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Best DreamHost Review 2021: My Personal 9Test To Love/ Hate Surprising Truth!

Dreamhost is a popular web hosting provider officially recommended by wordpress.org huge community itself that offers unlimited host features with affordable pricing model.

These include shared, managed, VPS/ WordPress hosting/ CLoud hosting/ Cloud/ Dedicated servers and so on.

If you have $2.59/per month to spend on hosting, Dreamhost should be on your first rider when it comes to build website in wordpress platform.

Do I recommend Dreamhost? “Yes,” Dreamhost is potentially one of the best web hosting providers for its pricing and features that anyone can abroad without breaking bank cash.

In today’s honest Dreamhost Review 2021, you will learn real dreamhost reviews powered by real people opinions in different reviews platforms including its speed testing, pros and cons and its best alternatives

So without further ado… Jump right into the dream hosting review 2021 lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

About Dreamhost

In 1996, three undergraduate students launched Dreamhost at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. It was registered in 1997 officially by Michael Rodriguez.

Best DreamHost Review 2021: My Personal 9Test To Love/ Hate Surprising Truth!
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Still, the Current CEO is the same Michael Rodriguez who founded Dreamhost and registered the company in the back days.

Dreamhost is a web hosting provider and domain name registrar, this host provider is also widely famous for its affordable pricing plans with top features with the tag “Cost-effective wordpress Endorsed hosting provider”.

Overall more than 1.1 million active domains are hosted on their servers and I am proud to say ” I was also a customer of Dreamhost provider for almost eight months“.

Who Is Dreamhost For?

Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosting provider companies in the hosting world and our #1 best web hosting provider when it comes to building websites with affordable pricing, trust, features and so on.

Their strong organic publicity has earned them a position among the top 3 web hosting companies recommended by WordPress. This web hosting offers budget-friendly shared, Managed WordPress, VPS plans, etc there some top-notch eye-catching features that make side from another hosting.

Overall, DreamHost ranks near the top of all the web hosting companies with an uptime of 100% promise.

The Benefits of Using DreamHost (Features)

Now, let’s take a look at the top features of this provider, and later we’ll dive into its real speed testing and other reports.

  • Free Website Builder
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited storage/ bandwidth, email accounts
  • WordPress pre-installed
  • 1 click staging
  • Free automated website migrations plugin for wordpress
  • 97 days money-back promise
  • Built-in Caching server
  • Advanced, Easy-to-Use Control-Panel
  • Fast Solid State Storage with optimized servers
  • Recommended by WordPress Community
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee with resource optimization
  • Trusted by 1.5 Million Websites
  • FREE Privacy Protection with SSL

One of the great features I love the most about DreamHost is their unlimited features with each plan in low pricing and their 97 days money-back guarantee promise which makes them unique from all other hosting providers.

Their strong fame has earned them a position among the top 3 web hosting companies recommended by WordPress.

An Honest: DreamHost Web Hosting Review 2021

dreamhost review honest
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Our Rating:Our Verdict: 5.0
SPEED:316 ms (April 2020 to April 2021)
UPTIME:100% (April 2020 to March 2021)
SUPPORT:24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Knowledge Base
Scripts:Supports More Than 500 Applications
FEATURES:Unmetered Bandwidth, 10 GB Storage, Website Builder, and Free Email, Free SSL and CDN, Daily Backup
HOSTING Servers:Shared, WordPress, Cloud, Reseller, Enterprise, and Dedicated Servers
Website Migration:Yes
Plans Tiers Monthly/Yearly/ 3 years plans with all packages
PRICING:Starting at $2.59/mo

I have used Dreamhost for more than eight months and finally today I am writing a review of Dreamhost to help you guide either you should go or not with this web hosting provider.

It does not mean if hosting is recommended by WordPress or has the highest trusted review such as Bluehost and siteground including Dreamhost are always good, in some cases, it is better not but not always.

If you have ever read by Scala hosting review, I have clearly noted that ” Last year Bluehost paid $5million last year to their affiliate users who found Bluehost as the way to get the best-paid recommendations. The simple answer may live in its popular host affiliate host program. They pay $75 per referral with their plans”

CLick here to read Scala hosting review!

In the case of Dreamhost, there is no single doubt and I am proud to say I am a real trusted customer of Dreamhost, better than Bluehost no costly, best features, unlimited solid package plans with top 97 days money-back guarantee promise.

The day I started using Dreamhost, I have included Dreamhost to choose as a way for their online business host in more than 90+ hosting articles in our blog.

Here are the reasons why you must consider Dreamhost web hosting provider as a way for your next project with our in-depth Dreamhost review.

1. DreamHost Solid Uptime 100% Promise Result

Remember any web hosting provider that promises to offer a 99.99% uptime average? With Dreamhost, you can get 100% uptime promise with their wordpress hosting plans which come with the pricing of $2.59/per month that’s just a sold rock features.

Here’s the screen-shot of dreamhost uptime:

dreamhost uptime result
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While other web hosting providers even fail to give 99.99% uptime promise with such a pricing model. Dreamhost claimed to give 100% uptime on their plans.

One of the great advantages if they fail to claim 100% uptime then your account will be credited for each hour of downtime to your hosting account so next time you can redeem it.

That credit will make out 10% for your next hosting renewal which will help you save some cash with uptime fails result which clocks to double benefits.

That is just incredible.

During our long test, Dreamhost maintains manages 100% uptime as a guarantee and manages to give the best performance with no single downtime.

2. great Money Back Guarantee

There’s a reason for the great money-back promise. Almost many host providers offer a month

There’s a reason for the great money-back promise. Almost many host providers offer a monthly guarantee to find out their users are happy or not with their services so they can find out and improve.

The common from those hosting providers is they offer only 30 day days money back promise and average 45 days maximum but with Dreamhost, the game is actually different.

dreamhost money back gurantaee
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With the help of the Dreamhost provider, you will get flat 97 days money-back promise to all new users who are clocks to more than three months.

There are no single hidden terms and no questions will be raised when you request money-back they are very transparent.

When I see a web hosting provider offering features like Dreamhost, i I know one thing- they stand behind their services.

3. Green Nature Love

Confused right?

Dreamhost is an Environmental friendly web hosting provider providers this host provider is a true mother loving nature host which utilizes the full power of green nature resources

To reduce their carbon footprint, Dreamhost uses low mercury-led lighting optimized HVAC plants in their company office which somehow impacts your website to runs smoothly but not so much but still a unique performance factor to take in mind.

3. No Rental Higher rates

This word “renewal rates” is common for web hosting providers to end offering low-pricing hosting plans with top features model.

Today still most of the web hosting provider offers plans in cheaper but you have to understand when hosting gets expire the renewal prices got higher than your exception, in that case, you only have two options

  • You can migrate to another web hosting that has almost low renewal rates
  • You can either pay them with higher renewal pricing

Now the solution is to find low renewal hosting providers, this is where again DreamHost wins the game.

Dreamhost is one of the few web hosting providers that does not use old pricing formula renewal rates, pricing do-not increases automatically when you renew your hosting and domain contracts.

So whats the point?

In fact! Dreamhost offers the pricing rates based on the length of contract you choose, they offer three different contracts as shared above/ monthly, yearly, and three years plans.

4. Unlimited Features

Not every hosting provider offers unlimited features with their web hosting plans and almost many website owners are always on the hunt for unlimited features such as storage, bandwidth, email hosting, domains, and other features.

Dreamhost shared hosting pricing
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Dreamhost offers “unlimited” with their web hosting plans starting with their basic plans which fall under the pricing of $2.59/per month, with these plans you can get unlimited features except domain and email accounts.

You can clearly see in the image with the color red arrow vs yellow, with their starter plans you can host one website but you have to buy email storage, these limits feature is with their only shared plans not with other such as WordPress plans.

The best plan is to go with their shared unlimited because when you buy their email hosting for $1.67/ month you can buy their share unlimited plans in the same pricing, if not you can go with third-party email storage and stick to their “Shared Starter Plans”

4. Free Automated WordPress Migrations

As being said not every web hosting provider is good, and here comes the topic.

Dreamhost isn’t perfect with their migration features, we learned that they have high uptime, with great money-back promise with unlimited features and so on, this makes categories features make Dreamhost somehow lower in the hosting industry.

Here are a few things you should keep in this mind when you are going to choose a DreamHost service provider for your online business.

1. Free Migrations only for wordpress site owners

dreamhost free migration
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If own a wordpress website then Dreamhost offers free website migrations because they have built their own custom free wordpress migration Automated plugin from which you don’t need anyone to migrate your WP site from old to Dreamhost.

Learn how to use dreamhost migration WP plugin

But their team is always there for backups and will guide you step by step. If you want Dreamhost experts to migrate your wordpress website then they will do it for free all you need to have a Dreamhost account and submit a ticket.

2. Paid Premium Website Migrations

Almost many web hosting provider offers free website migrations to their customers to let them migrate from one host to another, in fact, Dreamhost also offers free website migrations with expert and by their migration plugin, which is free only for WordPress customers.

dreamhost paid migration
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To get free website to migrations you have need to managed wordpress hosting plans, else you will have to pay $99 for their service or you can migrate yourself using third party plugins.

You can find more information and find a step-by-step guide to migrate your server manually on their website without costing extra.

5. Free Website Builder Tool

Dreamhost offers a free drag and drop web builder called “Remixer” with their all hosting plans for free, you do not have to pay a single price to get their website builder.

dreamhost remixer web builder
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If you are not happy customers of Dreamhost provider then you can also buy their “Remixer” web builder with costing of $2.59/per month.

Both happy customers and non-customers will get 200+ pre-made starter templates to choose from with SEO-friendly customization for PC, mobile, and tablet responsiveness with a money-back guarantee.

dreamhost templated web builder
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With Remixer builder you do-not need to learn code, anyone with no coding can get started with dreamhost web builder.

6. DreamHost ( D-Panel) OverView

Unlike another host provider, Dreamhost do-not offer Cpanel or Spanel like another host provider their plans, but in the case of Dreamhost

Best DreamHost Review 2021: My Personal 9Test To Love/ Hate Surprising Truth!
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This hosting provider offers custom-built beginner-friendly panel, from where you can control each element of your website/ applications and install more than 600+ scripts applications such as WordPress/ Joomla/ Magneto and drupal and so on.

You will get more features than cpanel providers, starting with managing of email accounts, billing, traffic, Support, upgrade or downgrade the plans, domain a dns o on.

7. Unlimited Email Hosting Service

Dreamhost providers unlimited email hosting service to their customers with no limitations so you can create your own brand professional email account for your business, just like our ( [email protected]), hello is the first name and after @ is the brand name.

Dreamhost email hosting service
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If you choose dreamhost starter plans then their email hosting service starts with the pricing of $1.67/per month with other upgradeable plans you can get it for free with no extra costing.

The good part you can buy their email hosting also without purchasing their one single plan of them, they provide specfic email hosting service to all users.

All you need to have one domain name so you can connect with dreamhost email hosting and you will also get custom dashboard so you can easily send and receive no matter if it’s registered, hosted, or parked somewhere else.mail .

Dreamhost Web Hosting plans comparison & Review

In this section of our Dreamhost Review, I am going to compare wide ranges of hosting server plans offered by Dreamhost so you can easily get started with Dreamhost with 101% satisfaction.

Dreamhost offers five different web hosting plans such as:

Dreamhost web hosting plans
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  • Shared Hosting: ($2.59/mo)
  • Managed/ Shared/ Vps | WordPress hosting: ($12.00/per month for managed WP hosting)
  • VPS Hosting: ($10/per month)
  • Dedicated Hosting: ($149/per month)
  • Cloud Hosting: ($4.50/per month)

1. Dreamhost Shared Hosting Server Review

Dreamhost comes with two different shared hosting tiers: Shared and Unlimited. They offer tiers of monthly, yearly, and three years contracts for each plan they offer.

With their monthly contract terms you no longer need to stick in dreamhost provider for a year which is good benefit to test their performance and testing with anytime upgrade or downgrade plans.

The more upper plans you commit, the less expensive plans rate will be, This is common with almost many web hosting provider.

Dreamhost share pricing
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Shared Starter: This plan is perfect for new website owners where you can install one website with the free domain name and the best with unlimited features. ($2.59/M).

  •  Website domain includes only
  • Starting at $2.49 per month
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • WordPress Pre-Installed
  • Free Automated WordPress Migrations
  • Fast SSD Storage with the latest Support for PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited SFTP Users
  • 3 Year, 1 Year & Monthly Plans billing system
  • Email starting at $1.67 per month
  • 5 subdomains

Shared Unlimited: This plan is perfect for everyone because it does not have a cap on how many website domains you can host and comes with unlimited traffic. It also comes with the free domain name and unlimited email hosting where email hosting is a paid add-on for a shared starter.

  • Host unlimited websites
  • Including all shared starter features
  • Free domain included for 1 year
  • WordPress Pre-Installed
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Email included
  • Unlimited site storage


dreamhost shared hosting features
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Shared StarterShared Unlimited
Price: $2.59/moPrice: $3.95/mo
1 Website
50 GB Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth

2. Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Server Review

Dreamhost offers dedicated optimized wordpress hosting servers that are fully managed, shared, and VPS.

dreamhost wordpress plan review
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Dreamhost wordpress plans comes with three different servers, WordPress basic/ Managed WordPress which is mostly know by “DreamPress” and VPS wordpress.

This is why they have made dedicated wordpress servers for their al; users, if you also love managed and VPS hosting servers then you can go with.

Managed WordPress HostShared Normal Hosting
Automatic updatesManually updates
Daily backups 24/7Backup with third-party plugins
WordPress OptimizedGeneral optimizations
In-Built caching and CDNAvailable through third-party plugins.
Built-in wordpress databasesNo database optimization.

More than 48% of the internet is powered by WordPress which is the best CMS platform for all online owners. Since DreamHost is officially recommended by WordPress itself.

Dreamhost offers:

  • Shared hosting for WordPress
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • VPS for WordPress

Here are some of the eye catching features:

  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • One-Click Staging
  • Free SSL certificate
  • In Built security, malware tool
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Premium Jet pack plugin with license
  • Built-in Caching
  • 24/7 Dedicated WordPress Support
  • Unlimited CDN
  • Daily backup
  • 1 Click restore

With all server plans, you do not have to worry about site downtime, technical issue,s and so on because they offer managed WordPress hosts where almost many things such as updates, systems downtime, performance are optimized by their self-healing servers and take cate their staffs.


Best DreamHost Review 2021: My Personal 9Test To Love/ Hate Surprising Truth!
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DreamPressDreamPress PlusDreamPress Pro
Price: $12.00/moPrice: $24.00/moPrice: $79.95/mo
1 Website
~100k Visits
30GB SSD Storage
Jetpack Free Pre-Installed
1 Website
~300k Visits
60GB SSD Storage
Jetpack Professional Included
Unlimited CDN
1 Website
~300k Visits
120GB SSD Storage
Jetpack Professional Included
Unlimited CDN
Priority Suppor

Related Article: 6+ Fastest Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers.

No matter what your website/ blog or store niche is about or the number of websites you have built, if you are looking for the industry-leading managed wordpress plans that’ll help your business to grow faster then dream press plans by Dreamhost is best all-around for you to run any type of website.

The best benefit of using dream press plans by Dreamhost is they offer a 100% uptime promise guarantee anytime upgrade and downgrade system server plans.

3. Dreamhost VPS Hosting Server Review

Dreamhost VPS  Hosting Server Review
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VPS (Virtual private servers) are always greater than shared hosting providers because you will get dedicated support, managed performance with security, and more features than the shared providers.

VPS hosting server is same like living in own home where shared servers is sharing one room with multiple partners that has no limitations, using VPS hosting plans almost many things are under your control.

Dreamhost managed VPS hosting comes with four different server tiers, the basic pricing plans come with the pricing of $10/per month with yearly, monthly and three year contract terms.

All VPS plans are managed so won’t have to worry about servers issue, all things will be handled by the support and operational teams at dreamhost.

dreamhost vps plans pricing
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VPS BasicVPS BusinessVPS ProfessionalVPS Enterprise
Unlimited Websites
1 GB Ram
30 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Websites
2 GB Ram
60 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Websites
4 GB Ram
120 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Websites
8 GB Ram
240 GB SSD Storage

With their all plans you can choose from two: Apache or Nginx servers:

  • Unlimited 24/7 Support
  • VPS Control Panel
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • Scalable RAM
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL/TLS Certificate
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Unique IPv4 and IPv6
  • One-Click Application Installer

4. Dreamhost Dedicated Hosting Server Review

Need something more powerful than VPS and other servers? If you want your website or applications to run with full smooth performance and speed with automating without installing any third-party scripts to boost serves then, You are welcome with dedicated server plans by Dreamhost.

The dedicated hosting plans are more premium in pricing but come with customizable options because they use lots of powerful Extreme Performance software powered by Intel Xeon processor plus 2N+2 power redundancy.

dreamhost dedicated server pricing
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The best part about this plans is their pricing are budget friendly and flexible and what you pay, you will get it for sure.

All plans comes with the following features:

  •  24×7 DDoS protection
  • HDD or SSD hard drives for lightning-fast loading times.
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • RAID 1 Storage
  • 24×7 Tech Support & Server Monitoring
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Expert Support
  • Full root & shell access (SSH) for maximum control.
  • Advanced, Easy-to-Use Panel

Pricing rates starts from $149/per month to $279/per month with annual contract length.

dreamhost dedicated hosting features
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PlanCoresRAMStorageMonthly Price
Standard 4Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread4 GB1 TB HDD$149.00/mo
Standard 8Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread8 GB1 TB HDD$189.00/mo
Standard 16Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread16 GB1 TB HDD$229.00/mo
Enhanced 16Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread16 GB2 TB HDD$279.00/mo
Enhanced 32Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread32 GB2 TB HDD$329.00/mo
Enhanced 64Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread64 GB2 TB HDD$379.00/mo
Enhanced SSD 16Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread16 GB240 GB SSD$279.00/mo
Enhanced SSD 32Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread32 GB240 GB SSD$329.00/mo
Enhanced SSD 64Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread64 GB240 GB SSD$379.00/mo

5. Dreamhost Cloud Server Review

Dreamhost cloud server are very developer friendly where you not only can host website, wordpress website but also If you have any startup project related to online, SAAS products, startup websites, mobile applications, and searching for the industry best cloud hosting then Dreamhost is the one I recommended for you #1.

I have ranked Dreamhost cloud server as one of the best hostings for developers, startup sites, and affordable cloud hosting plan providers.

Cloud is the best \way to make your website content load faster than shared and managed to host providers’ plans. Without cloud-hosting, you even dont need to have CDN (Content Distribution Network).

Some great eye features you can get with cloud hosting provider by dreamhost:

  • Pricing Plans: $4.50/ Month
  • Go Live in less than 60 seconds
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 clock support
  • SSD Cloud servers+ Storage
  • Full Root and Full Control
  • Use the DevOps tools you love
  • Easy to use ( Dreamhost panel)
  • Several data centers

Cloud hosting comes in costly pricing than shared hosting. No, every cheaper cloud hosting plan is well optimized and tailored specifically towards cloud hosting for websites.

When one servers fails to load, another automatically gets connected and helps a website not get down and improve performance smooth.

Dreamhost cheapest plans come with the pricing of $4.50/ per month in hourly rate: $0.0075 per hour

dreamhost pricing
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  • 512 MB of RAM Server — $0.0075 per hour/ Ideal for Tinkering (maximum $4.50 per month)
  • 2 GB of RAM Server — $0.02 per hour/ Ideal for Websites/ (maximum $12 per month)
  • 8 GB of RAM Server — $0.08 per hour/ Ideal for Databases/ (max $48 per month)

Dreamhost cloud servers storage is built-in SSD cloud server that enables you to run applications, wordpress websites, etc on the Linux OS based on your choice and also supports APIs.

dreamhost  cloud server pricing
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The best benefit part with Dreamhost you can Full root access to let you control your own cloud servers where you only have to pay for the resources your site uses per hour a also when you signup you will no be billed for starting days you are only billed for monthly usage.

DreamHost User Experience

In this section of our best dreamhost review, i am going to share with you real experience after using dreamhost for a couple of eights and it took me close to nine months to write perfect Dreamhost Review.

DreamHost Promo Codes & Coupons Live 2021 [92%Discount]
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From purchasing their plans to signing up with Dreamhost provider is very simple forward and does-not take more than 3 minutes to get started.

Between the process you can choose between monthly, yearly and three yearly contracts terms.In that same checkout page you can also register your domain for free without costing.

Dreamhost: Speed Testing Results

dreamhost speed testing
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  • Minimum Loading Speed: 0.32 seconds
  • Maximum Loading Speed: 0.40 seconds

DreamHost Pricing, Hosting Plans Quick Facts

Dreamhost has three shared hosting tiers. Here are the costs and highlights we have already covered above and now in short converting into lists.

  • Domain: Free domain name on each plans
  • Ease of Signup: Very easy, beginner friendly one-page sign-up process.
  • Money-Back: 97-days moneyback guarantee.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card/ Cheque/ Paypal/ Check or money transfer.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Renewal rates are lower.
  • Account Activation: Quick account activation after successfully payment
  • Control Panel and Dashboard: Custom d-panel
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Quick and easy install of popular apps and CMSs using Softaculous with 600+ scripts

What Others are speaking about DreamHost?

Dreamhost has 100% positive satisfaction reviews from real users in social media like facebook and other reviews platforms. This web hosting provider is widely used by more than 2.1Million customers around the globe.

I have collected some reviews from open internet source to go:

Dreamhost Reviews On Trust Pilot

Best DreamHost Review 2021: My Personal 9Test To Love/ Hate Surprising Truth!
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Dreamhost has got 4.7 rating out of 5 according to trustpilot by more than 1,694. In today date almost close to 2k customers are both happy and un happy with their features and pricing model.

Here are some screenshot of dreamhost happy as well as un happy customers sharing their reviews on trustpilot platform:

Best DreamHost Review 2021: My Personal 9Test To Love/ Hate Surprising Truth!
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Best DreamHost Review 2021: My Personal 9Test To Love/ Hate Surprising Truth!
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Best DreamHost Review 2021: My Personal 9Test To Love/ Hate Surprising Truth!
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FAQs: Related To DreamHost Review 2021

What is DreamHost Provider?

Dreamhost is a web hosting provider and domain name registrar, this host provider is also widely famous for its affordable pricing plans with top features with the tag “Cost-effective wordpress Endorsed hosting provider”.

In 1996, three undergraduate students launched Dreamhost at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. It was registered in 1997 officially by Michael Rodriguez.

What is the Starting Pricing of DreamHost Hosting?

Dreamhost cheap pricing comes with the pricing of $2.95/per month which is entire built on their shared servers and comes with 67% discount with monthly, yearly and three years contract terms.

Does Dreamhost Offers Free Doman Name?

Yes “Dreamhost offers free domain name with their all plans”.

Do I Recommend DreamHost?

I highly recommend dreamhost and my answer will be always yes until i am alive, i have wrote more than 120+ hosting articles and i have listed dreamhost always in top because of their such features and other factors.

No list any best web hosting provider can be craft and publish without inlcuding dreamhost provider,

Dreamhost has delivered solid uptime,pricing model, money back promise and thanks to their free website builder and jet pack for wordpress users including SSL are which worth of more than the hosting plans.

Dreamhost has been always transparent with their pricing and renewal rates and so-on.

So what are your thoughts about the detailed Dreamhost hosting review? Did you like our today dreamhost honest review?

 Have you used Dreamhost before? I highly please consider leaving a review below — good or bad — doesn’t really matter as long it’s helpful to our readers. Thanks for your great support.

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