The 5 Best Web Hosting For Freelance, Graphics, and Online Portfolio Designers 2023

Searching for best web-hosting plans for designers? We got covered out the industry well-performing fast hosting for 2023 with a huge discount. Make sure to grab the discount before it ends.

Hello! WebGraphics and portfolio online designersBeing UI.UX Web and freelancer designer for years now I found that web design and web hosting are like two halves of earth.

Thank you for choosing this article to find out the best web hosting for freelance designers like you. I can help you to find the perfect web host for your online designs, portfolio, and freelance projects in a couple of minds after reading this complete article. I am also a designer and you reading this all or just going to start. So stick to the article.

A couple of weeks ago when I was writing an article for the best web hosting for large businessessmall businesses, one of my friends from social media texted me “You write lots of hosting articles for different small business and other purposes. Now I want to know which one of the hosts to pick up for freelancer designers like us online?

I thought came to my mind, being a freelance UI designer, I got in questioning which one host to pickup in starting phase and what are they?

So I started digging out to find the best hosting for freelance web designers out there and came up with the list of an affordable host with the best pricing out there for many types of online web designer some of they like;

  • Freelance web designer
  • Graphics designer
  • Portfolio designer

Much more..

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

How Find Best Web Hosting Providers For web designers?

While evaluating the ideas and finding out the best web hosting for designers, I followed these simple formulas to find out the perfect Webhosting.

  • You don’t have to go with fortune web hosting companies [ Expensive host] in the very first. It doesn’t matter either you create a website for your clients or doing UI.UX designs in the website as web design developers all you have to look if for its features and limitations that you need.
  • Sufficient Resources: I have to make sure that the listed hosting in this content has unlimited resources and storage. The part is you don’t have to buy another web hosting to run or making sure you don’t have to convert down possible clients just because you don’t have enough storage, RAM, CPU, or bandwidth to accommodate database-driven web apps.
  • Developers frameworks
  • Optimized Web hosting
  • Security features
  • Reliability and uptimes
  • Money-back guarantee

Best web hosting for freelancer designers
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Best Web Hosting For Web Designers 2023

Here’s a complete, in-depth look at the hosting market in the hosting space for designger. These are the web host for graphic designers in 2023.

#1. Liquid’s Web – Best Premium Managed Host

Introduction to liquids web host for designers


Liquid’s the web one of my favourite hostings when it comes for online small to big tasks such as creating an online store, freelance words and the best is for online portfolio designs website.

Simple reason…

Their hosting plans are specially optimized for people like us freelancer with the best pricing. If you dont mind paying high bucks to host companies for higher features then liquids web is one of the best hosts for graphics and another related task to designs which can save your huge money.

This web hosting is #1 first in my list and the best web host if you want to host multiple websites at the same time without costing you extra. This company offers powerful host for everyone like for freelancer, small business, agencies,woocommerce and designers with the optimized package and etc more than that.

Being a freelance designer one of the great features I like about liquid web host is they have the features of stagging which i love the most when it comes for developers. With this feature, we can clone any website hosted in that host and then we can test the selected website and test out its implement new features and designs before it goes live in a real website.

A part from that,

This web host has robust high performing severs with deeply configurable cloud hosting along with engineered applications and dedicated server products. This web hosting is powered by Nexcess which is the world powerful host founded almost before 21yrs from small garage.

They have powered more millions of clients so far and 45,000+ websites trust this web hosting platforms. Their platform is built on the latest technologies PHP7, SSL and Nginx to improve website speed. #1 great features for designers.

Here are the best features of liquid’s website hosting;

  • 24/7 hrs Support: Backed all three methods. [ Phone, Email and Ticket System]
  • Best transparent pricing for everyone
  • No Contracts: You can cancel your design web host anytime in any were with no questions asked or raised
  • Highly trained people and technicians
  • An up-to-date list of inventory
  • Free Access to root files
  • Built on Infrastructure like Cloud and DedicatedPublic Cloud and Private Cloud
  • Free Backups
  • Free SSL
  • Free Developer Tools: SSH, Git, and WP-CLI
  • More than hosting! Did I get a project that needs a database server or a special application? No problem you can always go with without costing you extra.
  • Fastest speed the latest technologies PHP7, SSL and Nginx.
  • The best global data centres to choose from three
  • No Pageview/Traffic Limits
  • Get full access to the panel and database of your entire server
  • Fully Encrypted

There are more powerful features in liquid’s web.

Which Liquid’s Plans Is Best for Web and graphics designers?

When it comes for design hosting in liquid’s web host there are more than 14+ different plans from budget-friendly to expensive host for higher traffic websites and projects and you don’t have to go with higher plans.

Liquid's web hosting plans designer
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Out these plans my recommended plans is to go with Managed WordPress.

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Their starting plans is called wordpress Spark which comes with the pricing of $19/mo with 14 days free trials. In this plan, you can host one website, with 15Gb of SSD storage with 2 TB Bandwidth and with full 30days free backups.

Liquids web wordpress plans
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If you have the budget to spend at least 190/Yr then I highly recommend you to go with these plans because in this plan you have hosting with wordpress optimized or if you dont want to use wordpress then being said more than hosting if you get a project that needs a database server or a special application?

No problem you can always go with without costing you extra. with free page builder and free access to items software and products.

Storage15 GB SSD
Free BackupsYes [ 30 days]
Free Domain NameNo
Money-back guarantee?Yes
Configuration  PHP7, SSL and Nginx 

Discount: Grab 75% discounts for 3 months for purchasing liquids Managed any WordPress plans. Use coupon code: 25FOR3MO.

#2. GreenGeeks – Best Eco-Friendly Affordable Host

Introduction to greengeeks


After liquids web greengeeks is my #2 second best and favourite web hosting for designers.

Simple words…

Greengeeks is one of the best alternatives to liquids web with the best features at very budget-friendly pricing They are of the most reliable hosting and if you are eco-purposive, or running a business and top for website design projects that’s trying to be more environmentally friendly then greengeeks is one of the hosts you are looking for.

Greengeeks used renewable energy to power its web hosting services. It is one of the eco-friendly hostings in our lists. They put tenth the amount of energy it uses back into the grid in the form of renewable energy! This is what it makes different form every web hosting.

Being said: We designer need such hosting which have unlimited space and bandwith the faster perfmrance and if you are on them then you are in good place.

This web hosting provides everything unlimited with free [.com] in any plans with the starting price of just $2.95/m, Isn’t that cool?

There are more best awesome features for designers, keep reading…

Greengeeks provides free c-panel for their web hosting account users as most of the Linux web host provides. With this panel, you can control your website security, file manager, install popular google tools and software , WordPress, drupal etc.

Here are the best features of greengeeks for web and graphics designer and more;

  • Daily, automated website backups.
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year with free website migrations
  • Eco Friendly and Environment-Friendly
  • Best Green Web Hosting
  • 14X faster than another host with (345ms)
  • Free SSL
  • Free Site builder
  • Unlimited SSD and website in one account
  •  Good Support with Quick Answers docs
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Starting Plans at $2.95/mo
  • Almost everything unlimited like email accounts, storages etc
  • Free CDN
  • More than 300% Green Energy Match
  • LSCache Included with higher standard Performance
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts

Which Greengeeks Plans Is Best for Designers?

When it comes for green geeks web hosting plans there are three different plans which i recommended you to go with for designers;

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
greengeeks hosting plans
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Out these 3 plans, I recommend you to go with web hosting and wordpress optimized plans. You dont have to go with VPS plan for no reason.

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I am just trying to save you single hard-earned bucks with every new article. No fortune web hosting companies in the starting phase.

Here the pricing of greengeeks hosting plans most recommended for your designs projects;

WordPress PlansPricing PlansPerformanceDomains
1. Lite $2.95/moStandard Performance1 Website
2. Pro$5.95/mo2x PerformanceUnlimited Websites
3. Premium$11.95/mo4x PerformanceUnlimited Websites

My recommended plans for a freelance web designer is to go with GreenGeeks Pro and premium Plans because in this plan you can host unlimited websites with 4x faster performance and this can save your a lot of money than buying single host for single domains. You can host your client’s website on your host and make money also.

My Recommendation Plan for your business websitePro & Premium
Pricing$3.74 [ regularly $14.95]
Free BackupsYes [ 30 days]
Free Domain NameYes [ For 1 Yr]
Money-back guarantee?Yes [30 days]
Configuration Free Access to root with 1 core + Everything unlimited

#3. A2 Hosting

Introduction to A2-Hosting


When it comes to another top hosting for web designers in cheap or budget-friendly or affordable then A2 Hosting is one of them in our list.

They offer the best host prices at very affordable prices for any types of designing with the cloud built infrastructure. They are one of the lightning-fast web hosting services with cloud servers starting at just $2.99.

A2 hosting provides free Cpanel with one-click software installations with strong supports with free Cloudflare CDN that makes your website 200% faster with a free money-back guarantee. You can host your website in four different global data centres.

  • USA – Michigan
  • USA – Arizona
  • Europe – Amsterdam
  • Asia – Singapore

A2 hosting every plan are specially optimized for faster performance with custom packages which makes them top options for designers. This web hosting more focus on speed and performance than pricing. The tagline of a2hosting brand is “Our Speed, Your Success”.

They have fulfilled best in class rate for the last numerous years and hits another host on speed and pricing. SO if you are looking for the most reliable hosting with fast speed then you can choose a2 hosting for your small, medium and designs blogs and freelance projects types business starting with less than $2/m.

A2 hosting assistance is backed up by all three modes of support (live chat, phone and email ticket). Communicating via phone call is the most expeditious way to get your problem solved professionally and they also have their docs to save your time.

Here the best features of a2 hosting ;

  • Guaranteed 99.97% monthly uptimeFree website migrations
  • GIT Access
  • Free CDN
  • Your storage is unlimited
  • Advanced Security
  • Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free DNS Management
  • Easy Google Apps Setup
  • 11X Faster Apache high speed faster performance
  • Get free email web hosting
  • Unlimited storage
  • Solid State Drive Speed Boosonfigured Site Caching
  • Powered by Turbo Cache, APC/OPcache Memcached
  • Best Security
  • WordPress LiteSpeed Cache
  • Free SSL
  • GIT Access Free Developer Tools: SSH, Git, and WP-CLI
  • You can choose to host your website in America (East or West Coast), Europe or Asia.Extra security features, free domain name, free backups

A quick story of mine when i had used web hosting for small tasks for my client projects;

A couple of weeks ago I was hired for one website development from scratch and my client was knowing not much about hosting so after he hired me he told buy hosting and here is everything the prediction happen;

My country billing is not in $dollar and I was quite surprised with A2Hosting billing system. The billed in my country’s currency which is a big plus and they saved my huge money to pay.

Which A2 Hosting Plans Is Best For Freelance web designers?

A2 Hosting does not have any restrictions for traffics and storage all plans comes with unlimited with 9x faster SSD with cloud infrastructure.

When it comes for A2 hosting it is neither cheap nor costly, the primary plans start from only $2.99 which is good for online portfolio website design hosting. However, for the best features and turbo speed, you can always go with a2 hosting drive plans which starts from $3.99 with a discount of 66% Off.

A2 Hosting comes with 6 different plans from budget friendly to premium one;

  • WordPress
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Cloud
  • Reseller

When it comes for hosting for web designers my recommendation always goes with all plans based on your traffics and usage because their plans are so affordable with the best features.

A2 hosting for designers
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Coming to the point! My recommendations for design hosting with a2 hosting goes with its wordpress managed host.

In this plan, you can host unlimited websites and have almost all features like you can host unlimited websites, SSD Storage, free automatic backups and site migrations etc like features with the pricing of just $4.99.

Storage150 GB SSD
Free BackupsYes [ 30 days]
Free Domain NameNo
Money-back guarantee?Yes
Configuration Free Access to root with 1 core

#4. Hostinger – Best Cheap Host For Designers In our list

Introduction to A2 Hosting


Hostinger is one of the cheapest and best affordable web hosting for designers with the starting pricing at only $0.99/M. This web hosting is one of the cheapest in our lists.

If you are new to designing and want to design your portfolio website online and have less than $3 to spend in your design package hosting then you can go with this hosting in starting time and once it grows you can always go with higher plans.

What’s Best And Why To Choose Hostinger For your online web designing projects and portfolio sites?

The most beneficial thing I love about these hosting they provide hosting at very affordable prices with the best features they can give their pricing systems at low prices and can host more than 100+ websites by spending only $3. A BEST and GREAT Choice for budget-friendly designers and your clients.

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Hostinger every plan are very affordable prices with huge ranges of features and best value host that comes under $5 even less than that. With such low pricing, you can get so much of value where other host dont offers, hostinger offers dedicated IP. in easy words you can get free dedicated IP with any of their cloud hosting plans—which is ridiculous.

hostinger plans latest
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Here are the features of hostinger for designers;

  • You can host more than 300+ websites depends on plans. Starting plans can host up to 100 websites with the pricing of $3.99 in shared plans.
  • 100GB Faster SSD Storage
  • More than ~100 000 Visit/Month
  • Free Email
  • Free Premium SSL ($11.95 value)  
  • Unlimited Databases
  • SSH For better security
  • Free CDN (9.95$ value)
  • Google Ads Credit
  • Free Domain (8.99$ value)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Managed hosting
  • Free developers tool
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • 24/7/365 Support backed all three methods

There are more features depends on the plans you choose to host your website. Extremely cheap hosting best for small business designers owners starting $0.80/mo – $3/M.

Which Hostinger Plans Is Good for every budget minded designers out there?

When it comes for a web hosting plan for web designers my recommendation with hostinger goes with managed wordpress plans and shared one.

Slider image
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Slider image
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This is just my recommendation you always go with other plans based on the features you want to like how many websites you want to host and storage and email accounts etc.

  • Single Shared Hosting- Starting price: $0.99/mo
  • Premium Shared Hosting- Starting price: $1.89/mo
  • Business Shared Hosting- $3.99/M
  • WordPress Hosting- Starting Plans – $0.99/M

Recommended PlansSingle Shared and Wordpress hosting
Pricing$0.99/M – $3.99 Shared [ Wordpress – $1.99 – $11.59
Storage100 GB SSD
Free BackupsYes [ 30 days]
Free Domain NameYes
Money-back guarantee?Yes
Configuration 100GB SSD with free CDN, free jetpack and access to data centres

#5. In-Motion Web Hosting

Introduction to In-Motion Web Hosting


In-motion is another good web hosting for web designers. A good affordable premium hosting that comes with the sold package web hosting of what you pay what you get for sure.

This web hosting is in the industry from decades. They started their first web hosting business in 2001 when there were even no names of Bluehost and existed. They host more than millions of d0mains so far.

This web hosting offer premium excellent technologies, speed, security, supports. In motion, hosting awards SSD hosting on their servers located at the East and the West Coast of United States.

What’s Best And Why To Choose In-Motion host graphic,Freelance designers?

One of the great things which I love the most about this hosting is you can get the world-class top support from their teams with 90days free trials. Well known for its customer service. Their SSD speed is much faster than any other host who uses HDD.

In-motion hosting offers free c-panel with a license with all cloud hosting features that will requite in wordpress to run it smoothly.

There are only a few web hosting which provides unlimited SSD space, disk and bandwidth as a part of their low costing web hosting means the hosting which starts from their basic plans.

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In the fact of inmotion hosting, you can also get the same with more features. Another +1 point of this host is you can get access to motion web hosting builder which can help your small business website to look for more clean with their drag and drop features.

In motion, hosting is supported by all three methods of support system (live chat, phone and email ticket). Contacting via phone call is the quickest way to get your problem solved professionally.

Here the best features of in-motion web hosting,

  • Solid server performance – Good uptime (>99.95%) and response time (< 350ms)
  • Free domain registration, SSL Certificate and automated daily backup
  • Trained support staff
  • One-click software installations[ Wordpress, Joomla, drupal etc.]
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 24/7 support via phone & live chat supports
  • 90days money-back guarantee [ No questions asked[
  • Free drag and drop builder
  • UltraStack Infrastructure
  • Optimized hosting for designers, Woocommerce, business, Wordpress etc.

Which In-Motion Hosting Plans Is Good for every designers?

This web hosting more than 10+ various plans and not each plan can be purchased some are superior and costly. For people like us freelance designer, all our locus must go with the most useful pieces where we can host as many domains and storage we can.

I found shared HOSTING PLANS and wordpress optimized hosting is most reliable and must look for in in-motion based on my analysis and recommendations. You can always go with other plans but these are affordable and can be bought by every designer minded readers.

In-motion hosting plans for freelancer
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Also these are plans itself recommendations by in-motion host people for every types of freelancer

Slider image
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Slider image
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Recommendation PlansShared and wordpress Host Plans [ Affortbale+ Best Features}
Pricing$6.99/mo to 19.99/Month [ 2 Yrs of the package]
Storage50-200GB SSD
Free BackupsYes [ 30 days]
Free Domain NameYes
Money-back guarantee?Yes
Bandwidth5K-300K Visitors /Month
Configuration 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth with12x Performance speed

What are the hosting features a freelance designer needs?

There are some features which we aggree and every web hosting offers such as daily backups, stagging, and more. However a freelance , graphics designers needs a whole set of additional features such as;

  • Branded CLIENT Panels
  • cPanel to cPanel transfer
  • Drag-and-Drop Website Builder
  • White labeling
  • Limit client access
  • Integrate Unlimited domains
  • Excellent bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Managed Wordpress hosting

These are hosting features developers designers must look for before purchasing web hosting and all the above listed hosting 5/5 have these features. These features are very common which helps your client’s website and projects run very smoothly than having normal web hosting.

What’s the best hosting for designers?

After investing weeks spread across a lot of data in this comparison, so let’s take a moment to lay it all out side-by-side to find out hosting for developer designers compared:

The best hosting for designers

Web Host

Desinger Plans From 

Host Email

No Of Domains




$6.99/ month


50 GB



$1.89/ month



20 gb



$4.99/ month






$3.74 / month






$19/ month



15 GB



FAQs: Related To Web Hosting For Designers

Can I Design a Website Before Hosting?

The answer is always “Yes“, you can design a website before purchasing hosting. There are many design tools such as figma, Adobe XD, sketch etc where you can showcase your websites and design each element before you make them on active website.

The final answer is yes, you don’t have to buy hosting before you design your web-applications projects on such tools.

What do you consider is the most important feature for WordPress hosting for a designer? Share your views with us in the comments section below!

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