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Pocketlinko was founded by Mr.Siddhit. PCL exists to provide an online community where folks can have an open discussion about WordPress, CMS, Builder, etc. We strive to be a learning platform that you can refer to whenever you need assistance, whether you’re just getting started or are already accomplished. It doesn’t matter who you are: a hard-working entrepreneur or an aspiring one, we’re here for you at PCL.

At Pocketlinko , our aim is to provide easy-to-follow, technically-sound WordPress tutorials that can be of great value to small businesses, bloggers and non-techy WordPress website owners who lack the expertise or resources to fully benefit from the infinite capabilities available for WordPress sites.

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

🕵 Meet the Man Who Started It All –note

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“In the search for a meaningful life, it may be a struggle to define who you are and what you do because let’s be honest, talking about yourself makes you sound egotistical. And if we have to bio ourselves who we are and what we do, I find this as stupid. Just be the person that no need of bio.”

A Big Greetings to everyone from Tech Devotee Introvert, Mr. Siddhit. Honestly, I don’t like to speak about myself what I do, and what I own blah blah blah… no matter what the conditions are. Just by doing that, I can save myself and your 60-second by just sharing the lecture of bio. 

Hi, I’m Siddhit. I’m a writer by morning and a designer by sharp 12 pm-3 pm and a night (in my goals). I believe that people find fulfillment in the work they do and that everything is relative. As we all go about our lives, we sometimes don’t realize how much we are missing out on.

“I was a one-man-band when I started PCL back in 2017, right now all thanks to our tech devoted team for creating awesome content and designs for our readers”


Who Are the People Behind the Scenes?

PCL is led by Mr.Siddhit who has an experienced team of content creators and editors on hand responsible for ensuring readers get the best possible service every time.

PCL covers the WordPress industry and community. We have created this site to help people learn about WordPress, understand the technology behind it. We also publish articles about online marketing and web development to help small business owners build their websites.

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