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Kinsta Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2022: 60 Day Free Hosting

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Kinsta is one of the most admirable hosting companies within the WordPress market. They are certainly more scalable, developer-friendly, faster, and they feature lots of better security features,

In comparison to competitors like WP Engine or Pagely in areas like speed, support, and how straightforward it is to use their services.

If you are also committed to Kinsta Hosting Platform and want to start your website, then now is the right time to get started with Kinsta. It is also used by several businesses, including Ubisoft, TripAdvisor, and flippa.

In today’s blog post, I want to dispel the myth on Kinsta Black Friday. To summarize – let’s be done with rumors once and for all. Sound exciting?

Stick around to find out. And if you don’t have time to read this until the end just remember

“Kinsta forbids its affiliates from engaging in any deceptive practices to promote Kinsta hosting, such as adhering to strings of coupon codes to otherwise legitimate affiliate content. ”

Kinsta Host Black Friday Coupons Explained. Why Kinsta Doesn’t Offer Discounts On Events?

At PCL! we would like to provide you with the guidance that you need, information that is clear and concise, and nothing but straightforward advice.

In search of a great offer for a Kinsta BlackFriday, we’ve gone through the hassle of evaluating many popular articles that have been mentioned on this topic.

Some being too expensive, others being full of scams and internal affiliate commission opportunities – you just have to avoid them all! But beneath all of the black Friday deals and code hype and general confusion.

Kinsta Hosting Black Friday Deals
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That’s right. You heard it right here. Kinsta clearly states that they have never offered any discount codes in festive seasons or other sale events not even on black Friday

One who promotes in such a way, here are the words of advice:

Kinsta’s affiliate program requires that the affiliates refrain from promoting its services with discount coupons or other means that could lead to misrepresenting Kinsta’s services.

This is done to help eliminate several issues such as unfair representation and counterfeit, and false pricing statements.

But, You will not go with empty hands, that is why,

With Kinsta, you’ll receive 60 days a free year of hosting – that’s not a typo. You’ll get 2 months FREE on annual plans and 15% off for the nonprofit organizations. (That’s an official trusted deal)

How to Activate Kinsta Black Friday Discount Deal?

It is to be remembered that if any Kinsta BlackFriday or coupon code deal updates go live, PocketLinko will be the first to inform you!

As mentioned, at the moment Kinsta is not offering any promotional offers.

This may change in the future but for now, it’s important to know that once there are any offers going live we will make sure to let you know if you’re here looking into purchasing Kinsta web hosting.

To better understand how to purchase and get 60 days of free hosting ( 2Months) please check out our step-by-step guide below!

Step 1: Click here, so you can visit Kinsta Official Page directly with no hustle. Once you click you will be on a page which looks something like this at the moment of writing this article:

Kinsta HomePage
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Step 2: Simply click on the “View Packs” and you will be taken to that page where you can choose from a selection of different hosting packages.

You must choose the yearly plan which comes with 2 free months or the monthly plan.

(There is also an option to pay in one go for a whole year which you can take advantage of if your website proves to be successful in such a short time if you have purchased the monthly plan).

Kinsta Pricing Plans
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Make sure when choosing the plan that you choose one that is in line with your goals.

I’d recommend either “Starter Plan” or “Pro Plan”, depending on whether your website or blog will be for personal or business purposes.

To learn more about Kinsta, visit our in-depth review from here. It includes information on pricing plans and plans to optimize the hosting experience & much more.

kinsta two months free
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Step 3: Create a Kinsta Account by filling in all the correct details. On the right-hand section, you will see the review order information

(Simply click on pay yearly to get 2 months free hosting and save $120 annually).

We want to make sure you’ll have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If your site experiences any issues or if there are problems with the performance of the Kinsta Hosting platform, simply contact us for a full refund within 30 days.

Kinsta checkout
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Step 4: You will be guided to the single checkout page, where you may enter all of the necessary billing information and card details.

Once finished, click on the “Finish” button to enroll in the non-Black Friday discount for 2 months of free hosting with annual plans.

Kinsta Dashboard
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Once the payment is done, you will be prompted to the dashboard and finally, you can get started with @kinsta.

Happy Black Friday🎉! You’ve successfully grabbed this amazing Kinsta deal and we want to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied from now on. In case you’re not, they have a full 30-day money-back guarantee just for you. No questions asked!

Benefits of Kinsta: Why Buy Kinsta Hosting instead of other hosting companies?

Among thousands of reasons to choose Kinsta, one is their super speedy hosting package built on Google Cloud.

No one makes you choose this company to host your website with. But you may want to hear some reasons why choosing it is the best decision.

It uses the Google cloud platform to host your website which means choosing the closest data center to provide maximum speed for your website.

If your website needs serious and powerful security then this hosting service offers SSL encryption along with WordPress-specific security rules.

Because of all that it provides, you can chill at home while they take care of keeping your website safe and secure without any worries on your end!

We highly recommend you take a look at our review of Kinsta.

They’ve got all your bases covered: we spoke with their support and shared our findings regarding the performance and speed of the hosting environment as well as how efficiently it helped us run our site’s management features.

Which Kinsta Plan I Should Consider for my Web?

today kinsta pricing plans
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If you’re also at odds to decide which Kinsta hosting plan is best for your needs, then you are in luck! In this section of the Kinsta Black Friday deals blog post,

I will share with you an easy guide on how to decide without breaking the bank.

Before May 2019, kinsta used to be recognized as one of the most expensive web hosting companies in the host community,

Since May 2019, they’ve finally launched their ‘entry-their hosting plans starting from basic $30.00/per month that goes all the way up to the enterprise plans from $600 per month.

When it comes to choosing between the different Kinsta plans, you have three ten options in total.

The company currently offers ten tiers of hosting solutions that range in price, features, and services based on your specific needs.

1. Starter Plan

For $30 a month, the Kinsta Starter plan is an excellent choice for new WordPress users and bloggers who want to take advantage of fast page load times and scalability.

With the Starter plan you get 10 GB of disk space, 50 GB CDN, free SSL, automatic backups with a 14-day retention period, and enough room for 25K visitors monthly.

👉 Get Started with Starter Plan

2. Pro Plan

Kinsta’s Pro plan comes by default with extended traffic limits of up to 50,000 monthly unique visitors and additionally offers 20 GB storage, 100 GB premium CDN, daily backups, free SSL certificates, site cloning, and multisite support.

You can host a maximum of two sites on the Kinsta Pro plan – although it’s not recommended for large e-commerce/membership sites such as WooCommerce or forum sites.

👉 Get Started with Pro Plan

3. Business Plan

If your site gets between 100K and 600K visits/mo you should pick from one of Kinsta’s plans. They have Business 1 – 4 plans which range from $100 per month up to $400 based on business volume, as well as a custom plan.

Each plan offers 60 GB SSD storage and 500 GB CDN. You can also get SSL for free across all of their paid plans! They offer stage environments, automatic DB optimize, hack & malware removal & 24/7 quality support 🙂

👉 Get Started with Business Plan

4. Enterprise Plan

When you’re an enterprise-level company, hosting an enterprise-grade website is essential to preserve and polish your online reputation.

Kinsta’s Enterprise plans are designed to handle millions of traffic with the best performance possible. Our pricing starts at $600 per month and goes up to $1500 per month. That sounds like an unreasonable amount of money for most users,

But there are so many features included in this pricing that it would be hard to find on any other shared hosting provider’s plan on the market today.

You’ll get 100 GB to 250 GB disk space, 1000 GB CDN bandwidth, up to 5 premium migrations by Kinsta engineers, unlimited basic migrations for a limited time, free SSL certificates, automatic backups, and managed security.

With our Enterprise plan, you can host up to 150 sites. It will reduce your web hosting management time significantly, which allows you better productivity.

👉 Get Started with Enterprise Plan

Related to Kinsta Hosting Black Friday Discount Deals 2022

What is Kinsta?

Launched in 2013, Kinsta was a very small tiny company and began with a group of WordPress experts that did not like any other hosting solution on the market.

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting platform powered by Google Cloud Platform. Its robust security, auto-scalable resources, and 24/7 tech support make it a perfect fit for your WordPress site!

Does Kinsta offer cPanel?

Kinsta offers a refreshing change from the typical cPanel or Plesk interfaces offered by many other hosts. Their own core is highly focused on a staggeringly easy-to-navigate dashboard that will surely have you wondering why other hosting providers haven’t thought of something similar yet.

What if I am not satisfied with Kinsta?

If you are not satisfied with the service you’ve received, you can ask for a refund at any time. All you need to do is click on the refund option or send an email stating that you’d like to cancel your service and requesting your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Why Doesn’t Kinsta Offer Coupon Code or discount?

This is what kinsta replied:

“We would like you to know that Kinsta offers premium managed WordPress hosting services that focus on performance, advanced features, quality support, and smooth user experience.

We expect the same from our affiliate partners instead of promoting coupons or low-cost hosting. It eliminates some major issues like inequality among affiliate partners, fake coupons, and false pricing statements.”

Final Words: Is Kinsta Black Friday Offer Worth of the bucks?

Kinsta is not the type of hosting you go for if you’re looking for a cheap host. Kinsta is more suited for high-performance website owners especially those creating online businesses.

Though hosting isn’t necessarily directly related to running an online business by itself, let alone operating any other digital service, it can nonetheless play a significant role in the smooth operation of your business.

Web hosts are third-party companies that store websites’ content on servers that are connected to the Internet, thus making sites viewable to users via the web browser.

If you’re seriously interested in building and growing a successful online business,

Kinsta is an excellent web hosting company to consider. Click this link, to claim your free two months of hosting on your annual purchase or visit their website by clicking here.

That’s all about Kinsta Hosting BlackFriday Sales 2022.

Thank you for stopping by to read our article about Kinsta Black Friday.

We hope you have found this information useful, and if you have any more questions about the Kinsta coupon code or any other related, don’t hesitate to comment We’d love to hear your input!

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