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KWFinder Exclusive Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2022 [50% Off + 10 Days Free Trial]

The deal ends in:

KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools on the market right now. For this Black Friday, KWFinder is offering a flat 50% lifetime discount on all its paid plans.

Are you looking for Best Black Friday deals on the best Keyword Researcher tool for this holiday season?

So what are the best SEO tools?” I hear you ask? We see that all the time. With the exception of SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz (they aren’t freemium),

There are actually some services out there that offer free plans so even newbies can get their work done easily.

The top SEO tools can cost over $100 for their starter plans, many people search for the cheap alternatives of Semrush and Ahrefs.

This is where KW FInder takes place.

KW Finder Black Friday Sale Year
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If you’re looking for the same KWFinder Black Friday deal as before, now is your chance to take part in the well-known Mangools SEO toolkit promotion.

You’ll get 50% off on all annual plans if you purchase during this special offer.

“And what’s more, you’ll also be entitled to an extra 10% off if you register your purchase within the next 60 minutes!”

If you’re in a rush, simply click here to take advantage of this deal. If you’re seeking more information about deals from KW Finder Black Friday Offer,

We’ve put together this comprehensive article to explain everything about deals from Manage KW Finder, including deals on its all plans during today’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

How to Activate KWFinder Black Friday Offer 2022?

If you’d like to take advantage of this Black Friday discount, don’t fret about any pesky promo codes. They’ve already given the discount!

Mangools black friday sale
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Like most other things in life, filling out a few small forms is all that’s required to grab this opportunity!

Step 1: Click on our exclusive discount link to activate our extremely awesome deal for KWFinder Black Friday.

Step 2: You will be on the official Black Friday pricing page. Make sure to choose the best plan – Mangools Basic, Mangools premium, or Mangools Agency as per your requirement and hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button.

Mangools black friday deals  pricing
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Step 3: You will be asked to create a fresh account on mangos. Now simply enter your email address, a password, and a password to register a new Mangools account.

Step 4: Now, carefully review your order details and then enter your payment information to complete the payment.

Happy Black Friday and Thanksgiving! You’ve successfully grabbed this amazing KWFinder deal. Now you have an idea how easy it is to grab a KWFinder offer.

KW Finder Black Friday Offer Pricing Plans 2022

Kw Finder Plans

Regular Pricing

Black Friday Deal


Mangools Basic



60% Off

Mangools Premium



60% Off

Mangools Agency



60% Off

Mangools offers three packages. All of the packages have the same features. The only difference is the number of lookups and the number of people who can use Mangools at the same time.

Here are the pricing plans offered by KW Finder Black Friday pricing plans:

Mangools black friday deals monthly pricing
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Mangools Basic Plan

  • Keyword Lookups/ 24 hr: 100
  • Keyword Suggestions for Each Search Query: 200
  • Competitor’s Keywords per Search: 25
  • SERP Lookups/ 24 hr: 100
  • Tracked Keywords (Daily): 200
  • Backlink Rows/ 24 hr: 2000
  • Site Lookups/ 24 hr): 20
  • Simultaneous Logins: Zero
  • Monthly Price: $49
  • Black Friday Special Monthly Price: $24
  • Annual Price: $358.80
  • Black Friday Special Annual Price: $269.10

👉 Get Started with Mangools Basic Plan

Mangools Premium

  • Keyword Lookups/ 24 hr: 500
  • Keyword Suggestions for Each Search Query: 700
  • Competitor’s Keywords per Search: Unlimited
  • SERP Lookups/ 24 hr: 500
  • Tracked Keywords (Daily): 700
  • Backlink Rows/ 24 hr: 7000
  • Site Lookups/ 24 hr): 70
  • Simultaneous Logins: 3
  • Monthly Price: $69
  • Black Friday Special Monthly Price: $34
  • Annual Price: $478.80
  • Black Friday Special Yearly Price: $359.10

👉 Get Started with Mangools Premium Plan

Mangools Agency

  • Keyword Lookups/ 24 h: 1200
  • Keyword Suggestions for Each Search Query: 700
  • Competitor’s Keywords per Search: Unlimited
  • SERP Lookups/ 24 h: 1200
  • Tracked Keywords (Daily): 1500
  • Backlink Rows/ 24 h: 15000
  • Site Lookups/ 24 h: 150
  • Simultaneous Logins: 10
  • Monthly Price: $129
  • Black Friday Special Monthly Price: $64
  • Annual Price: $958.80
  • Black Friday Special Yearly Price: $719.10

👉 Get Started with Mangools Premium Plan

Benefits & Features of Using KW Finder SEO Tool

Kw fINDER Features
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KWFinder is a toolkit for bloggers and SEO professionals. It’s very popular among bloggers and SEO professionals.

KWFinder offers many useful features. For example, you can find profitable keywords, analyze backlink profiles, or track keyword rankings.

Enough said, here are some of the best benefits and features you get to see with the KW Finder tool:

Long-Tail Keywords

If you’re looking for keywords to add to your list of potential long-tail search terms, KWFinder is a great keyword-finding tool that will help you choose the best ones.

KWfinder keyword tool will generate a list of SEO keywords for your campaign, including monthly search volume, PPC, and CPC trends.

Google Autocomplete and Questions are among the most underrated modules in KWFinder. You can use these tools to further optimize and strengthen your keyword list and content in so many ways.

Search Volume:

KWFinder not only lets you do keyword research for a set of keywords but it lets you explore the search volume and display a historical graph for each keyword.

Based on historical data, you can plan long-term targeted content creation to catch the attention of your target audience.

Local Keyword Research

Kwfinder is an awesome keyword discovery tool that allows you to search for local terms across more than 50K local areas around the world. Your customers are very likely to be searching for terms that are related to where they live or their surrounding neighborhood.

KwFinder also gives you a list of profitable keywords just like Google Keyword Planner but with better suggestions, so now you can pour through all those Kwfinder keyword suggestions instead of just the ones Google provides!

Backlink Analysis

Tracking the right information is extremely critical for SEO. There are dozens of backlink checker tools out there; Majestic, Moz, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and LinkMiner. Among these, LinkMiner stands apart because of its accurate data and ability to show you what’s happening with your backlinks.

This is especially beneficial to agencies who want to manage client accounts effectively using their existing resources.

Frequently checking out domains’ backlink profiles will help you make better decisions on which ones should be contacted next or no longer need attention at all.

Site Analysis

It’s important to have an understanding of what your website truly has to offer in terms of SEO value so you can do something about addressing any shortcomings.

Mangools SiteProfiler is loaded with an array of metrics that are useful to help you understand where your strengths are,

But also where there are areas that need improvement due to the competition being too low or issues with other parameters.

For example, out of 100 total links linking toward your domain, how many are external, followed ones? Is this number adequate for Google rankings?

If not, there may be a chance that PageRank will be affected and thus it would negatively affect your ability to rise in the SERPs once again. So keep all these aspects in mind as you proceed below.

FAQs: Related to Mangools KW Finder Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2022

What is Mangools?

Mangools is a complete SEO toolkit that offers five very popular SEO tools for keyword research, backlink research, and website analysis.

This tool brings together five powerful tools all in one simple package so you can conduct detailed keyword research, pinpoint susceptible backlinks to your site, track important search engine metrics that will help you better strategize your online growth goals, lookup website rankings for top domains in Google with SERP checker or use LinkMiner to discover new websites in your niche easily.

What is KW Finder?

KWFinder is a tool that is designed to search for keywords that you could potentially use with regard to enhancing the SEO efforts of your website or blog.

This platform has been designed to help people by providing search equipment that can be used in an attempt to identify keywords that have a high degree of usefulness and relevancy, thereby improving one’s chances of gaining greater visibility on search engines.

How Accurate KW Finer is?

If you’re looking for accurate search volume data on keywords, then look no further than KWFinder. This SEO tool is great for tracking the volume of organic and non-organic traffic on search terms over time.

It also gives you valuable insight on Google AdWords Competition, Historical Trends on SERP Data, and SEO Difficulty.

If you compare KWFinder data with other SEO tools and actual results, you’ll find it more accurate than most keyword research tools available on the market.

How much discount I can save during 2022 KW Finder Black Friday?

KWFinder is offering a 60% instant on all annual subscriptions. You can also get an extra 10% off if you upgrade your Mangool subscription within 1 hour of creating an account.

Does KWFinder offer Money-Back Guarantee?

Mangools offers a 48-hour guarantee which means you can get your money back within 48 hours of subscribing.

Does KWFinder provide API Access?

KWFinder offers API access but you need to subscribe to their higher API subscription plans if you’re interested in accessing this feature.

Final Words

If you really want to rank your website and get crazy amounts of traffic, then consider using KWFinder. This powerful SEO tool can increase your digital presence, search visibility, and help you quickly conquer the SERPs.

Most high-profile bloggers and successful SEO folks use it to dominate their niche and KWFinder give you an opportunity to do just that with a lifetime discount offer we’re presenting on Black Friday.

So grab our special promotion link below and simply click it to activate this killer KWFinder discount now!

The KWFinder Black Friday deal is on for a limited time only, so make sure the subscribe before 30th November.

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