🤔?

Dreamhost is a trustworthy option. Costs dont get lower than Dreamhost $2.58/per month.

Are you sold? Get 67% discount on each plans plus 92% on domains.

3. A2 Hosting:  handful hosting packages

  1. Recommended plan from $4.99 / per month
  2. Available storage space: Unlimited
  3. Bandwidth/number of visits: unlimited
  4. Free CDN: ✅
  5. Free domain: ✅
  6. Free SSL: ✅
  7. Custom domain use:
  8. Free plan: ❌
  9. Money-back Guarantee: 30 Days No risk!
  10. Free Website Builder:

A2 hosting image hosting plans
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A2 hosting has lots of handful different hosting packages, with that this web hosting offers perfect optimized specific plan options plans for photographers,

With robust security that let you sell photos online with full advance security in payment modes.

A2 Hosting offers the best tight security than focusing on pricing. This is why thier tag line has named ” Our speed your sucess.

💡 Photography high-grade features + Pricing: A2 Hosting

A2 hosting each plan is built on 100% cloud infrastructure which can easily handle large media files also you will get the options to choose hosting locations of your nearest data centres with custom CDN.

This web hosting is plan is especially built for photographers only so you can try this web hosting also with full money back gurantee .

What originates A2 Hosting’s unique feature is the built-in gallery of software. For example, you can use Piwigo to install up a gallery backed with an active community, or use Coppermine to build a PHP-based image gallery. There more 16+ differnt tools.

A2 hosting image hosting apps
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A2 hosting tech supports are available  24/7 to help solve your problems backed by all four methods via chat, phone, ticket, and knowledge base docs.

A2 hosting each photographs plans comes with $2.99 where you will get 16+ different image softwares like piwigo, gallery, pexel post etc. If you require more serves resources and storage with unlimited, you can upgrade to the higher plans costing $4.99/ per month.

Impressed By A2 Web Hosting Custom Photography Plans🤔?

A2 Hosting won’t let you down. Read check it out today.

4. In Motion: Best value for money.

  1. Recommended plan from $4.99 / per month
  2. Available storage space: 50 GB SSD
  3. Bandwidth/number of visits: unlimited
  4. Free CDN: ✅
  5. Free domain: ✅
  6. Free SSL: ✅
  7. Custom domain use:
  8. Free plan: ❌
  9. Money-back Guarantee: 90 Days No risk!
  10. Free Website Builder:

In motion hosting shared plans
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In motion shared hosting plans got to score 5/5 rating from our content readers based on the web hosting for designers. They are cheaper in pricing but they services they offers are top notch..

It’s 90 days money back guarantee, there are only few web hosting provider in the planet offering so much value just like dream host managed to offer 97-days money back guarantee in yearly plans.

💡 Photography high-grade features + Pricing: InMotio hosting

Just like a2 hosting, in-motion hosting plans comes with different shape and sizes for every users that fits under the budget. In motion offers 24/7 phone, live chat support so you never need to worry about your site.

Your photography website will be monitored by experts 24/7 if somethings goes the auto- healing technologies will help to site to be normal automatically.

Support are top notch when it comes to their each hosting plans. Welll,

In Motion’s also has tons of articles written by experts from different niches which will help you to learn more and increase website revenue.

In motion hosting wordpress plans
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Their pricing plans start from $4.99 where you can host 1 website with 50GB SSD with unlimited bandwidth, but I dont recommended you to with this one for those who are migrating from another host. Only for new photography website users.

You can go with in-motion wordpress hosting plans which costs $7.99/month where you can host two different websites with the free domain names and SSL with drag and drop builder and marketing tools.

Do you want the best support + tons of features plans 🤔 ?

In-Motion is waiting for you to go and get the web hosting dont worry you will still have 90 days money refund.

5. Hostinger: Best Cheapest Web Hosting

  1. Recommended plan from: $2.99/ per month
  2. Starting Price: $0.99/ per month
  3. Available storage space: 20 GB SSD Storage
  4. Bandwidth/number of visits: Unlimited
  5. Free CDN: ❌
  6. Free domain: ✅
  7. Free SSL: ✅
  8. Custom domain use:
  9. Free plan: ❌
  10. Money-back Guarantee: 30 Days Days No risk!
  11. Free Website Builder:

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Hostinger is cheapest on our list for the best photography. If you don’t have very less budget to spend lesser than $2, then you can go with hostinger web hosting plans which starts from $0.99/ per month.

I dont recommended you to go with me as you are in building a photography website and your focus must not go with cheap plans so based on my reviews and written so far.

💡 Photography high-grade features + Pricing: Hostinger

Wordpress hosting plans is the best options for you if you have budget to spend $2.99/ per month where you can 100 website in one single account with free domain name for year and it’s no joke at all.

Hostinger wordpress plans
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Do note you will get 25k/ visitors per month with only 20GB SSD storage but you can always upgrade the hosting server anytime.

hostinger phone support
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Hostinger offers 24/7/365 live local+ global language backed by all three methods, chat, a ticket with along hosting thousands of guides that will help you build your photography website.

The one cons of hostinger for support is there is no phone support

Want budget-friendly hosting for photography🤔 ?

Go with hosting for just $0.99 you can host one website and get a free domain for the year. a

Best Web Hosting For Photographers: Final Notes

Which one to choose?

Each of these photo sharing web hosting companies platform are top notch for different types of users in-terms of pricing, features, storage etc.

You don’t have to think more about all of this photography hosting all recommended by the wordpress community, which offers free domain names. CDN and advanced caching that make the website load faster without reducing the image quality.

Let’s wrap the article final for now

Best Host Providers For Photographer Website

  • BlueHost: Best All-Around Provider For Photography Websites, from $2.95 per month.
  • DreamHost: Best For Unlimited Features starting from $2.59 per month
  • A2 Hosting:  Handful Hosting Packages starting from  $4.99 / per month
  • In Motion: Best Value For Money starting from $4.99 / per month
  • Hostinger: Best Cheapest Web Hosting starting from $0.99

Now I want to hear from you! Whats are your thoughts on the list of the best web hosting for photograph sites?

What are your top photography companies for WordPress hosting? Share your picks with our community in the comment section!

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