How to grow Your Amazon affiliate business by 63% Using AAWP Comparison Table Instantly

Several ways exist to make money with your blog, even though in many cases, bloggers do love their job. You can earn revenue from advertisers whose intent is to bring traffic to your site.

Additionally you can use social media platforms and other web sites that pay you for promoting their products.

One such way that has become very popular in recent times is the Amazon Associate Program, which allows bloggers to promote things on their blogs, social media outlets and other channels and get a percentage of any sales that are generated.

Comparison tables are an essential tool for affiliate marketers. By comparing products and services, you can see which ones are the best fit for your audience. In this blog post, we’ll show you why

If you want to grow your earnings and never stop for a second, you must start finding smart ways to save as much time as possible. Check out this post from AAWP to find out a simple way in which you can make it work for yourself.

Comparison tables are especially useful when you’re promoting a product or service that has different features than your competitors. By displaying both similarities and differences side-by-side, consumers can easily discover which comparisons matter most to them.

What’s more, they help raise brand awareness as new visitors understand your product or service is unique as compared to others in the market.

Are you looking to make Amazon comparison tables on your WordPress website? If so, then this guide is for you! Here, we’ll walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to create Amazon comparison tables on your WordPress site

An Overview of AAWP Premium WordPresss Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Do you desire to compare lists of products and are having a difficult time using some other software? Now, you can easily compare such multiple items. Simply tap into the comparison table that is fully integrated with SEO Friendly customization.

The Affiliate WordPress plugin is a great option for affiliate marketers who are in need of an efficient tool to add product widgets, affiliate text links and comparison tables to their webpages effortlessly!

This plugin for creating Amazon comparison tables is so easy to use, it doesn’t even require any programming! Not to mention that it has a lot of customization options for you as well as your customers. We think it’s the best choice if you want to create an Amazon comparison table.

Two of the biggest frustrations for Affiliate Marketers today are outdated information about product pricing and availability. With AAWP, you’ll get updated data so that Affiliates always have access to the best deals on any goods listed on Amazons Affiliate site.

AAWP Plugin is the best plugin for Amazon affiliate marketers. It has all the features needed to make a massive profit from an Amazon associate website, helping you earn hundreds of dollars with ease. I highly suggest you give it a try today and see for yourself!

Why Affiliate Marketers Use Comparison Tables?

Affiliate marketers help readers to know what is available on the market by presenting them with comparative and impartial reviews of similar goods. They can also help readers decide which goods are best for their needs by providing comprehensive info about various goods and services available.

Comparison tables are also commonly used to help boost affiliate marketing and sales. Well-structured, well-made comparison tables can lead more internet users to your site and transform more browsers into buyers.

Including images in your comparison tables can also be helpful when it comes to product marketing and advertising your business. When readers can see the actual products they’re considering buying, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

AAWP Comparison Table Review- Eye Catching Features for Affiliate Products Review

AAWP has a built-in automatic comparison table feature. It displays product listings in an easy-to-read format and is best used to compare products in detail. This is really useful when you want to compare different products and their features side by side.

The AAWP Product Comparison Table enables you to instantly create something like the below table on your website. You can even display multiple products at once by adding more rows.

The table are generated in seconds and one doesn’t need any coding skills for that, just input the ASIN numbers (Amazon product ID) or search for them.

AAWP Comparison wordpress plugin
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– AAWP comparison table live example

To further customize your table, you can add your own custom CSS to the WordPress customizer. For example, you might want to change the shape of the table or add borders around each cell. Once it’s finished, you only need to copy and paste it into where ever you inserted the shortcode on your website.

AAWP offers some great comparison tables for eCommerce sites. One of the best things about them is that customization is a huge part of what makes these tables worthwhile.

Multiple variations are available and you can make quick changes to both specific rows and columns as well as the post where you have placed the table itself!

This makes AAWP a great tool to utilize when one wants to be sure they’re finding the right product at the right price.

Overall, the AAWP Compare plugin is a full-featured product comparison tool that will help you build and embed your website’s WordPress comparison table.

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-AAWP comparison table review

Advantages of using AAWP Comparison Table

In this section, we will take a peek at some of the best features AAWP has to offer. Make sure to check out:

aawp amazon affiliate plugin feature
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AAWP amazon affiliate plugin feature

1. Easy to use

AAWP Table Builder Plugin is a great way to create tables that look good without worrying about any complex coding or HTML/CSS design. Make your tables stop looking so boring and start using this plugin because it’s really easy and anyone can use it.

2. Automatic Amazon Product Updates

Building a table, entering product details one by one, refreshing the details after every few weeks, and customizing the tables can be a hassle. But AAWP comparison tables help you create attractive and optimized tables in just a few clicks!

Additionally, when using the AAWP Table Builder Plugin for WordPress for example, you can rest assured that all information (like pricing) will automatically be updated by Amazon’s Product Advertising API because of built-in support for automatic settings sync!

3. Amazon Compliant

the data collected from this plugin is from the Amazon affiliate website. The data mentioned in the table are always up to date and Amazon compliant. (Check out our latest guide on best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins.

4. No coding skills required

A lot of comparison table customization resources are available in the market, but it can be difficult for a new user to understand all of them.

With AAWP, affiliates don’t have to get into technicalities, even for a second. It’s all done with a few mouse clicks and practically anyone can customize charts all according to their needs with the help of AAWP’s simple builder tool. Even better, affiliates can create tables based on already existing ones and save them for later use.

5. Boost Affiliate Sales in minutes

AAWP comes with a table builder feature through which users can automatically link each table row to Amazon tracking ID. Affiliates can link details such as image, manufacturer name, rating, and pricing directly to Amazon, which will, as a result, increase their affiliate link clicks.

6. SEO Friendly Platform

AAWP’s comparison tables are highly responsive and compatible with any mobile device and device screen size. As long as you have a fast web connection or the blog post is located on your own WordPress site, AAWP’s comparison tables will adjust their layout to fit the screen size of any device.

How to create Comparision Table using AAWP

Inserting a product comparison table on your blog is not that difficult, particularly when you have an AAWP plugin such as TablePress. We will wade through how to create a good-looking WordPress product comparison table and insert it into your post, step by step.

Step1: The first step to getting started with your own AAWP website for your business is to go straight over to the official AAVP website and click the button marked ‘get started”.

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– AAWP affiliate wordpress plugin

Now make sure you select a plan that’s relevant to what you need from your website, so pick a plan and follow the checkout process through to completion! (Click here to visit)

Step 2: After the plugin is installed, you will see a new menu section located in your left sidebar within the WordPress dashboard labeled “AAWP.” Go to Amazon Affiliate » Settings » Licensing and enter your license key into the License box found here.

You should already find this information by hovering over ‘Your Account’ from within the AAWP main navigation menu . From there, you can copy the key for future use.

Step 3: To start, you can jump over to the AAWP» Tables. This will open up a new window where you can create your comparison table.

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– Add a title AAWP

Now, you need to enter the name of your table in the ‘Add A Title’ box.Next, navigate to the Configuration box at the bottom of your table and click on “Add new row.”

This will allow you to add tables to your spreadsheet in a linear fashion (i.e., across the side of your table). Then, follow these steps: Now add as many rows as you want. For example, below is an example of rows that you can add.

Step 3: When you add a product you’ll be able to assign it an image and provide information about pricing, shipping and seller info. These will appear on the product page for your marketplace or other channels. If necessary, you can customize the product description.

add product asin
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– Product ASIN key

To find your ASIN number, just go to the Amazon associate dashboard and click on Tools » product advertising API. Simply enter the ASIN of your Amazon product in the text field and click on the “Add a product by ASIN” button. You can then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process. According to AAWP , adding a new product is as easy as 1-2-3:

You can also choose a product by searching for it. You just need to go to the “Products” tab on the left-hand side of my screen, hover over “Search for product(s)” and you should see an option appear called “New search results”.

Step 4: If you would like to add a comparison table to your blog, check out the right corner of any on the comparison table page and look for the shortcode! AAWP offers an advanced shortcode creator where you can view a list of shortcodes that were created and used on other pages on your website, in the form of a table.

aawp shortcode wordpress
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-AAWP table shortcode

Simply take a quick look or copy the relevant shortcodes into your page! To get your code, click “Get Shortcode” in the top right-hand corner of this page. Simply highlight the table of sales figures from AAWP and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it on your sales sheet for all to see!

AAWP Pricing Plans

AAWP offers a variety of pricing plans to its users, each providing different features. You can select a plan that best suits your needs and the number of affiliate sites you own.

Best of all, AAWP also offers a standard 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Each of the plans is for a specific number of sites. All of their plans include a full year’s worth of updates, and support. The only main differences between the three different subscription levels is that each one is for only a certain amount of sites.

AAWP Plans






1 year




1 year




1 year




1 year


Final Words: Is AAWP Tool worth for affiliate marketers

No one likes being lied to and that’s why most people distrust advertising. However you can use affiliate marketing (blogging about a brand before making a suggestion to buy it) in a positive way.

Writing about how two different kinds of product compare (and for which audience) creates transparency, trust and helps to build your audience.

Not only does the reader get a clear sense of the pros and cons of each product but if they’re ready to make a purchase, your blog may be the very first thing they turn to!

Product Comparison Tables are the perfect way to add affiliate products on your site without the need for writing any code. The tool allows you to add affiliate products from Amazon in order to create an easy-to-read comparison table for visitors.

These tables can be added anywhere on your site, without the need for writing any code. This makes them very simple to set up and use.

If you’re interested in being an Amazon Affiliate, or if you have a blog that features reviews for products and/or services, then AAWP’s Product Comparison Tables are ideal for you.

These easy-to-implement comparison tables not only look good but can also be embedded into any page on your site without any html code to get in the way.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this extensive guide to setting up an Amazon comparison table using WordPress and found it useful in your endeavours.

If you have any questions about how best to use the AAWP , then please do leave a comment below! In addition, feel free to explore our other blog articles which concentrate on tips and suggestions for making personal use of our beloved WordPress platform.

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