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Flywheel Black Friday Deal 2022 [4 Months Free + Exclusive Coupon]


Flywheel provides an effortless hosting experience with an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for you to manage sites, collaborate with coworkers and clients so that you can stay focused on growing your business.

If you’re looking for deals on flywheels, then black Friday is probably what you’ve landed upon right now. What sort of deals do they have in store for the coming year of 2022?

Flywheel black friday sale
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Flywheel has announced that they will be giving out 4 months of free web hosting on their managed Wordpress hosting annual plan during this 2022 blackfriday and cyber Monday deals for a very limited time.

That’s right: 4 months of free web hosting on managed wordpress plan during the 2022 Flywheel Black Friday 2022.

If you’re in a rush! Simply click here to activate the deal. If you want more information on Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals from Flywheel,

Stick to this article to learn everything about Flywheel offers and discounts during today’s black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Before making any commitments to use one’s service as a hosting provider.

(Let’s start with the first sentence…)

Offer Details: Flywheel Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sale 2022

Flywheel had a special offer for Black Friday of last year on its annual hosting price: free for three months. And this year, the company is offering flat four months of free hosting on the Wordpress plan.

Whether you’re a freelancer or agency of a different type of business,

Flywheel presents a powerful platform geared to help support customers and your projects more effectively and it has a plan that’s suited to your needs from planning all the way through execution.

Flywheel black friday deals 2021
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Don’t put off any longer – here’s Flywheel Black Friday 2022 offer details, get the deal today:

Deal: 4 Months Free Hosting on all of their annual plans (Tiny, Starter, Freelance, and Agency)

  • Tiny plans – $10/month (save $60)
  • Starter plans – $20/month (save $120)
  • Freelance plans – $76.67/month (save $460)
  • Agency plans – $193.33/month (save $1,160)

Flywheel Black Friday Coupon Code: CyberWeekend21

Flywheel Black Friday Pricing Plans Explained!

Flywheel black friday pricing
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Before I tell you how you can activate your flywheel for four months of free hosting, let me tell you about their pricing plans so you can make a better decision and choose a perfect plan without breaking the bank.

Flywheel is offering up to 4 months of free hosting on its annual plans! Use coupon code CyberWeekend21.

1. Tiny Plan

This is the ideal plan for smaller, simpler websites. This plan will allow you to host 1 WordPress site with up to 5000 monthly visits, 20GB disk space, and 100GB bandwidth.

2. Starter Plan

A starter plan is the most popular plan with single-site WordPress hosting. This platform can handle up to 25,000 monthly visits, 10 GB disk space, and 50 GB bandwidth.

3. Freelance Plan

This plan will allow you to host up to 10 sites, 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB disk space, and 200GB bandwidth.

4. Agency Plan

This is the most powerful plan for your next-level business. You can host up to 30 sites on our 500GB web hosting plan, which offers up to 5000 visits per month.

How to Activate Flywheel Black Friday (4 Months Free Host)?

Activating the Black Friday sale to achieve savings on Flywheel hosting is as simple as 123. You don’t have to go through a long process to secure free four months of free Hosting so you can also carry on with your day and not worry about it.

Step 1: Click on this special link to visit Flywheel’s official website and see pricing from the menu.

Flywheel black friday pricing
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Step 2: You can now choose from a range of plans that vary in accordance with the requirements for your website and its upkeep.

Step 3: Create a user account to spin up sites, move sites to Flywheel or try them free for 14 days! (Simply sign up using your Google account)

Step 4:Enter Billing Cycle and select your preferred payment method and simply checkout using your credit card or Paypal account add the coupon code (CyberWeekend21).

Flywheel black friday coupon code
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Happy Black Friday🎉! You’ve successfully grabbed this amazing Flywheel Black Friday promo code offer.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Flywheel Host?

“Some people prefer shared hosting instead of opting into managed WordPress hosting for a couple of reasons…”

However, if you want to expand the scope of your business, then doing everything single-handedly isn’t the right way. For this purpose, we recommend opting for a managed WordPress hosting service like Flywheel.

Or you can try out their inexpensive Flywheel Black Friday deals and get up to 4 months of free hosting on Annual Plans when you purchase an annual subscription.

Here are some of the great reasons why we recommend flywheel hosting for your business:

Flywheel features
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1. Local Development

Flywheel has got the solution you’ve been looking for. Liken it to a local WordPress development tool – A fuss-free way to develop WordPress locally, at no cost! Basically, stop debugging and start launching.

2. BluePrints

It’s important to save as many themes and plugins as you can as a custom configuration package so that if you want to build on it without having to start over from scratch.

3. Faster Deployment

By using Flywheel you can rapidly build WordPress websites. You might have heard that they have a Blueprint feature allowing users to package a starter kit of themes and plugins which you can use for new projects.

This not only saves you hours of time but gives you more time to create original, high-quality content rather than spending time copying and tweaking from what you did before.

4. Free Migration

Do you want us to move your website from the existing web hosting platform to Flywheel? The team will move all of your websites for free – no matter how many you have!

5. Agency Partners

With Flywheel’s exclusive agency partner program, you can have your very own dedicated account manager to help price services and structure your business so that you benefit from reselling hosting.

6. Global Availability

Flywheel has data centers in five regions across the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Belgium, and Australia.

While South Asia does not have an exit point to our network at this time it can still be reached by connecting through a nearby location that will then provide ultra-fast CDN-based page loading.

7. Reliable Managed Hosting

Get managed WordPress during Flywheel Black Friday deals and save money by offloading stress from server management, complying with security regulations, or dealing with technical abnormalities throughout the day.

8. Around the Clock Human Support

Whether you’re stuck somewhere or need help, our Flywheel support team is ready to lend you a hand. Chat with an expert WordPress advisor whenever you feel your problem or issue isn’t getting resolved.

FAQs: Related to Flywheel BlackFriday 2022

Below are some frequently asked questions about our Flywheel hosting service.

How Faster Flywheel servers are?

This cutting-edge hosting solution is powered by Google Cloud Platform and optimized for WordPress, along with an impressive list of options for making things run smoothly.

It also delivers cutting-edge caching technologies to help you create a stellar website, so fire away!’

How much does flywheel cost?

Flywheel’s pricing ranges from $15 per month for a Tiny plan, up to $290 per month for an Agency plan. Flywheel offers custom pricing for WordPress project management on projects with 100+ websites.

When is Flywheel Black Friday Sale 2021 go live?

Flywheel’s Black Friday Sale starts on November 27th and ends on December 4th at 11.59 PM CST, where you can get Hosting for 4 months free when purchasing annual plans during this period.

What does managed WordPress hosting mean?

Managed WordPress hosting is a solution created especially to help with large amounts of traffic and also provides infinite plugins for maximum optimization.

This managed server understands the ins and outs of WordPress and will ensure that your site runs as smoothly as possible without you having to do any additional tinkering.

What is the Flywheel refund policy?

All the plans on Flywheel are either monthly or annual. So there is no long-term contract and you can cancel at any time with repayment of unused months (no lock-in!).

Is Flywheel hosting worth it?

If you’re looking for a fast WordPress hosting solution, you can relax because Flywheel has got you covered!

Their affordable hosting features outstanding performance while their customer support is efficient and effective.

If you need all the above-mentioned qualities to go with your WordPress hosting plan, then Flywheel is an ideal choice for you!

Final Words

Flywheel is renowned for offering the best hosting that caters specifically to WordPress users! They have a variety of different packages available that are certain to suit customer needs. In addition,

They offer free SSL certificates, free migration services and have personalized support offered by WordPress experts.

I hope you love the ongoing Flywheel Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2022, make sure you don’t miss this discount deal on Flywheel.

That’s all about Flywheel Black Friday Sales 2022.

We hope you have found this information useful, and if you have any more questions about Flywheel or Black Friday, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment! I’d love to hear your input!

This is a limited-time offer. You must take advantage of this now or you will have to wait until next year’s Flywheel 2022 Black Friday sale.

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