10 Best Adsense Alternatives For Small Websites 2023

Did your  AdSense account got disabled and searching for AdSense alternative for a small website with low traffic blog?

There are lots of AdSense alternatives for a small website with low traffic to considered for recent blogs and websites.

When you see notice rejected by Google AdSense, most people probably do not have intentions for an alternative for money-making with a low volume of websites.

Well, there are lots of AdSense alternatives that are best and accept the low traffic blog sites, but most of the other options pay much less than others.

One of the biggest challenges of being an unlike blogger is finding a trustworthy Adsense alternative network. Most of us,

So well in this article, I am not going to show you such alternatives which accepts traffic from 0 to 100 and less to.

Stick with the article,

All the alternatives which I have shown you are the best and valuable and our team has tried all the ad-networks.

Based on our team research these are the ten best AdSense alternatives for the small website in 2023

1.Revenue Hits Best CPA Adsense alternative for website
2.Propeller Ads Best Chosen alternative ad Network by bloggers
3.Adsterra Advertising Best For micro niche sites
4.Pop Ads alternative Best Ads for low traffic website
5.BidVertiser alternative Best PPC Alternative with text
6. Rev content Best advertising returns with high native ads
7. Monumetric  Full-service ads partner to help you reach alternative
8. Ad cash Best platform for media buyers, affiliates and for the publisher
9. Ad click Best one click banner ad with high conversion
10. Evadav Alternative Best Adsense alternative for push notification ads service

Adsense Alternatives For  Small Websites Lists

1.Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits Publisher resembles to generate more revenue using this alternative. This alternative is one of the best because this company does not review your website for approval just signup and enjoy the best and highest CPC ads.

This alternative delivers more than two billion impressions daily. They can scan millions of advertisements and analyze publishers’ performance.

This work the same as AdSense; they provide content match articles, banners, native and responsive ads, and a variety of advertisements.

Publisher Requirements

Traffic Minimum– None

Publisher Language– None Any language

Publisher Probhited Content: Adult or mature content, hate speech, harassment, sales of legal firearms, and other content publishers would expect to see a blocked on mainstream ad network on this type.

Revenue Hits Ads Types:

ADS  Offers 

  • CPA
  • CPM
  • Display and rich media
  • Texts ads
  • Popups/under

Network Size- 

  • More than two billion ads daily impressions, with more than ten million users.

Payment Method 

Payment method

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer

PymentRatings 4 out of 5

 It can also be considered as the best advertisement network for a small website with high quality of ads display in the realtime view.


Propeller ads are one of the most and chosen by bloggers ad networks. It is a perfect solution for bloggers as an alternative advertisement network with high-quality ads formats.

Big Agency and company and blogger and affiliate marketer have been using this ad service. It is trusted worthy and has high CPC with clickable ads.

This ad service I am still using blogs and websites for higher revenue.

Publisher Requirement for Propeller ads

Traffic Volume– Minimum Volume required

Publisher language – Any language

Types Of Ad Formats Of Propeller Ads

They have four various types of  ad formats with a high amount of CPC and on click ads:

  • On Click Ads
  • Push Notification
  • Native Ads
  • Native Interstitials

These four types of ad formats have the highest CPC with top-performing ads.

Payment offers and Ratings

Payout Minumn Threshold 100$ Required in real-time

  • The minimum deposit for Credit Cards and PayPal is 100.00 USD
  • The minimum deposit for a Wire Transfer is 1000.00 USD
  • The minimum deposit for a Wire Transfer is 1000.00 USD

Payment Methods:

  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Union pay

You can use propeller ads with AdSense depending on the type of blog and websites you have. This propeller advertisement network is considered by prominent affiliate marketers too.- None Any Language

3. Adsterra Advertising for small website

Adsterra is a profoundly new advertising platform for small sites with high CPC as the best alternative Platform.

I guess about only thousands of people might hear this platform advertising. While researching, we found this Platform for small blogs high-quality advertising network.

This Platform is best for micro-niche blogs and Adsense alternatives.

Let us drive into its features of adsterra advertising 

  • More than 250N Impression per month
  • 248 GEOS Covered
  • More than 50K Successful Campaigns
  • More than 10000l Leads Every month

  Publisher Requirements

Traffic– No Volume Required  Ads can be placed with newly made blogs

Language– None

AD Format Of Adsterra 

  • Display Banners
  • Popunders
  • Direct Links
  • Pre-roll video
  • Push Notification
  • Interstitials

Payment Offers

Payment Offers :

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Webmoney
  • Paxum
  • Bank Transfers

Payment minimum :

  • The minimum deposit for Credit Cards and PayPal is 100.00 USD
  • The minimum deposit for Web money  is 5 USD
  • The minimum deposit for Wire Transfer is 100o.00 USD

4. Pop Ads For Small Website

Pop ads in the know as one of the most well know advertisements in today’s affiliate marketing world and blogging planet.

Pop ads are one of the oldest advertisement networks in today’s world. It was established in 2010.  It offers ads for both adult and mainstream websites. This is the best ad services for websites.


Heres a simple definition of Pop Ads

Popads is the simple high paying advertisement network in this internet world.

Lets us sink into its main features why pop ads are best for small website  

Here are three ugly simple reasons for its best service

  • Offers for Both adult and mainstream content website( blogs, websites, short blogs, etc.)
  • No need to wait for approval
  • According to Alexa rank, its position in worldwide is 59 position  current this year
  • Its costs module is CPV ( Bid set for each ad)

Publisher Requirement 

  • No Volume Required to paste the code of high quality as your  ads formats
  • Any language

Payment offers

  • You can request withdrawal of Pop Ads at any time you want
  • Paypal
  • Alertpay

Your earnings are deposited only in wallets, and also you can buy Pop ads traffic to your website for higher income and revenue.

Rates and coverage of Pop Ads

  • This industry offers the best international coverage
  • 1000 Unique visitors on a website publishing code you will have revenue of more than 5 USD
  • Advertisers country more than 40

5. BidVertiser alternative for small websites

Bidvertiser is second oldest advertising netowek platform on the internet for websites . Bidvertiser is an adsense alternative among its leader competiors.

Bidvertiser is the PPC(Pay per click) ad network, and it is quite comparable to AdSense because it provides for both text and PCC ads.

Bidvertiser pays for every visitor that clicks on an advertisement in your blog, if the click turns into conversion, you will get some extra revenue.

Publisher Requirement 

  • No traffic requirement for approval but your website must have good (UI)Interface.
  • Ads can be displayed on any language

Ad Formats of Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser provides many ad formats depending on your requirements. Here are some of the ads formats that are best for you

  • Mobile Ads(300×50 )
  • Leaderboard
  • Large Rectangle
  • Full banner
  • Half banner
  • Half Page ads

Payment  Method 

  • Paypal
  • western union
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer

Payment Minimum

  • Paypal and Wire Transfer have a minimum of 10.USD for Checkout.
  • Western Union and Check have almost 100.USD or Checkout.

Hers why you must consider Bid advertiser For Small websites

  1. Approval Process is easy; there are not any mandatory requirements which means you have to signup and paste the code and ads will automatically be delivered.
  2. 100% Ads Filterrate
  3. New sites and no traffic blogs are easily accepted
  4. No age requirement
  5. Even if you have low or miniumn traffic blogs or new sites, you will get minimum payout easily without any further process.
[su_button url=”https://www.bidvertiser.com/” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#202f24″ color=”#ffffff” size=”4″ wide=”yes” radius=”0″ icon=”icon: thumbs-up” icon_color=”#000000″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Join From Here[/su_button]

6. Rev Content

Rev Content is another Adsense alternative for a small website with minimum traffic blogs. They provide and serve good ads with 30-40% increased rates than other platforms.

Their ads are served more than 250Bcper month with almost 97% of people from the US With average ctr of 3.0%
Dont believe check out the downward clip

Lets Head over to its features

Publishers Requirement

  • Age is not required, but you must be 18+avobe
  • Language is not Specified for Blogs any language

AD Types and formats

  • Display Banners
  • Popunders
  • Direct Links
  • Push Notification
  • Interstitials

Payment Method

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
  • Web money
  • Wire Transfer

Payment Outset

  • Minimum Threshold of 10 USD
  • You can get daily payment whenever you want

3 Solid Reason to consider  Rev Content Ad Network

  1. Their ad formats have the CPC with 100% ad filter rate
  2. Chose by 97% of people living in the US
  3.  Have the best Minumn Payment and minimum traffic requirement
  4. Ad revenue and AD format are best

7. Monumetric Best Adsense Alternative

Especially for new sites with low traffic, monomeric is a full-service ad revenue partner for blogging, which allows you site revenue increase by 10x times.

This ad service uses CPM than the CPC, so you get paid for every impression that is shown the revenue of your site is reported much better than AdSense.

Publisher Requirement 

  • Your age must be 18 plus to receive payment.
  • Specific language
  • Blog Setup and niche
  • Building your ad strategy
  • Placing the ads

Ads types and formats of monumetric Adsense alternative

  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Inline Ads
  • In Image Ads
  • Native Ads

Payment Methods

  • Check
  • Wire Method

Payment Outsets

  • Minimum Payment 100USD

8.Ad Cash Alternative

Ad cash is a global self online advertising platform for media, websites, and publisher ad networks. This Platform enables advertisers and publishers to,

Monetize your blog and website traffic with less effort, which means you dont need to have a high amount of traffic to get approval by Ad Cash.

Lets us  dive into its main features:

  • Clean Ads
  • Fast payment
  • High fill ad rates
  • Multiple ad formats
  • Worldwide coverage

Publisher Requirement

  • Specific language
  • Blog Setup and niche
  • Building your ad strategy
  • Placing the ads
  • UI interface must be good

Ads Types And formats of Ad Cash Alternative

  • Push Notification
  • Pop Under
  • Interstitial
  • Native
  • Banner

 Ad Cash Payment Methods

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Web money
  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer

Ad Cash Minimum Payment and deposit

  • 100 USD For Wire Transfer
  • 5 USD for all available payment

9. Adclick media Adsense alternative

Ad click media is a digital media advertising company which offers both CPM and PPC advertising solution for websites.

There is no minimum traffic requirement, which makes it immeasurable for new sites and blogs which is recently published in the market.

Publisher Requirement

  • Specific language
  • Blog Setup and niche

Ads Types And formats of Ad click

  • Push Notification
  • Pop Under
  • Interstitial
  • Native

Payment Methods of Ad click

  • Paypal
  • Web money
  • Wire transfer

Ad Click Minimum Payment and deposit

  • 50USD For Wire Transfer
  • 5 USD for all available payment

[su_button url=”https://adclickmedia.com/” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#202f24″ color=”#ffffff” size=”4″ wide=”yes” radius=”0″ icon=”icon: thumbs-up” icon_color=”#000000″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Join From Here[/su_button]

10. Evadav Alternative for small website

Evadav adsense alternative is a push notification ad network for small website. Thier push notification inculed for mobile , tablet and pc.

They have a worldwide audience with the best traffic quality of ads, about more than 18 million daily impressions with more than 1m publisher in evadav platform.

Publisher requirement 

  • You must need to have a website or blog
  • No traffic is a requirement for approval

Ads Types And formats of  Eva dev

  • Push notification
  • Pop-Out Ad

 Payment method of Eva Dev

  • Visa transfer
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitpay

Eva Dev Minimum Payment and deposit

  • 100USD on visa transfer and wire transfer
  • 10 USD on remaining all payments

Conclusion: Everyone seems to use google AdSense also know as one of the best monetization platform for websites. There is plenty of alternative websites that you would like to try.

If you enjoyed reading our article, then you will love the Pocketlinko blog, let us our team know which platform do you choose as an additional income from your website.

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FAQs: Adsense Alternative For Small Websites

What are the best adsense alternative for small websites 2023?

Every Adsense alternatives are best , it depends upon your choice which one to choose . People consider to have such alternative whih pays for both CPC and CPM.

Can I Use Propeller Alternative With Google Adsense?

The answer is “YES“. You can use Propeller With Google adsense , it doesnot Violate the Google AdSense policy. Adsense Treats other ads too

Is Propeller better than Adsense?

To review . Propeller is one of the most popular performing ad formats native advertising program that help to monetize your site and make money from it . We found it to be the place in #1 alternative to Google Adsense

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