Pocketlinko will allow you to easily and quickly begin your online career using their step-by-step guides, helpful online promo codes for hosting, and detailed tutorials on setup and software tips. 

We know how daunting it can be to enter a new field so we want to make it much easier for you.

Way too often we get asked the following question: “If you’re providing tutorials for free, how do you make money?”

Why our content is reader supported?

As a beginner entrepreneur or a start-up, it is often the case that finances are limited and you simply can’t afford to pay for training or new tools. 

Yet these two things are crucial for success when you’re starting off from scratch and trying to get your business up and running properly.

We’re here to offer you guidance for pushing your business forward. We have been helping others do just that for over four years and we know that first-hand experience is so important when learning new things. 

Our team members are experts in their fields and if we didn’t believe they could do the job well, we wouldn’t have hired them in the first place! so if we didn’t think our staff could handle things, we wouldn’t have taken them on as team members.

How PCL Is Funded?

Affiliate commissions are also known as referral fees. When you click on a link or button that takes you to a provider’s website and purchase your first product, 

We may receive compensation for having referred you as a new customer.

We earn referral fees when you purchase products or services using the banners and links on our website. ebay and Amazon are examples of affiliate programs. 

By using various vendors and their banner ads, we make a commission each time a purchase is made.

Sometimes, you’ll see a unique link that is different for each website. For example:



When you click on certain links, an affiliate ID is assigned to you and a cookie is placed in your web browser. If you end up buying the product, then we’ll receive a percentage of the sale for referring it to you.

Will it cost me more money?

PCL is an authority website, because of our good standing established in the industry we’ve made a lot of friends with various vendors. Because of this, we’re able to offer exclusive deals and discounts on various products, plugins, and services.

That means in most cases it will help you to save more money.

For instance, if you were to purchase managed WordPress hosting from DreamHost by using our referral link, you’ll get the first 67% off with an annual subscription, in most cases, coupon codes are also not required.

Question #2 – Do You See My Personal Details?

Nope. We don’t make an attempt to trace the identity of any of our customers or log information such as name, email, address, or credit card numbers.

Nope. All we see is that an anonymous user who made a purchase on date/time and which product they bought.

How Do We Help You?

It can often be difficult for a website owner to understand which platform is best for running their site is. Thankfully, that’s where we come in!

We make all of the necessary research simple with our articles and reviews. 

Our extensive guides vary from shorter informal versions to longer educational pieces, sothat everyone will be able to find what they’re looking for.

We Subscribe Your Words

We have thousands of people using our site every day just like you. That’s why we have a big comment box where you can ask us questions or challenge us. We always take the time to read and reply to each comment!

Another great benefit of Pocketlinko content is that it’s free. Free to use, and free to share with others who might need help with their WordPress site management.

Another thing that makes content here at PCL stand out from the rest is that these are real experts who share real experiences from their own sites, and offer unbiased viewpoints so you can make the best choices for your particular needs as a WordPress website owner.

Thank you for being with us throughout the years! Thanks to your support, we can continue doing what we love.

Mr.Siddhit & The PCL Team

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