The 6+Best Free WooCommerce Search Ajax Plugins 2021[Free]| Works Better Than Premium Ajax search plugins saving your every single penny/Month Integrated with Page Builders

Searching for the best free Woocommerce search plugins for wordpress?

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Oughta proper searching mechanism plugins is very critical for any WooCommerce shop. Because, while your users search for a particular product, page, or post, the results should be accurate and instantaneous.


The page shouldn’t redirect to other sources.

Adding a search button or search ajax plugins in-store, the blog helps your Store SEO boost and makes google eats more pages and index well.

In this article, I am going to share with you the completely free best Woo-commerce search plugins for your online store by adding shortcode, page builders, etc.

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Best Free Woo-Commerce Search Plugins 2021

Having a default WordPress search form doesn’t have to write much as they don’t have lots of features and nothing to write about.

Its look designs are also too boring so replace WordPress search with these free Woocommerce search ajax plugins.

These are the 6 best free WordPress woo commerce search plugins in 2021.

best free woocommerce search plugins
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1. Ajax Search for WooCommerce

Ajax Search for WooCommerce is an advanced free search plugin for WordPress stores, product stores, etc.

The 6+Best Free WooCommerce Search Ajax Plugins 2021[Free]| Works Better Than Premium Ajax search plugins saving your every single penny/Month Integrated with Page Builders
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The best thing about this woocommerce search plugins is it can be edited with page builders also without paying for premium versions like other plugins.

I am also currently using this same plugin on our e-commerce stores to turn viristors into sales.

Why choose Ajax Search for WooCommerce in the eCommerce store in WordPress?

  •  Shortcode can be integrated into a place, pages, and posts the way you want
  • –Search and filter WooCommerce products without page reload
  • It allows product search by SKU
  • Search a product without AJAX or page reloading
  • Allows you to set the limit for displaying suggestions
  • – Option to display the price for each suggestion

You don’t have to pay for anything to use these plugins.

2. Ajax Search Lite for WooCommerce

Ajax Search Lite for WooCommerce
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If you need an alternatively responsive live free searching for a plugin in your WordPress net page then Ajax search Lite might be for you.

The use of this plugin, you may be able to consist of an AJAX powered seek shape into your net page. the search is likewise designed to be extraordinarily customer-quality, with an easy interface, cellular assist, in addition to a few easy animations.

The plugin will allow your visitors to look not simply in posts and pages but in custom post types, custom fields, excerpts, classes, descriptions, and masses greater.

This plugin is free and responsive for mobile with regular updates.

Features of ajax search lite woocommerce search plugin.

  • Caches images for faster response time
  • Google analytics integration – both as Events and Pageviews
  • Highly compatible and responsive
  • Images in search results
  • Retina ready vectorized SVG and CSS3 icons

3. Better Search for WooCommerce

Better search is the best to search plugin for woo-commerce which replaces the default WordPress search button with better features and advanced.

Better search for wo-commerce plugins
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Enabling this plugin, you can allow your buyers to search and find the product on your WooCommerce store based on the related keywords.

Features of better search plugins free.

  • Find what visitors are searching for on your blog.
  • Visitors can search and find the product based on the keywords they type
  •  Support for a template file for perfect integration into your blog template.

4. Swiftype Site Search Free Plugins

Another advanced customize free WordPress search plugin called Swiftype Site Search. Including no programming or coding required,

Swiftype Site woocommerce Search Free Plugins
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you can have a fast and secure product search for your WordPress website.

Features of Swiftype Site Search

  • Zero programmings require
  • Free WordPress search plugin with highly customize settings.
  • Advanced Highly UI/UX Advanced Dashboard free
  • No page reload while they search for products.

5. Ivory Search- Free Woocommerce Search Plugin

IvorySearch is a free woo-commerce search plugin free. This excellent plugin allows you to build your very own form search form.

ivory search plugin
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You’ll be able to create an infinite number of exploration forms and configure each of them individually to suit your needs.

This plugin enable you to add custom shortcodes in any search fields.

Key features of the ivory search plugin for WordPress.

  • You can create unlimited search forms
  • Supports multilingual search.
  • Supports shortcodes
  •  It allows you to show the product price while searching

6. Smart WooCommerce Search Free Plugin

Smart WooCommerce Search is a free plugin that allows your customers to search for a product which they need from your Woocommerce store.

There’s nothing much to write about these plugins except free plugins and have the same features of the above plugins.

Over to End

After researching a lot we found more than 50+ plugins and out of 50, these are 6 best WordPress search ajax plugins in 2020.

So thats my lists.

 I hope this article definitely be of some help to you. If you agree or disagree with something, feel free to drop your comments below.

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best free woocommerce search plugins
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