How To Buy Web Hosting From Hostinger 2023 | Full Beginner’s Guide

This is a complete guide to buy web hosting from hostinger in 2023 from scratch with an easy beginner guide to get started with one of the best affordable hosting providers around the globe with step-by-step screenshots.

So if you are looking to host your domain and website server in hostinger then,

You’ll love our guide, In this article, I will guide you through the steps for purchasing hosting and domains with hostinger along with a 90% flat discount exclusive for our readers.

Make yourself buy one cup of coffee with Starbucks and with that being said let me walk through our easy steps to get your website hosted in hostinger with no hustle and fun fact by the time you end your coffee cup empty! Your site will be fully hosted and active or live.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is the cheapest or affordable web hosting provider company around the hosting planet. They are widely famous for their cheap web hosting plans which start with the pricing of $0.99/per month with today’s 90% discount.

Their cheap web hosting provider is fully built on the shared hosting server and is widely used by first-time online businesses, bloggers, ecommerce owners, and founders who want to test their product online and run a business online without breaking the bank cash.

A great saving+ handcrafted web hosting provider for budget-friendly customers offering the best pricing model with suitable features that no one else providers with such pricing model.

All hosting plans they offer in their platform are very super cashless friendly and anyone with almost low cash can get their websites/ applications online.

6 Benefical Reason To Buy Web Hosting From Hostinger

Hostinger has more than 35M+ active customers from 185 plus countries while if we calculate the data, they generate almost 25,000 new signups per day which equals 3C new customers for every 10 seconds.

Here’s why we recommended using hostinger:

  • Cheaper Plans: Hostinger offers cheapest plans around the host globe with the starting pricing of $0.99/per month.
  • High Package domains: Except their basic plans you can host websites domains from 100- 300 per account without paying extra cash.
  • Free Credits: Hostinger offers free google ads credits which helps new online business owners to gain traffic from the very first week using their free google credits with no hustle.
  • Managed Wordpress: With paying jut cheaper pricing $0.99/m you can get managed wordpress hosting plans.
  • Free domains: Hostinger offers free domain on their medium plans which means for almost many plans you cannot have access to free domain name with basic plans.
  • Money back promise: Their all plans comes with 30 days money back Guarantee.

Some other excellent reasons to purchase your hosting from hostinger is they offer 24/7 clock support directly from experts based on the plans you choose. The words to explain if you choose wordpress plans then you will get clock support directly from wordpress experts and same applies for other plans.

Hostinger also offers custom CDN, a website builder with higher plans. Using our discount link you can get a 90% discount on their shared plans and 80% off on wordpress hosting plans including all other plans they offers.

How to Buy Hosting From Hostinger

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1. Go To

The first step to buy hosting and domains from hostinger is to visit the hostinger platform using our discount link. Once you click you land on their discount page with a 90% discount to continue the steps on buying your web hosting.

You’ll see a “Go for it” button. Click the button to get started with their discount plans to proceed to the next step in this how-to buy hosting from hostinger guide.

2. Pickup A Hosting Plan

Hostinger web hosting plans with discount
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You’ll now be on a page where you want to choose the hostinger plans that you will love to use and fit under your budget and pricing with the best features. You can see single, premium, and business shared hosting plans.

  • Single Shared – from $0.99 per month for a single website and one email account with 10000 visits/m.
  • Premium Shared – from $2.89 per month for unlimited websites and email accounts 25000 visits/m
  • Business Shared – from $3.99 per month for unlimited websites, daily backups, and improved performance with 10000o visits/

If you have only a plan to have one single website then you can go with single shared hosting but with that plans you cannot have a free domain name overall features models are great to go.

If you’d like to have 100 domains per account then you’ll want to go with both premium and Business shared hosting plans.

3. Choose Hosting Period

hostinger plans period
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You’ll be on a page where you want to select your hosting period. Hostinger offers four different plans period:

  • 1 Month: $9.99/per month
  • 12 Months: $2.99/per month with saving of 70% discount
  • 24 Months: $1.59/per month with 84% discount off
  • 48 Months: $0.99/per month with 90% discount.

Describe the purpose of the image(opens in a new tab)

Choose the hosting plan that fits with your current cash! The more upper plans period you choose the more discount.

With using our discount you get the same plans with discount:

Plans Name ( Shared)Before PricingToday Discount Plans
Hostinger 12 Months$84/ per year$35/ per year
Hostinger 24 Months$201/ per year$38/ per year
Hostinger 48 Months$432/ per year$47/ per year

4. Enter Account Information

hostinger account creation
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Now you have to create your account information or signup directly from three social media platforms to continue our how-to-buy hosting from hostinger guide.

5. Enter Payment Information

Hostinger payment modes
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The last step in our how-to-buy hosting from hostinger is to fill up your payment information. Hostinger offers four different payment modes credit cards, google pay, Paypal, and other lots of coin payments modes to get your hosting account activated.

Once you follow all our five steps congratulations, You have successfully purchased hosting from hostinger.

Now you will receive a welcome email with id and password in your mail from which you can log in into your hostinger dashboard.

The next step after your purchase of web hosting from hostinger is choosing a wordpress theme. Hostinger do-not offers free themes so you can install them from Wordpress. orf directly for free with no hustle.

wordpress.orf free themes
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When you install wordpress by default a theme will be installed to use other themes all you have to go to Appearance>themes to add new and remove the old themes. has tons of great free themes for your online business no matter what business site you are going to create you will get once your browse.

If you wish to create your website, then elementor can help you to build the exact website you want.

Elementor is a freemium drag and drop website builder widely famous and used by wordpress editors to build high-quality UI.ux websites design. They have over more than 5M+ active installations.

Click here to know more about elementor!

Final Words:

Hostinger is far by the best affordable cheapest web hosting provider we have found so far during our hosting result testing. A perfect top-notch hosting provider for beginners who are or want to test their products and starts websites online with zero risks.

While using our discount link the pricing becomes much cheaper. We hope you enjoyed our handcraft step-by-step guide on how to buy web hosting from hostinger with screenshots.

Now we want to hear from our readers: Did this article helped you to figure how to buy hosts from hostinger.

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