Top 7 Best SEO Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (90% oFF)

The Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend is a great time for online shopping. As you all know, most online businesses offer irresistible discounts on products and services as Cyber Monday deals.

Black Friday is almost here and it’s time to save big with our hand-picked list of the best Black Friday deals on SEO tools that we’ve specially curated for you…

Hurry though,

SEO black Friday
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Because these incredible deals and discounts on SEO tools will end on November 29th, 2023. So don’t miss out on our top-rated promise of saving up to 90% this Black Friday.

This is the only perfect time of year where we buy products that will last us for the next 2-3 years. Such as SEO tools, marketing tools, web hosting accounts, and social media tools (and many more!)

We’ve put together this comprehensive article to some of the best SEO tools in the industry which we think every website owner must taste and one of the best parts is “All the SEO Tools” Black Friday Listed below are already live.

7 Best SEO Tools Black Friday Deals for 2023 (Recommended by Experts)

This is also a great time to discover new tools that you might have never tried before because they were too expensive. And while it might be cheaper by using some of the alternatives nontraditional methods to get a discount.

SEO tools are an absolute must-have in any company’s skillset nowadays. As you know, having a high ranking in search engines such as Google is crucial for almost all aspects of one business, including website traffic and revenue.

Words of advice!

Pro Tip: Not everyone needs to invest in a variety of tools, but it is a good idea to make a small investment in a couple of tools that can be used throughout your business.

While most companies offer discounts on the yearly bill, there are some that offer them at a monthly rate as well. Don’t hesitate to go with the latter, as it will often end up being even cheaper!

The best SEO Black Friday deals are on offer so get in there while you can (Sneak Peak):

SEO B.Friday Deals

Regular Price

Black Friday Offer










SE Ranking












#1. LongTailPro Black Friday Sale (50% Discount Sale Live)

Longtail pro black friday
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LongTailPro has its origins back when it was a popular desktop application used by bloggers, marketers, and SEO specialists.

Over time, the popular keywords research tool has transitioned into one that can be accessed through browsers or mobile devices. Perhaps that is what makes it so easy to use for beginners but still has the vast capabilities of an advanced keyword research service.

Long Tail Pro is an affordable SEO tool that will help you find high-volume long-tail keywords in minutes. The tool has been created by Spencer Haws,

Who built Loconate before it launched Long Tail Pro after getting the idea from his blog post How to Get More Organic Traffic. This is a product trusted by marketers including Pat Flynn and many others.

Not all SEO professionals have the same viewpoint on how to get a website ranked better in search engine results.

There are a lot of suggestions for how you’re supposed to do it. One of the most popular methods is using exact match keywords, but what makes websites rank well in search engines?

The right Keyword Optimization Tool can help. Long Tail Pro helps you determine what keywords your competitors are using that makes them rank higher with search engines and gives you a list of ideas for your own site based on what they’ve used!

In case if you have no idea, we have already published a dedicated article related to the LongTailPro SEO tool Black Friday deal. Click here to read.

🏷️ What’s the Black Friday Offer?

LongTail Pro Black Friday pricing
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Long-tail Pro is celebrating its Black Friday Sale this year with a 50% discount on all of its subscription plans. This makes the effective price 10 times less than what it was last year! (If you pay annually.

The best part: It comes with both monthly and annual subscriptions with

  • The current price for the Annual Starter plan is $147 instead of the regular yearly price of $297 ( the discounted pricing is only for a limited time).
  • The cost of your annual Pro plan has come down to $268 because of the black Friday sale. On normal days the pricing sticks to aroundm$1177/year.
  • The annual Agency plan will cost you $588/yr instead of the regular price of $1177/ year.

🤔 How to Grab LongTailPro Black Friday Deals?

Long Tail Pro-Black Friday
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If you want to get started with LongTailPro then all you have to do is click this button below!

#2. Semrush (35% Off Black Friday Sale)

SEMRUSH Black Friday
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Semrush is a popular SEO tool that’s used by over 13 million people worldwide. It helps you perform a variety of tasks including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink research, site audits, and a whole lot more.

“There are hundreds of marketing tools out there on the market, but 80% of the Fortune 500 Companies use SEMRush more than any other tool”.

SEMRush allows you to conduct technical SEO audits, improve your content, track website ranking, get high-quality traffic sources, and increase the rank of your website.

You can also do backlink analysis and audit the strategies of your competitors in order to perform better.

Similarly, for paid traffic, the tool can be used for doing ads strategy analysis, competitor analysis, keyword management, and tracking performance.

🏷️ What’s the Black Friday Offer?

50% Discount on Additional User on Semrush PRO

Semrush Pro plan is their entry-level plan, best suited for individuals and small in-house teams. If you find that you don’t need more than 10 domains tracked and 500k pages scanned monthly, then this is the right option for you.

As a Semrush PRO member, you will receive discounts when adding additional users. This is handy when accessing your account from multiple locations around the world.

The Semrush black Friday is valid from 25th NOV – 12th Nov 2023.

🤔 How to Grab Semrush Black Friday Deals?

Semrush Black Friday Deals year
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Attention: This is a fantastic deal and you don’t want to miss out! Each of the following subscriptions has had its annual prices discounted by as much as 50%, so take care of your future self and subscribe now!

#3. Mangools Black Friday Sale (60% Off)

KW Finder Black Friday Sale
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Earlier this year, we published a comprehensive list of the best keyword research tools.

One of our favorite SEO tools for keyword research tools is KWFinder developed and created by Mangools.

They’ve continued their relentless effort to listen to users’ feedback and it has had a significant impact on the product’s continuous growth and improvement.

Their team is always actively developing new features and providing excellent customer support for all end-users, which are some of the things that make them one of the top companies in their niche.

KWFinder is a tool that has been designed to help individuals find your keywords which you could potentially use with regard to enhancing the SEO efforts of your website or blog.

This platform has been designed to help people by providing search equipment that can be used in an attempt to identify keywords that have a high degree of usefulness and relevancy,

Thereby improving one’s chances of gaining greater visibility on search engines for their blog/website.

🏷️ What’s the Black Friday Offer?

kw finder black friday pricing plans
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Mangools is offering a 60% instant on all annual subscriptions. You can also get an extra 10% off if you upgrade your Mangool subscription within 1 hour of creating an account.

Here are the pricing plans offered by Mangools Black Friday pricing plans:

Kw Finder Plans

Regular Pricing

Black Friday Deal


Mangools Basic



60% Off

Mangools Premium



60% Off

Mangools Agency



60% Off

In case if you have no idea, we have already published a dedicated article related to the Mangools SEO tool Black Friday deal. Click here to read.

🤔 How to Grab Mangools Black Friday Deals?

KW Finder Black Friday Sale Year
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For this Black Friday savings, promo codes are already applied to your purchase! Purchase now with the button below (note: it applies to all of our available products!)

#4. SE Ranking : 30% Black Friday Exclusive Offer

se-ranking-black Friday-discount
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SE Ranking is an all-in-one cloud solution for helping business owners, SEO pros, and digital agencies run comprehensive

SEO audits, analyze competitors, track rankings, collect keywords lists for tracking keyword performance over time, monitor backlinks by domain or URL, get automated SEO reports in Google Sheet format that can be shared with clients, and much more.

You can use their rank tracking tool for over 500,000 keywords, along with SEO/PPC Competitive Research. In-Depth Website Audit, Backlink checking & monitoring.

SEO ranking report is the only reported software that gives you the comprehensive & most structured keyword ranking analyzer with advanced features.

🏷️ What’s the Black Friday Offer?

SE Ranking black friday pricing
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With an exciting, limited-time discount offer of 30% off the standard purchase price of all SEO ranking plans by using the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY2023”,

At checkout, new and existing customers can take advantage of some incredible savings right now on this worldwide holiday dedicated to giving thanks for what you have or simply getting ready for family gatherings, food, and drink.

  • Optimum Plan costs you $260.40 per year instead of $372
  • Plus Plan costs you $596.40 instead of $852
  • Enterprise Plan costs you $1268.40 instead of $1812

🤔 How to Grab SE Ranking Black Friday Deals?


Click on the button below to activate SE Ranking Black Friday Sale.

SE ranking Black Friday Deals year
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#5. SERP Stat (Black Friday Deal 40% Off)

SERP Stat black friday
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Serpstat is an affordable all-in-one SEO platform that helps you track your project ranking movements, research competitor content to provide insight on,

How you can better optimize your site for Google, conduct keyword research to help you choose the best ones to use in your next content creation phase, analyze backlinks for competitors’ sites.

That has already gained traction in their niche to identify ways in which they might be able to take advantage of that information, perform site audits for customers who are interested in putting money into their platform’s future development via keywords and/or paid ads, and much more.4

Simple words:

Serpstat is an affordable all-in-one SEO platform that helps you with rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, competitive research, and many more. They have worldwide clients including but not limited to Samsung, Uber, Philips, Shopify, Deloitte.

🏷️ What’s the Black Friday Offer?

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On the occasion of Black Friday Cyber Monday Week, take advantage of Serpstat ‘s two exclusive offers!

Deal #1: Flat 40% OFF All Plans on 6 or 12 Months Subscription (for all new users and whose plan has expired more than 1 year ago)

If you’re a NEW user and looking for a HUGE discount on Serpstat, this deal is for you where you’ll get a 40% instant discount on ALL plans on their 6 or 12 months period subscription.

SERP Stat Plans

Regular Price

Black Friday Offer

Lite Plan



Standard Plan



Advanced Plan



Enterprise Plan



Deal #2: A 30% discount for six months applies. Existing users only qualify for this special opportunity,

In case you’re curious about how much a SERP Stat costs, the below table shows the actual amounts after taking a 30% discount.

SERP Stat Plans

Regular Price

30% Off Deal 

Lite Plan



Standard Plan



Advanced Plan



Enterprise Plan



🤔 How to Grab SERP Stat Black Friday Deals?

SERP stat Black Friday Deals Year Hot Sale Live
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Click on the button below to get activate your SERP Start black Friday deals for 2023.

#6. RankWatch 35% Off (Black Friday Deals)

RankWatch Black Friday
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RankWatch is a reliable and accurate Rank Tracker that helps you monitor your site rankings with Google, Bing, and more.

If you’re familiar with the process of analyzing keywords using search engine tools like Google Analytics (which we’d suggest you learn more about and,

If possible implement into your business) then you will probably benefit from RankWatch.

RankWatch is a popular service that helps you precisely track your website’s rankings. With this service, you get the most up-to-date information on how well your company’s page is performing in search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, and more.

🏷️ What’s the Black Friday Offer?

RankWatch Black Friday Pricing Plan
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Now is the best time to enroll with RankWatch! This Black Friday holiday they’re offering guaranteed discounts off your first three months and give you 35% off the lifetime of your account.

🤔 How to Activate the RankWatch Black Friday deal?

RankWatch black friday sale year live
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Click on the button below, to get activated 90% off all RankWatch plans for a limited time only.

#7. LinkWhisper (Save $30 on all plans)

LinkWhisper Black Friday
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Link Whisper helps you find broken links on your site, shows you where they lead to, tracks internal linking

(i.e. if page A links to page B, Link Whisper will record that), and allows you to easily create random internal link anchors on your site with random keyword-based anchor text – handy for snagging higher ranks in the SERPs.

🏷️ What’s the Black Friday Deal?

LinkWhisper Black Friday Pricing
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During the Black Friday sale, you will get a $30 discount on your Link Whisper plan without having to use any promo code.

Below is the LinkWhisper black Friday before and after black Friday pricing:

LinkWhisper Plan

Regular Price

After $30 Off

Single Site



3 Site License



10 Site License



🤔 How to Grab LinkWhisper Black Friday Deals?

Linkwhisper black friday sale
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Click on the button below to get $30 off on all the Link Whisper pricing plans, whether you’re creating links for social media or for SEO.

Final Words: SEO Tools Black Friday Offers Deals 2023

So that’s all we wanted to say about the best Black Friday SEO software deals in 2023. Hope you enjoyed this and found these deals useful.

During this year’s Black Friday offers, you will be able to purchase SEO tools at up to 90% discounts on some of the best SEO tools. Feel free to either comment (or email us) with further questions.

We’re here to answer any questions you may still have. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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