9 Easy Steps To Start A WordPress Blog with HostGator in 2023

You landed on the planet’s best guide. This guide is for both beginners and pro and one who learns and implements this guide on “How to start a WordPress blog with Hostgator 2023” is the one who becomes pro. 🙃 Starting a WordPress blog with Hostgator web hosting is no more deal with this guide.

In this article at Pocketlinko, I have provided step by step guide with a screenshot to make the words more clear to help you build your profitable wordpress blog with Hostgator. Before we begin I want to tell you something,

Congratulations! You are just one step back from changing your life and let me tell you starting a blog before 5years was my best and great decision ever made. Take your blogging as a business, not my hobby. when I had started my first web live it was much harder as I wasn’t much familiar with wordpress website design and development tool but;

In 2023 those years, days are gone it hardly takes less than 10mins to get started with a wordpress blog by using Hostgator web hosting. Just register domain, hosting plans, and install wordpress software, you are all live to but there are many settings you need to change to make your wordpress SEO to the next level.

There are surprising deals that will give you a flat 1 month of free trial with Hostgator hosting only for our pockelinko readers with a step-by-step guide tutorial.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

Details About: HostGator Overview (2023 Best Trusted Web Hosting)

Hostgator was founded back in 2002, Oldest web hosting company providing hosting solutions at very affordable prices with the most high grade features rendering hosts solutions mostly for budget-friendly customers with high upgraded down plans. With over 9,000,000 hosted domains and listed in the lists of the world’s top 10 largest web hosting companies.

With just starting plans of $2.75/month you can get free dedicated IP with coupons with our exclusive promo code to get discounts. Hostgator is mostly used by bloggers, small businesses, owners, and wordpress users who are just starting. If you are a new online business user and want to start your online store, blogs to run small to medium scale website and have very little budget to spend now is the time to start everything with free 30days trial no credit card required.

Key Features: Why you must start a blog in wordpress on Hostgator

Hostgator is our #1 recommendation for starting your online business because for a new Wordpress blog host users what matters the most is trusting the host company and more is with its pricing many beginner dont have a huge amount to pay.

Hostgator offers shared, VPS , dedicated and manage wordpress server hosting plans.

💎 Key features of Hostgator

  • Free Domain Name For The First Year ( Valid With Only Annual Hosting Plans)
  • Free Website Migrations
  • 1 click WordPress and other software installs
  • Solid Uptime and service
  • Unlimited bandwidth, space, database
  • You can cancel your hosting within 45 days as HostGator allows a guaranteed 45 fays free money-back guarantee with no question raised.
  • 24/7/365 for support
  • Free Email, CDN, SSL
  • Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Risk-Free 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, Email Accounts ( Best Value For Hostgator Users )
  • #1-recommendation for starting online blogs, stores, woocommerce, eCommerce shopping sites. Hosting with unlimited features without costing extra, budget-friendly.

How to install wordpress blog in hostgator
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How To Start Wordpress Blog Website On HostGator 2023: 9 Easy Steps

Now is the time to set up your wordpress website with an easy step by step guide and learn “how to create a wordpress website on HostGator”

#Step 1: Choose Hosting Plan

Click on this link to get redirected to the Hostgator landing website automatically. Now simply click on “Get Started” which will navigate you to the HostGator’s shared web hosting plans page.

This is how the page looks:

Slider image
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Slider image
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As soon as you visit the page you will see there 3 shared hosting plans. Let me Describe each plan one by one,

1. Hatchling Plan ( $2.75 per month) + 60% Discount

This is the entity plan of Hostgator which costs only $2.75 per month that allows you to host and have the features like:

  • Single domain/ One-click WordPress installs/ Free cPanel/ website transfer/ Unmetered bandwidth and storage/ Free SSL certificate / One Year Free domain included

2. Baby Plan ( $3.50 per month) + 65% Discount

This is the medium plan and officially recommended by Hostgator Experts for starting an online business just like wordpress blog, stores, etc comes with the pricing of $3.50 where you can host unlimited domains and websites and have the features like:

  • Unlimited domains/ One-click WordPress installs/ Free WordPress cPanel/ Website transfer Unmetered bandwidth/ Free SSL certificate/ Free domain included

The one difference between baby and hatchling plan is that With baby plans you can unlimited website with unlimited storage and bandwidth wherein Hatchling plan you can host only one single website with unlimited storage and bandwidth, email accounts.

3. Business Plan ( $3.50 per month) + 65% Discount

The is the final and powerful plan HostGator plans which comes with the pricing of $5.95 per month where you can host unlimited websites with free dedicated IP and SEO tools. Here are the features;

  • Unlimited domains/ One-click WordPress installs/ cPanel website/ Free Website transfer/ Free SSL certificate/ Free upgrade to Positive SSL/ Free dedicated IP/ Free SEO tools / Free domain included

The one difference between a Business plan and the Baby plan is that With Business plans you can also host an unlimited website with unlimited storage and bandwidth with free dedicated IP, wherein Hatchling plan you can host only one single website with unlimited storage and bandwidth, email accounts, SEO tools, Free upgrade to Positive SSL.

All your choice now and let me guide you to find your perfect host plan above these 3 shared hosting plans with simple words.

If you are new and going to start a Hostgator wordpress blog then my recommendation is to go with the Hatchling plan because in this plan simply you can host one domain in this plan with the pricing of $2.75/ per month. If you have more than 1 blog then simply go with the upper plans you want.

If not once you start learning how WordPress and blogging are done and work in the online world and start making some revenue from your blog then you can upgrade or downgrade the plan anytime you want. If you have already a budget then go with any upper plans most recommended because your website visitors, revenue depend on your hosting server.

hostgator plans
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Click here to buy the hosting plan and choose the most loved one you would love to prefer for your wordpress blogs. For this guide, I am buying a Hatchling Plan! Now just click on the button ” BUY NOW

#Step 2: Choose A Domain Name Free

Now is the time to choose your perfect domain for free without costing extra for you. If you already have a domain name just click on the ” I Already Own This Domain” and if not just simple register a new domain for free.

Hostgator domain free one year
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If you are unsure about the name pickup what to use for your brand websites then you can use this tool called domain name generators which can help you find a relevant domain name.

Or you can also enter the domain name in Hostgator to know whether it is available or not but you can try the toll and paste your domain and HostGator will soon start searching the domain name and make sure to pickup the extensions for your domain.

1 Year Free domain name hostgator
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After selecting your domain name for your website, enter in the domain field and select extensions like .com, .org, .net, .shop etc. By default, the domain name comes with the extensions .com.

Here are some key tips for choosing domain name:

  • Keep in short ( 7-10 letter)

  • Easy to remember

  • Use.COM Extensions if it available most used extensions in the planet if you are not making a blog for a country niche.

  • If possible try to include your keyword in the domain name to simplify your SEO Ranking work. For example, Your niche is related to Food and eats then you can pick up like betaeats.com or eatssumo.com, etc. Just like for the blog we have used keyword pocket which is related to money and similar in this blog we write product reviews and give a massive discount to our readers.

domain privacy
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Depends on you if you want to make your domain information and personal CONTACT secure private. At the end make sure to click on the checkbox to apply domain privacy with the cost of $14.95.

#Step 3: Pickup Hosting Plans

After finalizing the domain now all you have to choose your hosting plans the more upper billing yearly you go the more discounts available for free. Just like: I

Hostgator hosting plan checkout
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f you go with the Hatchling plan for 36 months then you can get a 60.5% discount. As newly going to built WordPress users in hatchling plans the 36 months billing will cost you $1.5.35 without adding the domain privacy and with domain privacy protection the total pricing is $121.29.

Select 36 months plans with the costing of $121.29 to save your every hard earned dollar.

#Step 4: Create Your Hostinger Account

hostgator account creation
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Enter your email address,password, security to create your verified hostgator account.

#Step 5: Setup Your Billing Information

Hostgator billing info
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In this step all, you have to enter all the billing information Enter your name, phone number, Credit card number or Paypal, etc. You have two options for payment modes Credit card and Paypal you can use from anything your choose. Now were are very close to setting up your Wordpress hosting

#Step 6: Uncheck All Additional Services

Hostgator additional services 2
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You can see if you check the box services it will cost your pricing but my recommendation is to uncheck all because it costs a lot pricing in a month. By default, boxes come with a checkbox as you are going to start your wordpress blog and total new beginner so you don’t need to go with these services which will save you more than $50. Uncheck and follow the next step.

#Step 7: Enter HostGator Coupon Code

You don’t need to add any coupon code to get a discount by default it comes with yearly coupon codes for example if you have chosen the hosting plans for 36 months then by default the code will be applied for a 60+ discount. But you can use our coupon code to get more discounts.

Hostgator Coupon Code
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Hostgator Coupon Description PlansCoupon Code
Shared Hosting 75% Offhosting bundle
Shared Hosting 60% OffFREEUPGRADE3, SHARED3665
VPS Hosting 75% OffSNAPPYV3
WordPress Hosting 56% OFFSNAPPYW579
Dedicated Hosting 60% OffSNAPPYD3
Reseller Hosting 58% OffSNAPPYR192424
Cloud Hosting 56% OffCLOUD3645

#Step 8: Review Order Details & Create Account!

Hostgator checkout and review
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As you can see using the given coupon code yOu can get flat $169 bucks. You can review your hosting details and the amount you have to pay. The total costing ( Hosting+ domain) will be $105.35 including tax.

Checkout hostgator
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As soon as you clear your hosting review all you need to click “tick mark” on the privacy box and final checkout now”. FINALLY, Congratulations you are done with buying hosting and domain now is the time to start your Wordpress blog in Hostgator. As soon as you check out the final step is to check your email account from the Hostgator team with password and login-id for Cpanel.

#Step 9: Install WordPress

Check your email and you will get your c-panel user name and password including the c-panel link in your email from where you can install wordpress to get started with blogging. You can also directly login to the Hostgator customer portal to install wordpress on hostgator.

hostgator login portal
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Make sure to use the same email address and password which you have used while buying the hosting plan in step #4.

Hostgator wordpress install
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After login into hostgator account navigate to the “SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER” or in search for SOFTACULOUS then click on the software applications. As you can see in above image. As soon as you click on tit you will be redirected to next page which looks something like these,

hostgator softcalous
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Now all you need to click on wordpress and install now.

Hostgator wordpress cpanel
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After clicking on install button you will be forwarded to next page where you have to enter the following details’

  • Choose the version you want to install : Make Sure to choose the latest version of wordpress.
  • Choose Installation URL: Make sure to choose the HTTPS version of URL.
  • Site Settings: Enter your site name and description dont worry you can change it later from the wordpress dashboard anytime.
  • Admin Account: Enter your user name and admin password make sure to make it secure because you will be using the same admin and password to login in wordpress dashboard. You can use LastPass to generate a secure password.
  • Choose Language: Use the language you prefer

Wordpress sucessfully installed hostgator
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Now leave all those other options and install now! Make sure to note-down your admin and password in safe place so you can login in next time anytime with other pc also. Once you click on install now you’ll see wordpress installation progress. Once the process is done you will see two Different URL one for your website live view and one for wordpress admin login.

Advantages + Live Test

  • Plans Tested: Hatchling
  • LoadTime: 1.211 s
  • Starting Price/month: $2.75
  • Time to First Byte: 0.37 s

🔑 Start Your WordPress Blog With Hostgator today only $2.75/ month !

FAQs: Related HostGator Hosting

Faqs Related To Hostgator Wordpress blog
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Here are few things you need to know about hostgator comapny.

How long does it take for wordpress to install on Hostgator?

Once you purchase Hostinger hosting and setup it totally depends on the hosting plans and server you have chosen. Just like if you have bought hosting of shared, reseller, and optimized wordpress to set up your wordpress blog or website it takes less than 20 mins to take for the WordPress site to install on Hostgator.

How to create a wordpress website on hostgator?

Click on this link to get redirected to the Hostgator landing website automatically. Once you click on the link just follow these nine easy steps.
Step 1: Choose Hosting Plan
Step 2: Choose A Domain Name Free
Step 3: Pickup Hosting Plans
Step 4: Create Your Hostinger Account
Step 5: Setup Your Billing Information
Step 6: Uncheck All Additional Services
Step 7: Enter HostGator Coupon Code
Step 8: Review Order Details & Create Account!
Step 9: Install WordPress

Final Words

Today is the perfect time to start your wordpress website blog with Hostgator. I showed you the step-by-step guide on how you can start a wordpress website with HostGator in 2023.

What are you waiting for you? Once you setup your wordpress blog follow these two best guides : Wordpress SEO & WordPress Blog Checklists

If you run into trouble just mail me siddhit@pocketlinko.com, I will help you to install your wordpress website and install Premium themes do perfect SEO for free if buy with our affiliate link. or just feel free to comment.

I am always ready to help you out this is what makes me happy. If you found this guide make sure to share it with your friends it takes really huge efforts to create step by step guide so they can also learn how to create a perfect website/blog using Hostgator hosting. Thank you for taking out your important time to read the article.

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