About Us & Team

Hey there, you’re here! We’re glad you’re checking out our website. We’ll tell you exactly what we do, but first let us tell you who we are. 

There are many websites online, but only about 10% of them are active. 

Our mission is to help people create websites and host with the “BEST WEB HOSTING COMPANY” so you never have to break the bank money. 

We want to help people to create websites and make a success of it. If you want to create your own website, we can help you. We want to help millions of people in the world to create their own website. 

Whether you want to create an online portfolio, an ecommerce shop or a beloved blog, we are here to give you an online ‘leg-up’. In 2018, over 4.5 million people came to our website in search of help, advice and recommendations. We want to grow that number, and help millions more.

How do we help you?

With hundreds of options available to use for designing and hosting a website, it can be hard to know which is the wisest choice for you! 

We make things easy by consolidating our findings into informative articles. Our research is thorough yet concise, so whether you need the honest lowdown on any given platform or want something quick and efficient, 

You can get all your questions answered in one place. From extensive guides to at-a-glance comparisons, we have tons of options for you to choose from!

About us
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About us
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Our Business Model

So how do we make money? We receive affiliate commissions from providing links to Product’s providers. 

Affiliate commissions paid to us are also known as referral fees. When you click on a link or a button that takes you to a provider’s website and you purchase a product subscription, we may receive compensation for having referred a new customer.

We Subscribe Your Words

We have thousands of people on our site every day just like you.

That’s why we have a big comment box where you can ask us questions or challenge us. It’s important to know that we will always take the time to read and reply to each comment!

About us
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