5🎖️ Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners 2021 [Budget Friendly+Free Domain]

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Searching for the best wordpress hosting for beginners? You arrived at the planet’s most trustworthy guide to find the best beginner web hosting for your wordpress websites.

Starting a wordpress website, blogs, stores, etc for the first can often be tough in 2021 year. There are more than thousands plus web hosting on the planet ever more than that, some lists of hosting provider’s comments can feel overwhelming and takes crucial effort and time to check web hosting one by one.

You have to deal with so many elements, and hosting records like uptime, security, performance metrics, etc. For the last 6 months, we at pocketlinko are digging hosting companies and writing reviews every day to help our readers to find hosting company for any niches and products out in the market.

To help, we’ve tested and collected the seven best wordpress web hosting for beginners based on the elements of the feature such as free website builder, the free domain name for one year, budget-friendly hosting, and officially recommended by WordPress.org and big brands to make save your time and make your internet life much easier.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

What executes for the best WordPress web hosting for beginners?

WordPress platform is used by nearly more than 42% plus in the entire planet to host thier wordpress websites and we are our blog pocketlinko is also on the same WordPress CMS platform.

Before you dock in this article chances you’ve performed agile google search queries such as “Best wordpress for” small business, blogging, fastest wordpress hosting, etc. The purpose here is to narrow down the selections and give you a Beginner-friendly starting point for finding a great web host.

Here the pieces we have looked at when building this article list:

  • Free Domain Name: There is still some web hosting company remaining in this year who provides free domain with thier cheap plans the best features for beginner website founder.

  • Free Wordpress Builder: Beginner user don’t have much amount to pay for a website builder like elementor, wp bakery, etc. so we have found some hosts which offer a free website builder
  • WordPress Optimized: A Hosting plan especially optimized for wordpress users falls under cheap prices.

  • Free Email Hosting Accounts: Get free email accounts hosting for your website. A beginner-friendly email address like [email protected] Easy to control totally for free.

  • Best Support: No matter ever you buy you will have the access to 24/7/365 if you fall into any problem.

  • Free Additional Promotional tools: You can get a free credit of google ads, bing to get your website visible when you are just starting with free ads by redeeming the free codes.

  • UpTime: The hosting company we have listed have the best uptime guarantee. If your website goes down the hosting company will itself pay you back of the time site goes down.

  • Migration: Get your wordpress website migrated completely for free with teams of experts.

To make these wordpress hosting more beginner and budget-friendly we have a partner with some hosting companies to get you a flat 60-95% discount only for our pocketlinko readers.

Five Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners 2021

best wordpress hosting for beginners
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Dreamhost is one of the best wordpress hosting for beginners not only for beginners a hosting for all-in-one purpose to create blogs, business websites, agency, etc.

A host officially recommended by the wordpress community for more than 25 years, founded back in 1996. Dreamhost is a popular web hosting in the Wordpress community that makes a top-notch option for beginners many thanks to thier pricing plans that offer a free domain name with starting plans.

The best part dreamhost have their own custom made dashboard which will guide you to get started with bunch of options, makes easy to use and handle wordpress websites.

💎 Top Features: DreamHost Beginners

Dreamhost power millions of websites, their one top feature that really makes sense and different from other hosts is “Dreamhost offers month-to-month billing options” on their all plans from shared to managed, etc.

Here are the best features of dreamhost for beginners;

  • Monthly Payment: Dreamhost offers month to month billing options for their customers. A really #1 best feature for beginners to not get in lock contract for yearly plans.
  • Free Domain: DreamHost offers a free domain name in their yearly plans. You can get a free domain in any plans for Dreamhost if you get in lock with thier yearly plans.
  • Free Website Builder: Dreamhost provides a free website builder to help you setup your Wordpress website quicker
  • Custom Built dashboard: Dreamhost does not offer cPanel or use they have built a modern custom dashboard to help you managed your Wordpress websites and install lots of applications with live security monitoring.
  • Free Email Hosting: You don’t have to pay money for email hosting dream hosts will host your email for free making sure they do not offer this feature in their cheapest plans so you have to pay a small amount of $1.67/month.

Other features;

  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage
  • Advanced, Easy-to-Use Control-Panel
  • One-click software installations like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal etc.
  • Free automated backups
  • Install WordPress setup
  • Comprehensive docs and tutorial live out there
  • 24/7 support
  • FREE Privacy Protection with SSL
  • Fast Solid State Storage with optimized servers
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee with resource optimization
  • Recommended by WordPress Community
  • WordPress-Optimized Servers
  • Trusted by 1.5 Million Websites
  • Zero-Risk, 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

Here the pricing plans of two types of hosting both are affortble comes with a free domain name and website builder.

5🎖️ Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners 2021 [Budget Friendly+Free Domain]
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Dreamhost offers many hosting plans when it comes to beginner my recommendation goes with Dreamhost Wordpress plans in starting days.

  • Shared Starter ($2.99) : 1 website/ Free Domain name/ unlimited traffic/ Fast SSD Storage/ Free Website Builder, SSL/ 3 Year, 1 Year & Monthly Plans/ Add Email [$1.67/mo]

  • Shared Unlimited ( $3.95/m) : Unlimited websites/ Free domain name/ WordPress pre installed/ free unlimited emails

Both of these plans comes with month-to-month pricing system with free domain name with 97 days s Free Money Back Guarantee with free website migrations.

Advantages+ Performance tests

Website Speed TestingAverage Loading Time
GTmetrix test1.45 s
Pingdom test0.896 s
Google PageSpeed Insights2.44s
Dreamhost discount
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  • Plans Tested: Starter
  • LoadTime:  0.9sec
  • Starting Price/month: $ 2.59
  • Time to First Byte:0.311 s

👉 Get a flat 67% discount with step by step guide on DreamHost Promo Codes & Coupons Live 2021 [92%Discount]

Greengeeks is our #2nd best wordpress hosting for beginners, another popular unique web hosting on the planet. Greengeeks is eco-friendly wordpress hosting that is fully powered by green renewable natural resources to run thier hosting server with 300x faster performance than another normal hosting.

These web hosting plans are much affordable and fall with the pricing of just $2.49/month where you can get a free domain name with their all plans. A unique web hosting in the planet gained top value from Wordpress users with a tremendous list of awards and nominators for emerging planet unique Eco-friendly web hosting. This is why their tags are World’s #1 Green Energy Web Hosting Provider!

💎 Top Features:GreenGeeks Beginners

  • Free Domain:  Greengeeks offers a free domain name for the first year in their yearly plans. You can get a free domain name in any plans with greengeeks with domain privacy for free.
  • Unlimited Features: Greengeeks offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, data transfer, databases, and email accounts available in all the hosting plans.
  • Top-rated customer support: Fast 24/7/365 support from WordPress experts.
  • Automatic nightly backups: Greengeeks automatically backups your website every night 24/7 to keep your data safe.
  • Free Elements for wordpress: Greengeeks offers a free SSL Certificate, free custom CDN.
  • Data Centres: You can choose data centres from four different locations. Chicago, US Phoenix, US Montreal, CA Amsterdam, NL.

  • C-Panel: They also provide a free c-panel for every plans account and with this panel you can control every element of the website and install hundreds of software like WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Greeengeeks is in the hosting industry for more than 14+years they started selling hosting and domains in 2008. Our #2nd best wordpress hosting options for beginners with budget-friendly pricing, faster, a secure, and eco-friendly web host with free 30 days money-back guarantee.

All host plans come with 300% Green Energy Match with free website migrations you can switch in mins from your host to Greengeeks their tech supports. Here are other greengeeks hosting features you must see:

  • Eco Friendly and Environment-Friendly unique technology
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 5xfaster than another normal hosting with 300% Green Energy Match
  • Free Sitebuilder toolkit with SSL
  • Free Malware Cleanups with advanced WAF/AI firewalls
  • Daily backups with no limits
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee ( no questions raised)
  • Quick Answers comprehensive docs and guides pre-built
  • Free Content delivery network (CDN)
  • Scalable computing resources

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

  • Lite ($2.49/mo): 1 Website/ free domain for one year/ Unlimited web space, data Transfer/ Standard Performance
  • Pro ($4.95/mo): Unlimited Website, Storage, bandwidth, Free domain for one year, 2x Performance
  • Premium ( $8.95/mo): Unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, Free Premium SSL, Free domain for one year, dedicated IP, 4x Performance

For most beginners, my recommendation goes with lite plans which costs around $2.49/month where you can host 1 websites with free one domain name for year unlimited features. A must go plan with free website builder.

Advantages+ Performance tests

Our team at pocketlinko have personally used GreenGeeks. No any list of hosting articles for small business, woocommerce , blog etc can be made without falling greengeeks into the list. We have ranked greengeeks in our every article no any list of the hosting for any purposes can be completed without greengeeks. With just the pricing of $2.95, you can host one website with everything unlimited space, bandwidth, and free CDN.

greengeeks coupons
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  • Plans Tested: Lite
  • LoadTime:  1.542 s
  • Starting Price/month: $ 2.49
  • Time to First Byte: 0.411 s

👉 Get a flat 75% discount on every hosting plans with our step by step guide to apply coupon code. Greengeeks Promo Codes & Coupons Jan 2021 [75%Discount]

Hostinger is cheapest in our list and #3 best wordpress hosting for beginners. A host mostly used by small business, bloggers etc falls with the pricing of just $0.99 month. This web hosting is good for new online users who haver less amount to spend on hosting.

If you have very small amount of budget to spend on hosting with less than $50 to spend yearly then hostinger is made for you as a beginners.

💎 Top Features: Hostinger Beginners

Hostinger each plans are budget friendly that comes with the ranges of best features with such low pricing hostinger offers free Dedicated IP.

Here are the top features of hostinger wordpress plans for beginners:

  • Affordable Pricing: Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosting on the list.
  • Free Domain: Hostinger gives free domain with WordPress Starter plans
  • Email hosting : Hostinger plans include free email hosting with the every plans,
  • 24/7 Supports : Hostinger comes with 24/7/365 supports anytime anywhere.

Here are other features of hostinger;

  • Free drag and drop builder
  • Extra security features, free domain name, free backups
  • Google Ads Credit
  • Free website migrations
  • GIT Access
  • Free CDN/ email/ SSL

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

Hostinger shared
  • Save

When it comes for wordpress hosting hostinger comes with two different plans which make easier to get started.

  • Single Shared – from $0.99 per month for a single website and one email account with 10000 visits/m.
  • Premium Shared – from $2.89 per month for unlimited websites and email accounts 25000 visits/m
  • Business Shared – from $3.99 per month for unlimited websites, daily backups, and improved performance with 10000o visits/m

Advantages+ Performance tests

My recommendation for wordpress users who are beginners goes with single shared hosting where you can hostinger single website with free website builder with pricing of $0.99/m.

hostinger discounts
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  • Plans Tested: Single Shared
  • Load-Time:  2.786s
  • Starting Price/month: $ 0.99/m
  • Time to First Byte: 0.600 s

👉 Get a flat 90% discount on every hosting plans with Hostinger Today!

Bluehost is most popular web hosting in the planet used by every types of online business persons and officially recommended by wordpress largest community world #1 best web hosting for beginners from wordpress.org.

This web hosting has affordable packages for every types of business web hosting solutions packages. Bluehost was launched in 2003 and now they are top 5 best web hosting with the record of millions of domains with high customer satisfaction.

Bluehost do-not provide c-Panel to their customers because they have built their own custom powerful dashboard officially linked with wordpress SEO tools to make your wordpress website easier, faster and more secure.

💎 Top Features: BlueHost Beginners

Bluehost have their own SEO tools  that scores and tracks how well your website is ranking for specific keywords with one year free domain name with each plans.

  • Free domain name : Bluehost offers free domain with yearly plans
  • 1 Click setup wizard: It takes less than a min to get started with Bluehost with one-click software installations.
  • Custom hosting dashboard: Bluehost has their own custom built dashboard which make easier to install software with live Website security monitoring.
  • Free email hosting: Bluehost offers free email hosting where you can create unlimited account without costing extra.
  • 24/7 supports: Bluehost offers 24/7/365 online,phone calls, ticket with crew of WordPress experts 

Bluehost offers decent speed and uptime it has great packages for every web hosting solutions for every business purposes for every business-minded people.

Here are other features’

  • Solid server performance – Good uptime (>99.95%) and response time (< 450ms)
  • Free Website Domains
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 50 GB SSD storage and peered connection technology for up to 5x faster website custom Themes
  • One-Click WordPress installation
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 24/7 support via phone & live chat supports
  • 30 days money-back guarantee, with no-questions-asked

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

Bluehost shared host plans
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Bluehost comes with 3 different plans with the best affordable pricing. A host for your small online business.

  • Basic – from $3.95 per month for a single website with 50GB SSD Storage.
  • Plus – from $5.95 per month for unlimited websites with unlimited features
  • Choice Plus – from $6.95 per month for unlimited websites with added features like advanced Free Automated Backup

Advantages+ Performance tests

5🎖️ Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners 2021 [Budget Friendly+Free Domain]
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  • Plans Tested: Basic
  • Load-Time:  1.386s
  • Starting Price/month: $ 3.95/m
  • Time to First Byte: 0.400 s

👉 Get Started With Bluehost at $3.95/month

Flywheel is another popular managed wordpress hosting mostly used by freelancer and agencies for business.

Every plan of flywheel comes with the features of collaboration, direct to client billing, collaboration with coworkers, Easily manage 1 or 100s of sites fully 100% focused on Wordpress CMS.

💎 Top Features: FlyWheel Beginners

  • White labelling: With this you can label your website panel for your
  • Direct to client billing
  • Staging for every site
  • Local development
  • Blueprints
  • Site cloning
  • Manage 1 or 100s sites with ease
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free 30Days Trial Without credit card
  • Automatic wordpress installations
  • User friendly dashboard
  • 24/7 experts supports
  • Free access to premium themes with one single installations
  • You can also install demo sites for free and edit without limitations

💸 Cost and pricing plans (per month):

Flywheel pricing latest
  • Save
  • Tiny ($15 per month) : 1Websites/ 5,000monthly visits/ 5GB storage/ 20Gb bandwidth.
  • Starter ($30per month): 1 websites/25,000 monthly visits, 10GB Storage, 50GB of bandwidth.

Flywheel is expensive in words but it does have the extra features on the list like client billing, Local development White labelling etc.

Flywheel hosting For Agency
  • Save

Advantages+ Performance tests

  • Plans Tested: Tiny
  • Load-Time:  1.976s
  • Starting Price/month: $ 15/m
  • Time to First Byte: 0.900 s

👉 Get Started With Flywheel

What’s the Best WordPress Web Hosting For Beginners In 2021

Five Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners

WordPress beginners host

Monthly Pricing

Beginner Friendly?











Every hosting listed here are best performance offers free domain name, website builder etc. It totally depends on you which one to pickup depends on your budget, features and needs etc.

To make it easier i have break down the hosting for needs and to let you decide to pickup or not;

  • 🤩 Best Value for your money: DreamHost is simplest starting point at an affortbale pricing for wordpress beginner withpaying of just $2.59 you can get free website builder with free domain name with month to month payment plans with 97 days Money-Back Guarantee.
  • 💰 Bluehost, greengeeks are most powerful web hosting out there with better rated support in our wordpress hosting testing. With just few minutes you can install wordpress website with custom built dashboard with live features and officially recommended by wordpress.org with 300% faster green match energy

Final notes !
Every web hosting are best in need it totally depends on your budget which to go with. All of these features have one main goal in common which is by-product helps your wordpress website to run more quickly, faster, efficiently.

What are you waiting for you? Once you setup your wordpress hosting follow these two best guides : WordPress SEO & WordPress Blog Checklists to help your site more visible and help it to rank.

If you run into trouble just mail me [email protected], I will help you to install your wordpress website and install Premium themes do perfect SEO for free if buy with our affiliate link. or just feel free to comment.

I am always ready to help you out this is what makes me happy. If you found this guide make sure to share it with your friends it takes really huge efforts to create such guides.

Thank you for taking out your important time to read the article.

Other Guides

best wordpress hosting for beginners
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