Updated! 7 Best WooCommerce Alternatives (March 2023)

The popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress is called WooCommerce. Even though it is one of the most downloaded plugins on the official WordPress repository,

It may not be the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a quicker and easier way to build an online store. In this article, we will show you some of the best WooCommerce alternatives that you can use to sell products online.

But it isn’t the best eCommerce platform for everyone. Although it’s a bit more complex to set up, WooCommerce is a great alternative. But it has limitations. If you’re planning to sell more complex products, you will find that WooCommerce is not enough. What you need is a WooCommerce alternative.

Though WooCommerce boasts more than 5 million active users and is by far the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only choice. There are many other platforms to consider which may be more in line with your business goals, needs, or budget needs.

Are you looking for new e-commerce plugins as an alternative to WooCommerce? If so, here are the best great plugins that you can use today to run your online store without delay.

Introduction To WooCommerce

WordPress is a popular platform to create a blog or a website. Apart from providing a platform to create blogs and websites, WordPress also offers some extra third-party services.

One of the most popular plugins is WooCommerce. This plugin is an ecommerce plugin that allows you to create an online store with WordPress.

With this plugin, you can create your own online shop without any coding. If you wish to create your own online store, then you can follow the steps below and you will have your own online store in no time.

With over 6 million downloads and over a million active installs, it is the most popular choice among WordPress users. In this article, we will introduce you to WooCommerce. We will tell you a little bit about the history of the plugin.

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin that uses WordPress. With this versatile software, you can sell both digital and physical products on your WordPress site.

Easy to use and customizable, WooCommerce offers unrivaled flexibility and freedom.

With WooCommerce, you can easily set up an online shop, customize payment options for your customers, and start selling your products in a matter of minutes by downloading it for free. You won’t have to pay any commission fees or other costs – it’s completely free!

WooCommerce allows you to create a customized and personalized eCommerce site easily. You can hire professional developers to code the features you are looking for into your website, making the possibilities endless.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular platforms for digital entrepreneurs today. It allows you to start up and run an eCommerce store effortlessly,

From setting up your products to accepting payment forms, shipping and handling orders, managing inventory/products, taxes etc..

WooCommerce has many features that make it an excellent choice for creating and maintaining an online store.

The Best WooCommerce Alternatives For 2023

In this article, we listed two different types of eCommerce platforms. The first category contains dedicated eCommerce platforms, while the second one is made up of tools or plugins that can be integrated into an existing site.

We’ve narrowed our list down to best of the best woocommerce alternatives platforms for 2023:

Best WooCommerce alternatives Compared

Best WooCommerce alternatives
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1. Shopify

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Shopify is like one of those fancy vending machines that you see in a mall. You can set up your own store and make money selling things in a few minutes. All you need to do is sign up for an account, choose from some designs and customize your Shopify store!

Shopify is one of the best-hosted eCommerce platforms that lets you easily create a full-fledged eCommerce website. You can sign up for their services and set up your own store within minutes from start to finish.

This drag and drop website builder allows you to customize pre-designed templates, and add new elements depending on the nature of your business. You don’t have to touch a line of code, which is pretty cool if you ask me!

Why Shopify is a better solution than WooCommerce?

Shopify features
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As a Shopify user, you won’t need to worry about any complicated web technology such as databases and web servers; for heaven’s sake, you don’t even have to install the software if all you want to do is get up and running with a store with just the click of a button!

When you’re working with WooCommerce and Shopify together, it might seem scary to manage your site using one and then another at the same time. It can also take some time to make sure that everything is up-to-date!

Shopify provides all the resources needed to create a beautiful online store. Working with Shopify’s drag & drop site builder, you can design an online store without touching any code.

If you want to sell products from your country, Shopify offers integrated shipping rates, sales tax, and language localization tools.

If you want to sell both physical and digital goods, you’ll need to connect with apps like SendOwl and FetchApp. To use Shopify, you have to pay for either a monthly or annual subscription plan. This means that on top of the base cost for your site itself, you’ll have further monthly costs too.

Pricing :

Shopify Pricing
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The basic plan starts at $29 per month, with a 14-day free trial also available.

2. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy digital downloads
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Easy Digital Downloads is a WordPress eCommerce plugin made specifically for selling virtual products, including software, music, movies, books, and more. It allows you to accept payments by PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net in all major currencies, manage multiple product licenses, place affiliate links and track conversions.

Digital products can be very easy to sell when using the finest plugin:

Easy Digital Downloads. With this plugin you get all the core functionalities you need for selling digital products and there are also extensions that enhance your store and add new features such as a more customizable storefront, so customers can really find what they want to buy.

Spend less time worrying about payments because Easy Digital Downloads automates the process for you with PayPal Standard and Stripe, saving you from the chaotic chore of handling complex situations related to processing payments.

Another important feature that comes with this plugin enables customers to buy your products with coupon codes, a feature which has proven to increase overall customer satisfaction.

Why Easy Digital Downloads is a better solution than Woocommerce?

Easy digital downloads features
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WooCommerce is a great plugin but it can be better. If you’re planning to only sell digital downloads, then Easy Digital Downloads is a safer bet for your WordPress site because it simplifies the process and allows you to manage licenses, accept payments, manage users, and manage file downloads which would help insulate you from any liability due to legal reasons.

Unlike WooCommerce, this plugin is more lightweight and offers a minimal page load time for your eCommerce website. Its also comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets you monitor the sales of your products in real-time.

Plus, Easy Digital Downloads offers a dedicated and responsive support team that users can reach out to whenever they face any issues with using the product.

It is possible to sell digital downloads with WooCommerce, but it doesn’t include as many features for digital products as you might like – especially if you plan on selling things like software licenses or e-books.

It can also be a bit cumbersome to work with if you want to include things like file permissions and the actual delivery of files once the purchase has been made because the add-ons that manage these sorts of things aren’t handled by default in WooCommerce.

You can even sell physical products with the help of a tool like WooCommerce if you want to. If you do, an add-on will be necessary for you to use with Easy Digital Downloads.

Pricing :

Easy digital downloads pricing
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The Personal Plan comes with 1 site license for $99.50 per year.

3. Memberpress

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MemberPress is an awesome plugin for selling WordPress memberships. It’s the best on the market because it features a ton of great tools to help you offer your users paid memberships and grow your subscriber base, including multi-level subscriptions, drip content support, and easy pricing tables just to name a few.

Other notable features include PayPal and Stripe compatibility so users can use their preferred payment gateway.

MemberPress is a mixing bowl like your favorite baker wouldn’t bake without. If you’re creating a product or service in today’s web, it’s vital to have MemberPress – the go-to product for enhancing all of your e-commerce, membership, and stored media needs into one sweet package!

It doesn’t just enable subscription plans for products, it also lets you organize sales in more sophisticated ways – for example through product pages, where you can enable pre-ordering, up-selling and cross-selling functionality to boost your revenue.

The plugin allows you to accept payments with a few options and choose whether you want recurring or one-time charges. Additionally, you can connect your site to a forum plugin such as bbPress

(Which means members will be able to speak inside of your online store) or Advanced Access Manager for example if you want to add community functionality to your site.

Why Memberpress is a better solution than Woocommerce?

Memberpress features
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You won’t just be able to sell a wide variety of digital goods, products and services on your WordPress powered shop but will also have access to the premium both fun and customizable,

MemberPress theme that boasts an extensive suite of functionality options allowing you the freedom to realize your online community potential while presenting it in any way you see fit.

The downside of using MemberPress is that it does not have any of the traditional shopping cart features. If you want to sell physical products, then we suggest using it alongside WooCommerce.

MemberPress and WooCommerce are quite different in terms of selling products. With MemberPress, you’ll need to create a complete membership website to sell your products. Once the users sign up as members they’ll be able to access the content on your site which can include things like video tutorials or other teachable pieces related directly to your product line.

Sell physical merchandise and other products, such as downloadable content and recurring subscriptions, with MemberPress and WooCommerce.

Incorporating such features into your website can mean you don’t have to rely on other platforms for purchases in addition to the options already available to you in Memberpress itself.

Pricing :

Memberpress Pricing
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Pricing Plans range from $179 to $359 per year, depending on the plan and number of sites one has. MemberPress also offers a 14-day moneyback guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

4. BigCommerce

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BigCommerce is one of the best WooCommerce alternatives for startups and large businesses alike. It has a diverse set of features and tools which can be very beneficial to new eCommerce sellers, not to mention that it’s easy to manage!

BigCommerce is another popular alternative to WooCommerce. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for high-end eCommerce software that provides additional value such as built-in affiliate marketing, SEO, and free SSL certification.

Like Shopify, BigCommerce hosts websites that provide e-commerce hosting services and provide security and support for your website. It offers powerful SEO and conversion tools to help you grow your business and appeal to more customers!

With BigCommerce, you have the option of creating a sleek and simple online store with a seamless transaction process for little to no more fees.

BigCommerce vs Woocommerce

Bigcommerce pricing
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BigCommerce does not require its users to have coding knowledge. It has a built-in feature that allows easy integration with other features. There is no any additional charge for this feature and you will not be charged any fees.

The impressive thing about this platform is that it lets you effortlessly integrate e-commerce into your WordPress site. With its connector plugin, you can connect your account with BigCommerce, feature products, and process payments over the internet.

BigCommerce has a platform for integrating with all the top applications out there and it is growing by leaps and bounds. But some apps remain outside of their real, and it’s impossible to integrate with just any app that comes along that proves you can build something better.

At BigCommerce, they make it a priority to provide first-rate customer service via phone, email and live chat. The team behind your accounts is only a quick message away making sure that you can easily reach the right person who has the right answers whenever it suits you – this goes for any time of day as well!

Pricing :

BigCommerce pricing
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You can get a standard plan for $29.95 (per month), or you can also choose to purchase a BigCommerce Enterprise option which starts at $799 per month.

5. WP Forms

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WPForms is a WordPress-based form builder plugin that doesn’t even come close to being considered a full eCommerce platform, but it does offer integrations for both Visa and MasterCard payments on your forms.

WPForms is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to build and customize your own forms to collect user data in your WordPress site or install it as a standalone form. This information can be later used for different purposes such as sending newsletters and other marketing content. WPForms comes packed with tons of awesome features,

Being fully responsive and cross-browser compatible has excellent customer support, is 100% free, and the best value for money. It’s one of those plugins that you won’t have any problem using on almost any CMS website with an engaging frontend form to collect their user data in minutes!

You can flexibly use WPForms to build a customizable form for receiving payments from your digital or physical product sales online.

With its great variety of conversion opportunities, you are able to choose the best option for your circumstances and show off an entirely customized selling experience.

Also, along with flexible pricing options and discount features, this useful plugin lets you accept card and online payments directly from your forms in no time at all.

WP Forms vs Woocommerce

WPForms Features
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With their simple form builder, you can create various kinds of forms; specifically, whether these are contact pages, donation request forms or online surveys without ever having to spend time coding any line of code.

This is primarily possible due to the fact that there are more than 300 pre-made templates designed by experts in design which can be very favorable in granting you access to a wide array of options.

The WPForms plugin lets you create professional-looking orders and download forms for your customers to purchase your products in just a couple of clicks. You can sell both physical and digital goods with this plugin with no problems at all.

WPForms offers online payment processing for business sites. Choose from PayPal and Stripe as the major gateways for collecting payment on your forms. Notifications can be set to recipients so when those forms are submitted, customers are informed of the order’s completion.

While WPForms may not be as all-inclusive and resourceful as WooCommerce, it definitely still makes for a viable and cheap option for your business. WPForms is better suited to smaller businesses that are looking to make their mark online without having to go through the hassle of setting up their own e-store and payment gateway.

Pricing :

WPForms Pricing
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The pricing plans start at $39.50 per year with upgrades every two years for $30 / year.

6. OpenCart

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Perhaps you’ve heard of OpenCart. This platform, like Magento and PrestaShop, allows you to adjust the code in your store as needed. Maybe you’d like to change your header image or even rearrange some product categories?

Then this is the type of platform for you! Note: You’ll need to hire a developer if you want to do this sort of thing without having a degree in computer science and multiple years of experience working with these platforms.

OpenCart offers many tools to help you manage your products, orders and customers as well as your SEO. This open-source ecommerce platform gives you the capability of synchronizing data with platforms like Magento or eBay to name a few.

You are also able to take advantage of translations into 56 languages. The next time you are looking for the perfect website solution, consider OpenCart!

While on the plus side, No Coding is involved in installing and customizing a website, this is, unfortunately, its downside because of the fact that it can be hard for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

On top of that, the functionality of your site will be assessed based on what paid extensions you can buy over time.

OpenCart vs Woocommerce

OPencart features
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OpenCart is an open-source platform and WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that both offer eCommerce functionality for their users. The interface for WooCommerce is simpler and more intuitive than OpenCart.

While on the plus side, No Coding is involved in installing and customizing a website, this is, unfortunately, its downside because of the fact that it can be hard for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. On top of that, the functionality of your site will be assessed based on what paid extensions you can buy over time.

When compared side by side with OpenCart, the intuitive interface of WooCommerce makes it much easier for users to build an online store.

WooCommerce doesn’t compare to OpenCart, because WooCommerce is intuitive and much simpler.

Opencart is like an oven. Even though at first glance it may appear simple, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in order to cook up something tasty and yummy!

There’s space for you to throw in all the ingredients of your choosing and even mix them up a bit if need be before letting that special recipe simmer away so it can be just right before it’s time to serve Customers their favorite dishes.

And with optional add-ons such as the MailChimp integration, tax data import with TaxCloud, and shipping services like Shipstation,

You have all of your bases covered without having to worry about making sure everything works well together to give you that home run you desire when it comes down to being able to market and sell your wares!

Pricing :

Opencart pricing
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Opencart is 100% free.

7. WP Easy Cart

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WP EasyCart is a simple and lightweight eCommerce plugin. It comes with a very user-friendly dashboard that lets you add and manage products without any hassle. You can start with the free version of the plugin, which offers all the basic features to sell products.

But if success is what you are gunning for, then upgrade to WP EasyCart Plus to implement built-in marketing tools such as Affiliate Marketing, Social Share Buttons, and Google Analytics support, so you can easily track down sales from multiple sources!

WP EasyCart makes it easy to add a cart and checkout system to your site. It works with any theme, integrates easily with your payment gateway, and offers detailed analytics for managing your store.

WP EasyCart can be integrated to over 400 different payment gateways that support payments internationally. The WP Easy cart plugin helps you view, manage and add new payment gateways through one place, making the process of adding additional gateways smoother and faster than ever before.

WP EasyCart is built for small business owners who want to create a beautiful online store but don’t know-how. The service is accessible to users regardless of training and will run on WordPress, allowing users to still use the platform they’re already familiar with,

But also offers an incredibly user-friendly interface that’s accessible in a way that means both individuals, as well as those without formal training, will be able to tinker around with it and grow their business.

WP Easy cart vs WooCommerce

If you go the WP EasyCart pro route you can save time and energy by using all of the major payment gateways. These include PayPal, Square, FirstData, and more! WooCommerce does not offer this kind of convenience but does come with other favorable features such as support for local inventory tracking and currency conversion.

WP EasyCart is the ideal e-commerce platform for online stores focused on small and mid-sized businesses. In addition to WP EasyCart’s seamless integration with Quickbooks, there’s an email marketing tool currently available through MailChimp.

Those who are serious about their tax compliance should consider TaxCloud as an option while another premium plugin is integrated specifically with ShipStation to help business owners streamline the process of handling orders and shipments in a more eco-friendly manner.

Pricing :

WPEasyCart Pricing
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The free version comes with limited features. A premium version of the free app is available as a one-time $99 payment.

Final Words: Which is the best Woocommerece Alternative?

We understand you’re looking for a specialized WooCommerce alternative. Maybe you tried out the above options, but they still don’t meet your needs. Maybe they just weren’t versatile enough, or maybe they didn’t offer some of the crucial features that really put you in control of your store.

  • Shopify is an eCommerce platform that offers multiple tools and features to use in order to set up a fully functional online store while also hosting the entire website and database. Some examples of these useful services include:
  • Easy Digital Downloads: This plugin is the best solution for those who sell digital products. Offering all of the necessary features to promote and sell your products in WordPress, this is a must-have eCommerce plugin.
  • MemberPress: If you’d like to create a premium WordPress membership site, then MemberPress may be just what you are looking for. It boasts some powerful features that make it easy to sell subscription based products and generate recurring income.
  • WPForms: It lets you sell physical and digital products without setting up a shopping cart. With purchase forms, you can create your product catalog and accept payments from anywhere on your site.

We hope this article helped you find the best WooCommerce alternatives to help you manage your store.

If you are more interested in finding plugins that make it easier for people to contact you or simply better ways to present content, be sure to check out our other comparisons in the links available below.

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