6 Best laravel Web Hosting Providers [The Ranking For 2023)

There are many PHP Frameworks options out there. However, when you factor in compatibility and performance, Laravel is unmatched. The robust framework makes it a great option as the foundation of your next PHP project.

Laravel is an open web-based PHP framework used to create content management systems for web applications or websites. If you are looking to find the best of the best Laravel hosting providers, then we can help. We’ve done everything we can to bring you our industry-leading top performers in top-tier options that are sure to suit your needs.

So finally you decided to use the most popular PHP framework Laravel for your next billion-dollar Applications and search for a host for laravel websites and apps with Unbelievable prices.

Here are our fresh reviews of the laravel hosting providers companies that have been specially developed for larval businesses and make use of Laravel-specific server configurations for high availability hosting with a maximum performance out of the box.

You can glide right into the list of topics you may have an interest in by choosing a section from within this Table of Contents.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP architectural framework that can be implemented with various tools and components to create applications. Laravel has been dubbed the “Php Framework For Web Artisans” because of its versatility, it can be used for front-end and back-end web solutions.

If you want to use the best features available like query builder, restful routing, eloquent and blade, for example, no doubt! Larvel is the perfect framework for you, for your next application project.

Picking a hosting company can be difficult because there are many to choose from, most of which offer different services or use different systems. Here at PocketLinko! we already did the hard work in finding out what’s the best laravel hosting providers for laravel users.

In this article, we explain how you too can pick such a hosting company by checking below section guide below, since we’re pretty chill like that…

How do you choose the Best laravel hosting providers? (Factors to Consider)

When you’re hosting a laravel-based site on a shared or even WordPress hosting account, the results can be quite disappointing because the original resources of your website may be underutilized to their fullest extent.

While shared hosting isn’t a smart choice for those who are serious about building the best possible websites out there, it’s important to find the one provider on the internet that provides you with a custom plan geared toward laravel developers.

You have to find a place where you can host your files for free and also have access to free security patches as well. The final step is to make sure that you take advantage of any discounts that are available such as promotional codes or money-off coupons.

BONUS: If you’re looking for a developer-friendly web host provider to test your sites, or if you’re currently learning development and you just need a place to experience, check out our article on Best Web hosting for developers including free options.

Not every managed laravel hosting provider offers plans that cater to Laravel developers but, when developing PHP-based applications, using the Laravel framework (which focuses on being an easy-to-use system to build well-structured and high-performance websites), can be the best choice.

So what makes hosting plans compatible and how to find the best laravel hosting providers so you can deploy your applications with no single issue and smooth with minimal time on site outage?

Here’s what the ideal Laravel Hosting level solution for you should include:

  • Adequate Storage: You don’t want to have to turn down potential clients because you don’t have enough space for things like session state or file storage.
  • Scalability: If and when your project gets bigger, you may need more resources to manage the added workload. Luckily, some web hosts will let you scale up without additional charges. When resources are no longer being consumed by a project, many hosts also offer their customers a pay-for-what-you-use model that can help reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Laravel Frameworks: As a developer, you often have to download modules or packages to begin your project. If done manually using the terminal, installation can be tedious and time-consuming so it’s preferable to have a pre-installed compiler stack instead because it will save you heaps of time in the long run!
  • Debugging Support: A web host that is developer-friendly wants to ensure that you’re on the same line of communication. If there is anything above your pay grade when it comes to technical capabilities, they want to be sure you understand how things work.
  • Security Features: Every laravel hosting provider should offer top-notch security, no matter the size. Even if you run a small eCommerce site or blog, your virtual server is your lifeblood and should be treated as such. That’s why it’s important to select a Laravel hosting provider that offers advanced security tools and secure virtualization architecture – especially with shared and VPS hosting plans.
  • Reliability: You want your website to be available when someone’s using it. It has to be a top priority of yours that you would need guaranteed uptime with an SLA from your web hosts so you can feel confident in continuing to provide services with no hesitation.
  • Budget: Hosting can be expensive. If a developer has more than one application running, it could mean that they go over their allocated budget, which is why they might want to use a cost-effective solution to ensure that their costs don’t fall above the thresholds.

The Top 6 Best laravel hosting providers for 2022

After hours of seemingly endless research, I’ve managed to collect a list of fast laravel web hosting, These include Managed Laravel web hosting, Cloud Hosting, and so on.

‘Below is a list of the top laravel hosting companies that are perfect matches when it comes down to most PHP-business owners who are looking to set up an Internet presence or expand their current business.

  1. Cloudways — best overall laravel cloud hosting provider
  2. Hostinger — affordable laravel hosting for beginners
  3. A2 Hosting — best laravel hosting services for fast performance
  4. Interserver — best VPS hosting for laravel
  5. Liquid Web — best overall dedicated hosting for laravel
  6. HostPapa — better uptime and customer support

Reviews of the Best Laravel Hosting Providers for 2022

Best Web Hosting Services For Laravel
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– Best web hosting services for laravel

Now that you know your way around the Laravel hosting platforms, let’s take a look at each one in detail. As we mentioned previously, there is no ‘best choice’ of the platform. Each one is unique and it’s important to keep in mind what they’re capable of, what they can do for your business site(s), and their pricing model.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways laravel hosting
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– Cloudways laravel hosting

Deploy Laravel on robust Cloudways with up to 3x faster server speeds and fully optimized performance. This high-end solution comes with many features that help make managing the application easier.

Cloudways is a leading cloud hosting platform for developers of all calibers who would want to build impressive applications using the Laravel framework.

They offer their users the best PHP hosting solutions and it does so in a way that makes sure that you will never have to worry about anything at all during your development cycle.

Cloudways is a fantastic hosting company with loads of awesome features, inexpensive pricing for its services, and top-notch technical support on hand to handle any issues that might arise! There are countless reasons why I’m so wild about it and hopefully, this Cloudways review will help others discover the wonders of this extraordinaire hosting platform too.


cloudways best laravel features
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– Cloudways laravel hosting features

You can simply Launch applications in one click to save your developers’ time and deploy it with no trouble using the optimized PHP-FPM, Redis, and Supervisord. This helps you improve the app’s performance.

Cloudways’ optimized hosting offers an easy and convenient environment for developers to create and host their websites. It is suitable for beginners as well as companies that have been in the game for a while and individuals with all kinds of projects, e.g., web apps, blogs, or even static websites!

API – You can build powerful solutions using our APIs, which are fully scalable and pre-integrated with powerful tools that help you manage your back-end. If you build applications that use our RESTful APIs, we will make sure to deliver more than just high performance.

Pay-as-go model – When it comes to the business of hosting, surprises can be costly. However, Cloudways has designed a pay-as-you-go model that gives you full control of your server costs so you only have to pay for what you use.

Free SSL: It is a must for every secure site. Through our cloudways custom domain settings, you can secure your app’s and website’s traffic with an easy-to-use, FREE SSL encryption certificate.

Latest PHP: All Cloudways servers now come with Deployer pre-installed, so you can focus on your project and let someone else handle application deployment! The most up-to-date versions of PHP 8.0+ are available for you to use. This will be a tremendous help to your team as they can enjoy all of the best that new PHP releases have to offer and save valuable time which can otherwise be spent working on creating beautiful projects.

Latest XML, PDO, PHP &SQL Extensions: Cloudways has servers running MySQL and MariaDB. So, whether you are looking for database hosting services or want to use a deployment server to host your database-driven application, Cloudways has got you covered.

One great resource, in particular, are its pre-installed development tools (Git & Composer) that take away a lot of the administrative burden typical with setting up different programs on server providers who typically come without any tools installed by default.

With the growing demand for Laravel cloud-based, Laravel services and applications, Cloudways provides quick, easy hosting to software developers.

Whether you’re launching a brand new application or planning to utilize one of their 15+ cloud environments for an existing project, their bot will help manage your Laravel application in real-time via Slack or email!

Don’t fret about your application crashing because you have healing servers and automated backups that happen every hour or every week. You can also always turn on on-demand backups whenever necessary.


cloudways for laravel pricing
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– Cloudways laravel pricing plans

Cloudways are diverse. They enable you to scale your applications easily in over 65 different data centers, each hosted by recognized providers like Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, and GCE, so whether you want to upgrade or downgrade, you can do it at any time as long as it’s been initially provisioned for you and there is no contract to tie them down with.

For as low as $12 per month, you can run a server on top of Digital Ocean in conjunction with Linode (a cloud-hosting service). This is just one of several options but one that promises some fairly powerful cloud computing infrastructure for such a modest price.

Cloudways Server 

Server Pricing






$12 /mo



$13 /mo



$36.51 /mo



$33.18 /mo



Cloudways provides month-to-month payment plans so there’s no need for you to enter into a long-term commitment. You can get an idea of what it would be like to host your website on their cloud servers without any risk because you only pay for the resources your product utilizes.

Pay as you go is entirely dependent on the cloud services plan that you choose and what resources this entails, for example, server URLs or RAM capacity. You can upgrade to a higher level in cloud services for an increased cost, adjust servers according to fluctuating demands on your site, and/or downgrade and save money. This approach is totally flexible!

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a server from Cloudways, (Make sure to use our coupon code POCKETLINKO to save a flat 15% off for the next 3 months and activate 3 day free trial.

2. Hostinger

hostinger laravel plan
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– Hostinger laravel hosting

Hostinger is your go-to cheapest laravel hosting provider if you’re looking to start up a website based on the bootstrap framework. As they offer their most basic package,

Known as their lite plan, for $1.39/per month at their cheapest, this affordable price is just one of many reasons why customers love coming back to Hostinger for all of their boosting needs.

Hostinger, a cloud hosting platform, is an option you may consider when searching for economy PHP hosting services. Hostinger has its entire company relocated into the cloud to provide users with the utmost value they can appreciate in this industry.

Before you make up your mind we want you to consider their newer infrastructure and all of the improvements it has in store for your projects and clients going forward. One of these lesser talked about changes is a quicker page loading speed for visitors using their Shared Laravel servers as well as better uptime.

If you’re a solo Laravel developer or a team, who is in search of a simple yet cost-effective Laravel PHP hosting option, then Hostinger could be just what you need. They’re affordable and fast – two things that every webmaster will appreciate with regards to their server! Get started today by clicking this link (and save 85% off).


hostinger laravel feature
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– Hostinger laravel features

The ultimate Laravel shared hosting solution from Hostinger is a professional and affordable option for individual Laravel developers.

The best current offer is designed to benefit online entrepreneurs as well as other small businesses with limited budgets. All of their plans provided 100% server uptime, superior connections worldwide, and fast website loading speed.

Hostinger uses custom technologies just for their customers like PHP7+, Firewalls, DDoS protection, and other similar things which you can use to organize and manage bits of your website.

SSD Drives: Hostinger servers are so powerful, that they could power a small city (haha)! They provide high-quality dedicated servers loaded with the latest Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of SSD disk space, and 128 GB of RAM/server.

Easily Reset/Change laravel Directory – There are lots of ways that you can edit the permissions for files and directories. You could do it through File Manager, or you could connect to your server via SSH and make the necessary changes using a terminal. Last but not least, you can use the inbuilt tool to reset file & directory permissions to default values

100 MB/s Network: Hostinger guarantees fast loading times for your business. They can provide you with fast response times, technical support via email and telephone, domain name registration, and full server management at no single extra cost.

Full Root Access: As a Laravel developer, you’ll have full control of your space and the OS (operating system). With this level of access comes to power. And because power can be dangerous if used incorrectly, you will need to be an advanced user who is able to carry out multiple tasks in a short amount of time so as not to do any permanent damage to the files inside of your Linux container.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Hostinger believes that they should be as fair and honest with their customers as possible. That’s why they’re giving you full month money back guarantee on your purchase for any reason, even if you are unhappy with their services.

Hostinger monitors and protects your online presence with the latest technologies because they believe in delivering only premium products to their valued customers.

You get a total of 3 IP addresses with your hosting account. These include a dedicated IP, IPv4, and IPv6 (depend’s on the plan you choose to purcahse.

Additionally, Their technical support team is friendly developers who are available in the event that you need them to deal with any null routed issues. As part of your hosting package, you’ll have unlimited access to all the developer tools you need or desire to run a successful project!


hostinger laravel hosting plan pricing
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– Hostinger laravel hosting plan pricing

At Hostinger you can choose from a variety of best servers for laravel to find the laravel plan that suits your project best beginning with a $1.39 Shared Server package that comes with a variety of features.

Their Single Shared laravel on hostinger plans to allow you to host one website with a domain. If you need more bandwidth or disk space, you can always upgrade with one click which costs less than $3 per month.

Hostinger Extensions run at great speeds. The extensions have an option for cloning in case the available server instances are needed. Backup works bifurcated, and it is required to be updated daily and on weekends too.

Each server will have its own Vanguard anti-DDoS traffic analyzer and intrusion protection software to enable it to safeguard the server automatically, and each will have a firewall to ward off attacks.

For the best premium price-to-quality ratio, I would recommend you their premium shared hosting plans which come with a free domain name, 100 Gig of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and email as well as many more features with the pricing of only $2.59 (monthly).

Don’t wait. Start hosting your Laravel projects with Hostinger for only $1.35/mo!

3. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting laravel plans pricing
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– A2 hosting laravel plan

Want blazing fast performance? We know you do and we have just the very thing for you – it’s this amazing hosting with turbo boost and even better PHP 7 compatibility.

A2 Hosting laravel provides developers with a Swift Server Laravel hosting servers platform, that is specifically suited for their requirements and needs.

Their Swift Server platform. servers move at the speed of the cloud which makes it one of the top Laravel hosting services out there because its users don’t have to wait when loading Web pages. When compared to other popular web hosts on the market,

A2 Hosting’s rates are often very affordable especially if you pay in advance and save money as well as receive a discount.

When looking for the best server for your Laravel application, you want to make sure that it can handle all of its features seamlessly without sacrificing any speed. A2 Hosting has developed a platform called SwiftServer specifically for Laravel so as to provide you with lightning-fast performance and lightning-quick loading of your application.

A2 Hosting boasts a support team with an answered average of just under 5 minutes and a guru crew that is available to help you with any server issues on our highly-customized fast servers which include a 20x faster turbo boost technology.


a2 hosting laravel extension
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– a2 hosting larvel plan features

Servers can slow down, but a2 hosts are lightning fast. They all come with solid state drives (SSDs). The Turbo feature allows you to quickly access important info.

They make use of AMD EPYC on servers. It’s 40% faster than normal processors and has longer battery life. Plus it speeds up the response time for booting, compiling and restarting apps by 25%.

A2 hosting provides you with an easy-to-use Laravel Installation through one 1-click. The hosting plans offer 24-hour server monitoring and auto-updates, which are crucial in reigning in any virtual threats that may come your way.

With their HackScan protection, KernelCare, two-way firewall, brute force defense, DDoS mitigation, and other security procedures baked right into their hosting plans,

You’ll never have to worry about hackers tearing down whatever progress you’ve worked hard to establish on the internet no matter what sort of website or enterprise applications you’re running.

A2 Hosting is considered as a trusted brand among techies who want to build websites and web applications. They offer you flexibility when it comes to choosing specific versions of PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, Python, and many more.

Other added features include SSH access, SSL, and the option for you to use your own domains.

A2 Hosting offers free migrations if you’re transitioning from another provider to host Laravel. Not only will they take care of your migration but they provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee so that you can rely on their services for long-term work.

A2 Hosting offers you the option to choose a server location from three different zones: Asia Pacific, Europe, and the East Coast of the U.S. You can choose your location when getting started with your VPS account.

In Addition, A2 Hosting provides high-quality hosting and incredible performance, working hard to guarantee that your website will load up to 20 times faster than any other provider.

They provide 99.9% uptime guarantees on all servers, in addition to 24/7/365 phone and email support so you can feel confident in knowing they’ll always be there when you need them no matter what time it is.

Sites are hosted on SSD drives and feature lightning-fast loading speeds thanks to their optimized networks and edge data centers located across the globe for superior network performance with minimal latency.


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– A2 Hosting laravel server pricing

A2 Hosting is one of the most inexpensive Laravel hosting providers out there, more than what most hosting providers would have offered with such great features.

  • Startup ($2.99) : 1 website/ 100 GB SSD Storage/ free money back guaranteed and site migrations/Great Start For A Single Site.
  • Drive ( $4.99) : Unlimited Websites/ Unlimited SSD Storage/ Free & Easy Site Migration/ Money-Back Guarantee/ More Sites & 2X Resources.
  • Turbo Boost ( $9.99) : Unlimited Websites/ Unlimited NVMe Storage/ Easy Site Migration/ Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)/ Money-Back Guarantee
  • Turbo Max ( $14.99) : Unlimited Websites/ Unlimited NVMe Storage/ Easy Site Migration/ Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)/ Money-Back Guarantee/ 5X More resources.

The pricing model is affordable and begins with a low-cost plan that carries an all-inclusive price of $2.49. This covers numerous basic services, such as one site, SSD storage space, an efficient control panel with multiple shared SSLs, and much more. There is also a unique 30-day money-back guarantee so new customers can try it out risk-free!

All plans from this company have been heavily discounted. They also offer monthly and yearly pricing options. So you won’t have to worry about losing money because they any-time money back da guarantee.

4. Interserver

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– Interserver laravel hosting plan

InterServer is an affordable, full-service laravel best hosting that offers niche products for Laravel and other developers alike. Their support customer service team is very friendly and open to helping you with any problem you might experience and we are available around the clock from year to year 365 days a year via text and voice messages.

Interserver laravel hosting plans to accommodate different-sized applications. Whether you want to be shared, virtual private server(VPS), or dedicated website hosting, they have a plan that will fit the needs of your website or make it faster.

It’s great using InterServer to host coded applications because they offer an option to choose whether you want complete control over your account or if you would rather have the flexibility that their platform offers.

InterServer is here to ensure that your laravel servers are optimized so that you can keep your websites online at all times. Whenever there might be any setbacks along the way, we’ll offer assistance to help overcome those hurdles and ensure no downtime occurs.

Working with virtual machines can be so much fun with InterServer because they are very easy to manage. Not only do they have an average provisioning time of 15 minutes, but you can actually start working on your freely-assigned disk space and resources once your remote hosting account payment is approved!

But the best part is that even if there are problems, because of their quality assurance team and dedicated servers your site won’t go down.


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– Interserver laravel hosting features

Get full control of your servers with SSH access and fast hosting and databases. Deploy your servers to the fastest network in the industry, provided by Interserver. Rest easy with automatically backed-up server stats and exceptional performance all 24/7/365.

You can also integrate with other tools you use. Here are a few similar to the one already mentioned: Codeship, DeployHQ, Capistrano, TeamCity, Jenkins and many more. In fact, if you sign up to Interserver you’ll get free migration assistance when you need it!

  • Solid State Drives (SSDs) are 20x faster than standard SATA drives. With the ability to access your data and provide redundancy, it is important to invest in a Raid 10 array to ensure you’ll be able to access the data on your SSD if something were to happen.
  • Xeon Haswell cores embedded with RAID configurations, nested within virtual machines, customized to run on physical or virtual, equally reliable server platforms geared for multitasking, housed within cloud technology.
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee backed by a Service Level Agreement for as long as you choose Interserver services. If network availability falls under the network uptime guarantee, you will be eligible to receive up to 50% of your monthly fees in credit.

They also provide a 99.90% uptime guarantee inclusive of an SLA as well as free customer support and integration getting started tutorials for all of their users.

InterServer offers virtual machines with a wide range of tools including Python, Java, or LAMP server modules. InterServer’s laravel plans come with managed support, so if you have any server-related issues – whether it’s DNS, Mail, or SQL service bugs for example – the customer service team will be able to take care of them for you.


Interserver Cloud VPS 1
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– Interserver Laravel VPS hosting

You can go with InterServer’s inexpensive Laravel VPS hosting plan, priced at $6/month. You will get XEON Haswell CPU power and 2GB RAM, a 30GB SSD configured as Raid 10, and a free premium license that allows you to install Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, or any other software of your choice in just one click!

5. Liquid Web

Liquid Web VPS Hosting
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– Liquid Web VPS for laravel

The entry-level VPS of Liquid Web has cPanel/InterWorx, which makes installation and configuration easy. Most major open-source CMS can be installed in it. If you choose to go with a professional server cluster for your laravel business, there is still a price difference, which it is greater than most people expected. Let’s work on making this full bio more effective!

if you require premium Laravel hosting services, you can trust Liquid Web’s world-class web hosting to provide you with pro-active customer service and only the newest network infrastructure and tools, including WordPress.

With entry-level server plans that come with automated WordPress setups, they are among the best choices when shopping for a VPS or dedicated server plan.

For larger sites, Liquidweb’s VPS web hosting options and dedicated servers offer top-rate powerful performance for peak website performance – meaning faster loading times for your site’s visitors which in turn means higher conversions (more customers / visitors buying your products or services etc.) and revenues!

There are two different types of hosting services to choose from. If you prefer a more robust solution that is capable of handling more traffic, a managed service will make the best option for your particular project’s needs or custom preferred choice.


Liquid Web VPS Hosting features
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– Liquid Web VPS support

Get weekly or daily automated backups along with data snapshots on-demand. Liquid Web lets you resize the server any time depending on your changing needs. It delivers superb performance and high uptime every day, thanks to Liquid Booster and also allows server monitoring.

I love how Liquid Web offers staging as a part of their hosting services. It is perfect for creating a virtual copy of your site to use as a mockup for when you’re building it locally offline, and also for tweaking the live version without having to worry about breaking the website for future visitors.

There are a ton of tools that are available online to help developers test websites as they’re being created and designed. Anyone can find the right resource(s) to help if they need support with custom website design.

In addition to being HITECH Certified, the company gives you the flexibility of choosing a standard dedicated server or managed Laravel cloud hosting for your specific business needs.

If you are unsure about which one will work best for you, they offer Technical Consultations and recommendations concerning what size and specs of each Server System or Cloud Hosting package to purchase for your servers.


 Liquid web VPS pricing
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– Liquid web VPS pricing

If you’re an IT veteran and have years of experience under your belt, you may opt for the Core Website Hosting plans as opposed to the Managed plan that comes with additional support.

Need to speed up Laravel code development and deployment? Consider investing in advanced tools to help automate your infrastructure. With Liquid Web’s Private Cloud infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about maintaining in-house servers, networking equipment, or software installation.

You never have to worry about your network being attacked as long as you know how to stay within budget, starting with only $15/mo.

6. HostPapa

Hostpapa VPS hosting
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– Hostpapa VPS hosting

HostPapa’s hosting plans suggest that its target audience is mostly new users and small businesses. However, the company does not offer an affordable unmanaged VPS solution for webmasters who are serious about growing their workload.

If you want to own your site, you can get your own hosting plan installed. However, this may not be the smartest choice in technical terms because your earnings will likely exceed what you pay for the hosting plan in expenses and services that you must pay for like monitoring services, etc.

As a result, many fully hosted or managed services come with 24/7 support and also helpful tools such as SiteLock that flag hackers trying to access online stores so your products are safer.

While an unmanaged VPS is a great option for most laravel webmasters, for those who are looking to create PHP websites or applications that include server-side development software, you may want to opt for a completely managed VPS.


hostpapa- vps-hosting-features
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– Hostpapa VPS Hosting feature

Having a fully managed solution lets your developers take care of hosting so they can focus on creating your vision without having to ask their host every time they have an issue!

HostPapa gives you powerful site management software – like Client Exec – that lets you charge your clients, manage updates and change the settings while always ensuring WordPress compatibility. Select from a wide range of hosting packages based on what features you need most- such as PHP, MySQL, blogging, and email services.

You can create, restore and manage serverless and traditional databases right from your HostPapa dashboard. Every Layers VPS hosting package includes an unlimited number of websites, domains, and emails. Ideal for designers and developers as well as small businesses who want to host a website for their clients.

You will also be able to Gain total command over the server that houses your hosted account by undertaking root privileges on a Linux-based Ubuntu system. Manage server files so you can have complete command over your hosting package. Have the ability to install PHP and other CGI tools, as well as a server-wide proxy if available.


HostPapa VPS  hosting pricing
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-HostPapa VPS hosting pricing

The HostPapa main plan starts out with 60GB of SSD hosting and 2GB of RAM. With exceptional data transfer at 40TB, this spectacular platform is mostly known for its affordable prices and for its reseller hosting packages.

HostPapa is not a place you go to if you need room to grow their services in the future. They may be efficient now, but they might run into trouble later on because of their limited resources.

FAQS: Related to Laravel Hosting Provider

Which Web Hosting Provider is best for Laravel?

Cloudways has everything, a laravel developer can look for in a hosting provider. In Addition That depends on your needs, budget, and level of experience. If you want to run a business on Laravel Framework, it’s important that your site can handle all of the traffic efficiently.

You should look for hosts with plenty of storage space and bandwidth available so that there are no delays in loading pages or acquiring data from remote servers while also having helpful tools like performance monitoring systems as well as security features that will prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information online.

Where Can I host my Laravel app?

You may host a laravel application on any hosting provider that supports PHP. However, we recommend you to use Cloudways, DreamHost, Hostinger, A2 Hosting, and HostPapa for high performance.

Is shared hosting good for Laravel?

You can choose to set up your laravel application on a dedicated server, VPS, or shared one. However, this largely depends upon the scale of the traffic you’re expecting and the complexity of your application. If it’s a small personal blog written in PHP laravel, shared hosting should be more than enough.

What is Laravel hosting?

Laravel is a PHP programming framework and can be used to create applications using its tools and components which can then be developed for use on either back-end or front-end solutions. Laravel is aptly described as “The PHP Framework for Web Artisans” because of its versatility, enabling developers to do what they do best.

Why Laravel is the best PHP framework?

The first and best advantage of using the Laravel framework is that it has an expressive beautiful syntax that makes it object-oriented. Laravel provides out-of-the-box (OOB) configuration for the Authentication and Authorization system.


There are many types of web hosting services one can choose. As a Laravel developer, you might be interested in having multiple types such as email hosting and internet marketing services,

So it’s important to compare your options. Some might offer the best storage and others the best FREE domains but remember that there is never one perfect choice for all of your needs – you must find what works best for you.

In this post, I have shared with you the top laravel hosting providers based on their features, I have personally used cloudways laravel hosting and it is awesome that you can easily manage it and they also have free SSL.

Whereas I have tried hostinger laravel hosting and it is also good if you are looking for cheaper hosting. If you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comments section.

If you have too many things to do, like juggling many projects and you need a helping hand so that you don’t get too overwhelmed, Liquid Web is the provider most likely to give an increased fee in exchange for the help.

What do you think of the best hosting companies for the Laravel list? Have you used any of these providers? Share your input with other readers by expressing your opinion in the comments section below. Also, take a read for the best web hosting services for blog.

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I’m one of those people who couldn’t pick a stable career if my life depended on it. I’ve been a competitive figure skater, freelance writer, bar manager, eCommerce manager, SEM specialist, and now a UX writer and analytics enthusiast. I’m passionate about improving SEO and digital marketing, and I’m always looking for the next challenge.

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