On-Page SEO Techniques 2023: 14-Simple Step Process For Ranking On First Page Based!

This is the same On-Page SEO techniques checklists I used for every post on our blog to get a better ranking and higher organic traffic.

Ready to rank higher on google’s first page with the SEO techniques which I used on my other blog to reach 1500 Alexa rank in 4 months.

Alexa traffic doesn’t matter at all nor I relay.

Most lists of the SEO Techniques are focusing on;

  • <H1> Headings
  • Build Backlinks
  • Optimize content for focus keywords
  • Focus more On SEO tools i.e – Rankmath, Yoast SEO

Most of it has nothing to do, in fact, I mostly ignore Rankmath and Yoast SEO green light since they make the content more over-optimize and too much on keyword density.

Sidenote- This is not the AVERAGE article your predicated where I will more focus on H1 tag, publish high-quality content.I have already posted a definitive guide on – Blog Post checklists.

Today, in this article I am going to show you the hidden mystery of on-page SEO tricks in 2023.

If anyone says to you SEO is dead, do keep in mind what he is trying to point is old, shady, SEO techniques are dead. (I.e – thin content, content over-optimized, keyword stuffing, etc.

SEO games are actually different is 2023 and some people are still following the SEO trends used to work before.

On-Page SEO Techniques
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1. Target “Often Long Keywords” If Site Is Recently Built

Long-tail keywords are the secret gravy of every newly built websites chance and flourishing SEO Strategy.

Long-tail keywords are the keywords that are nearly searched with low volume and competition and help your site to get rank quickly and often get out of Google sandbox period.

Long-tail keywords are often 4+ words and phrases.

You can use often Google console to target and find out long-tail keywords free. Follow my steps.

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All you need to go to your google console account > Performance- click on pages– choose the one you desire to optimize – then bang on Queries and you’ll see a list of keywords your page is ranking for.

The above images content are all the long-tail keywords that you can use them on your blog as sub-topics or keywords.

Make sure you add those keywords in natural ways or else your blog post content be like overoptimize and keyword stuffing.

The one reason I see most of the content is having keyword stuffing due to SEO tools like rank math and Yoast SEO tools etc.

They force you to add those focus keywords which usually looks like this;

rank math keyword density
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Action Item!: Focus on such keywords that are bringing traffic to your blog post and have a good position or you should contemplate preferring a broad, competitive keyword is if you think about creating long in-depth content.

2. Make Use Of “Seed Keywords Variations”

Keywords variations are synonyms are of focused keywords {Very closely related keywords}.

By using rank math and Yoast SEO tools they force you to add focus keywords multiple times which makes our copy to rank for only one keyword.(Big disadvantages based on my research).

The aim of your, mine blog post copy should be rank for multiple keywords variations not for single. This is why you must focus on seed keywords and vairations.

What happens when you want to target multiple variations of a keyword on your website? And how do you target each one effectively?

Sounds goods right? Let me know in the comment sections.

Fact: Not everyone is using the same keywords on search engines.

For example in this article;

  • Focus Keyword – On-Page SEO Techniques{Used only for only 4 times}
  • Keyword#1- On-page SEO Checklists 2023
  • Keyword#2- On-page SEO techniques Guide
  • Keyword#3- On page Techniques PDF
  • Keyword #4- on-page search engine optimization
  • Much more…..

So by using all the keywords variations I wrote my title.

On-Page SEO Techniques 2023: My 14-Simple Step Process For Ranking On First Page (Based On Google Search Engine Optimizations).

3. Learn” Keyword’s Competition”

Learning keyword competition is a very crucial part of Search engine optimizations. You don’t have to SERP all the 50 pages to find the keyword nor you should waste the time.

Why spend ampere-hours learning keywords difficulty and topic ideas if your opponents already did the job? Just find what they already rank for.

Seems immeasurable correct?

You can use SEMRUSH all in one world’s most powerful data-driven tools for your competitors to find and create content that ranks easily.

SEMRUSH 7 Days Free Trial

6,000,000 Have Already Saved Their Time & Budget

download 1
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If you haven’t bought SEMRUSH yet, I would appreciate you using my affiliate link because you will 7 days free trial.

How will you know the chosen keyword is hard to rank and more competitive?

A keyword is harder to rank if;

  • It’s deep( The search result has millions of articles.
  • The top 10 pages have more Domain authority and Page authority in Mangools.
  • Results are with high authority websites
  • The top result has more backlinks, comments, and shares
  • Google Adwords advertisements
  • It has high competition in SEMRUSH (Use my above link to get 7days trial)
  • Featured Snippets { Doesn’t matter }

Deep example of on-page SEO techniques;

On-page seo techniques examples
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Tools I used to find the competitor tactics and ranked keyword.

Mangools keyword finder
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Mangools Keyword Research– One of the easy and powerful keyword research tools I ever used with easy to use and see monthly traffic and live google SERP preview and PPC and KD.( Get 10 Days Free Trial Using my affiliate link.)

Moz Bar– Google any keyword and see live (DA, PA, Link analysis). The Free SEO Moz Bar tool.

4. Write” Catchy Powerful Headlines “

Your article powerful headline is another on-page SEO techniques factor and also mostly conclude whether or not your target audience is going to read your article.

Got it …

If your headlines are not catchy in search engine almost no one will click and read it, which means doesn’t matter how much time you take to write single content.

I am not talking here only about a blog post, applies for every social media platforms and book.

A simple trick to writing good powerful headlines in mins that google understands well and rank it using a simple formula.

  • Make Use Of Numbers ( Traditional trick)
  • Use emotional words to describe your reader’s problem( Traditional Trick)
  • Write such heading that people haven’t heard but your focus keyword is used
  • Make use of primary keyword in front
  • Make use of words variations (i.e numbers, guide, blueprint, process

Example of this article;

Powerful headlines pics
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Headings baits technqiye
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Analyzing my competitor headlines and let’s check out their VS My.

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The no 2 and 3 search results titles are mostly the same which most of the users will cut off and click on the 1 and 4 due to unique titles and meta description (based on my point of view let me know what’s your point )

The 3rd headings doesn’t match the search term “Onpage SEO techniques”.

Hope you got the easy ideas.

5. Create Short SEO Friendly URL& Stops Words

The shorter the URL SLUG SEO serves to be short and keyword-sweet.

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Your Slug URL should contain your target keywords. Example of this article “Blog post SEO Checklists I have used a shorter URL and focus targeted keywords.

5. Make Use Of Rich Table Of Contents (HTML)

I can’t explain to you how important adding a Table of contents in articles.

You may have observed the table of contents in Wikipedia and lots of high authority websites articles. Adding TOC in articles makes it more comfortable for users to jump to the section they want to read in long articles.

Not only that;

It increases your chance of getting featured snippets and helps google to add links an automatically in SERP.

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By adding some baits techniques TOC in the above image article I was able to rank for the first pages and like these. It is really on-page SEO techniques factors.

Why It is important ?

  1. Help your user to navigate easily in longer articles
  2. Users think its in-depth articles
  3. More chances of getting higher rankings and featured snippets

That’s enough… Those all were old and shady techniques let me share with you the secrets codes to get better rankings with my tips.

6. Better “Stop Copying Other Page Content Format” Start With This

We every one knows anything we copy never work well and where copying another content format also never works.

Confuse what I am trying to say? Let me break into simple sentences.

I almost see lots of people in social media asking for best page content templates and start copying their content format (but that never gonna work)

Let me share my page content technique that will help you to rank easily//

The secret code of one-page optimizations content template to get higher ranking easily in mins.

  • Make your content in a longer format ( 1500 to 200 words)
  • Make use of 1JPG custom created graphics after the H2 heading tag.( JPG images rank well)
  • Avoid duplicate images
  • Add at least 5- 12 original images with right alt tags
  • 1 Title (H1) Makeunder 60 character for best 55 characters
  • 4 -9 Relevant Internal links
  • 6-13 External links ( at least 3 with high authority sites)
  • 1 Table of content HTML
  • 1 Bullet lists ( Like these)
  • Google Bait Formula Burger(Repeat for every new article)
  • End with a call to action

This is the exact content format I have been using since last year and getting the huge benefit you can also copy my content technique.

You may get confused and think why jpg images not png ?

Heres why-

Featured snippets guides to rank
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Se above image I had got featured snippets by JPG IMAGES mostly, 1 TOC. It’s not necessary to use jpg images only you can use any format you like, but if you analyze the high authority sites they have used either jpg or web format. (JPEGs are usually more SEO-friendly than PNGs)

Those formats ranks well and google love it.

Note -: I didn’t get featured snippets by using those images and tactics I shared above,. Basically you have to understand the google search engine search query for what number we should use for what query.

Example- If you are writing articles for “HOW – TO- QUERY;

  • How to Start Blog IN XYZ
  • How to buy hosting
  • How to make money online
  • Much more.

If you want to rank ever for “how to query” make use of number before heading like.

  • Use 1 JPG image after H2 Tag
  • Make Sue of numbers only.
  • 1. To start a blog buy hosting
  • 2. To buy domain use xyz

That’s how you can easily rank for how to query ( Not Guarantee based on my study I found let me share some results and I can’t be pretty wrong with the results.

Slider image
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Slider image
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Slider image
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Hope you got to make use of numbers for how to query that’s all and rest follow mine both above and down on-page SEO tactics.

As simple.

Did you knew this tatics?

I will soon write a definitive guide on featured snippets. I also share awesome tactics on our Facebook group fell free to join we only have 45+ members you might get approved.

7. Make Your Pages Clean Sheet Of Codes

You have to understand google robots don’t see your pages the way you are looking from.

Google bots crawl into your page codes if the site design is good and free of codes then you have a chance to getting indexing faster and if not and if crawl founds some errors it doesn’t index.

Crawlers stop there only until you fix them and most issues are found on mobile page unfriendliness.

This is how google robots sees your pages;

Slider image
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This is how we see the pages;

How we see pages in google
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Isnt there a huge difference in point of view. HAHA.

Server Stuff

  • Make your page load under 3 sec
  • Make Use Of SSL and HTTPS:// protocols
  • Choose a better hosting
  • Uptime can hurt your rankings
  • Cleans codes that pass GT Metrix
  • Unique theme

Make sure and take care of your clean codes.


7. Use The Power Of Internal&External Links Naturally

Internal and external links are powerful google ranking factors for one page SEO optimization mostly.

Internal links are a secret weapon to SEO technique apart when you add them naturally.

What’s the huge deal?

Here is why internal and external links are crucially important factors in on-page optimizations.

  • Internal links should be placed naturally and richly. Every few sentences should have relevant internal and external links.
  • Mostly External links should be placed too high authority sites with high quality of contents. It also one advance secret SEO optimization technique.
  • Avoid linking to the low-quality sites and content they will reduce you rank. No doubt!
  • Leverage the use of natural anchor text when linking to other resources

Note- Don’t just put the links to high-quality sites that are un-relevant to your content (i.e Wikipedia to get SEO link juice. Never do that..

8. Create Custom Graphics That Enhance Your Page Content

This one’s very outspoken.

If you have following my site I have been always creating custom graphics that make people to stay, interact and create relationship.

It’s very outspoken let me tell you why you should stop using stock graphics and instead create your own.

Real-life example.

Let’s assume one of the users visits your site and you have attached affiliate links and designed custom graphics for that users only so what happens is they think.

Yes, this site is the trust of worth and every purchase I made with this website can be legal, and also they will definitely buy the product.

You have invested time in creating content and graphics for them and in return yes this admin had created awesome content why not buy from his links and help.

  • Images count as content. If you have thin content (few words), then original custom created graphics can help you
  • Custom created images help readers to know you created the images just for this content.

9. Make Use Of Bullet Lists If Possible

Its another yet powerful good spice to get in close contact with google ranking. You don’t have to implement on every single article.

Who doesn’t want to get rank? Isn’t it…

Bullet lists are another on-page SEO techniques because google eats bullet lists formula, try to add at least one lists on single article.

Add anywhere you want now folow these steps.

  • Add a sub-headline before using bullet lists s Google can understand what the list is all about.

In this article, I have used the exact above process of bullet-listing techniques for google ranking to get minimal featured snippets if possible.

Like these..

how to rank bullet listing in google
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bullet listing ranking images
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<H2,H3> On Page SEO Optimizations
<li> Backlinks </li>
<li> Internal links</li>
<li> Graphics</li>

Cheers! Enjoy

10. Optimize Your “Contents for Social Sharing”

Optimize your content format properly when sharing on social medias mostly for facebook and twitter.

Since your featured image of WordPress website and social media dimensions doesnot match at all.

If you are using since Rank math SEO plugin you do it easily.

Facebook rank math title
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Create a new post> click on the share button> and edit. Custom images for Facebook (1200 width x 628 height) and Twitter (1024 width x 512 height).

Point it doesn’t help in SEO but you can get maximum CTR by changing the titles for social shares.

Do keep in mind 🙂 You are changing the title for Facebook shares only. Simple words your blog URL and Facebook title will be different only if you write another title for shares.

11. Write a “Solid Hook Introduction” To Decrease D-Well Time

It has no relationship with SEO.


A sold hook introductions are really important and help to decrease the bounce rate. The aim of every sentence should hook from one to another.

How Do I Write Powerful Sold Introductions In 150 Characters?
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How do I write powerful sold introductions in 150 Characters?

  • Keep your Introductions and sentence short
  • Ask Questions
  • Use the word “you”.
  • Use Focus Keyword in the 150 first paragraphs
  • Make use of Table to contents
  • Use a stat or fact to convey importance.

12. Add “Relevant Category And Tags”

Assign one category and 3 tags to each article. Don’t over tags There is no advantage of using categories of outer tags in WordPress. They both are different.

13. Ignore “Rank-Math Green Light Score”

I am not talking here about only Rankmath any SEO optimization tools you are using ignore their greenlights i.e( Yoast SEO, Rank math, All in one SEO).

Rank math green light score don’t matter.

Rank math doesn’t tell you anything about keyword competition, content depth, or how to gain engagement. It focuses too enormously on keyword density and makes the content over-optimized.

Instead of focusing on green lights and SEO score, make your articles with a table of contents and cover the topics in more depth.

14. Publish The Article

Publish the post
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Linko Squads, Now you can publish your article.

Final Words

That’s it. 

Now you have 14 on-page SEO techniques that I am using for every blog post and will help you get organic traffic and outrank in google and your competitors.

I am using these same techniques for years and had already help my site to get much traffic.

Stop wasting a single sec and its time to optimize your content buy given above SEO tools and techniques.

Have you tried these techniques or did you know any of them? Let me know in the comment box

Now what?

Use my: Ultimate 26X+ Blog Post to dominate the top 10 SEARCH ENGINE.

Your time 🙂 Thank me ❤️ for sharing this article…

Frequently Asked Questions

🤜How Important is Rank Math Greens Score?

Not very important and nor we should rely on it. Rank math highlights keyword usage but doesn’t pay much attention to keyword research, quality content, rich snippets.

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