5+ Best Windows Hosting Services 2021 [Cheap Friendly Plans]

Searching for the best windows hosting services for 2021? So finally you decided on serious web projects and hunting for industry-leading windows hosting plans that are budget-friendly comes with the best features.

I got covered up and evaluate all the industry’s top leading windows hosting providers to list out the best 8.

I found Linux web hosting and windows servers hosting are two halves of earth, There is a hugely significant difference and apart from it one costs less money. If you’re a developer and developer daily software and codes and mostly deals with SQL, ASP, MS or ASP.net windows hosting is perfect for you.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy Table of contents:

What is Windows Hosting? Why Choose Windows Host Severs?

In simple words: Windows hosting is web hosting that runs fully on windows operating system infrastructure. There are only a few web hosting providers offering windows hosting solutions.

If you are here searching for windows hosting for WordPress sites CMS platforms then let me tell you, you cannot host a WordPress site with windows hosting operating system.

It can be done but I do not recommend you to go with windows servers. WordPress runs in different engines and if you plan to go with windows then it might be difficult for you in terms of support.

Here are the following reasons why go with windows hosting plans than Linux and others:

  • Affordable: If we compare windows hosting with Linux, Linux comes with cheaper pricing but if you need good performance with the best engines then go with windows.
  • You no need to learn advanced languages and technical knowledge to get started with windows hosting
  • Regular updates scripts for faster and latest technologies
  • Best options for Windows-based coding and applications
  • Suitable for ASP, Visual Basics, .Net, and ASP.net friendly
  • Remote desktop access.

If you want to host a WordPress site, then choose the best WordPress hosting service. You can more than 100+ articles regarding hosting on our site. You can always use our search button.

Best windows hosting services
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Eight Best Windows hosting Services For 2021

  1. Hostgator: Best Unlimited Windows Server Hosting
  2. A2 Hosting: Best For Security
  3. DreamHost: Best For cheap Cloud Windows Hosting Plans
  4. CloudWays: Best managed cloud hosting
  5. Hostinger: Best premium windows server plans for flexibility

Hostgator one of the biggest name and brand in hosting industry offering the best hosting plans in cheap and affordable pricing.

Hostgator Windows hosting
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Hostgator is one of the #1 best windows hosting services offering the best windows servers features every developer must need with Plesk control panel, developer windows toolkit, free SSL certificate with 24/7 clock support.\

💎HostGator Key Features For Windows Hosting:

Hostgator offers 99.9% uptime promise for both network and hardware failure and the best benefit hostgor will give every credis for the each hosting downtime.

This windows hosting server contains lots of programming features for PHP, Python, ASP.NET, AJAX, and much more.

They offer the best cheap windows server pricing with lots of powerful admin tools with 45 days money back security promise.

They also offer free website builder, 4,500+ Free Website Templates, and much more.

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  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts
  • Programming Language: ASP, ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET 4.0, ASP.NET 4.5
  • System Management: Scheduled Tasks
  • Unlimited MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Access Databases
  • BlogEngine Hosting – Host your very own BlogEngine blog
  • 38 Free scripts can be instantly installed on your account with a few clicks
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel

The best part with hostgator windows hosting you can also install wordpress website with budget friendly pricing.

💸 HostGator Windows Server Pricing/ Month

Hostgator each windows hosting plans with comes with unlimited storage, email accounts with free SSL and Security Certificates.

The pricing range for hostgator shared windows costs $4.76/per month for its basic plans where you can host one domain with unlimited features.

hostgator windows pricing
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From our side hostgator won the title for the “best value for money” tag for windows hosting around the globe. You will also get 20% discount off on first initial payment which covers with 36 months plans.

A2 Hosting is our #2nd windows server web hosting offering better windows shared hosting plans with super-fast performance and reliability.

This windows server hosting comes with 20x faster turbo performance 24/7/365 clock supports.

a2 hosting windows hosting
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A2 Hosting offers unlimited transfers with full SSD storage solutions for hosting solutions for your website’s OS, databases. If you are already using another hosting provider and searching for a host offering free migrations service.

Than you can go with a2 hosting .

A2 hosting offers an anytime money-back promise which makes it easy to try another window hosting from our sharing list.

5+ Best Windows Hosting Services 2021 [Cheap Friendly Plans]
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A2 hosting pricing plans come with shard and VPS windows were the cheapest plans with the pricing of $4.90/ per month with a 51% discount.

Just like most windows host providers, A2 hosting providers free SSL certificate with each windows hosting plans.

If you have ever read out another hosting article, you may know that dreamhost is one of our recommended hosting for every reader, No matter if you are very new to want to migrate your hosting Dreamhost is the perfect hosting solution.

Dreamhost is one of the few hosting officially recommended by the WordPress community and offers the best cloud windows server plans with unlimited features in budget-friendly pricing.

This hosting company was born in 1997, and now host more than 2M+ active domains and sites on their platform. Unlike other a2 hosting and Hostgator, dreamhost does not offer shard windows hosting plans, if you want to get started with dreamhost windows server, you can do so in their cloud platform with the best toolkits.

With the help of Dreamhost, you can cab deploy your windows applications in less than 60 seconds.

💸 DreamHost Windows Server Pricing/ Month

Being said DreamHost does not come with custom plans for windows but you can always go with their cloud computing which is same and offers the best features for developer and faster than Windows servers.

Dreamhost cheapest plans come with the pricing of $4.50/ per month in hourly rate: $0.0075 per hour.

dreamhost pricing
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  • 512 MB of RAM Server — $0.0075 per hour/ Ideal for Tinkering (maximum $4.50 per month)
  • 2 GB of RAM Server — $0.02 per hour/ Ideal for Websites/ (maximum $12 per month)
  • 8 GB of RAM Server — $0.08 per hour/ Ideal for Databases/ (max $48 per month)

With DreamHost, you also have the access to Full root access to let you control your own cloud servers where you only have to pay for the resources your site uses per hour a also when you signup you will no be billed for starting days you are only billed for monthly usage.

  • Pricing Plans: $4.50/ Month
  • Go Live in less than 60 seconds
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 clock support
  • SSD Cloud servers+ Storage
  • Full Root and Full Control
  • Use the DevOps tools you love
  • Easy to use ( Dreamhost panel)
  • Several data centers

With just small pricing they offer SSD storage servers where you can get 80GB SSD Space with 100GB block storage without costing extra,

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An excellent choice and most recommended hosting for developers to develop any applications for any platforms with the best performance, full root access.

4. Cloudways: Managed Hosting Providers

Cloudways is so far by the best-managed cloud hosting windows servers. Cloudways is so far by the best managed cheap cloud hosting providers in the industry.

The best benefit part of using cloudways you only have to pay for the resources your website’s consumer per hour.

With cloudways you host your website in the five most popular cloud hosting provider in budget-friendly pricing:

CloudWays Server
Digital OceanVULTR
Google Cloud

With cloudways you don’t have to deal with any problems regarding technical stuff because cloudways offers 96+ best features with each server. You will get features such as security to caching, fast performance, CDN which will help your website more secure and runs faster.

💸 CloudWays Cloud Hosting Pricing/ Month

The pricing depends on the server from any five you choose depending on one the size of the storage, bandwidth you choose. When it comes to the cheapest cloud hosting with cloud ways the server will cost $10/ per month.

CloudWays ServerMonthly Pricing
Digital Ocean$10/M
VULTR$ 11 /mo
AWS$ 36.51 /mo
Google Cloud$ 33.18 /mo

Each plan comes with a monthly paying system price based on the server you choose because you will be charged hourly based based on the resources your website consumes.

 We are officially partnered with cloudways hosting o give an exclusive discount for our pocketlinko readers.

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  • Starts at $10/ per month
  • Managed cloud hosting
  • No Long term commitments  ( hourly billing)
  • Go Live in Minutes
  • Add Free Team Members
  • Automatic Backups and free SSL
  • Servers with up to 384 GB RAM
  • One-click clone and stagging website
  • Free migrations
  • Free CloudWays Inbuilt CDN

Do you know? Cloudways offers 65+ data centres for many different countries with live clock support 24/7/365 local language backed by all three methods phone, live chat, ticket, and emails.

cloudways discount promo
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You can use our coupon code: ( POCKETLINKO) to get free $30 credits with a 15% discount for the first month’s invoice.

5. Hostinger: Managed Hosting Providers

5+ Best Windows Hosting Services 2021 [Cheap Friendly Plans]
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Do not get panic! You might be thinking why hostinger windows plans are costly than other a2 hosting, cloudways, DreamHost. It’s because other hosting offers shared and cloud where hostinger offers VPS windows hosting plans.

If you are here searching for a powerful windows hosting server then you can go with hosting VPS plans with 30 days flat money-back promise.

This windows hosting uses high level fast backups servers which allows you to restore and backups your files faster with one click. You also have the access to full root from security to panels with Dedicated IP with IPv6.

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Hostinger do-not uses Plesk control for their windows server panel because they have built their own custom control panel with easy to use panel from where you can control each part of site element.

This is the panel where you can manage and control everything from domains, security, billing and emails.

hostinger-windows pricing
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Hostinger cheapest plans comes with the pricing of $26/per month where you can get 2GB RAM with 50GB SSD storage with 4TB bandwidth with 4 cores.

Each plans comes with dedicated IP addresses on all of its VPS Windows server plans.

Best Windows Server Web Hosting 2021

  1. Hostgator: Best Unlimited Windows Server Hosting
  2. A2 Hosting: Best For Security
  3. DreamHost: Best For cheap Cloud Windows Hosting Plans
  4. CloudWays: Best managed cloud hosting
  5. Hostinger: Best premium windows server plans for flexibility

There are no clear winners. Each windows server web hosting is the best in the right options depending on your needs and pricing. If you have a high budget then you can go with HOSTINGER where if you have a budget-friendly amount to spend then you can go with Hostgator or Dreamhost.

If you want the best scalability features and more development tools from scratch and want to develop your own applications, custom coding sites, products anything it clouds be then DreamHost’s DreamCompute is the best option no doubt! at all.

And if you are searching for the best-shared windows servers then you can go with Hostgator worth to buy.

For the best cloud windows server, you can go always with go with cloudways without questioning anymore.

Final Notes

Thank you for reading our today’s article and I hope this article helped you out in any means to find out the industry best windows hosting servers from cheap to premium plans hosting plans in today’s market.

Now I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the list of the best windows hosting companies?


Have used any of this hosting🤔 ? Share your picks with our community in the comment section!

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