26+Hidden Blog Post Checklists To Dominate Your Competitor

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“Quality content” isn’t just about the type of content you create.

Do you know?

Professional bloggers have some sort of checklist that they use before publishing their blog posts almost all pro bloggers have their own checklists before they publish their article.

In this article,

I will share my SEO blog post checklists before I publish my article and outrank it step-by-step.

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Benefits of reading this article?

Checklist for Writing Fully Optimized Content
If you follow this blogging checklist, you will minimize errors and ensure maximum benefits.
Many More….

Having said that let’s dive into the SEO blog practice checklists;

Blog Post SEO Checklist 2022: For On-Page SEO 26 Items To Review Before Publishing

Whether you are writing blog posts, website articles, web content, or books, the following SEO Blogging Checklists will help you organize your article and rank among your competitor.

The best thing about content writing is that it can bring you hundreds of social shares, new email subscribers, and tons of comments and leads.

But only if your blog posts are masterpieces and you do content marketing right.

Having that said here’s my blog post checklist that I use before publishing a post and ranked it.

blog post checklists
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Check #1–Do You Have A Catchy Heading?

Even if you write a thousand words of content with SEO friendly and don’t have a catchy title then chances are that your blog post will not be clicked or shared by many.

Which direct effect in your ranking in and CTR and makes your article to forced down.

Here’s a simple example of it;

Just like you ignore a book by its bad cover, people ignore blog posts with bad titles.

Here’s the step-by-step to make a good title of the article that creates value and makes thousands of clicks;

  • Would someone type your headline into Google?
  • Is your headline clean?
  • Are you using only one primary keyword?
  • Is your headline duplicate?

You can use the headline analyzer to create a more catchy title that gets clicks and also gives tips to improve your headline.

Check #2–Make Your Title Under 60 Characters

If your title is not under 60 characters then google cutoff the headline like this ;

Google headline 60 characters cutoff
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Your blog post title and SEO title is the same thing so don’t get confused.

Make sure your always title comes under 60 Characters and SEO friendly. The above image is a perfect SEO friendly title as you can see.

google perfect SEO TITLE EXAMPLE
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This article will have more CTR than the competitor because I have included terms like best, today month, and this year.

The point is this above pic title is exactly 60 characters and SEO friendly and eye catchy headline as being said above.

Check #3–Do you Have Meta Description?

The meta description is the short description that search engines display below your post title under 160 characters.

While Google has said that meta descriptions are not a ranking factor, this content is still an important part of driving traffic and improving a page’s performance in search.

Google said it has no ranking factor but remember without adding custom meta description then search engines simply grab the first few sentences and cut it off which doesn’t look very good.

Here:s a simple image that will clarify why meta description is important to Blog SEO checklists.

meta description seo
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By adding a custom meta description you can rank for more keywords and gives the bold letter to the focused keyword.

Check #4–Are You Using SEO Plugins(Rank Math& Yoast)

Rankmath and Yoast SEO plugin is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices.

If you are not using any of these plugins then start using it it really makes your SEO work easier and helps you to make better Optimize your site and blog post.

Check #5–Identify Your audience

If you don’t know to whom you’re writing this article for then how would your visitors know for whom you have published the blog post?

Pinpoint exactly who you are writing the blog post for. When you know the exact audience of your content, it’s much easier to be direct with your writing.

Check #6- Use Focus Keyword In Description, and Post Content

The focus keyword must flow through your headline, meta description, and your blog post no matter if it is for non monetize or monetize content, who doesn’t love the traffic to posts.

focus keyword seo images
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For example, let’s take the example of this article; the focus keyword for this article would be blog post SEO checklists.

I am using Rank Math SEO plugin for our blog you can also use it for free to make your SEO work easy in mins.

Check #7- Optimize for One Keyword

I have seen lots of new bloggers, do this big mistake which is called keyword stuffing new, even I was one of them when I new to this blogging indusrty.

The one real reason which I know new beginner to keyword stuffing only for getting on top in google and get hundreds of visitors.

Never do that!

Dont stuff your focus keyword instead what you should do is write in natural language and make sure that you add related keyword variations in your article.

My average article are 2k to 3k words and do you know the focus keyword I only use 10%.

Let’s take the example of this article;

The focus keyword of this article is –blog post SEO checklists all I can do is one is I can add them naturally and one by adding its LSI and related keyword.

Check #8- Are You Using Focus Keyword On Sub-Heading

A strong checklist for blog posts is adding your focus keyword on subheadings which makes your article help more to outrank.

Sub headings gives you a great chance to use your focus keyword (or its synonyms) prominently, to make it really clear what the page is about.

By adding your focus keyphrase to your subheadings, you stress its importance.

Check #9- Use Your Targeted Keyword In The First 100 Words

Its Simple;

All you need is to add your focus keyword in the first 100 sentences of the article. It makes google crawlers to understand what your blog post is all about.

For example, in this article post, I have optimized my keyword for best social sharing plugins ” in the first 100 paragraphs.

As being siad above;

Google puts more weight on terms that show up early on your page.

Check #10- Is Your URL Optimize For SEO?

The Shorter your URL the longer chance you have a chance to get better results. Google started to use weird versions of URLs in the search results.

Being said, how to create SEO friendly URL?

  • Make your URLs short
  • Add your Keyword In Every Url
  • Never add Year In URL Or Number

For Example, my this blog post is optimized for keyword ” SiteGround alternatives” so i have used that keyword in the URL.

Check #11-Internal & External Links Checklists

Adding internal and external links to blog post plays a huge role in SEO because it helps with increasing page views and reducing bounce rate.

Adding internal and external links are very important and also google ranking factor.Internal linking keeps website visitors on your blog, improving the bounce rate.

In every blog post, add at least “1 to 3 interlinks” and “1 outbound links” with “1 do-follow” and rest “no follow” as you want.

Keep in mind its very important blog article checklists to add interlinks to the article.

Check#11- Are You Using Active Voice On Blog Posts

When writing blog content, you will want to use an active voice as often as possible. Using active voice in a blog post helps in many ways.

Some of them are;

  • Engage 
  • Readability 
  • Fresh Content

Active voice is essential to creating dynamic online content, so naturally, the next step is to incorporate more active language in your content.

Check#13-Make Your All Outbound Links Open In New Tab (External Link)

As being said above external links plays a huge role in blog post-On-page SEO. Adding external links will help your user to know more about the topic and helpful.

Adding external links that open in a new window will help your site to decrease the bounce rate and many more.

Check#14- Select Matched Blog Post Categories& Tags

Categorizing your blog post may not seem important for SEO, but in reality, it really is important for your readers.

By properly categorizing your blog postsyou can let search engines easily pick up on the categories, and determine what category it belongs to.

A lot of new bloggers forgot to add categories ,if they add also they add in working format.


Here’s an example of a category keyword in the blog post link:



If Your recent post is on – Best WordPress Hosting and you choose the post categories on Blogging, SEO which is wrong you can do this

You can create a new category and web hosting that fits your content.

Checklist#15- Short Content

Never ever write short content if your site is new on google, google see those content as no valuable content. Just like your read news.


The more thin content you write, the more drop you get,If you write short content you will get bounce rate and if you get bounce rate, your blog won’t rank on search engines.

Google often ranks your posts if your post has over 600 words. Make sure not to make your post thin content and make sure it satisfies your audience, so it ranks your posts.

Checklist#16- Are Your Breaking Sentences In Short Paragraph?

Properly sized paragraphs play an important role in making your text readable and scannable.

A good paragraph provides information on one, well-defined aspect of the topic you’re discussing in your article.

  • Long paragraphs are bad for readability
  • Long paragraphs make it difficult to scan a text

Consider breaking your paragraph into 2 lines just like this article. Breaking big content into short paragraph helps your users to understand and decrease the bounce rate.

Checklist#17- Are Your Doing Proper Image Optimization &SEO?

This is as important as you add targeted keywords in the blog posts. You may don’t have an idea image can bring huge traffic to your site if you do proper SEO with the image.

Image optimization is a subject but there are one image optimization essentials you need:

  • Add at least one of your images With Focus Keyword used with the H1 tag and URL.
  • Add ALT images at least one with the main keyword with one image.

Example of this article;

The image shows I have added the focus keyword in the ALT image tag with the right graphics.

Never ever add focus keyword if our graphics don’t match with the blog post; keep in mind, the image also ranks in google at the end of SERP below the Related Search Query.

People will never click on the image if your focus and the matched image are wrong. Just like you are adding Mountain pics and adding focus keyword as Home.

Use this too, Shortpixel To reduce your image size.

Hope you understand!

Checklist#18- Are You Highlighting Important Words?

One of the most important parts of blog content writing is by highlighting the main keywords by adding bold letters, Capitalizes that make posts easier to skim.

Highlighting bold keywords on the blog post helps to decrease the bounce rate.

Checklist#19- Are You Using The Primary keyword In The Image Filename and Title?

When you create custom images, do edit the name and use the primary keyword name while uploading the blog post image in WordPress.

Checklist#20- Avoid Grammar Mistakes

I absolutely had to add this check in this publishing blog post checklist.

Many bloggers forgot to check their grammar before hitting that publish button. It’s true, and it pushes people away from the blog.

No one is perfect in beginning blogging but you can use Grammarly tool to avoid all the grammar mistakes it automatically scans your text every time and gives you hint to avoid these mistakes.

I am also using Grammarly tool while writing this article today on blog post SEO checklists best free tool for proof writing.

Download Grammarly tool from here, blogging writing made easier with this tool.

Checklist#21- Do Proper On-page SEO

Before publishing any article do proper on-page SEO and blog post, checklists make sure you don’t miss any SEO optimization steps.

Use This Tool On-page SEO Checker to get your competitor Formula, keywords, organics, and get all the keywords you want to rank in SERP in top10.

Plan, Write and Analyze Content in One Place With SEMRUSH on-page SEO checker free.

Checklist#22- Check Your Post Images In Right Dimension

The first thing you should look after uploading any images in a blog post is their dimensions, sizes..images that are too large will break down your blog post and make the page unresponsive.

Which direct effect to your google indexing and make the page unpublished. You can check your featured image, blog post images by going into the setting.

Checklist#23- Do you have proper sections h2, h3, formatting?

Make sure you have added proper heading format in blog posts with easy to read. As being said above, breaking paragraphs into sentences make the post better.

You will have higher chances to get Featured snippets by adding heading like this.


What are the SEO Types >h2

Don’t write it in a paragraph, make it to h3 like this and break them into a paragraph with value.

  • On-Page SEO>h3
  • Off-Page SEO>h3
  • Technical SEO>h3

Check#24- Do Your Article Have Value For Readers?

You need to understand there is an enormous difference between your audience and traffic. I call traffic to be one when someone reads your article and go back is called blog traffic.

Audience means turning your article into leads or collecting their emails by giving them something for free. Ie- blogging course, e-book, etc.

It is essential that as you read your blog post; you need to ask yourself what kind of value you are giving to the reader.

Checklists#25- Do You Have Author Box In Blog Posts?

You must include the author box in blog posts so that your readers will know by whom the post has written so they can trust and know the authority of the writer and buy XYZ products.

No matter if it is a guest post or written by admin, only must include and very important Checklists for the blog post.

The most important to have a Gravatar image of the author, your name, and a short description of yourself.

Checklists#26- Email List

E-mail is something that you should start working it from day 1 only, the more email you have the more audience you will have and the more benefit you will have.

Every time you publish a recent blog post you can directly send them emails and get traffic and outrank the top 10 competitors.

Conclusion: Blog Post Checklists

By following my proven blog post SEO checklists, you can definitely outrank your competitors if they have missed something from this checklist.

Remember consistent work shows you are sensible, unique than others, keep working and use these checklists to dominate everyone.

I hope this article helped you to find proven blog post checklists that you can use in next time when you publish your next post.

If you really find this article then please share this article and show me your love and by leaving your comment below.

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