Hostinger vs NameCheap 2023: 13 Test To Decide “Who’s Best”

I don’t know what type of small or big business you own or going to start but having a good hosting provider is much important as coffee in sugar.

When you are starting your brand new business, for most of the reason tight budget takes place where businesses some owners leave were extraordinary like you reading this line is going to start your very first business or countless.

This is where Hostinger and Namecheap take place because both hosting providers offer very cheaper friendly hosting plans and thanks especially to their shared, wordpress, their plans are so budget-friendly anyone can get started with it.

Now I know you have questions popping out in your mind….

Should I buy web hosting plans from Hostinger or Namecheap? Both hosting providers have cheap solutions, how the heck am I supposed to choose between them?

Do not worry, I have successfully written more than 151+ articles related to hosting providers, reviews, and comparison so you will not return with an empty hand, I will help you build your business without spending cash on things that don’t require you.

In today’s article, I have compared Hostinger vs NameCheap or you can also read NameCheap vs Hostinger, we will fully go with the test and find out hostinger or Namecheap which is a better option by taking a look at its features, pricing, support, uptime in-depth much more…

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy Table of contents:

Hostinger vs NameCheap: Comparison Table

In case, you’re in hurry here’s our comparison table to help you choose one of the biggest budget-friendly hosting company brands in the hosting industry to help you choose your perfect hosting in no time:

Ease of useGoodGood
Domains, subdomains, and parked domainsExcellentGreat
Email accountsOkOk
FTP, SFTP, SSH AccessGoodGood
WordPress IntegrationExcellentExcellent
Page SpeedExcellentGreat
UptimeGreat (99%)Great (99%)
Pricing(for shared 1-year shared hosting plans)$1.58/3 website/ free domain1.39/1 website/free domain
Final ScoreMore

Hostinger Pros & Cons


  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Free domain name registration except for basic plans
  • Weekly backups
  • Free CDN
  • 30 days money back offer
  • Free google ads credit’s
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSD Storage
  • Dedicated support 24/7/365 clock support


  • Dedicated server’s s are not supported anymore
  • No Traditional cPanel
  • Uptime sucks
  • Entity plans only support one email account
  • No daily backup
  • No stagging feature

NameCheap Pros & Cons


  • SSD Powered servers
  • Free website migrations
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • One-click installations features
  • Automatic backups
  • Easy to use interface
  • High-security standards
  • Decent Uptime
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Not the cheapest short term solution but a Fully-Loaded Value Plan
  • 24/7/365 support


  • Lack phone support
  • Lack of Datacenters ( No data centre in Asia)
  • Does not offer inbuilt CDN

Types Of Hosting Plans Offered by Hostinger& NameCheap


Both web hosting providers are known for their budget-friendly services with databases of millions of customers. In this section of Hostinger vs Namecheap, I am going to share with you the types of hosting plans offered by both companies and help you choose either hostinger or Namecheap plans that are budget-friendly.

#Hosting Server’sHostingerNameCheap
Shared Hosting ✔️✔️
Managed Wordpress✔️✔️
Cloud Hosting✔️✔️
VPS Hosting✔️✔️
Dedicated Hosting✔️
Cloud Hosting✔️
Reseller Hosting✔️✔️

Is Hostinger or NameCheap Easier To Use?


In this section, we will learn and find out which company offers the best features and is easy to use by diving into its deep data using some tools to find the provider’s popularity and company growth.

I have previously reviewed Hostinger and also made a full comparison article on Hostinger vs HostGator so you can find more deep data into hostinger.

Hostinger vs namecheap comparision guide
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1. Hostinger VS NameCheap: Popularity and Growth

Both webs hosting provider is famous around the globe for their best budget-friendly plans where hostinger is widely famous for its cheapest plans and NameCheap for its domain registration, while we cant Namecheap offers cheapest hosting plans but indeed they are actually cheaper than hostinger.

I will explain to you the section of pricing plans, so keep reading.

  • Hostinger = 67
  • NameCheap= 69

If we take a look at the official report from Google Trends for the past 30 days, NameCheap is insanely more popular than Hostinger.

Now you have an idea how NameCheap is more popular than hostinger according to the past 30 days with very close data.

The winner for this section is: NameCheap

Which Company Offers the Best Features? ( Hostinger Or NameCheaP)


This is where the main review and comparison of both Hostinger and NameCheap takes place. let’s see what you get from your money in terms of uptime, storage, performance, and many more.

In this section, I will take both hosting companies’ shared web hosting plans because they are affordable and help you understand the comparison in a better way.

1. Storage: Does NameCheap provides Better Storage or Hostinger?

Namecheap basic shared plans come with 20 GB SSD Storage Space. The storage they are offering with the pricing of $1.44/per month is decent. If you have the plan to build blogs, ecommerce stores then go ahead but if you are a photographer and want to host pics and create a website for photography then storage will kill your website.

On other hand, hostinger comes with the 30 GB SSD Storage with the pricing of $1.39/per month which is pretty enough for creating any type of website but not highly recommend for long sustain for video and photography sites.

Winner: Hostinger it’s because their pricing is cheaper and comes with more storage than Namecheap.

2. Uptime: Hostinger vs NameCheap

Uptime is one of the most important factors you need to look at before choosing any Webhosting provider for your business, it plays a 90% role in SEO ranking and the popularity of a website.

When your website goes down from time to time the google robots crawler stop crawling your website and when it stops your website itself gets down because the search engine thinks the site is dead and has almost no use so time by time it will decrease.

Namecheap officially claim to offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee but in my long testing I got to know:

namecheap testing uptime
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Namecheap has served our testing website with 100% uptime without single downtime, that’s what every web hosting provider must offer.

On other hand for hostinger;

hostinger robot uptime result 768x445 1
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This speed testing data has been taken from our recent Hostinger Review. Click here to get detailed information about hostinger from scratch.

In my testing, we got 100% uptime from the hostinger platform and one of the great advantages if they fail to claim 100% uptime then your account will be credited for each hour of downtime to your hosting account so next time you can redeem it.

Winner: Both hosting providers in my testing have 100% uptime so the winner of this section round is Hostinger, although both providers have 100% uptime in the testing,

Namecheap does not offer servers in Asia which is a huge downfall and does not credit for each uptime where hostinger has everything we were looking for.

3. Hostinger VS namecheap : Backups:

Hostinger offers daily and weekly backups per account with inbuilt system integrations which means you don’t need to have any third-party plugins to get backups,

While Namecheap does not offer daily backups in their basic plans but yes, each server’s data is backed up once every 3-7 days depending on the account’s type and server’s specification.

They also offer automatic backups via Cpanel inbuilt features so there is no risk of losing data.

Winner: IT’S A TIE!

4. Hostinger VS namecheap : Performance:

Now you have the ideal data about popularity, uptime, and many more, now I will show you the performance speed of two hosting providers in different locations to figure out the performance.

For these tests, I used the tool called Pingdom and some open internet sources to find out the actual speed.

Web page loading speed is one one the most critical ranking factor. Google core web vitals follows the speed experience of your site, if it is good then you will be in benefit, and in 2023 it is one of the major rolled ranking factors.

5. Hostinger’s Speed Check

Hostinger vs HostGator 2021- The Clear Winner "Review" Guide
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I checked Hostinger’s speed using a site that is hosted in ten different locations, in Singapore and declared the server performance speed with A+.

6. NameCheap Speed Check

NameCheap speed testing
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Namecheap performance is slightly different than hostinger, You can clearly see in the above NameCheap speed check, their servers are rated as – A only where hostinger comes with A+.

The clear winner is Hostinger, the load time and uptime of Hostinger were faster than NameCheap

While hostinger does not comes in costly pricing if you go with their basic plans but if you plan to go with more upper plans my recommendations go with Namecheap.

Keep reading I will share with you the why reason…

7. Hostinger Or namecheap : Email Accounts Are Better?

Both hosting providers come with a free email with their all hosting packages but with some limitations.

Here’s what you need to know!

Hostinger offers only one email account id to create with their basic shared plans, while Namecheap provides unlimited email accounts to create so there is a huge advantage,

Having a professional email account is so important these days to make the website and trust more comfortable and trustable among other people.

Not every web hosting provider has free email accounts just like Dreamhost, they do not offer free email accounts with their basic plans we have to buy their email hosting for $1.65/per month which is a disadvantage.

Winner: NameCheap of course they provide unlimited email with all plans.

8. Hostinger Or NameCheap BandWidth Is Best?

Hostinger basic shared hosting plans come with 100 GB Bandwidth which is good to go,

On other hand, NameCheap provides Unmetered bandwidth which ultimately is the winner of this section.

9. Website Migration: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Today almost many web hosting provider offers free website migrations and very useful when you are switching from one host to another provider.

Both Hostinger and NameCheap offer free website migrations without letting your website down, the migrations will take place under 24 hours.

All you need to open ticket support and they will migrate their website very soon, this is really great because your website will not get down for a single minute.

They will take care of your website so leave the migration to them.

Winner: It’s a tie both Hostinger and NameCheap are winners of this round.

10. Free Domain: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Both hosting providers offer a completely free domain, where Namecheap is widely famous for providing cheap domain names.

hostinger free domain name
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But in the case of hostinger, they offer a free domain with their premium and business plans only which costs around $2.59 to $4.99/per month.

But NameCheap offers a free domain with all plans even with basic plans, which ranks among hostinger.

Winner: The clear winner for this round is “NameCheap“, not every web hosting provider offers a free domain name with basic plans which are plus points.

11. Support: Hostinger Or NameCheap Offers Better Customer Service?

Hostinger offers  24×7×365 full chat support. They also provide support in the local language for all locates such as Lithuanian, Spanish, Russia, India, etc.

However, I experience a 10 minutes queue to get replies from their support staff with chat features.

Apart from living chat, hostinger also has lots of tutorials about hostinger about their platform as a knowledge base. They have managed to keep the article topics organized in a simple manner from where you will find articles about hosting, domains, general, etc.


Same as hostinger they also have 24×7×365 full chat support with pre-made docs and tutorials to help you get started.

Live Chat support4.5/55/5
WordPress specific support5/55/5

Winner: It’s a tie, both web hosting provider offers equal customer service support.

12. Website Builder: Hostinger vs NameCheap

Both Hostinger and Namecheap offer completely free website builders when you buy web hosting plans.

With their web builder, you don’t have to master coding or need technical knowledge to create a beautiful UI design site, all you have to install their web builder and get started.

Winner: It’s a tie both hosting companies offer free website builders so there is no clear winner.

13. Money-Back Guarantee: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Both webs hosting company provides 30 days money-back promise guarantee with their annual plans, which means if they fall to meet your requirement and in case if you are not happy with their products then you can cancel the hosting account with-in 30 days.

Shared Hosting Review: Hostinger vs NAMECHEAP



#FeaturesHostinger SharedNameCheap Pricing
Pricing $1.39/per month 1.58/per month
SSD Storage 30GB 20 GB
Free SSLYes Yes
Free DomainYes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee30 days 30 days

I have waited for you a long why Namecheap plans are better than hostinger because hostinger allows hosting only websites with their basic shared plans with 20 GB SSD storage with a pricing of $1.39 with NameCheap you can host three websites with the pricing of $1.58 with a free domain name and 30 GB SSD Storage.

While to host more than one website using hostinger you have to go with their premium shared hosting plans which costs $2.59 per month where Namecheap can host more than one website in basic plans only.

Winner: The clear winner is definitely NameCheap without any doubt!

Summary: Hostinger vs. NameCheap: And the winner is: NameCheap


The clear winner according to my reviews is definitely “NameCheap if we focus on their pricing plans, and if not then both hosting providers are good to go and offer very similar features.

Both hosting companies have won many most important aspects such as pricing, speed, domains, uptime, panel, and many more.

Namecheap wins the overall competition if we take a look at the factors then I would recommend you to go with NameCheap company because it has everything an online business owner must need with a less pricing model offering valued packed features than no other can offers.

If you have any questions about Hostinger Or NameCheap? Let me know in the comment sections below.

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