WPX Hosting Review 2023: Why They’re A “Decent” WP Choice

If you have $20/month to spend on hosting, WPX should be on your first radar. If you are searching for a faster, more secure, and all your focus is on speed and support then WPX is the best choice and much-user friendly and has the world 30-second average response feedback from their experts.

WPX hosting can handle unlimited traffic with all plans they offer for their managed wordpress hosting customers. Having a fast Wordpress hosting provider is vital to your online business. No matter what kind of website is built, from e-commerce stores to blogging and product review websites, etc, your site will be 101% benefit with quick loading times.

We have migrated from Dreamhost to WPX a couple of months back since our traffic started to grown we migrated our entire server to wpx hosting plans. We were really surprised with their performance and speed and much their customer support.

In today’s honest WPX Hosting Review 2023, you will learn almost many things about WPX hosting providers from its speed testing to pros, cons, and comparison and its alternatives. You will also get a flat 25% discount on WPX using our review link.

So without further ado… Jump right into the WPX hosting review 2023 lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

What is WPX Hosting: Is It Worth Your Money?

WPX is one of the best-managed wordpress hosting providers especially built for high traffic and wordpress hosting users officially born in 2013. It does not mean an owner with a small website cannot be hosted in wpx. The contact word of high traffic means each plan can handle unlimited traffic visitors.

We also found on our today’s honest WPX review this managed wordpress provider WPX is widely used by owners with premium websites who have $20/per month to spend. At the end of this article, you will also get a flat 25% off ON WPX hosting which will make the costing to $12/m rather than paying $20 using our discount link.

That’s the short introduction to wpx. “Every article is unique and every article has a story”.

One of our main reason to write this WPX Wordpress Hosting Review is that we had a small bad experience with our site Dreamhost provider. The issue is very simple after our website starts getting lots of traffic Dreamhost Wordpress plans just cannot handle our servers and goes daily 20-40 mins site downtime every day.

We did a lot of testing contacted their support system they gave to us some codes but that also didn’t work. Here’s the screenshot of the reply from their teams.

sokcetime out hosting
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Since DreamHost offers unlimited website domains we have hosted two of our featured projects one on pocketlinko.com and another hamrolinko.com these sites have great traffic.

While pocketlinko was good but our other project website daily goes life and we have seen a massive down in ranking so in close to Jan last we decided to host your entire projects IN WPX hosting provider.

Both websites are fully created on wordpress after doing heavy testing we finally migrated and we found WPX is super the best-managed wordpress hosting provider.

That’s when we realized the importance of having access to web hosting with faster technical hand-to-hand support. The first impression is the last impression that’s what wpx does with us. We never feel regret using the WPX hosting provider with our best decision.

More than pricing, WPX hosting aims and really focused on the high-speed hosting server and faster technical support directly from experts

Click here to start your wordpress website on WPX ( Apply POCKETLINKO Coupon to get flat two months hosting for free with yearly and 50% discount on the hosting plan of your choice for the very first month.

Let’s learn more about WPX hosting review 2023.

Best Features In WPX Hosting Provider💡

WPX hosting offers three different with all plans you can get the same features except storage and bandwidth.

Here are the best features in wpx hosting provider with screenshots:

wpx hosting testinomials
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WPX HOSTING sitemigration
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wp engine landing page
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  • Custom in built CDN
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guaranteed.
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free malware Scanning & Removal with their inbuilt scanning tool.
  • 100% Uptime Promise
  •  Unlimited SSLs
  • Manual Backups 
  •  1-Click WordPress Installations 
  • 30 Second Average Live Chat Response
  • 26 Global Edge Locations
  • PHP 7.X+
  • offers three data centers to choose from USA/ UK/ Australia 

Their all plans come with free WHOIS privacy, CDN with 30 days money back promise with in-depth caching and strong security, DDOS protection, application firewalls, spam protection with an inbuilt scanning tool.

As WPX Hosting offers managed Wordpress plans so you no longer need to take the tension of updating plugins, themes, security sites down, performance down, etc, all plans are managed which means everything almost will be fixed by auto by their hosting self auto technology and technical support staff.

WPX hosting offers three data centers to choose from USA/ UK/ Australia with free backup and a 99.95% Uptime Guarantee powered by malware Scanning & Removal with their inbuilt scanning tool.

honest wpx hosting reivew
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An Honest: WPX Hosting Review 2023

We found WPX hosting do-not offer a custom dashboard panel but the great part is their dashboard is also incredibly user-beginner friendly no need to check out one single guide to getting started with the WPX dashboard panel.

wpx hosting features free
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We have in chat a lot with wpx hosting teams and we found their average response time to reach their support and get instant reply took us less than 29s which is literally incredible.

If you really have $20/per month to afford from the core of the heart we highly recommend you to hose your entire websites and applications in wpx. No need to look for another hosting provider when you can afford such cash.

WPX Hosting Speed Testing Results

For the testing, we installed nothing we just have migrated our web hosting from Dreamhost to the wpx hosting provider. Before we had migrated our website we have shot the screenshot of the previous website loading speed with the DreamHost live result.

Here’s the result of our WPX hosting speed test after we migrated from Dreamhost to wpx in no time.

The page we tested is fully built with wordpress elementor page builder and it’s so incredible our website is still being load in fewer than 920ms.

WPX HOSTING SPEED TEST (Time to the first byte: 222MS)

WPX HOSTING speed test
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The testing is done right time while I wrote these words 🙂

Dreamhost SPEED TEST (Time to the first byte: 580 ms). You can see the testing for Dreamhost was done three months.

Dreamhost speed test
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Now you got the WPX hosting speed test with the live result; We found TTFB averaged around 222MS in the live test.

Guaranteed Fixed WPX For your site

Confused? Security is everything you know what. While were on Dreamhost they do not offer such features that wpx hosting to their all customers at no extra cost.

We always have the fear of losing website data and files because of bad people and we also used to get lots of security issues with Dreamhost. They are somehow really sucked with customers’ feedback and takes close to 30 minutes to get a reply for the very first time.

wpx fix for gurantee
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To the point: The great thing that makes wpx hosting different from another hosting provider as unique is they offer you a “fixed for you guarantee” which means if your sites get hacked and files are erased, the WPX experts team will fix the security issue and handle to you with full working site previously it used to be without additional cash.

There is always no risk of using the wpx hosting provider. They offer you excellent security features like daily malware scans, application firewalls, spam protection, WHOIS Privacy.

Free Unlimited WordPress Migrations Service

We really loved these features, if you hold more than one wordpress website or single, WPX Teams will migrate your entire server website for free with no single cost.

With all plans, you will get completely unlimited website migrations. So what does unlimited mean?

WPX basic plans offer five website domains to be hosted which means you can accept 5 migrations for one single account to get completed within 24 hours per site.

So on WPX hosting can host up to 35 website domains so which means again you can 35 completely free website migrations.

The website is migrated with no single downtime by experts in the hands and the best part is you will get live updates on how the process is going on.

Once the process is done your site will be fully optimized by wpx and runs with fully AWS infrastructure which makes the website load much faster than the old host.

30 Seconds Average Response Click 24/7 Support

One of the most element or crucial factors while choosing a web host provider is “customer support assistance”. If you don’t go with hosting that do-not offers clock support it is most likely going in the deaf house.

Also, you never know when the site gets issues such as downtime, loading issue, caching, browser, attacks, and wordpress inside errors, etc.

wpx 30 second response time
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As being said above wpx hosting offers clock supports. When you through their live chat you will get a reply in less than 30 seconds to let that sink in.

Strong Security guaranteed

WPX hosting provider offers free malware removal when the site gets hacked. While other hosting provider offers in paid prices and fact: WPX is the only one hosting provider that offer’s complete “Free Malware Removal” Service.

Site containts malware 1
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You can clearly see the above kind of website, they are for most of the reasons are hacked. When sites get such issues your website ranking will go down instantly in 24 hours.

So using the WPX Hosting provider, you’ll not get such issues. It really sounds good they offer free malware removal when your site gets hacked.

The best part is you shouldn’t get such issues because they DDoS protection, spam protection, firewalls, WHOIS Privacy. We have written 120+ hosting articles and we really don’t know who offers free malware removal.

Many developers charge per hour or per work to get that work done in the freelance marketplace. Thanks to the WPX hosting provider.

Apache servers for faster Performance & Load times

WPX hosting recently moved from Apache to LiteSpeed which will improve your website performance and load time 5 x faster than those who are hosted in LiteServer.

LiteSpeed is far miles better and ahead of Apache when it comes to the performance load-time side. Since there are not any actual test results and that is true and that’s just a theory. but we have to agree WPX hosting really offers the best speed.

Powerful WPX Cloud CDN

WPX offers custom-built own CDN to all customers with more than 25+ data-center around the globe. CND helps your content to get load faster in different countries and locations.

A CDN is like having a great signal server near anyone when someone visits your website and helps load run your site faster and more efficiently. It’s like having the best internet connections range near your readers offered by far from miles locations.

That’s what CDN helps, for example, you are a writer who loves writing about Singapore and your website server is hosted in the USA than when people from the USA VISITS your website when you are not using CDN the site will find slower.

WPX hosting CDN
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While if you use WPX CDN no matter from where your site gets access to visits from any countries it will load with greater speed to each reader.

Again one plus point for WPX hosting readers they offer CDN totally for free while other hosting provider uses Cloudflare, StackPath or bunny CDN that’s good but they almost like using third-party applications.

WPX Hosting Data Centre Locations

Now you learned many things from our WPX hosting review. WPX hosting offers three data centers to choose from such as Chicago, London, and Sydney.

It has a total of 25+ data centers which we cover for both CND hosting locations which are great.

Free domain name WIth WHOIS privacy

WHOIS stands for who is that for internet service it is used to find out the information of a domain founder. With all plans, you can get free Whois Privacy. By using WHOis no one can ever know your identity who is the actual founder of the domain name.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

WPX hosting offers three plans for their wordpress customers:

  • Business($20.83/m): 5 domains/ 10 GB SSD Storage/ 100GB Bandwidth
  • Professional ($41.58/m): 15 websites/ 20GB SSD Storage/200GB
  • Elite($83.25.per month): 35 websites / 40 GBSSD Storage/ Unlimited Bandwidth

All plans are pre-optimized for wordpress and your websites will be fully hosted in cloud AWS Infrastrcuture. Also with all plans, you can get:

wpx hosting all plans feature
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Click here to save $198 on the ELITE hosting plan as well as on other hosting plans. Use our coupon code ( POCKETLINKO) to get a flat 50% discount on their all plans.

WPX Hosting’s plans prices are $20.83, $41.58, and $83.25/month if you go with yearly.

If you go with monthly then you get a discount using our coupon code and the table will help you to save the exact amount:

Plan NamesBusinessProfessionalElite
Websites Allowed5 Websites15 Websites35 Websites
Storage10 GB20 GB40 GB
Bandwidth100 GB200 GBUnlimited GB
WPX Cloud CDNIncludedIncludedIncluded
Today’s Pricing$12USD/month$24USD/month$60USD/month

If you go with yearly plans you will get flat two months free hosting and along with a discount.

Click here to start your first or migrate your website to WPX and apply the POCKETLINKO coupon code to get 50% off for the first month on all plans.

WPX hosting all plans comes with 30 days money-back promise risk-free trial so you can try their service before committing fully.

WPX vs. Kinsta

We would choose WPX hosting provider because it has everything wordpress users need with the less expensive hosting option with faster loading time with no fuss.

We would choose kinsta if you want to have top model features that are actually built for high traffic wordpress websites and can deal with zero downtime with self-healing technology but are on a higher budget.

We have recently published WPX Hosting VS Kinsta full comparison on our site also shared live test performance and find out “Who’s Best”.

Click here to read WPX VS Kinsta✋.

WPX Hosting User Experience

In this section of our WPX Hosting review, we are going to share your real-time experience offered by the wpx hosting provider.

Signing up with a WPX hosting provider is very easy forward and anyone can get started with their checkout with no need for technical words.

If you get a problem while signing up with the wpx hosting provider their team will message you if you get any problem and they will help you to install your wordpress quickly and migrate it.

Between the process of you can choose between monthly and yearly plans. On the same page, you can also register your domain name personally but if you already have a domain name simply put the domain name and move forward to their checkout process.

What others are saying about WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting has lots of positive reviews from real users in social media like Facebook and other trusted review platform.

Here are some of the great reviews we collected from open-source trusted as a source to go for wpx hosting reviews:


WPX Hosting has got 4.9 stars out of 5 according to the Trustpilot platform by more than 1k+ users. Excellent review from a trusted platform.

wpx hosting trustpilot reviews
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wpx hostin customer reviews
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wpx customer feedback
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wpx trustpilot
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wpx hosting trustpilot reviews 1
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WPX Hosting has grabbed 5out 5 stars from the Facebook platform trusted real human to human platform. A decent hosting provider for your business with 100% customer SATISFACTION.

WPX hosting fb customer review
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wpx facebook reviews
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WPX hosting speed test GTmetrix Report
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WPX Hosting Review Conclusion

WPX hosting is the best and better choice when we compare it to kinsta, wp engine, Dreamhost and siteground, Bluehost, and other big brands. WPX hosting offers the industry’s fastest wordpress hosting provider to their all customers.

They currently serve more than a 60million page views every single month and the day by day the number increased by +

The pricing and the features are rare and dominating and unbeatable customer support, fastest servers, daily backups, free malware, and so on.

If you are searching for the best managed affordable hosting secure hosting provider that takes all your responsibility from site hacked to scans,

We highly recommend you should start your website with a WPX hosting provider, WIth just their basic plans you can host five websites, and looking at their basic pricing model it offers the best that no one else can offer with fully built on AWS infrastructure.

Click here to start using WPX hosting ( USE POCKETLINKO coupon code to save a 50% discount on their hosting plans for the first month.

So what are your thoughts about the detailed WPX hosting review? Did you like our today honest review?

Now we want to hear from you what are your thoughts? If you have any more single doubts and questions about the WPX hosting provider?
Let us know in the community comment section box.



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