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AAWP Black Friday Deals 2022 [58% Off] Hottest Sale + Free Themes + Aff Course Free


AAWP is a plugin for WordPress which helps website owners earn commissions from Amazon when visitors from their sites purchase some product.

To celebrate this AAWP 2022 Black Friday and (Cyber) Monday, you can save a flat 58% discount on all licenses.

If you have a WordPress affiliate site, you will have come to the realization that while your blog gets a lot of visitors and shares great content on its own, it still struggles to convert them all into paying customers.

That is why AAWP was developed by AffiliateWP – a team of developers dedicated to creating the best affiliate management plugin for WordPress,

AAWP Black Friday Sale Year
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Helping affiliates to avoid feeling overwhelmed and make sure you get more sales from your projects.

If you are searching for the very best deal on AAWP Black Friday for your favorite Wordpress website then look no further since,

We have brought to you some of the best offers and discounts that you can get during this year’s AAWP Black Friday.

Without hesitation, Let’s get started with the first sentence to make it closer to avail the deal and secure the deal before it ends.

Offer Details: AAWP Black Friday Sale 2022

AAWP offered a discount of up to 58% on all its plans during last year’s Black Friday. This year, they have not disclosed what the discount will be on the website yet. It is mentioned on their blog, though.

They are always very transparent with things like this so there is no doubt that they will make sure everyone gets the details before making any decisions about purchasing their product.

AAWP Black Friday Deals
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If you’ve been thinking of taking a look at the AAWP affiliate plugin, I have a great deal to share with you today. When you purchase a plan from AAWP,

Not only can you get your hands on a free copy of Niche WP Theme right this minute but I chose to give you an additional bonus so that you could also access another affiliate course completely for free!

AAWP offers a number of paid packages that are individualized for varied needs, but their basic package can start out as much as €49 per year for one person who is just getting started. (Really affordable to get started)

OverView: AAWP Black Friday Event Pricing Plans

In this special section of our AAWP Affiliate WordPress Plugin sale, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the pricing before and during the big day. To start off, here’s a table representation of the data displayed in tables generally:

AAWP Black Friday Deals 2021
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AAWP Plans

Regular Price

Discount Savings



58% Off



45.7% Off



30% Off



31% Off

So what are you waiting for?

The deal comes once in a year for a limited time, once missed you have to wait for AAWP 2022 Black Friday.

Benefits of using AAWP WP Affiliate Plugin: Why Choose it over other plugins?

AAWP (Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin) allows you to display Amazon products in different layouts such as boxes, tables, and widgets.

The magic of this plugin is that it will automatically link your content page to product pages for all items on the page, enabling users who click on the links to purchase easily with 1-click buy. Generate affiliate links automatically without sharing your account credentials with anybody, period!

More importantly, it doesn’t take much work on your part to re-write or modify existing content because the plugin automatically fetches information from top-selling pages via the website’s API, which is how it saves you time!

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy after purchasing and using AAWP:

1. Fresh Product Data Information

Autorenewal links will be generated, products, prices, and offers refreshed automatically from Amazon. You don’t need to take care of this information.

AAWP Comparison Table Demo
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A comparison table helps you compare different items in the same category like price, features, and value to help you make an informed purchase.

The AAWP automatically generates comparison tables based on our database of product information.

The layout of the comparison table continuously updates to reflect changes in prices, specifications, or new products being added to the range.

AAWP Comparison Table Demo (2)
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Each version is split into two columns, one for tablets and the other for smartphones, allowing the resulting table to be read clearly on smaller mobile devices.

2. Geographical Tracking

One of the most important aspects of an Amazon affiliate website is to do with geo-targeting. Not many users know the significance of it. No matter what goods your business may carry, you will still be able to target a country’s audience if you use AAWP geo-targeting feature.

It allows you to automate the process of linking different country Amazon URLs such as or (for example). With knowledge like this, you will be able to earn money from all across the globe!

3. Amazon Compliance

This advanced feature of AAWP lets you stay on top of policy changes and perform every task securely to ensure your account with Amazon remains in good standing. Additionally, it updates the auto partner detection feature and image proxy services to ensure you don’t fall out of compliance with Amazon’s terms and services.

4. Automatic Updates

The plugin gives your product the essential updates that will allow it to rank higher than others when sorted according to titles in search engines. Users can rely on you and work with you, so give them a better user experience and allocate your time and write more! #moretime

5. List Of Bestseller

The AAWP plugin for WordPress is highly popular due to the fact that it allows an affiliate marketer to display products that are related to one another by bringing them onto a single page.

By doing this, people are able to create posts about their favorite niche or category of products rather than having to write multiple product descriptions which can become arduous, especially after a while.

AAWP templates best seller
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This plugin also helps affiliates gain more traffic because users are more likely to select multiple products instead of just one when presented with the option.

Rather than doing everything manually, though, you have the option of allowing the plugin’s algorithm to choose the related products for you based on your preferences without sacrificing your SEO-friendly content even in the slightest.

6. Browser Friendly for All Devices

The templates or widgets created for use in your amazon affiliates blog are mobile-friendly. They are responsive layouts that are meant to work on both desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

The templates are also designed to work with the built-in tabbed layout used by WordPress, especially if you’re using a tabbed menu plug-in.

7. High Conversion Rate

High Conversion Rate
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With a plugin from AAWP, you can make attractive banners for your website that contain affiliate images, titles of products, disclosure of material connections linking back to the owner of the site,

And layout options that allow people to click into details on a product.

FAQs: AAWP Black Friday 2022

When will the AAWP black Friday 2022 deal go live?

Black Friday 2022 for AAWP will take place on Friday, November 29th, 2022, and will remain active for one week.

What are the deals and discounts I get to see on AAWP Balck Friday 2022 Event?

This year AAWP is celebrating the holidays by offering 58% off all of its plans. Hurry and use this opportunity to save a lot by purchasing your plan now by simply clicking here!

What is AAWP?

AAWP is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed for achieving more conversions and revenue on all Amazon affiliate websites. It provides more conversion tools than just about any other plugin.

Does AAWP offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a guarantee in place. If you are unsatisfied with the plugin for any reason whatsoever, you can request your money back within 58% of days of purchasing it.

Does the plugin work with

AAWP is fully compatible with all WordPress websites hosted on, self-hosted installations of, and any server capable of running PHP4.

Can I use the plugin on a multisite?

For multi-site usage, you will need to purchase a higher plan that has features of multiple domains.

Final Words

People with Amazon affiliate websites can now take their website’s earnings next level. The AAWP plugin is a great tool for this and it will last you a lifetime.

It transforms the way your visitors interact with your pages and makes more sales than ever possible before!

This Black Friday be sure to check out the special 58% discount we have available! This is an incredible opportunity to stock up and save big on what you need so don’t miss out!

Do have any thoughts regarding AAWP Black Friday deals? We’d love to hear your input!

Secure your discount today! #BlackFriday2022 #AAWP

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