18 Beginners Blogging Mistake and 18 Ways to Easily Avoid Them 2023

Do you want to know The Most (18 Commons Mistakes that are performed by Beginners in blogging)?

In this article, I have written down the most significant common mistakes that are performed by you(beginners) bloggers.

There are thousands of bloggers who are performing mistakes on errors which you should avoid- if you won’t prevent you are spoiling your future of blogging,

If you don’t want to perform any bloggingmistakes then make sure to read and stick with the article, I have written down the 18 biggest mistakes which you should avoid right now

From the past years, blogging has become a business model where millions of people are doing blogging and earning more than thousands of dollars and sometimes even go to lakhs, which you also can’t think.

 18 Beginners Blogging Mistakes That You Should Avoid Right 

1.Niche Selection

In easy words, niche means the topic of your website or blog. I have seen many beginners bloggers copying other people niche,

Heres an example;

Neil Patel doing…, Brain dean doing…, and harsh Agrawal doing … , marketing business so I should also have to choose the same market, there are thousands of bloggers doing the exact thing, but you don’t know,

They are doing this business for more than ten years, and they have lots of knowledge on those niches.

Whatever you saw on their blog posts, they all are from their overall ten years of experience.

You think Marketing has good income and business; and start doing this nonsense thing, which is the first biggest common mistake you make.

You are promoting the same business where thousands of people are doing the same thing from ten years or above. So don’t choose such a niche which has lots of traffic and people to have to choose the same topic.

If you want to enter such a niche, make sure you hold the proper knowledge and tactics behind it.

2.Platform Selection

As a beginner, you will all want a blogging platform that’s easy to set up doesn’t expect any coding skills.

You (beginners) have always been selecting the wrong Platform, blogging is signifying being   business on these days, so you start a blog on free platforms like,

Blogger.com, WordPress.com, wix.com, and many more platforms, here’s an example of  it

  • yourdomain.wix.com
  • yourdomain.blogspot.com

You can use this type of domain with free hosting, which is the worst part of blogging.

If you want to become a professional blogger and want to avoid mistakes and have a positive signal, you must have to buy your hosting and domain(yourdomain.com).

Yes, hosting costs price, but they are worth and also have to make your goal clear on hosting.

Heres an example of it :

Suppose you have a business of cycle store, then you can sell on cycle only on it, not pizza and burgers, right?

So if you are starting a blog, you must-have resource blogs or pages so that you can promote other products to generate revenue.

So always choose such platforms where you can operate your blog for a long term scale, so in case if you want to sell your website or blog, you will have a profit of it.

3. Choose Good Hosting

I think you might have got the idea to choose the Platform for the blog, as mentioned above.

The new beginners had always been choosing the small hosting to host the blog where people don’t overhear the brand of hosting.

If you choose small hosting, you will not get good server quality and takes lots of time to load. If you ask anybody in the blogging field, what is the main factor for ranking?

They will reply to your speed is also the main factor for your blog to rank.

Here are the 4 Hosting providers which expert opinion to use for the blog :


InConsistency in blogging means, you started the blog right and wrote some posts for a few days, and after a month you stop writing posts

Because you have no interest in writing posts of the niche you have selected and the primary intent( you have looked at others, they are doing the same thing ), and you tried, and you have no knowledge.

So try to maintain your consistency in blogging

Always try to publish one article per week no maters how much words article containshowever, try to write quality content.

If you publish one article per week, the month it became four excellent articles, and even I publish one article per week, but beginners

Write 7 to 8 posts in one month, and they see the result zero and left blogging, but that doesn’t work for you because your website is fresh and new it on sandbox period

Sandbox period is about 1-3 months for a clean and new website trying to rank one google top of pages.

So if you don’t give time to write posts regularly, how would google trust your website and rank it on pages.

5.Keywords Selection

There are thousands of newbie people like you choosing the wrong keywords for posts. Usually, they scan those websites

which have higher DA(Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority) and pick up the keywords and topic and start writing posts on it and imagine the posts will rank.

This is where you all are making mistakes, You have selected all the right things, but you picked the wrong  keywords, and you respond to other bloggers ;

  • Didn’t get rank on google
  • No Conversions
  • Demotivated
  • No Traffic

Make sure you must have perfect keyword selection for the ideal post, give time on keyword research

Heres an example as I have mentioned above;

If you are choosing the niche for marketing like Email, Digital Marketing, you must have proper knowledge of it if you don’t have to make sure to invest time in it.

Keyword selection and research plays a significant role in your blog success and always make your keyword selection part secure.

If you choose wrong keywords for posts or website you can missout thousands of dollars

6. Worst Writing and Headlines

You are unlike to blogging, and you don’t know writing content and headline that hooks the audience.  Even I didn’t know to write content and headlines past years

I am good at writing content but not perfect, and you must have to practice writing content and headlines, the more you learn from others, the more interest you get on writing

If you don’t practice writing content on blogging, no gets to read your content. The more you practice, the more you get perfect.

Google is an algorithm; google understands English and various language right,

So if you don’t know writing English and grammar how could google understands the content you have written on which language, so while writing content,

Try to make your sentence and paragraphs readability, so it hooks the audience and grammar is one of the essential elements of content writing,

So if you cant write a satisfying grammar, you can use various grammar tools like

7. Short Content

You, newbie bloggers, are continually writing quick content on new blogs.

You don’t have an interest in writing because you have come to this field of bogging by staring at other full-grown bloggers and replicating what they are producing.

Anyhow, you write content and publish it on blogs, but you might have noticed no traffic and revenue on blogs,

let me tell, what does short content means

Short content means the material which has almost 200 to 300 words, but this doesn’t work for you, according to the study of the blogging industry, which has less than 600 words is considered the thin content.

The more thin content you write, the more drop you get,

Google often ranks your posts if your post has more than 600 words. Make sure not to make your post thin content and make sure it satisfies your audience, so it ranks your posts.


A User is searching bests “email marketing course” and anyhow the users click on your post, and you have written down such content which is not related to it, here’s a model,

  • What is email marketing
  • How to do email marketing

The user was there for an “email marketing course” only, so try to make your post large and suitable for search intent.

Heres how you can do it

  • Write the meaning of email marketing first
  • Add best courses
  • Just explain each topic

Here how you can make your post extensive and users relevant, so it decreases your dwell time and ranks on google.

8. Writing for Everyone

You(Beginners ) are writing for everyone because you dont have an audience, and also you are new in this field. You are writing a post for everyone, not for the audience, which is extremely crooked.

Suppose if you are writing a post for school, then your audience is student, or if someone is searching for health, your audience may be a doctor right.

You dont need an audience in the beginning time; you can have ideas from your niche only.

This article is based on beginners, so I have mentioned newbie in every line, so they understand this post is for a newbie, not for pro-level.

Nowadays the competition in the market is vast if you write to everyone you will only handle the problem in the future.

Heres how;

You are confusing google algorithm for what type of audience it is the target. Always make your post audience target and centric and specific, so it shares to the limited audience but target audience.

9.High CPC Keywords

As I have mentioned above, you people are scanning the high authority sites and copy the same keyword and start writing a post in it, which has high CPC and money-making keywords.

All of you think the post on which they are ranking they are earning lots of money, but you are wrong.

They have similar posts and blogs and tons of backlinks to rank on the first page; it’s not an easy thing to rank it up.

You are like in a school right now of blogging; you need to learn lots of things and strategery to earn money.

Heres an example of :

When you were in  real school have you ever earn money on school, the answer is no

Because you were on the learning stage after school passes out, you get a job and make, which is comparable to blogging.

Always start blogging with low making money keywords and low CPC so you can rank up well in google and gives you bosting signal and build authority.

10. Promote your content

Till here, you have executed a great job you have published posts, done SEO, still, you are showing laziness towards promoting your content.

You never think of promoting content there are lots of promoting like link building, backlinks, etc.

There are lots of strategies to promote your content online; you can share your article on Facebook, Quora, Whatsapp, and FB groups, etc. These strategies will help you make your website profile backlinks.

[su_note note_color=”#66a6ff”]Note-20% Content & 80% Promotion[/su_note]

Always try to promote your content, the more you promote, the more you earn. If you cant promote, go head to paid promotions to build authority for your sites.

If you have written 2k words on the article and it doesn’t rank on google because of no promotion, if you don’t promote, you won’t list either you have significant content and unique.

Never stop promoting your content, as I mentioned above, 20% content and 80% Promotion.

11. Neglecting SEO

Beginners(you) are wasting hours in writing a unique content and creating images for blogs, most of you ignore SEO.

If you can spend hours writing content then why dont you invest at least half of hours in doing SEO audit for blogs and posts, if you are in a super competitive niche and have lots of traffic you must have to SEO optimize your article to rank up well.

You must have to do spend time on SEO Study; you can create backlinks, link building, keyword sprinkling, and internal and external linking.

There are more than 200 factors of SEO, and you must invest in it, and beginners (you) show laziness towards this critical thing. You only give time to useless stuff in the blog.

Due to this, you complain to other bloggers didn’t get traffic and many more problems.

SEO executes a critical role in blogs; naturally, it is the backbone of a ranking if you want organic traffic make sure to do perfect SEO.

12.Advertising Same Product

You are promoting such a product where thousands of people are advertising it. They are selling the same products which you have thought to sell, and they are selling from more than ten years or less.

Others are promoting hosting. You also decide to sell the same right; There are lots of competition in it.

This is good. Promoting high competition products, but who knows you and who will buy your products. This is where you make a huge mistake.

Try to grab and find such a niche that has low competition, and there are lots of opportunities you have to search for it.

Dont promote the product which has lots of competition grab the low game from where you can earn little and make it huge.

13. Not Joining Blogger Community

One of the mistakes is not joining the blogging community and going it alone. Linking with the blogging community will guide you in different situations.

There are thousands of blogging communities for newbie people like you, and for one who loves to write content, joining the blogging community will help you in all ways.

Heres what you can get benefit from joining blogging community:

  • Content Promotion
  • help from prominent bloggers
  •  Share your feeling
  • collaborate with other bloggers in the industry
  • personality and make the brand on it.

14.Dont enter in blogging Forcefully

There are tons of bloggers who are observing other bloggers and recognizing they are earning money quickly, so you also conceived to enter in this field, which is a huge mistake

Heres why:

You get ten to twenty ideas and starting writing posts on the blog, and after twenty posts, you get lost of no plans, and your blogging career gets shut down, so always start a blog with long term vision, not short term vision.

Start with such a niche in which you are expert and have lots of knowledge where you can write thousands of posts quickly with long term vision.

15. Adopt a theme based on your niche

Around 60% of bloggers are choosing the wrong theme-based in their niche. You people dont have any idea how UI and theme play main on your blog.

Not choosing the theme based on your niche is presumably hurting your blog and dwell time.

You must know these 4 points while choosing a theme:

  • Pickup theme based in your niche
  • The item must be lightweight
  • Secure and reliable
  • The design must be good with the low loading speed

16. Not Creating Email List

You people are lazy, and you dont want to store your audience in your blog by creating an email list. About 75% of marketers in this industry say email is heart to their business.

Adding subscribers list helps your blog and post to rank and get more comments and helps you to find an audience.

17. Copyright Images

You(Beginners), most of the moment, download images free copyright images from google, which is notably faulty.

Heres what you do;

You head over to google and search images related to your posts and see thousands of images, then download it then and paste to your posts.

Try to create your images if you won’t build; you will face different kinds of problems such as Adsense reject, blog copyright issue, and ranking decreases.

18. Upload Images with Post title

This is also one of the first mistakes you are doing right now. You create an image and save it as default.

Heres an example;

You can find the image you saved on your desktop doesn’t seem reasonable instead, you keep like this(yourtitle.png).

Saving images with title and its synonyms keyword helps your post to boosts in google.


Now it’s your turn to make your blog clean and fresh; I have covered everything that you should know about the common mistakes of blogging.

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