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Are you are searching for the “verified” WPX hosting coupon code 2021 or WPX Promotional code?

If you are searching for the best WPX coupon code for your business websites to save maximum savings on WPX Plans, then your search ends.

If your business website is hosted in Wordpress and fluctuates with uptime, speed, performance at the current host, and searching for the best Wordpress hosting provider,

Ultimately you have picked the best decision to host your Wordpress IN WPX because they are the world’s no 1 popular hosting provider for the fastest Wordpress hosting performance.

Did you know?

WPX won all global speed-tested categories in independent 2021 testing.

Today’s world is full of discounts and coupon codes, and if you are looking for a WPX hosting coupon code then you are lucky, We have partnered with WPX Platform so you can enjoy your discount.

WPX hosting also hosts some of the great fortune 500 companies like UbiSoft, Trip Advisors, and many others including.

Our special WPX hosting Coupon code will help you save a flat 50% discount for our “Pocketlinko.com” readers. and if you are searching for a premium hosting provider at affordable pricing then WPX hosting is for you and more than this!

Now is the right to purchase and host your website under WPX with a big discount which you don’t get to see on another platform.

From this WPX Promotional Savings article, you will get the answer to the following questions!

  • What is “WPX Hosting”?
  • Is “WPX hosting” worth buying?
  • How to apply the WPX discount coupon code?
  • How To Get 2 Months Of Free Trials With WPX Hosting
  • How to Use WPX hosting coupon code to get a 50% discount
  • Which WPX Hosting Plan is best for me?

WPX Hosting Discount Coupon Code October 2021: 50% OFF

For Pocketlinko readers, We have brought you an exclusive discount code that you can use to get a massive 50% discount on any WPX Hosting plan instead of a regular 25% discount.

At the end of this discount article, I am also going to share with you “How you can get 2 months free hosting plans with WPX.

If you have not yet visited the WPX hosting platform then I highly recommend you to once visit so you can learn who is WPX from here or you can also read my honest WPX hosting Review!

WPX Hosting PlanCoupon Code & SavingsLink to Get 50% Discount
BusinessPocketlinko ($12.49)Grab Business Plan
ProfessionalPocketlinko ($20.83)Grab Professional Plan
ElitePocketlinko ($41.58)Grab Elite Plan Now

WPX hosting promotional code .png
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How to Apply WPX Hosting Coupon Code?

WPX Hosting is an award-winning web hosting provider that offers three breakthrough hosting plans for WordPress users.

It delivers a powerful combination of speed, security, and customer service to help you build a successful online presence.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert who knows WordPress, you can start your WordPress blog with WPX hosting.

WPX Hosting Coupon Code is updated with a new WPX Hosting promo code occasionally. So it’s a way for you to enjoy the WPX service with a saving cost.

Follow our step-by-step guide to get your maximum discount on your WPX Host plans today. (If you want to get a discount on WPX Plans, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on this special link. You will be redirected to their Homepage once you visit the partner link.

Step 2: Click on the “Start Now Button”

Step 3: Select a Hosting Plan that is affordable and best for your business website. Make sure to select the Closet data center you are from.

Step 4: If you don’t have a domain then click on I need a new domain hosting or If you already own just choose “Hosting Only”. You can enter the domain name so the team will migrate your site for no cost. If not you can register to do both domain and Hosting.

Step 5: If you need two months of Free hosting then please choose an annual plan or, you can use our WPX Coupon code POCKETLINKO [CAPS Letter] so you can save 50% instant on Monthly plans.

Step 5: If you need two months of Free hosting then please choose an annual plan or, you can use our WPX Coupon code POCKETLINKO [CAPS Letter] so you can save 50% instant on Monthly plans.

(Make sure you use this link to get 2 months of the free host)

Step 6: Choose Payment Method information and create an account to get started with WPX hosting.

Step 1: Visit WPX.net

WPX hosting Coupons homepage
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The very first crucial step to getting a discount with WPX is to visit their homepage using this link: https://wpx.net/

Once you click on the link,

You will be redirected to their landing page once you visit the partner link which looks like the above image is short. (Ignore it might look something different on your screen, they often change the UI.UX design) but the process will be always the same.

We update the article’s every week so! YOU never have to worry.

Once you are re-directed to thier homepage now all you have to click is “StartNow” or you can also get the options in pricing.

Just hover your mouse and you will see the option “WordPress hosting“.WordPress hosting“.

wpx hosting wordpress plans discount
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You’ll see their three plans and all of these plans have the same features only the change in having domains, storage, and bandwidth else all plans come with the same features.

Make sure to click on monthly options so you can get a flat 50% discount on wpx managed wordpress hosting and if not get two months of the free host with a yearly plan using this link.

WPX Hosting Coupon Code ( September 2021) Live: 51% Off
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All wordpress managed hosting comes with the same features only the variance is you can host five websites in starting plans called business.

My recommendations for wpx hosting go with any plans. They are the best and I am personally using them on our site.

If you have less than 5 websites to host or only a single one then you can go with BUSINESS plans else if you have more than 5+ websites then go with upper plans professional or elite.

wpx hosting data centre
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Depending on the budget you have and the websites you want to host, you can choose your plan among the 3 and click on get started to continue.

Word Of Advice

(Make sure to choose the datacentre you are nearly located or targeted users). For example, if your targeted audience is in the USA and then make sure to choose the USA center, and

If the datacentre is not available then choose the center which is close to you or the site network audience.

WPX hosting promotional code
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If you want to enjoy the two months of free hosting then you don’t need to apply a coupon code because ( using this link the coupon will be paste auto in URL only for yearly plans).

If you have decided not to go with a yearly plan and want to test the WPX host for a month how it performs and grows your site in terms of speed, performance, uptime, and other considerable factors.

Here’s the good news, you can use our WPX monthly coupon code ( POCKETLINKO) to get a massive 50% discount on WPX hosting monthly plans.

Are you ready to get started? Simply click here and you’ll be given a 50% discount off any WPX monthly plans and two months free on the yearly plan.

wpx payment information account
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Finally, to buy a hosting plan from WPX.net, you have to enter your payment information so you can get started with the fastest Wordpress hosting provider.

They offer two different payment modes 1). Credit Card and 2). Paypal.

As you surveyed above, after the WPX Hosting coupon code is applied, you’ll see a 50% instant discount on their first-month hosting.

When you used our promotional-POCKETLINKO code, you get a 50% discount on the first month of the WPX Hosting plan. Once you review your order simply click on the “Checkout” button.

How To Get 2 Months Of Free Host With WPX Net?

WPX Hosting Coupon Code ( September 2021) Live: 51% Off
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I have already explained how you can grab two months of the free host. However, as As promised, there is not a big secret to, to get free two months free just click on any wordpress plans and follow the above steps from 1) to 4) E and

In step 4 all you have to choose is yearly plans and for that, you don’t need to apply any code if you have refereed through our links.

Here are the pricing breakdowns of wpx managed wordpress yearly plans,

WPX hosting Plans Yearly

Yearly Pricing

Partner Links Saving

Total Pricing Yearly


$299.88 USD

$49.89 USD

$249.99 USD


$599.88 USD 

$100.88 USD

$499.00 USD


$1,188 USD

$189.00 USD

$999.00 USD

Sign Up (Up to 50% Discount With our affiliate Partner link

What is WPX hosting?

WPX Hosting is a provider of WordPress hosting which allows one to run their site on what they proclaim to be the fastest WordPress servers in the world.

In addition to hosting, WPX offers other services such as CDN, caching, and SSLs which should come in handy when one is looking to optimize the speed of their site, specifically on search engines.

As a startup company, its affordable prices may prove attractive for small business owners or freelancers who do not have a lot of capital to spare.

The CDN is also incredibly fast chaining along with many benefits that come with this type of server while also improving your site’s page loading time. Sign-up today to get started with these limitless possibilities!

Why Choose WPX hosting?

Still confused about why to pick up wpx hosting over other thousands of wordpress hosting from kinsta, wp engine,cloudways, dream host, etc.

Plan NamesBusinessProfessionalElite
Websites Allowed5 Websites15 Websites35 Websites
Storage10 GB20 GB40 GB
Bandwidth100 GB200 GBUnlimited GB
WPX Cloud CDNIncludedIncludedIncluded
Today’s Pricing$12USD/month$24USD/month$60USD/month

When it comes to wordpress managed hosting wpx is one of the best choices you will ever use with some powerful features like instant supportfast loading speedbudget-friendly, in starting plans only you can host 5 websites while other hosts don’t provide.

You can also read our in-depth WPX Hosting Review and find out Why they are a decent Wordpress hosting provider

1. Top-Notch More High-Speed Servers With Top PerformanceTop-Notch More High-Speed Servers With Top Performance

As we know GOOGLE ranks those sites faster whose pages and thier contents load within milliseconds than the sites whose pages load late 5-6 seconds.

WPX Hosting Coupon Code ( September 2021) Live: 51% Off
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Check Out: The Test Result Live

The reason for migrating our blog from Cloudwaysdreamhost>greengeeks to Wpx hosting is because of thier top-notch speed. The day since I started using wpx hosting my site’s page and content started loading much faster with an average ms of fewer than 1 second.

It takes more than 3sec of average time to load from other hosts and your majority of visitors get abundant with other hosts but with wpx, it takes less than 1 seconds load time as you can see in the above image.

Your traffic is everything to get sales, leads, and visitors to websites. There is no point in choosing other hosting at cheap prices and leave the traffic consumption.

2. 30 Second Average Support Response

WPX Hosting Coupon Code ( September 2021) Live: 51% Off
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Hosting support is everything when choosing any host and there is no point in choosing such hosting which doesn’t provide the best online/offline supports etc.

When I was on other hosting it takes a min and sometimes 24hrs to get a reply from online support which makes me migrate with one support reason and sometimes they dont even reply and there are still hosting which doesn’t offer any support response.

We are thankful to WPX hosting for providing the best response in less than 30 seconds. You try thier live chat now and ask any questions related to their services they will reply to you within less than 30 seconds back by all three methods phone, live chat support, ticket system

Yes, you learned it right. WPX arises into play which has an average 26 sec response time and they are so user-friendly.

You can give try to their customer support right now by visiting their landing homepage and start any conversation you want related to wpx discounts, coupons, promo codes, etc. It can be anything.

3. Free Unlimited Website Migrations

One of the 3rd strong reasons for us to choose wpx hosting si they provide free SSL which makes your website strong and lock the pad from HTTPS to HTTPS with a security lock sign in the left hand of your domain.

With just one simple click WPX Hosting SSL enables and makes your site go from (HTTP versions to HTTPS), you can have the option to show or not just by going in their dashboards.

Google hatest Http Websites for most of the reason as they dont rust those sites and when users visit your website they might leave in seconds because sometimes gives warning to these sites.

WPX hosting provides free advanced SSL with free backups and if you are hosted somewhere else and want to move to wpx then you dont need to worry about it, Their wordpress experts will do all the migrations for free for unlimited times and also will check the security and codes of the website and they will tell you everything from scratch.

This is why we recommended wpx as the #1 host for your wordpress websites. Their plans may be a bit expensive for others but with the only starting plans, you can host 5 websites.

Grab WPX promo code to Get a 50% Instant Discount (use POCKETLINKO coupon code to get 50% off on the first-month hosting)

Which WPX hosting plan is suitable?

wpx hosting yearly
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WPX Hosting only 3 plans for now which makes us easier to pick up plans. With all plans, you all have features such as Staging Area, Emails, Daily Malware Scanning, Manual Backups, etc.

1. WPX Host: Business Plan Review

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In this business plan, you can host up to 5 websites in the same hosting plans with unlimited website migrations with 10GB storage and 100GB BandWidth.

The pricing for everyone is $20.83 in business but for pocketlinko readers, this plan will costs you only $12USD/month instead of paying $20.

WPX Business Plan Pricing MOnthly/ Yearly Compare

Plans NameMonthly PricingYearly Business PlanToday Pricing
Business$24.99/ month$20.83/yearly$12/Month

2. WPX Host: Professional Plan Review

WPX Hosting Coupon Code ( September 2021) Live: 51% Off
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In this plan, you can host up to 15 Websites in the same hosting plans with storage of 20GB And 200GB Bandwidth with free WPX CDN.

Professional Plans costs you $49/month but with our affiliate partner link, you can get it on $41/month if you pay them yearly.

Plans NameMonthly PricingYearly Business PlanToday Pricing
Professional$49.99/ month$41.58/yearly$24/month

3. WPX Host: Elite Plan Review

WPX hosting elite plan latest
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For note wpx elite is the end plan where you can host 35 websites with 40 GB Storage with unlimited bandwidth along with wpx cloud CDN.

This plan costs you $99.month but with our affiliate link, you get as low as $83.85/month when you pay them yearly.

Plans NameMonthly PricingYearly Business PlanToday Pricing
Elite$83.25/ month$83.2/month$60/month

FAQs: About WPX Hosting Coupon Code

WPX Hosting Coupon Code ( September 2021) Live: 51% Off
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Here are some of the few things you need to learn about WPX Web Hosting coupon codes and discounts.

1. How Much WPX Hosting Professional Costs?

WPX Hosting Elite plan will cost you $41.58 a month when paid yearly. if you want to pay every month, then the pricing cost of this plan will be then $49.99/ month. Where you can have the features like you can host 15 websites at the same time with unlimited migrations under one Cpanel account with powered WPX CDN.

2. Which WPX Hosting Plans Should I Buy Or Purchase?

If you have less than 5 websites to host or only a single website then you can go with Business plans where you can host 5 websites at the same time and if you have more than 5+ websites then go with upper plans professional and elite not only for a domain if you want more storage then go with professional and lite plan as in business you will get 10GB Storage.

3. Is Website Migrations IN WPX Hosting Paid?

No, you dont have to pay single dollars amount for getting your website migrating from old host to new instead WPX Hosting experts will migrate your website for unlimited times based on the plan websites.

4. What if I’m not satisfied with WPX hosting plans?

30 DAYS MONEY BACK guarantee WPX

WPX hosting offers full 30-days back money-back guarantee without asking one single question. For example, if you signed up with WPX hosting today from our partner link and you are unsatisfied so before the next month’s period starts you will have to cancel your hosting to get a full refund.

5. What Is WPX Hosting Promo-Code 2021?

wpx hosting coupon code pocketlinko

WPX Hosting promo code is a special customized promo code made for brands and a special discount offer for a new customer that allows a discount of up to 50%-75% on the first purchase.
For example, Our WPX Host Promo Code { POCKETLINKO} where you can get a whopping discount of 50% on monthly plans and 2 months of free web hosting in yearly hosting. If you choose yearly hosting then you will get up to a $49.90 discount on business yearly plans.

Final Words

I hope that you enjoyed the article on “WPX Hosting Promotional Coupon Code” Now that you understand how you can buy WPX hosting plan and get a discount with a review.

If you have a question on “WPX Hosting VS Kinsta”, we already have published a comparison around WPX VS Kinsta. Click here to read

The clear winner is WPX because they are affordable and can host up to 5 websites in starting plan [Business}

On other hand!

Kinsta you can only host 1 website with25k/ visitors a month with the pricing of $30 where WPX costs you less than $20/month but if you use our promo code you will get the same hosting in $12/month

Did you use our WPX Discount Coupon Code? If you still have some doubts or concerns about the article, please let us know below!

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our articles is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

Also, Read our other discount content to enjoy more:

WPX hosting discount code
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