3Proven Ways to choose a Niche For Your Blog (In 2023)

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How to Choose Niche For Blog
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Well, You Love the Idea of starting Your New Blog or maybe an idea to start the blog, but choosing the niche for your website is the hardest thing rather than doing the SEO of Your Blog, Sound Familiar for choosing the niche for the blog?

If you are duck choosing your niche or you might have thousands of niche ideas rounding around the brain like a niche for blog, web, youtube, products.

No matter what your obstruction is blocking you, Well I am here to guide you.

I am not here to show you the profitable niches for your blog, I am here to share with you the proven ways of choosing Niche.

Let us Take a deep example On

What Does Niche Mean in blog?

You Might have Got Thousands of answers Regarding the Niche means, Well I am not here to give you the definitions, pretty sure to understand the real encyclopedia Of Niche.

Niche is a Specific Topic you will write on your blog.

Let’s Take An Example

Well, Everyone Who does blogging or going to start a  new blog you might have Heard People Names Like NEIL PATEL, BRIAN DEAN. 

Well, Why Everyone In the field of blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Marketing, etc, Society knows Neil  Patel and Brian Dean because they have their personalities by choosing a niche. few examples

Michael Jeffrey Jordan Basketball
Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini Football
Sachin Tendulkar Cricket

I hope you understand the actual meaning of Niche, well like these bloggers to have their personalities by choosing the niche

Lets us head for One Task:

How to choose niche for blog
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  • Take a Pen and Pencil
  • What do you like the most
  • How do you see yourself in the eyes of others? Write your Answer on text or copy.

Congratulations you have  Crossed the 1st step of choosing a niche.

Lets Us Head To the 3 Main Factor Of Niche.

Presentations are communication tools.
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Well passion also depends upon  5 Factors

  • learn new things
  • I am in another world when I blog
  •  Don’t care about time
  • Shortcut for Sucess
  • I am in another world while Blogging

Now you are heading to the 2nd Step OF finding Niche

  1. Make a list based on what you talk Everyday
  2. Make a list based on  your knowledge

Let me give you an example of mine where I can talk with everyone without stopping

  • Marketing
  • SocialMedia
  • Digital
  • SEO
  • SEM

If anybody asks me about these things I will never stop because I have the knowledge, passion, etc.

3. Match these Lists with your knowledge and passion for choosing Niche

Now Ask yourself On what things you wanna make your career. Well if you got Your Answer that’s Great.

Lets More Explore About the Niche

  • You might have a question How to identify  niche

That’s great you must know these 3 Advanced  Proven ways  finding A Niche

Presentations are communication tools. 1
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Potential size For Choosing a Niche

Potential size means -The number of individuals in a certain market who are potential buyers and/or sellers of a product or service. Companies are interested in knowing the market size before launching a new product or service in an area.

  • Choose 5 Words on your defined niche based on what people usually search.

Well if you don’t understand this point let me explain you, Suppose my Niche is Digital Marketing, Mine 5 Words Will Be

Now Move to the Google Search Bar and Search For Google Keyword planner

Type the Words  Which You Have Written, As I have Written My Keywords in google AdWords, yes I  can suggest you paid tool also, but everyone cant affords it.

ScreenShot 20200121120455
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  1. Look for your Competition
  2. Look for your competitor

ScreenShot 20200121120903
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You will get many blogs or result don’t worry IF  they can rank in the top 10 pages of google, you also can do it

You have completed the 2 tasks of Potential Size

  1. find keywords competition
  2. Competitor

That’s Great If you have done this all tasks you might have found and researched how much people or bloggers write about the niche about that particular topic. Don’t take tension about the competition of blogging, whether you will rank or not, don’t think if they can you also have the potential key to success

After doing that find and search from the list and pick out any 5 bloggers name and make an excel sheet-like this

Blogger Names No of Blogs No Of People Commented in the box Alexa Score NO Of Domai9n and Page Authority
A 4 6 56 2.0
B 4 8 76 5.0

ScreenShot 20200121122432
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ScreenShot 20200121122644
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ScreenShot 20200121122811
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  • Let us Find Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA)

Domain Authority For Choosing Niche-

Domain Authority ( or DA ) in short is one such measure. It’s a measure derived by Moz that determines a website’s authority and is numbered between 1 to 100 (100 being the maximum). The higher the domain authority, the better it’s chances of ranking higher in SERP.

Page Authority For Choosing a Niche-

It is a metric developed SEOMoz to predict the ability for a specific page to rank in search engines. Page authority uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. A high Page authority score means your page has the potential to rank well in search engine results.

Potential Monetization

Presentations are communication tools. 2
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Potential Monetization- In a Simple Definition it is whether  the product of choosing a niche for products is profit or loss

Here are some of the Product Category and Rates

Category Fixed Advertising Rates
Kindle Devices & eBooks 10%
Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices) 4%
Mobile Phones* 2.5%
Televisions 4%
Apparel & Shoes 9%
Health & Personal Care 9%
Books 8%
Toys and Baby Products 9%
Watches 9%

Test Your Idea for Choosing a Niche for Your Blog(In 2023)

You are now Fully armed With all the information you need to choose a niche and only one most important is to test your idea. One simple way is to make a blog or landing page for the pre-sale of a product you are developing.

 Final Thoughts For Choosing a Niche

Once you are confirmed Starting the Niche, Start developing a full-page, but keep in mind there no actual set of profit or loss you may have to face with Problem and difficulties at the first time, once you will know Chosen ways to create a blog for web, you will well understand and as an entrepreneur you need to become a professional starter for your new blog.

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