7 Best Windows Hosting Services 2023 (Fast and Reliable)

Windows hosting is crucial for running Microsoft products on your website.

You have to rely on this platform to run several apps that Linux servers can’t support and you need this specificity to run software like Sharepoint, Node.js, or IIS which don’t usually function as they should on Linux platforms.

Are you looking for the best Windows hosting for your ASP.NET websites? While searching for the best windows hosting services for 2021,

You need to consider what is actually going to work best for your website’s hosting plans.

You will want a company that is trustworthy, reliable and has excellent customer support as most of your problems may emerge from the interactions with your site’s visitors.

Windows hosting has been around for quite some time and it’s what most website owners prefer, as it is easy to use and configure.

A great web hosting provider with clean and reliable windows hosting plans is crucial for any webmaster, who wants to make his/her website stand out.

But finding the most suitable windows hosting provider is a real challenge, especially when you look for budget-friendly but reliable windows hosting.

Choosing the best windows hosting service provider can be a challenge now that there are so many choices available.

It’s quite often that you can’t seem to find the right one that ticks the right boxes for your business website. However, you also need to keep in mind that you need to stay within your budget.

Windows Hosting comes with lots of services. It’s great for downloading and running software packages that are supported on the Windows platform. Even though you can get some free hosting services that are based on the Windows platform,

It’s better to go for paid hosting plans. If you want to host your website on a Windows server, then you need to make sure that you’ll get a good service from the best Windows hosting providers.

To take the strain off, Study these reviews on the best Windows hosting providers in 2023 to know what you’re looking for.

Our goal is to help you find exactly what you need and make it as easy as possible for you.

We’ll spend some time talking about each option, and also examine the price, technical specs, and support system for each one me.

You can discover the most crucial topics when you open up this table of contents:

What is Windows Hosting? Is it Good for WordPress Websites?

Windows hosting is the process of hosting a website on a Windows server. Windows hosting services are known for their speed and reliability,

As the Windows platform has been tried and tested for over 30 years. Most Windows hosting providers focus on providing excellent customer service and will have staff on hand 24 hours a day to handle any issues that you may encounter.

Windows hosting refers to hosting of a website on a server running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Though Linux is the most widely used operating system for web hosting,

Windows hosting is popular due to the widespread use of Microsoft Windows based operating systems by users.

Windows hosting is ideal for users who have websites developed in framework of Microsoft Windows based applications.

Windows hosting is popular in the U.S. and other English speaking countries. In countries like the UK, Windows hosting account is offered by most web hosting providers.

If you’re searching for Windows hosting for WordPress, there are more secure options than using a Windows operating system.

Servers running the Windows OS should only be used in specific cases where support is not crucial because,

When you have a wordpress site dealing with big traffic then the response time will vary and there will never be jitter.

Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting: Which is suitable for wordpress website?

Linux hosting is considered better than Windows hosting when it comes to managing WordPress because of the flexibility and vast options it offers.

For example, if you decide to switch the web host, then you can easily do that with Linux hosting, unlike Windows hosting. Also, it is easier to install the WordPress plugins and themes on Linux hosting.

Then, you do not have to worry about any downtime because Linux hosting is more reliable than Windows hosting.

Here we come with the comparison between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting:

  • Windows Hosting is appropriate for you if you are new to CMS and its management. You are hosting a simple website.
  • The disadvantage is that your websites won’t be able to run PHP and MySQL. If you wish to run WordPress, or any other script or PHP website, then Linux hosting is the ideal solution for you.
  • Linux Hosting is appropriate for you if you are an expert in managing your website and can handle any kind of script and PHP website.
  • Linux Hosting has a dedicated server. So you can host any website you want under this hosting plan.
  • Linux hosting is generally a cheaper option than windows hosting for web and server hosting.
  • Setting up WordPress is different on Windows, Linux and macOS. While all versions of WordPress are open-source software, specific versions may have more features available to users depending on the operating system they are using.
  • The most popular control panel for Linux hosting is cPanel, whereas the most popular control panel for Windows hosting is Plesk.

Nowadays you can find plenty of set up tutorials for WordPress. But, you might be either a Linux user or you’d prefer to encounter your favorite web hosting software and not Windows.

If that is so, then go for Linux-hosted WordPress and it will definitely be a much better choice when it comes to performance levels.

Most WordPress hosting services that you select online will be optimized towards websites built on Linux.

It’s because WordPress works best when it runs on this operating system. Plus, performance-wise, Linux is superior to Windows in most cases.

The Best Windows Hosting Providers available Now for 2023

Are you ready to see the bottom line? Take a look at this list of best windows hosting providers I have tracked down for your business because they have been tried and tested just like I have.

They’re affordable, acclaimed windows hosting packages services that will help you gain ample profit:

  1. Hostgator — Best Unlimited Windows Hosting Provider
  2. Godaddy Best Windows Hosting for Bundle Plans
  3. Interserver — Best Windows Hosting for Reliability & Speed
  4. VULTR — Best Customizable Windows Hosting Provider
  5. Hostinger — Best Affordable Windows Hosting Plans
  6. IONOS — Best Windows Hosting Provider for Beginners
  7. Accu Web Hosting — Best Windows Hosting For Small Business

Reviews of the best windows hosting services

Best Windows Hosting Provider
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1. HostGator

Hostgator windows hosting
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HostGator is an award-winning web hosting service provider that offers a range of options when it comes to hosting your website. There’s something for everyone at HostGator,

From those who want to build their own sites to those who’ve already created one and are looking for a simple way to get it up and running on the web;

Yet all of the features are there for those who want them. HostGator’s got you covered!

HostGator has excellent Windows hosting plans, because Windows is one of the best server-side programming environments around. What else does Hostgator windows hosting plan it have?

Plesk control panel, powerful admin tools and free SSL certificate. Also, HostGator’s 24/7 award-winning support will comprehensively guide you to get your site running as soon as possible.

What great Windows shared hosting packages does HostGator offer specifically? It starts at $4.76 per month and allows you to host up to 5 domain names.

HostGator.com offers the best of both worlds: the affordability of shared hosting together with the power and convenience of dedicated servers. In fact, HostGator imposes few restrictions on subscribers, even at its highest tier.

With Hostgator, who specialize in Windows hosting solutions, you can host your ASP.NET website using a Windows server.

Their Windows Hosting service provides powerful admin tools, like Password Protected Directories and Web Based File Manager.


Hostgator windows hosting features
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Hostgator offers 99.9% uptime guarantee and committed to improving their services based on user suggestions. Hostgator provides the best windows server solution for your hosting needs.

It’s a powerful server designed for programming with languages like PHP, Python, ASP.NET, AJAX, etc. They also provide free website builder templates and over 4500 free website templates to help you to create your site easily in just seconds!

HostGator provides a free SSL security certificate for both its Windows and Linux hosting packages. This website security certificate creates an encrypted channel between your website and the server.

Use of this free security feature is trivial to implement and will make sure that you are in business while eliminating any fear you may have had concerning the exposure of your site when conducting business over the internet.

Additionally, HostGator offers not only one but two kinds of website security certificates. The first is the free SSL certificate that allows its Windows hosting customers to encrypt their website connections,

And the second is a $9.95 certificate that’s good in perpetuity – both of which can be used to protect your website.

Besides, it has a 24/7/365 server monitoring and back-up service to make sure your Windows server stays online without any issue.

HostGator ensures you never have to experience downtime. With multiple layers of technology as well as a non-stop server monitoring system, there’s no way you can possibly have problems with your website anymore.

HostGator keeps all the information on your website and database up-to-date. If there’s ever an emergency with our server or any outage that threatens your data, they’ll restore it back to the correct point in time within 24 hours.

So you can concentrate on what really matters instead of scrambling and panicking because we all know how daunting it is trying to get everything back into place if something unexpected like this were to happen.

You can get in touch with the HostGator team by a number of channels including live chat and phone.

The HostGator support portal contains 680+ articles providing help for issues you might be facing. The portal also has 500+ tutorial videos. Here, you can learn and fix the issues yourself.

HostGator provides its users with many other benefits that make the control panel user friendly. Such benefits include unlimited email accounts, autoresponders, and SpamAssassin to prevent spam from getting through into your inbox.

Another powerful feature is the Plesk Control Panel because it allows you to install applications such as Instant Shopping Carts, AWStats and more.


Hostgator windows hosting pricing
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HostGator offers two different types of Windows web hosting packages: the Personal Plan and the Business Plan. The Personal plan costs $4.76 per month and lets you host a single domain.

In this package, you get unmetered bandwidth and unmetered disk space for your websites.

The Positive SSL™ lets your domain stand out from unsecured connections and gives you a content boost. You’re also instantly exposed to more trusted search results, boosting your brand’s online reputation.

Five domains are all you get with the Enterprise Plan. It costs $14.36 per month and provides a free dedicated IP address. You benefit from privacy protection by using Positive SSL, which is included in the monthly cost of the Enterprise Plan.

Hostgator has the most dedicated support team of any web hosting company we have reviewed.

From our side, that’s what makes them more appealing, as often times there is something we do not understand when it comes to changing a website,

URL address or any other technical issue we have and Hostgator always does it with a smile on their faces and are never in a rush.

Hostgator won the title of “best value for money” around the globe. You will also get 20% off your first initial payment with their 36-month plan.

2. Godaddy

Godaddy Windows Hosting
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GoDaddy allows you to have your pie and eat it too! So whether you’re looking for a place to build your website or need to register a domain, GoDaddy has the perfect solution.

Choose from a variety of Windows hosting packages and enjoy great features like unmetered bandwidth.

As one of the oldest and most established companies in the internet industry,

They’ve been providing online solutions to businesses which include SEO friendly website templates and online marketing tools that help build your online presence to grow your business.

GoDaddy’s Windows Hosting service is a great option for ASP.NET, ASP., .Net Core, and SQL Server users. They offer industry-leading performance, load time, and a guaranteed 99.99% of uptime!


Godaddy Windows Hosting features
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The GoDaddy Windows hosting service is engineered to provide security against the most dangerous forms of cyber threats.

Like a firewall stops thieves from breaking into your private home, the monitoring facility employed by GoDaddy stops hackers from harming your site.

Not only do you get free domain hosting with GoDaddy, you also benefit from 24/7 security monitoring as well as premium security tools to help protect your website against hackers who might be attempting to access your site.

GoDaddy provides a way to protect against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks,

Which is an attack in which hackers send large amounts of traffic to your website or business in order to slow it down and disrupt users from getting the service they need.

They can deflect the stress that is caused by hackers who are trying to slow down your response time with bogus traffic flooding.

As the world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy provides expert hosting support that is available 24 hours throughout the year on their 24/7 customer hotline and,

A plethora of community forums with in-depth articles and detailed tutorials to help users of all levels share knowledge and get answers from experienced tech professionals.

GoDaddy offers an optional backup service that allows you to protect your data in the event of a server crash or other accidents that could delete your files.

Backups are taken every day and are saved online for an equivalent of USD $2.99 per month with additional storage space ranging from 50GB – 1TB.


Godaddy Windows Hosting pricing
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GoDaddy provides three different packages for your hosting needs. The Economy package offers a lot of space for its price.

In addition, you get a basic website with 100 GB of storage space, 10 MySQL databases (each with 1GB of storage),

And you can also host up to ten different domains as well with this package. This particular plan costs $5.99 per month.

The Deluxe package offers the best possible value among our three packages. You can host an unlimited number of sites, get unlimited storage, and bandwidth is also unlimited. The cost of this plan is SG $7.99 per month.

Finally, the most powerful and secure Ultimate plan is for $12.99 per month with all included features from the previous packages.

Additionally, you get unlimited FTP users and premium DNS domains. To make sure your website is safe, you’ll also receive a free SSL certificate valid for 12 months.

3. interserver

Interserver Windows Hosting
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Interserver is an all-inclusive web hosting provider that offers a wide variety of services to add the features you need to grow your website or business.

Their powerful offerings include free website migration, global content caching, SitePad website builder, and much more.

Interserver new Windows hosting service delivers fast and reliable hosting in a cloud environment.

It offers an ASP.NET web hosting platform that supports popular applications like WordPress or Magento,

While only using 50% capacity across Windows servers as redundancy and reliability are important to us here at Hosting Service Inc.


Interserver Windows Hosting features
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Interserver provides all-inclusive hosting for your Windows server, meaning you can host all of your files, parts, and applications on one platform.

Additionally, its regular data backup service (which is a part of Interserver’s free Package) keeps all of your website files secure and up to date on a regular interval,

So that you’ll never have to worry about losing work due to system failure or other issues.

The website itself won’t be affected by hacks, malware or any other sort of threats.

A regular data backup service keeps copies of all your site’s files and folders in a secure location so that you don’t lose everything if something were to happen.

InterServer’s exceptional team is ready to help you whenever. You can rely on them any time during the 7 days a week throughout the year.

In fact, they offer different methods of reaching them such as e-mailing or chatting with their support staff via ticket system or live chat.

With Interserver’s expert hosting services, you have secure access to a remote Windows server. This allows you to make changes to critical files and your operating system.

You can also set up virtual private networks on your desktop or laptop, as well as install applications, software and change settings without having to walk over to the dedicated server console.

This feature enables you to work remotely if necessary for your business.


Interserver Windows Hosting pricing
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Windows ASP.NET Web hosting service is a reliable and effective way to get your site on the internet quickly and easily..When you want to host Windows applications,

You will get a stack solution. It costs $8 per month and supports up to 25 domains. Its features include RAID-10 storage, SSD caching servers, 10GB Cisco network, etc.

On the other hand, Windows VPS Hosting is available in numerous different packages. The starting price for a single-core with 2GB of memory, 30GB of solid state drive (SSD) storage, and 2TB of transfer is only $10.

As a user you can easily upgrade your package as desired to include more cores, more memory, or additional storage space using the slider control which allows you to adjust your specifications accordingly at any time.

You get to pick exactly what type of Microsoft windows web hosting you would like based upon how many cores you want (1 core through 7 or 8 cores),

How much memory you’d like between 2GB and 14GB depending on need, and whether or not you require additional storage space through up to 256 GB of SSD depending on your desired specifications. It’s easy!

4. Vultr

Vultr Windows Hosting
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Vultr is a company that provides you with the best cloud computing, dedicated servers and virtual machines, along with easy management of your entire server environment.

Moreover, it offers a wide variety of vultr coupons to use on their products or services and it won’t cost you much to use them, because they are just what you need if you are in need of high-performance cloud computing!

Vultr provides you with an excellent, hassle-free Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting service. You can get a free $100 credit by registering and deploying VPS services globally to your PC, laptop or Smartphone using this referral link.

The dashboard has easy-to-understand controls that setup and control your server seamlessly across different locations.


Vultr Windows Hosting features
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Vultr is a highly reliable hosting platform providing awesome service with decent customer support. They offer different types of security options including DDoS Mitigation included in the price of your server plan at an additional $10 per month.

The DDoS Mitigation service can protect you from an attack up to 10 Gbps. Vultr will track suspicious activity and provide you with analytical tools for this Service It also tracks malicious activity on your site and provides great analytics.

The support team at Vultr can be reached by filling out a contact form available on their website. This allows you to enter details such as your username, email address, and the domain,

(your hosting account name) you want to access before submitting the form and sending the message to the support team. If you’re already a Vultr customer, then you can also open a support ticket that gets added to a queue by filling out the form.

Also, one thing I would add is that the team has responded quickly to questions or ideas we’ve sent their way.

For example, in the Billing and Account category of FAQs, you get three types of questions, which are Billing Questions, Who Do I Call Questions?, and Freepoints Questions.

Vultr boasts 17 data centers in four different continents and the largest worldwide network, giving you the same level of Windows Hosting performance across any location.

This advantage is part of the company’s largest worldwide network.


Vultr Windows Hosting Pricing
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Vultr has two particular pricing strategies, categorized under Compute and High-Frequency Compute. There are seven custom virtualization suites with multiple features for both of these computing categories.

The Compute category has a lower Geekbench Score but mainly features higher CPU, storage space, memory and bandwidth along with a very wide price range that starts from $10 and goes up to $640 per month.

On the flip side, the High-Frequency Compute category has a lower cost. Its starting price is $6 per month and only goes up to $256 per month. The highest Geekbench score for this category is 24869, while that of the Compute category is 41675, you can also read our latest article on “VULTR coupon code for this month

5. Hostinger

Hostinger Windows Hosting
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Hostinger is a comprehensive way to manage website hosting accounts, which includes things like domain name registrations and SSL.

Hostinger’s platform easily integrates into WordPress so you can reap some of the benefits of the WP-LiteSpeed Cache integration and advanced optimization features.

Hostinger offers Windows VPS hosting, which is the popular among users on the market because it combines complete flexibility with reliability and speed.

It’s what makes people run web projects on Windows servers even if they have Linux-based sites but need more control over the server settings or if they are just looking for a change.

And you can choose any plan based on exactly how much storage and traffic your site requires: Basic, Pro, or Ultimate!

You can choose Hostinger virtual private server (VPS) plans with a 30-day refund guarantee.

Their VPS plans use high-quality fast server backups that restore and back up files faster than ever before. Customers have full root access to security as well as panels on dedicated IP with IPv6.


Hostinger windows features
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Hostinger does not use Plesk to administer their website. They have built a custom control panel where everything related to the site element can be managed and updated, from domains, speed, hosting and DNS Zone Files – as well as manage all email accounts and even set up online faxes.

Hostinger makes it affordable to secure your website with an SSL security certificate that protects your data, safeguards against threats and ensures the safe transfer of information between [insertyourwebsite].

Plus, you get this at a lifetime cost of $11.99 as opposed to paying each year – so it costs less overall.

There are a lot of ways for you to get in touch with Hostinger’s help team. For example, you can submit a ticket if you need to talk about something serious that may require tracking and follow up.

Or you can use their live chat service if the matter is less complicated or pressing by nature.

Hostinger Windows VPS Hosting comes with a number of safeguards established to prevent data loss. These include a system based on three levels of RAID (disk mirroring).

You get backups that save and restore data at all times, too. If you connect the server via cPanel (a popular control panel, used for managing web space), you will be able to administer your site in more detail .


hostinger-windows pricing
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Hostinger offers the finest Windows VPS Hosting solutions for your business needs. Hostinger Hosting offers four Windows VPS Hosting packages.

The first one costs $26 per month. In addition, you get 50GB of fast SSD storage space, 2GB RAM, 4TB bandwidth and other useful features.

The second plan offered, Windows VPS 2, has 4GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, 5TB bandwidth, 100GB SSD Storage and more.

The most popular package comes with a price of $62 per month and is quite a deal for all those interested in the enterprise-level virtualization platforms that are able to grow to any capacity(up to 16 CPUs).

Windows vps plans include Compute Cluster Virtualization among other enterprise services that can be provided by companies.

With Windows VPS 3, you will benefit from its 200GB SSD storage space. It costs $120 per month and includes the same CPU core as the previous plan in addition to a bandwidth of 6TB, memory of 8GB, and other features.

Additionally, Windows VPS 4 plan has 120GB of SSD storage, 7TB bandwidth, and 16GB RAM. Additionally, this plan features the same four CPU cores as our other plans. Its cost is $250 per month.

Starting up at 2GB, they can offer your site up to 16GB of memory. Each plan comes with 24/7 live chat support – another important feature for a company who wishes to have great relationship and communication with their clients.

You can also have unlimited hardware and SSD space, high-level enterprise data backup options, and a lot more if you pick the right plan. But if you’re not satisfied with the services within 30 days, you get your money back.

6. iONOS

IONOS Windows Hosting
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IONOS is a platform that allows you to simply set up your own online store so that your business can have its very own space on the internet, free of charge.

With this amazing platform, you’ll be able to solidify the brand of any small or mid-size businesses. It’s completely free and is easy to use – even if you don’t have any technical expertise!

You’ll enjoy the benefits of robust scalability, around-the-clock monitoring and a complete suite of features that meet your social media, SEO and promotional needs – all from one convenient place.

IONOS features the best and most reliable Windows hosting service. It comes with the latest server version and offers you a free domain with this package.

You can choose your free domain from over 220 extensions like .com, .us, .net, .org, .info or a more specialized extension like .online or [extension].

Many people think that selecting one’s free domain name is easy – but in fact it is not very straightforward because there are so many factors to consider like what your project name will be and making sure there aren’t any trademarks that may be used for malicious purposes.


IONOS Windows Hosting Features
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1&1 IONOS features their own special array of WordPress hosting services. Their Windows-focused hosting services come with 5 SQL databases limited to 1GB each, ASP.NET Ajax and 4.7, and MVC 3, 4, and

They also support a variety of functions such as Windows Server 2021, SSI (Server Side Includes) with dedicated app pools, and SQL import.

IONOS offers the latest in DDoS protection to protect your website from the likes of UDP and other more sophisticated entrypoints that are being thrown at websites on a regular basis in order to bring them down.

As well as offering you a choice of data centers, they ensure your data is stored safely in each one before being replicated to another center at least once per day.

This vital step helps avoid single points of failure because if one data center were ever compromised then your priceless WordPress-based site data would remain unaffected by it.

You receive 24/7 support from the expert customer service team. IONOS allows you to contact their support team by phone or via email.

In addition, It has a strong technical community that includes hosting experts as well as enthusiasts who are ready to provide help in whatever it is they feel comfortable tackling or answering questions on their platform – especially with the Chat button if they’re willing.

Are you having trouble deciding whether or not to have Windows hosting plans built by IONOS on your website?

A trusted consultant is willing to make an expert recommendation on exactly how much you’ll need. They provide a tailored approach that computes the necessary requirements for your business.


IONOS Windows Hosting Pricing
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The 1&1 IONOS subscription, starting at $5/month, has features that enable webmasters to reach their audience effectively.

First, there’s the free domain name and choice of SSL certificate, which help to boost security by encrypting sensitive information with a digital key that prevents unauthorized parties from reading or altering it.

With the 1&1 IONOS account, users also receive unlimited bandwidth, 100GB of storage space plus daily backups. There is also 24/7 email tech support service for those times when help is needed urgently.

IONOS provides the Pro plan for the cost of $1 per month for up to six months.

Thereafter, you will be required to pay $10 per month. It offers a total of 250GB storage space, 100 MSSQL databases, 100 email accounts and hosting capacity that supports up to five websites.

In addition, the expertise plan is for large organizations that are planning to create websites for up to 50 of their departments. Its price is $14 per month,

But for a limited time you can get it for just $1/month. It includes 500GB of storage per database, 500 MSSQL databases with full support (in case you should require assistance), and more.

7. Accu Web Hosting

Accu web hosting windows hosting
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Accu web hosting strives to offer the best web hosting packages. Each of its hosting packages has a set of features that best suits each particular need as they vary.

It offers four unique packages at affordable prices. The website uses a reliable, secure platform which provides cloud computing, web servers and virtual private servers.

The Windows hosting servers it provides have high efficiency and fast speed, so the website owners can get enough space on the servers to store their website data without worrying about it.

The VPS hosting system is powerful but yet easy to manage, and its applications run smoothly on the system.

Furthermore, if the server is down for any reason, it’s monitored 24/7 via a responsive support staff that responds within five minutes of a problem being reported – constantly maintaining 99.999% uptime SLA standards across all platforms and services..

Accu Web Hosting offers two Windows hosting options, Windows Web Hosting and Affordable Windows VPS.

The first one comes with regular backup servers at the Denver datacenter location and the second is an equally fast choice of solution with a lot more internal resources to work with making it ideal for more demanding customers.


Accu web hosting windows features
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Accu Web Hosting has a support team that consists of knowledgeable, helpful experts on hand to answer any questions you have and resolve any issues for you in a timely manner.

If you have any specific questions about the services they offer or have problems with your account, please feel free to call their toll-free phone number Mon – Sun from 12pm – 9pm PST.

Accu Web Hosting offers a variety of website backup solutions to suit each and every type of business and organization, depending on your needs.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established business, they can offer backup services and other SSL-based security solutions designed to fit the demands specific to your industry.


Accu web hosting windows pricing
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You get two hosting plans when you purchase Windows Web Hosting from this platform. The most basic plan provides cloud hosting and costs $5.09 per month.

A more powerful option is available for just $3.52 per month and enables your site to run on the 2016 server instead of cloud hosting with the first option above.

Additionally, for even cheaper hosting packages, you might consider our Windows Web Hosting. It comes with four different price plans from which to choose from and these prices are detailed below:

  • Classic VPS: $7.99 /mo
  • SSD VPS: $10.00 /mo
  • Cloud VPS: $17.99 /mo
  • Forex VPS: $15.00 /mo

How to Pick the Right Windows Hosting Providers?

Before you sign up for a Windows hosting plan, there are factors you should consider. Your Windows hosting plan is going to become your home for your website.

It is where your site files will be stored. So it is important to choose a Windows hosting company that is going to be able to handle the traffic that your website is going to generate.

You don’t want your website to be down all the time because your Windows hosting plan is not capable of handling the load of your site.

As a Windows hosting provider, you have to consider a lot more compared to a normal hosting.

It is a very difficult task to find the right Windows hosting provider, as these companies offer a wide range of services and have different pricing plans.

Besides, you have to also consider the server performance and support offered by a Windows hosting provider. You need to ensure that their server performance is perfect and that their technical support is always available for you.

Below are some of the factors you need to take a look and answer to the questions to find out the best windows hosting companies.

1. 🪟 Reliability of Windows Server

When you’re looking for a Windows server to host your website, it’s vital to make sure that your Windows server provides 100% uptime.

That way you can ensure that your server will be up at all times so as not to cause any problems or interruptions with your web clients.

You’ll also want to try and find a Windows hosting solution that is also both reliable and consistent when it comes to reboots.

This is because most Windows servers are prone to reboots on occasion – but they should not be frequent enough where they actually disrupt the normal running of the server or end up causing long term damage which could potentially lead to having some nasty repercussions on the performance of either your visitors or your site itself.

2. 🛡️ 100% Secure

Even though it may seem like a far-fetched possibility, it’s not impossible that your website will get hacked! When you’re using Windows hosting services or any other type of hosting service for that matter, what safety measures is your provider taking to safeguard their servers from potential hackers?

Some windows hosting providers have devised ways to keep their servers safe from DDoS attacks. These companies monitor network traffic streams 24/7 and can block these harmful requests before they can reach your web pages.

Hackers are always hunting for ways to hack databases that connect back to your Windows-based server. As a result, it is vital to seek out and discover those hosting providers that make it their business to guard against the sadistic methods like 24/7 network monitoring, extra DDoS protection, etc.

3. ✊ 24X7 Humans Support

You are bound to have a few problems when running your website. The good hosting companies feature around the clock customer support so if you encounter any issues you can contact them whenever, wherever and they will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

24/7 online support is key but what some companies neglect to provide is a system that allows their customer care teams to communicate with their customers in more than just one way.

4. 🔓 Compatibility With All Majors Applications and Software

Microsoft’s web host is driven by a Windows server and the majority of modern websites are powered by WordPress which is compatible with it. Microsoft offers some great online services on their Windows server that may be especially useful for your site or company.

But you must keep in mind that even though your website can run on its server, it only supports certain types of scripts or applications such as WordPress. The good news is that it can also run other software such as Oracle or Java too.


Windows servers work fantastic with all Microsoft applications. Also, it supports several other products that do not fall under this umbrella of Microsoft. Do you plan on using Windows servers with your website? If yes, you should contact your hosting provider to determine whether they support a particular script or software product.

FAQs: 💭 About Windows Hosting Providers

What is Windows Hosting?

Windows Hosting (HW) is a specific category of website hosting services that rely on the Windows Operating System. It is compatible with the many programs that run in Windows, such as MS SQL databases and MS Access. This type of web hosting supports both Windows apps and all the Microsoft workspace ones (such as MSSQL databases, MS Access, etc.).

What Kind of Hosting Can I Buy on a Windows Server?

A. Windows servers have everything you need to be able to host any type of web site on them. Some hosting packages available for businesses include:

Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting to name just a few. The Windows Reseller Hosting Package lets your business sell other companies the same kind of hosting services that you are offering.

When Should I Choose Windows Hosting Over Linux?

Some scenarios don’t work with Linux hosting that’s why Windows is always the best choice. For instance, you might be using an application that requires the .NET framework.

Only the Windows server supports the ASP.NET platform. Additionally, your website data may be stored in a Microsoft Access Database or even in a MS SQL database.

Lastly, Windows is necessary when working with Visual Basic (VB) programming language.

Do I Need Windows Hosting If I Use Windows On My Computer?

Unlike a computer, the type of operating system (OS) one uses on their website doesn’t affect it’s server. So if you need to know whether or not which operating system is supported by which web server, think instead about what applications are running on your site in terms of software installed. If they aren’t compatible with Linux servers, then Windows hosting is the only choice.

Which Windows Hosting Provider is Right For You?

When it comes to choosing a Windows web hosting provider for your business, we recommend one above other options.

Our recommendation comes with an A+ rating because of its many convenient features, such as RAID-10 storage and high availability. Interserver allows you to combine both Windows Web hosting and Windows VPS hosting plans. You can choose from a variety of pricing plans.

Final Words

Each host has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to choose a Windows server hosting plans that best fits your budget and needs. This way you can be sure not only will your website work well but it will be online and accessible at all times.

If you want to be able to use the best scalable features and develop your own applications, websites and products without any hassle whatsoever then Interserver is the way to go! Start using it now and you won’t regret it.

All the windows host providers mentioned above are top-notch and offer a wide range of options. Each has something special to offer, whether that’s their wonderful uptime, regular updates, innovative features or excellent support.

Below is a quick summary of the best windows providers for 2023 so that you can easily choose the best option for your needs:

  1. Hostgator — Best Unlimited Windows Hosting Provider
  2. Godaddy Best Windows Hosting for Bundle Plans
  3. Interserver — Best Windows Hosting for Reliability & Speed
  4. VULTR — Best Customizable Windows Hosting Provider
  5. Hostinger — Best Affordable Windows Hosting Plans
  6. IONOS — Best Windows Hosting Provider for Beginners
  7. Accu Web Hosting — Best Windows Hosting For Small Business

We are excited to see how your website projects are going! We hope you were able to find the best Windows hosting provider for your website project.

If you have any questions or comments about this blog post, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Don’t forget to let us know your recommended hosting provider that we missed in our blog. We hope to hear from you!

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