NEW! 8 Best Web Hosting Providers For Developers (2023)

Web hosting is an integral part of successfully operating your own website. For a lot of entrepreneurs, they want to make sure that they select web hosts who do not compromise on the quality or sophistication of their products and services.

But there is an exception that may not apply with every developer who has a different reason for using a hosting company, you’ll need something that is more structured and robust with much greater customization capabilities.

Some hosts fall short on requirements you need to host servers and integrate with your chosen frameworks. They might also limit controlled storage space. There are other hosting solutions that force you to pay for resources that aren’t always a necessity on your projects.

Have you been searching for the perfect web hosting for your website?

Looking for the best web hosting for developers? Are you looking to get a developer friendly cloud hosting server for a custom PHP website or one of your coding projects?

You’re in profits because with the most recent developments, it has never been extra workable to keep your self-coded website online with less demanding pricing.

A large portion of them are very affordable, budget-friendly which helps developers to get a hold sooner on their developer portfolio business.

In this article you will discover the best hosting for developers and what to look for depending on your needs. To create a successful project, you will have to have the best tools, also known as web hostings.

And I can tell you from experience that there is no better way to answer those question than by digging up data. I will help put your mind at ease.

You can glide right into the list of topics you may have an interest in by choosing a section from within this Table of Contents.

How do you choose the best Web Hosting for developers? (Factors to Consider)

Comparing developer-friendly hosting plans can be somewhat difficult because there isn’t much information on the subject compared to shared hosting. It’s good to gather as much information beforehand though so you will know your options.

If you’re already a WordPress user, then you probably already know that the wordpress hosting for developers for your favorite platform is usually quite formidable.

WordPress requires a sizable amount of power, but it’s still surprisingly flexible when it comes down to scale up or down. While anyone can use the most popular host Kinsta.

Hosting for developers is a hot topic, especially in the application development and cloud industry right now. There are many different kinds of developer hosting solutions you can choose from to host your project,

So here’s what the ideal enterprise-level solution for you should include:

  • Adequate Resources: You don’t want to have to turn down potential clients because you don’t have enough storage, RAM, CPU, or bandwidth to accommodate database-driven web apps.
  • Scalability: If the scale of your project gets bigger and you need more resources to manage the added workload, some web hosts will let you scale up without additional charges. On the other hand, when resources are no longer being consumed by a project, many hosts will also offer their customers a pay-for-what-you-use model that can help reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Developer Frameworks: As a developer, you often have to install modules or packages to begin your project. If done manually using SSH, installation can be tedious and time consuming so a preinstalled compiler stack is preferred instead and will save you heaps of time in the long run!
  • Debugging Support: A developer-friendly web host will make sure they’re on the same line of communication as you. If there is anything above your pay grade when it comes to technical capabilities, they need to be there helping you to understand how things work.
  • Security Features: Every business should have top-notch security from the get-go. Even if you run a small eCommerce site or a blog, information is your lifeblood – you shouldn’t take chances with it. Advanced security tools and secure virtualization architecture is a huge plus, especially for shared and VPS plans.
  • Reliability: You want your site to be available when someone’s using it. It has to be a top priority of yours that you would want to receive guaranteed uptime with an SLA from your web host.
  • Budget: Hosting can quickly become a big expense, so developers are going to want to make sure they’re selecting their provider wisely to keep those hosting costs under control.
  • All Arounder: When you’re looking for a new host, there’s some knowledge of which languages and frameworks to look out for. Some hosts allow PHP, Zend or Magento, but Python and Node.js won’t be accepted on their shared hosts.

Bonus: If you’re looking for a free web host to test your sites, or if you’re currently learning development and you just need a place to experiment, choose wisely.

Some free hosting services can’t accurately simulate the experience of working with a premium service, and you may find yourself dealing with a lot of downtime or just waiting around for pages to load.

The best way to start you off on your journey is through 000webhost which offers a no-cost website hosting package for those new to web development.

You can build your first site in literally minutes and it’s incredibly customizable, available on any device and fast loading! You can have up to ten domains all hosted under one account, there are no limits or hidden fees – making this the perfect choice for beginners.

Best Web Hosting Providers For Developers
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The Top 8 Best Web Hosting For Developers For 2023

After hours of seemingly endless research over the Internet, I’ve managed to collect a list of some **best web hosting for developers including Shared, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated),

That are renowned among small-business owners looking to set up an Internet presence or expand their business. After reviewing tons of sites, below are our top choice:

  1. Interserver – Best Cloud VPS Shared Hosting Provider
  2. DreamHost Best Developer Hosting Provider
  3. Cloudways – The Best Solutions for developer with multiple clients
  4. Hostinger – Best Cheap VPS Plans For Developers
  5. A2 Hosting – Top Developer Hosting provider for maximum performance
  6. Scala Hosting – Scalable Hosting Solutions For Developers
  7. Liquid Web – Packed bundle features for developer cloud needed
  8. Hostpapa – Best Managed Developer Hosting Solutions For Small Business

Reviews of the best Developer Hosting Provider For 2023

Now that you know your way around the All rounder developer hosting platforms, let’s take a look at each one in detail. Some of these platforms are unique and offer features not offered on other platforms, like Multisite functionality for example or easy integration with different eCommerce solutions.

1. InterServer – Best Cloud VPS Shared Hosting Provider

Interserver Cloud VPS
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InterServer is an affordable, full-service developer-friendly cloud VPS hosting provider that offers a distinctive emphasis on top-grade hosting service.

It’s great using InterServer to host a custom-coded website because they have the option of choosing whether you want complete control over your account or if you would rather have the flexibility that their platform offers.

If there are any setbacks along the way, InterServer will assist in overcoming those hurdles and help ensure your websites stay online when it matters most.

Working with virtual machines can be a breeze with InterServer because they are so quick to set-up. Not only do they have an average provisioning time of 15 minutes, but you can actually start working on your freely-assigned disk space and resources once your payment is approved!


Interserver Cloud VPS Features
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You can start with InterServer’s cheapest VPS hosting plan priced at $6/month featuring 1 Xeon Haswell CPU, 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD configured as Raid 10, and a free premium license that allows you to install Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or any other CMS in just one click.

The virtual machine includes many popular tools including Python, Java or LAMP server modules. InterServer’s VPS plans come with managed support and the promise to fix any server-related issues, such as DNS, Mail, or SQL service bugs.

The support team will also re-install operating systems and/or control panels when needed. The hosting company is a well established business with a great deal of customer satisfaction making it an ideal provider,

  • 99.9% network reliability guarantee backed by a Service Level Agreement for as long as you choose Interserver services. If network availability falls under the network reliability guarantee, you will be eligible to receive up to 50% of your monthly fees in credit.
  • Around the clock managed support with higher tier VPS Plans.
  • Xeon Haswell cores embedded with RAID configurations nested within virtual machines and catered to run on reliable and customizable servers that are housed within cloud technology.
  • 20 times faster than standard SATA drives. Raid 10 arrays allow access to your data and provide redundancy when you need it most. Investing in 20x faster SSD storage allows you to get your data quickly, so that it’s always there and ready to go when you are.

If you are searching for secure virtual private servers along with managed services that help ensure that your newly purchased hardware is fully functional before use.

If you are using WordPress and looking for developer friendly hosting provider, then you really can’t go wrong by choosing Interserver shared hosting provider that cost $1 for the very first month.

With most of the low-end shared hosts, the simpler designs and features are more than LAMP for the WordPress user who just wants a blog to share with friends and family.

2. DreamHost – Best Developer Hosting Provider

Dreamhost cloud
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Dreamhost is one of the easiest hosting platforms to work within the industry owing to its easy-to-use features and tools. In the industry,

Dreamhost is one of the most powerful and user-friendly developer web hosting available with its user-friendly one-click installation features. It takes less than 60 seconds to make your website live with this platform.

One such useful feature is a one-click installation which allows for the quick iteration of websites without the hassle of downloading such applications yourself or worrying about compatibility issues between different browsers.

For all your coding projects, Dreamhost is the best choice of web hosting provider. They have created a custom developer-friendly plan who can accommodate working on all types of applications, whether you need to host a big blog or in need of some help developing a custom site including wordpress websites.


Dreamhost object developers compute
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Most hosting companies don’t allow full root and control, but with Dreamhost, you have full control over the software and hardware in your virtual server through its administration panel. There’s a bunch of DevOps tools included with every plan which comes with SSD disks and accelerated networks for even better performance.

The best part about DreamHost is that you only have to pay for what you use on an hourly basis in the size of servers your team plans to run its projects over the fully cloud-based infrastructure at a very cheap price.

  • Unparalleled Speed – Thanks to DreamHost SSD disks, network acceleration, and next-gen processors, their cloud servers are ready for SSH in seconds.
  • Full Root Access & Control – Dreamhost won’t limit you in your choice of OS or software. Their unmanaged servers can be whichever flavor you want, whether it’s Windows or Linux, BSD, Solaris or Unix.
  • Everything under one Platform -Run any application on DreamHost’s all-SSD cloud servers. Engineered around OpenStack, Ceph, and RAID10+, DreamHost removes lock-in and proprietary chains from your business choice: your applications can grow with dreamhost until you’re ready to run your own OpenStack.

It does not matter what kiind your websites you want to develop or host, Dreamhost has something for everyone froms step of dev Op Tools to it’s powerful hardware and SSD storage helpes launch website quick and never shut down.

At DreamHost, there is a solution for every aspect of your dream website. Whether you’re looking to set up the systems to develop it ( their Dev Toolbox features a one -click installer to make setting up a new Rails or PHP app easy from the ground up),

Or need help managing traffic and hardware as your site grows (with web servers built on high performance servers using SSD storage for top speed and redundancy ), DreamHost has every resource necessary to support your needs.

3. CloudWays – The Best Solution for Developers with Multiple Clients

Cloudways for developers
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One of the best things about Cloudways is their optimized cloud hosting servers that allow users a hassle-free platform for developers to work on their web applications with utmost ease.

Offering some of the most popular development tools (Git and Composer come pre-installed), Cloudways is a one-stop solution for developers to get their applications deployed with minimum issues.

Cloudways is a fantastic hosting company with several powerful features, cheap pricing for its services, and outstanding technical support to boot! There are countless reasons why I love it so much and that’s why I’ve written up such an honest Cloudways review to help spread the word.

If you want to check out all of Cloudways’ benefits or just see what I have to say about them, then please take a moment to read my Cloudways review.


Cloudways developers features
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I’m a developer and in search of the best cloud servers. I came across Dreamhost and Cloudways, but I have a better feeling about Cloudways because they too come with dedicated custom plans that are just right for developers like me!

When it comes to deploying your applications, developers can rejoice know because Cloudways is a platform that allows for deployment in less than 5 minutes and doesn’t require any technical knowledge at all.

With the growing demand for cloud-based services, Cloudways helps developers manage their applications seamlessly. CloudwaysBot is their real-time server and application report that helps developers get notified of any issue automatically via Slack or email.

  • API: With the help of a highly scalable cloud environment and various tools, you can create powerful solutions. Also, if you build your own apps integrating our RESTful APIs, then you’ll experience much more than high performance.
  • Pay as you go model : Hosting costs can be brutal and impossible to predict, which is why Cloudways has designed a pay-as-you-go model that charges you only for the resources you use.
  • Free SSL: Apps like yours need to be secure and trusted by customers. One way to ensure that your app is able to keep on doing its thing with relative ease for now and for the foreseeable future is by setting up a free SSL certificate offered by Cloudways itself
  • Latest PHP :All of Cloudways servers are pre-configured with PHP7, thus allowing your developers to enjoy the benefits of a faster, more secure version of PHP 7.0+.
  • Latest My SQL & Maria DB : Cloudways provides exceptional support for both MySQL and MariaDB. We make it easy to choose the best database management system for your projects no matter what CMS or application framework you’re using.

With Cloudways, you don’t have to worry about deploying your choice of apps on their all-in-one server management platform.

Their self developed app migrator plugin makes it easy for developers to deploy your projects and, thanks to their third party library integrations,

You will be able to streamline the deployment process with a handy one-click installer! Once your project is live and you’re ready to scale, Cloudways support team ensures smooth migration of your app to the Cloudways platform without disrupting any services or losing any data.


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Cloudways offers month-to-month payment plans so there’s no need for you to be on a yearly contract. You can get an idea of what it would be like to host your website on their cloud servers with no risk because you only pay for the resources your product utilizes.

Pay as go is entirely dependent on your cloud services plan that you choose and the resources within them, like server URLs or RAM. You can move up to a different level in cloud services for an increased cost, adjust servers according to fluctuating demands on your site, or downgrade and save money – it’s totally flexible!

For $12/mo, you get to run an instance on top of Digital Ocean,( a popular cloud service ), in conjunction with Linode. It’s only the first of several options offered but all seem to be reasonably priced given the fact that they are running on powerful infrastructure.

Overall they offer five most popular cloud servers with affordable pricing. (Make sure to use our coupon code POCKETLINKO to save flat 15% off for the next 3 months and activate 3 day free trial.

4. Hostinger – Best Cheap VPS Plans for Developers

Hostinger VPS
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Hostinger is a cloud hosting platform that provides the economy VPS hosting option. Now that Hostinger has its services fully relocated into the cloud, you may be reconsidering whether or not to go with their offerings.

Before you make up your mind we want you to consider their newer infrastructure and all of the improvements it has in store for your projects and clients going forward. One of these lesser talked about changes is a quicker page loading speed for visitors using their VPS servers as well as better uptime.

You no longer have to worry about slow load times since everyone can now upload and access files at an accelerated rate than before! Your customers will also be able to seamlessly publish their work under the user hierarchy they request instead of being limited by what server they’re connecting from!

If you’re a developer who’s limited on funds, you’ll definitely want to check out Hostinger. With their super-fast servers and simple script installation, you can spin up your very own application or custom script website in no time at all, that’s not going to break your bank.

This hosting plan provides web developers with proper developer-friendly server with the cheapest pricing in the hosting industry. Each hostinger plan is provided with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and decent speed to allow your website to have a positive experience for its visitors.


Hostinger VPS features
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“Running a business requires one to keep their options open. Hostinger is the provider of web hosting services you can count on to always have plenty of resources when you need them.

If your business grows quickly, they are able and ready to handle it here! Best of all, resources and flexibility come at an affordable price!

In addition to IPv4 and IPv6 and a dedicated IP, you benefit from the ceaseless innovation of an on-staff developer team. You will never have to deal with a null routed IP.

  • SSD Drives : Hostinger servers are so powerful, they could power a small city! They provide dedicated servers loaded with the latest Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of SSD disk space and 128 GB of RAM/server.
  • 100 MB/s Network: Hostinger guarantee fast loading times for your business. They can provide you with fast response times, technical support via email and telephone, domain name registration and full server management at no single extra cost.
  • Dedicated IP: One of their top features is an optional but very useful dedicated Internet Protocol address (IPv4 and IPv6).
  • Full Root Access: As an developer, you’ll have full control of your space and the OS (operating system). As this level of access comes with a certain amount of power, you will need to be able to carry out multiple tasks very quickly. To use all the power provided effectively, you will have to be an advanced user.
  • 100% Money Back Gurantee: Hostinger believes in being fair and honest with their customers. That’s why they’re giving you a full 100% money back guarantee on your purchase. If for any reason, you are unhappy with our products or services, simply contact their 24/7 customer support access to receive a full refund of your payment without any questions asked.

Extensions run at lightning speed and there are multiple cloning protocols in place, just in case. RAID 10 configuration safeguards your data, which is backed up every weekday and twice a week.

Hostinger offers a premium support service that covers the complete lifecycle of your server. Their dedicated development team will ensure you’re regularly updated and never exposed to any vulnerabilities. (Need something more out of it, check out our hostinger review.

Each server will have its own firewall, intrusion protection software, and a Wanguard anti-DDoS traffic analyzer in place to secure it automatically!

Don’t delay. Start hosting your sites with Hostinger only $3.95/mo!

5. A2 Hosting – Top Developer Hosting Provider for Maximum Performance

A2 hosting for developers
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A2 Hosting has long been one of the most popular web hosting providers for developers, with a wide range of options for both shared and dedicated hosting.

A2 provides a variety of packages that are specifically designed for WordPress users and this is where it differentiates from many other options out there on the market.

A2 hosting has been considered as long one of the most popular web hosting providers for developers, with a wide range of options for both shared and dedicated hosting.

A2 provides a variety of packages that are specifically designed for every users and this is where it differentiates from many other options out there on the market.

A2 Hosting boasts one of the top support teams in the business along with 20x faster turbo boost servers. The Guru Crew features a team of professionals that are available to help out with any technical issues you might be having whether on shared hosting plans or any of their VPS servers!


A2 hosting for developers features
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A2 Hosting has a unique VPS model that offers customers full managerial access to the underlying Linux operating system and encourages customers to use their own preferred,

Control panel solutions, and does not include website staging or email services. Additional charges apply for optional performance upgrades.

While it’s great that A2 Hosting enables you to choose a hosting location that your Virtual Private Server is situated in (either Asia Pacific, Europe, or the East Coast of the U.S.), can be changed when you are first getting started.

  • Free Cloudflare Premium CDN
  • Free website builder
  • Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
  • Various data centre
  • Guaranteed 99.99% monthly uptime
  • Developer friendly
  • Free site transfer
  • Pre-installed developer tools: PHP, MySQL, Python, Perl, and Node.js

A2 hosting guarantees that sites go up to 20 times faster with 99.9% uptime and 24/7/365 trained support, assistance so you won’t have to worry about your site not loading.

This web-hosting provider also offers a free cPanel dashboard system, as well as step-by-step instructions regarding how to deploy applications. They also provide Cloudflare premium CDN which makes websites load 200% faster.

While I like the fact that A2 Hosting’s VPS servers can be fully customized, including country of location, the prices for these hosting packages seem a little steep. The most affordable unmanaged option comes with just 510MB of RAM and costs twice the standard rate to keep it up running.


A2 hosting for developers pricing
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The price for unmanaged offered by a2 hosting is cheap, but there are differences between a standard VPS and a managed one.

For example, you probably don’t want to be spending your time trying to figure out VPS-related matters when there are other more important tasks to attend to for your business. Managed VPS hosting makes managing your vps server simple so that you can focus on the other important aspects of running your company.

Or require more bandwidth than what A2 Hosting offers, then switching to its dedicated service could prove too costly in the long run. It would be advisable to go with InterServer or Hostinger instead because they offer cloud hosting plans which will be more affordable over time.

6. Scala Hosting – Scalable Hosting Solutions for Developers

Scala hosting for developers
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If you’re PCL regular reader, you may know how much we like Scala hosting providers when it comes to choosing the best wordpress hosting provider.

Scala Hosting is a one-stop shop for developer hosting solutions. Their proprietary all-in-one SPanel Hosting platform is a major advantage over their competitors, who will still require you to pay license fees even if you have your own server. Aside from that, their powerful, white-label API streamlines the administration of individual hosting accounts.

Scala Hosting offers managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. The former are 20-25% more expensive than the managed one, but given the additional value you get from a fully-managed service, it makes more sense to choose one of them.


Scala Hosting features
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Given the extra costs of an unmanaged VPS package, you’ll probably end up saving only a couple dollars with an unmanaged service, but in turn will lose access to other technology services like dedicated server or cloud hosting if they’re included in your hosted plan plus a dedicated technical support.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to choose a server in the SEA region (like Singapore or Sydney) currently. If you have clients with businesses with local customers in Asia, they might be slightly slower than expected but it’s definitely worth the trade-off.

  • High Availability Guaranteed: Scala Hosting ensure your data is as safe and secure as possible. They keep three copies of your data on different servers. All three are hosted in replicated clusters on both physical and virtual machines to maximize your uptime and performance. in case of a hardware failure, your cloud server will automatically be migrated to another healthy node using the Failover feature.
  • 100% Automated – You’ll have full control of your servers right in your client area. This includes 24/7 access to controlling your server, starting it up and stopping it, resetting passwords, upgrading the server or downgrading it, accessing the console and keeping an eye on resource usage.
  • Powerful Servers: You will be running a website on an extremely powerful machine that is comprised of dual Intel Xeon CPUs, 256 GB RAM and dual power supplies.
  • 10Gbps Redundant Network: Scala Hosting’s networks are highly-redundant, made up of 10Gbps components with multiple network uplinks to premium upstream providers for 100% uptime.

If you have specific resource requirements, Scala Hosting gives you the possibility to fully customize your VPS resources. This means that you can easily scale up the amount of RAM or disk space you require. It’s a sure-win!

And of course, let’s not forget about scalability in terms of how many servers can be handled by a service provider. With all of this flexibility, it would have been somewhat embarrassing (given their name) if the service didn’t allow easy scaling after all.

Don’t delay. Start hosting your sites with Scala Managed Cloud VPS Hosting only $14.95/mo!

7. Liquid Web – Packed Bundle Features for Developer could need

Liquid Web VPS Hosting
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The entry-level VPS plans of Liquid Web are loaded with cPanel/InterWorx. That facilitates the process of installing most major open-source CMSs . If you choose to go with a serious server cluster to scale an e-commerce business , there’s a difference in price, and it is larger than most would expect. Let’s work together on this full bio

If you need a well-rounded and high quality hosting solution, Liquid Web is one of the best premium hosting providers available today. Among their many server offerings –

Some of which include cPanel/InterWorx or Plesk – are plenty of entry level server plans for beginners to get started with features like WordPress (learn more about how to host your website online) on a VPS plan.

For larger sites, Liquid Web has some of the best VPS web hosting options as well as dedicated servers with top grade powerful performance for better load times. This results in a quicker loading time for your website visitors which means higher conversions and revenues!

You’ll also be able to satisfy demanding clientele with strong support irrespective of whether you opt for one of the robust managed services or custom builds depending upon your preferred choice.


Liquid Web VPS Hosting features
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I’m a big fan of the staging function that Liquid Web provides. It allows me to have a test environment for my site where I can either clone it to use as a mockup using dummy pages, build my site offline then load and tweak the live version,

Or perform any number of other testing tasks before going live. With all of the different tools available online, most developers can find easy ways out if they need support with custom websites.

In addition to being HITECH Certified, the company gives you the flexibility of choosing a standard dedicated server or managed cloud hosting for your specific business needs.

  • Gigabit Bandwidth: Powerful and up-to-date server infrastructure backed by Intel Xeon Silver technology that requires no little maintenance or adjustment due to its use of Dynamic Platform Graphics Technology.
  • Long time Liquid Web, guaranteed uptime of 100% for all services. You will get a credit worth 10x the amount of actual downtime
  • Liquid web offers phone support with response time of under 59 seconds for all core and fully-managed services.

If you already have some IT knowledge or experience, you can save yourself from paying extra with the core or unmanaged plans.

If you’re a developer, it may be time to seriously consider going the way of the Private Cloud! Liquid Web’s Private Cloud gives Devs all the tools they need and none of the drawbacks or costs associated with managing your own infrastructure.

You no longer need to be concerned about your network security or network infrastructure not being updated – as long as you know how to stay within budget, starting with only $15/mo.

8. HostPapa : Best Managed Developer Hosting Solutions for Small Businesses

HostPapa VPS
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As a developer or a webmaster, HostPapa’s hosting plans suggest that its target audience is mostly new users and small businesses. The company does not offer an affordable unmanaged VPS solution for webmasters who are serious about growing their workload.

While you can opt for a self-hosted solution, it may not be the smartest choice in technical terms because your earnings will probably end up being higher than what you are paying for hosting.

Many managed or fully hosted solutions also come with support available to you 24/7 as well as with helpful tools like monitoring services etc. so you might consider going that route instead.

A managed VPS gives you a control panel (such as cPanel) license so if you’re running any server side development software such as WordPress, NodeJS or Joomla, you should opt for a completely un-managed environment that your developers can manage themselves without having to ask their Managed Hosting Service provider for support.


HostPapa VPS Features
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HostPapa includes user-friendly software like Client Exec that allows you to charge your clients, manage updates and make changes to your site’s settings. Pick from a variety of hosting options based on the features you need most, including WordPress compatibility and Windows-based servers.

  • 100% Renewable energy
  • With a Layers VPS hosting package you can run an unlimited number of sites and domains from your account. This is perfect for designers, developers and small businesses who build websites for their clients.
  • With better servers, higher security and the best eCommerce applications, HostPapa provides the ideal architecture to power your online shop.
  • Gain full root access to your server so that you can have complete command over the management of the services installed on your hosting plan. Have the ability to install PHP and other CGI tools, as well as a server-wide proxy if available.
  • When you use their Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server, there will be no blacklists assigned to your IP addresses. They regularly perform scans to ensure blacklisted IP’s are not set to be assigned and are not being used by the abused server before they are provisioned on our network.

HostPapa’s Main plan starts out with a 4-core, 60 GB SSD, and 2GB of RAM. However, HostPapa is mostly known for their Reseller hosting.

Their Gold plan begins at 8 core CPU, 8GB RAM and 120 GB SSD along with the billing and automation suite ClientExec or WHMCS

HostPapa does not offer cloud hosting or dedicated servers. Their resources are limited and may not last for a company looking to scale up its services at any moment’s notice.

Developer Hosting Plans: FAQs

What is the best free web host for developers?

Free webhosts aren’t half bad, quite limited in features and resources. While they’re not your best bet for long-term websites and mentoring etc,

They can be really good if you just need to create something quickly as a standalone project. We recommend 000web host which offers a no-cost website hosting package for those new to web development.

I am learning to develop, should I use AWS for web hosting?

AWS is great for businesses who want to get a site up quickly, but it’s not recommended for individuals. If you just want to design a few Joomla/WordPress sites to learn web development, AWS isn’t the most economical option out there.

It can be a bit complicated and time-consuming to set up an account when compared with other web hosting services that are far more user-friendly.

The setup process involves registering a domain, creating buckets, configuring your root domain, setting up traffic logging, etc.

This type of complexity detracts from what an individual developer needs in terms of rapid deployment in order to avoid spending too much time configuring their account(s).

Final Words

There are many types of hosting services one can choose to add in with their web hosting. As a developer you are very particular about things such as speed, security and reliability.

Some might offer the best storage while others the best FREE domains but remember that there is never one perfect choice for all of your needs – you must find what works best for you.

As an independent professional, you have a lot of responsibilities. Take for example dealing with your clients. If you’re just starting up, there are many things that could come your way unexpectedly if you don’t plan ahead of time. But thankfully, building an efficient infrastructure can help you deal with all this and more!

If you are looking for a high quality value for your money and not just the most expensive solution, then InterServer is the perfect web hosting provider for you.

Other providers might claim to be more effective from time to time but they don’t have the same excellent server maintenance and efficient customer service as InterServer. This is what truly makes them stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for the best mix of value and features, you should shell out some dough and go with Cloudways as well. With its managed support, state-of-the-art infrastructure and low price tag, Clouways also really stands out from the crowd!

If you have too many things to do, like juggling many projects, Liquid Web is the provider most likely to give you a helping hand. In exchange for an increased fee, of course.

What do you think of the best hosting companies for developers’ list? Have you used any of these providers? Share your input with other readers by expressing your opinion in the comments section below.

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Michal is the Director of Content Marketing with Saieage Media. He loves helping companies establish effective content marketing strategies to help them reach their goals. He enjoys writing, educating, and inspiring others. He’s still trying to figure out why people keep adding 'the' in front of his name.

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