2023’s Fastest WordPress Hosting Compared, Tested + Discount

Are you hunting for the fastest WordPress hosting for your websites? There are thousands of wordpress hosting there and how would you identify which one to use and trust without tests or anything and blindly going for it.

Any web hosting you choose to supercharge your wordpress websites plays a huge role in SEO, speed, performance, etc. Not only that, Your online business revenue, customers, sales, and almost everything from traffic to Limitless things depends on your web hosting and the more powerful web hosting you choose the less need you need to worry about.

Uptime, Speed, performance, downtime, etc everything will take care of by hosting companies with a full guarantee if you fall into any problems.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

fastest wordpress hosting
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The Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies 2023

In enhancement to performance, the speed you also need to care about costs and features of the wordpress host. To help you find the 2023 fastest WordPress hosting,

In this post, we will examine the eight of the best fastest WordPress web hosting providers that shape under your budget and we will research and analyze and the main intention of this article is to get you a perfect that can grant you the top-notch performance you want and the pricing you will be paying for.

wpx landing page
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WPX Hosting is managed wordpress hosting where you can host five websites in one single entity plans with the pricing of $20/month in business plans. A perfect fastest wordpress managed to host if you need to host multiple sites under one plan.

Comparing to kinsta and WP Engine, WPX hosting comes at a lower price with the best features. WPX host provides to give the world’s fastest 30second average supports. This web hosting focuses more on speed, support than pricing and this is why is the budget-friendly largest fastest WordPress hosting in our list #1.

💎 Key Features All WPX Hosting plans comes with:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • 30 Second Average Live Chat Response Time
  • Fully AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guaranteed
  • Unlimited Free Website migrations no limits 24hrs/7
  •  Malware Scanning & Removal  with their inbuilt scanning tool
  • Free backups
  • A custom WPX built-in cache free
  • 3 data centers your choice USA/ UK/ Australia no more cost

💰 Cost And Pricing Plans (Per Month):

Plan NamesBusinessProfessionalElite
Websites Allowed5 Websites15 Websites35 Websites
Storage10 GB20 GB40 GB
Bandwidth100 GB200 GBUnlimited GB
WPX Cloud CDNIncludedIncludedIncluded
Today’s Pricing$12USD/month$24USD/month$60USD/month

WPX Hosting only offers 3 plans which makes it clear for a new customer to get started with the plans. For Pocketlinko readers you will get a flat 50% discount for the first month on any hosting plans.

Advantages+ Performance tests

  • Plans Tested: Business
  • LoadTime:  1.178s
  • Starting Price/month: $20.83
  • Time to First Byte:0.3988s

👉 Our WPX Hosting Coupon Code never expires/ Learn how to apply and get a discount.

Cloudways fastest hosting
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Cloudways is another managed wordpress hosting platform where you can host your website servers in six different servers. Cloudways is not a host itself. Our#2nd fastest wordpress hosting with the budget-friendly options.

Digital oceanLinode
VultrAws & Google Cloud

This web hosting provides the industry best cloud services with broad ranges of plans to their customers with top features in fair pricing. A developer-friendly hosting sky-high-rating from millions of bloggers, agencies, developers, and online users who use thier platform.

💎 Key Features All Cloudways Hosting plans comes with:

No matter whichever plans upper, lower, or any each customer will have the top-notch same features for both recourse only the difference will be with storage, speed, bandwidth, etc, and other resources.

Each customer will have the best features no matter whichever cloud provider you choose you” get developer tools, built-in CDN, Caching, and other useful features such as:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting Features
  • Free migrations
  • Automatic Backups and free SSL
  • 25+Data centers
  • High-Speed Performance Assured
  • Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers
  • PHP 7 Ready Servers
  • Free CloudWays Inbuilt CDN
  • Free WordPress caching plugin
  • Protect your WordPress websites from traffic congestion caused by malicious bots, brute force
  • Monthly pricing

They also offer monthly fair pricing which helps users not to get in lock-in with yearly contract upgrades or downgrade anytime anywhere. You dont need to be an expert to use thier custom built c-panel any nontechies, a developer can handle.

Read our cloudways hosting review/ With pros and cons how it helps our site to get load 5x faster than another hosting.

💰 Cost And Pricing Plans (Per Month):

Cloudways offers the best fair pricing system which helps their new users to get hosting with the monthly billing system. Here are the monthly pricing of all cloud server hosting

CloudWays ServerMonthly Pricing
Digital Ocean$10/M
VULTR$ 11 /mo
AWS$ 36.51 /mo
Google Cloud$ 33.18 /mo

Deal: We recenthly partner with cloudways hosting to get exclusive offers and deals for our readers. If you buy today cloudhosting you will get;

3 months of free with $30 free credits + Offer: 20% Off for 1 month with 3 days of trial. //

This means you will get a 20% discount on the first-month invoice and $30 free credit from which you can buy the next 3 hosting plans totally for free and we recently made step by step guide to reach and help you out. Get started today! There are two separate guides one for coupons and one for $30 credits.

Advantages+ Performance tests

Dream host managed wordpress hosting
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Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosting companies launched back in 1996 and our #3rd roll fastest wordpress hosting is officially recommended by the wordpress community.

Their strong organic publicity has earned them a position among the top 3 web hosting companies recommended by WordPress. A perfect choice when you’re looking for the fastest WordPress hosting around the few host officially recommended by wordpres.org.

This web hosting offers budget-friendly shared, Managed Wordpress, VPS plans, etc there some top-notch eye-catching features that make side from another hosting.

💎 Key Features DreamHost Managed Hosting plans comes with:

  • Premium JetPack For Free with Plus and Pro Pack ( 299/yr value)
  • Free Website Builder
  • Premium Wordpress support by experts 24/7/265
  • Built-in Caching server
  • Free Automated Website migrations
  • WordPress installed
  • Unlimited Email/ Bandwidth
  • 1-Click Staging 
  • FREE Privacy Protection with SSL
  • 97 days free money-back guarantee
  • Free domain with annual plans

💰 Cost And Pricing Plans (Per Month):

They offer three pricing plans in wordpress managed hosting spanning from:

  • DreamPress: $16.95/month/ 100k+ monthly visitors/ 30Gb SSD Storage/ Premium Jetpack free pre installed.
  • DreamPress Plus: $24.95/month/ 300K+monthly vistiors/ 60GB SSD storage/ Premium Jetpack free pre installed/ [Unlimited CDN]
  • DreamPress Pro: $71.95/month/ 1M+monthly vistiors/ 120 GB SSD storage/ Premium Jetpack free pre installed/ [Unlimited CDN]/ 24/7 Priority WordPress Support 

All plans come with free website migrations/ WP website builder/ On-Demand + Daily Backups SSL Certificate Pre-Installed/ free domain name for one year with yearly plans…

Advantages+ Performance tests

  • Plans Tested: DreamPress
  • LoadTime:  1.799 s
  • Starting Price/month: $ 16.95
  • Time to First Byte:0.411 s

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#4. Kinsta

Kinsta Wordpress
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Kinsta is one of the most popular managed specific wordpress hosting officially powered by google cloud servers, this is the same server that google uses to host thier sites and kinsta does use the same for powering thier customer sites with a bunch of features.

No list of any best wordpress for high traffic or large business hosting can be crafted without adding kinstahost. This web hosting is one of the most popular powerful fastest wordpress hosting out there. Kinsta is fully performance focuses managed WordPress hosting which offers free website migrations with the pricing of lower $30/month.

This web hosting is called premium wordpress hosting because kinsta is specially built only for large, big businesses with high traffic sites.

💎 Key Features: Kinsta wordpress hosting

  • Latest updated technologies like NginxPHP 7.4LXD software containers MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs.
  • Officially powered by google platform with 24 data centers
  • Sever level caching with Free CDN powered by key CDN
  • Easy website upscale and downgrade
  • Advanced High detailed dashboard with high UI.UX that lets you control your website and monitor scans
  • Free Website Migrations
  • Continuous monitoring for uptime, DDoS attack detection, software-based restrictions, SSL support, and hardware firewalls powered by 24/7
  • SSH access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

💰 Cost And Pricing Plans (Per Month):

Kinsta has many plans specially designed for wordpress fastest hosting plans. Kinsta has tons of plans for various needs. Kinsta offers very very good affordable entry-level web hosting at $30/m.

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StarterProBus. 1Bus. 2Bus. 3Bus. 4Ent. 1Ent. 2Ent. 3Ent. 4
$30/ mo$60/ mo$100/ mo$200/ mo$300/ mo$400/ mo$600/ mo$900/ mo$1,200/ mo$1,500/ mo
10 GB storage20 GB storage30 GB storage40 GB storage50 GB storage60 GB storage100 GB storage150 GB storage200 GB storage250 GB storage
25,000 visits/mo50,000 visits/mo100,000 visits/mo250,000 visits/mo400,000 visits/mo600,000 visits/mo1 Million visits/mo1.5 Million visits/mo2 Million visits/mo3 Million visits/mo
1 website2 websites5 websites10 websites20 websites40 websites60 websites80 websites120 websites150 websites
  • Starter – $30.00 per month / 25,000 visits/ 1 WordPress install/ free SSL and CDN.
  • Pro– $60.00 per month/ 50,000 visits/ 2 Wordpress install/ 20GB DiskSpace/ GFFree SSL and CDN.
  • Business 1 – $100 per month/ 100,000 visits/ 5 Wordpress install/ 30GB DiskSpace/ Free SSL and CDN
  • Business 2 – $200 per month/ 250,000 visits/ 40 GB diskspace
  • Enterprise 1– $600 per month or $6,000 annually
  • Enterprise 2 – $900 per month or $9,000 annually
  • Enterprise 3 – $1,200 per month or $12,000 annually
  • Enterprise 4 – $1,500 per month or $15,000 annually

Advantages+ Performance tests

  • Plans Tested: Starter 
  • LoadTime: 1.233 s
  • Starting Price/month: $30
  • Time to First Byte: 0.88 s

flywheel wordpress hosting
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This web hosting is widely used by freelancers, agencies, designers, etc because of Flywheel the only hosting that is uniquely built and optimized for agencies. Out #5 fastest wordpress hosting for freelancer and top managed wordpress hosting platform that authorizes agencies to manages sites, collaborates with clients and co-workers without costing extra in one single platform.

  • White labelling
  • Direct to client billing
  • Staging for every site
  • Local development
  • Blueprints
  • Site cloning
  • Manage 1 or 100s sites with ease
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free 30Days Trial Without credit card

A custom made hosting panel that makes work easier to install applications, live stats, backups, performance. Honestly a perfect, suitable hosting for agencies, freelancers, etc. They also offer a wordpress development tool for free WHERE you can work on clients’ sites offline and push them directly to your account without setting up sites from scratch.

💰 Cost And Pricing Plans (Per Month):

Flywheel provides hosting solutions for every customers with the starting pricing and plans;

  • Tiny ($13/per month) : 5,000 monthly visits/ 5GB disk/ 20GB bandwidth/ 1 WordPress website
  • Starter ($25/ per month) : 25,000 monthly visits/ 10GB disk/ 50GB bandwidth/ 1 WordPress site
  • Freelance ($96 per month) : 10 Websites/ 100,000 monthly visits/ 20GB storage/ 200Gb bandwidth.
  • Agency ($242 per month): 30 websites/400,000 monthly visits, 50Gb Storage, 500GB of bandwidth.

Every flywheel plan offers managed WordPress features and the best part you can get 30days of Wordpress managed to host a free trial with no credit card you can upgrade or downgrade the plan per your wish. 

Advantages+ Performance tests

  • Plans Tested: Tiny
  • LoadTime: 1.665 s
  • Starting Price/month: $15
  • Time to First Byte: 0.47 s

🔑 Visit FlyWheel & Grab 30days free trial

The Fastest WordPress Hosting: Performance Metrics 2023

Out of these 5 web hosting we listed and reviewed here the quick facts to pickup the wordpress hosting that fits under your budget.

  • 🤩 Best Value for your money: CloudWays, Dream-Host is by far the best fastest wordpress hosting option for budget-friendly with just spending $10- $16.5 you can have access to lots of features with free domain name and website builder tool with the fastest cloud performance.

  • 💰 Best Cheap Fast Wordpress Host Options: If you’re a new user in Wordpress then the cheap fast Wordpress hosting is definitely Cloudways and DreamHost where you can have 1 year of free domain with free website builder with unlimited access to storage and bandwidths. All your focus should go with Dreamhost they offer a free domain for one year, a free website builder with unlimited features no limitations with a 67% discount on host plans.

  • 🚥 Best Fastest Website Hosting Overall: Kinsta, WPX, FLYWheel Right now the top hosting companies on this list goes with these 3 hosts. They are industry-leading wordpress hosting you focus must no go with if you are honestly on the search for fast hosts. If yes then kinsta, wpx, and flywheel are top-notch.


There are thousands of web hosting companies out there on the hosting planet but the listed web hosts are capable of getting the fastest wordpress hosting for your wordpress websites LOAD TIME as mentioned above.

Note: Every host is good and there’s no single winner here so it totally depends on your needs. I hope this article helped you find your host by saving huge bucks using our promo codes.

Feel free to comment on which one will you choose? also, let me know if you fall into any problems. Thank you for taking out your important time to read the article.

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