7 Best Minecraft Server Hosting For 2023 [free & cheap]

Minecraft servers require a lot of resources to run smoothly, especially for a large number of players.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a Minecraft server hosting provider is the provider’s ability to handle these resources.

So the first step is to find a host that won’t overload your server or make you lag during gameplay. Today’s article will look at the different aspects of server hosting for Minecraft and how to find the best host for your needs.

If you are searching for the best Minecraft server hosting to host your own Minecraft server (because you have been let down by a previous service provider for example)

Then look no further! We’ve done the research for you by analyzing some of the industry’s leading providers with fast servers that don’t cause lag along with budget-friendly pricing.

I hope you’ve played the Minecraft video game, but if you haven’t yet, mind taking the time to give it a go?

Now for the good news: If you’re looking to host your own private servers then chances are that this is why you are here and searching for top Minecraft server hosts.

So you want to start your own Minecraft servers for multiplayer players. However, there are lots of Minecraft server hosting companies, and finding the best & better can be difficult.

Out of a countless number of best minecraft server hosting free, I have done all the research for you and put together a list of some of the most reputable providers that will enhance your server’s speed instantly without breaking the bank – you don’t want to break the bank after all!

All of our top-ranked hosts are well recognized within their niche industry as having high-quality products.

In today’s article, we’re making a list of the best Minecraft server hosts that are available for you to use on the internet. We’ll talk a lot about the features and what you need to search for when trying to decide on who will be the best provider for your web hosting needs. Let’s get right into it!

Well, it’s time to jump right into the lists you’re most interested in. The below table of contents is just there to help if you need it.

What is Minecraft?

MineCraft image
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Minecraft is an open-world computer game that can be played on all major platforms, including computers, consoles, and mobile devices. It was developed in 2009 by Markus Persson, better known by his handle “Notch”.

It is the best-selling video game of all time and is especially popular with children and teenagers, who can play it on a simple laptop or desktop computer. It can also be played on a smartphone or a tablet with the help of an Android emulator.

Minecraft’s “chunky” graphics have inspired millions of gamers to create and share their own content with one another – giving birth to incredible, awe-inspiring landscapes that continue to impress and astound players of all ages across the globe.

The possibilities seem endless and, in many cases, no two worlds are alike!

the Best Minecraft Server Hosting For 2023

Below are my top picks for the best Minecraft server hosting companies hosting to use this year:

  1. Hostinger Best Minecraft hosting for instant scaling
  2. Apex Hosting Best Hands-off Minecraft hosting with high memory
  3. Scala Cube Best minecraft server hosting free
  4. GG Servers Best Minecraft hosting for getting an exact blend of resources
  5. Bisect Hosting Most reliable uptime
  6. Shock Byte Best Minecraft hosting for when you’re starting from scratch
  7. Melon Cube Best Minecraft hosting for hands-on customer support

Comparing the best Minecraft server hosting

Best MineCraft Hosting Providers
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1. Hostinger

Hostinger minecraft hosting
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If you’re searching for the best way to host a Minecraft server and Hostinger offers it! With affordable plans, non-stop support as well as easy instructions about setting up your very own game server, it’s no wonder why Hostinger is so highly recommended by both fans and industry professionals alike.

Hostinger is the host for you if you’re looking for quality Minecraft hosting. They provide a full lineup of affordable services including shared, cloud, and VPS hosting packages. They also offer optional Minecraft packages that cover all the must-have features like DDoS protection and Intel Xeon hardware.

It’s possible to turn your personal server into a modded server quite easily, thanks to Hostinger’s range of custom options. You can even choose between installing the server online or in-house.

All you need is a Git client to connect the resources you want to mod; including Bukkit, Spigot and Multicraft. This will ensure that there’s no modification breaking due to incompatibility issues!


Hostinger minecraft features
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Hostinger provides an exhaustive range of services with its shared hosting plans. Among the special features included in all shared hosting packages are automatic off-site backups, ensuring that all your changes remain intact in case of a disk failure. In addition, your server will be protected by double RAID-DP protection.

Hostinger Minecraft servers are run on VPS which gives you dedicated, fast-performing servers to play the game exactly as you desire. Their data centers are located around the world in locations such as the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Lithuania.

Hostinger also offers its users the option to make Minecraft servers on a number of different packages. In the event that changes are needed,

Users can take advantage of a 24/7 tech support service and a 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that if you’re not satisfied with the servers you’re renting through Hostinger, you will receive your money back within 30 days.

Pricing :

Hostinger minecraft pricing
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Hostinger basic minecraft hosting plans come with a price tag of only $8.95/ month and 2 GB RAM, plus 99.99% server uptime and all the must have features any Minecraft player could ever want such as DDOS protection,

Free MySQL/ Modpacks and plugins, custom plans for each Minecraft server including unlimited modpacks and even a free control panel!

They also support installing multiple modpacks at the same time and create their installation programs using JAR files.

The most affordable plan offers 2 GB of RAM, so it’s perfect for a small server. If you need more resources, Hostinger allows you to upgrade your servers with additional CPUs and RAM. To do so, simply request upgrades through the cPanel control panel.

Hostinger is offering special discounts on their Alex Plan Minecraft VPS hosting to celebrate the launch of their newest data-center!

2. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting MineCraft
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Apex Hosting is only focused on providing Minecraft users with the best possible hosting experience. They have over 16 locations worldwide and also provide various plans to choose from, each with its own specifications and custom setup.

Apex Hosting offers dedicated hosting packages specifically for the Minecraft community. They offer DDOS protection which prevents your server from being attacked by malicious outside sources, preventing them in turn from disconnecting you, and not only that,

They come with Soft Root (which means you can set up a server without any hassle or technical understanding whatsoever). You also get 24/7 Customer Support & Email Support.

The best part of this hosting provider is you will get all the necessary features under one roof. This provider is reliable and has been in existence for a good time so thousands of people have used it and have had no need to look elsewhere.


Apex Hosting Features
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Apex Minecraft Hosting is a popular hosting company which specializes in a variety of game servers, catering to different play styles and all types of audiences.

They offer over 200 one-click installers for modpacks, such as PixelMon and Sky Factory. Minigames such as Skywars are also available so that custom game modes are easily accessible to all users.

It’s easy to set up your own custom game modes with built-in support for maps and scoreboards that makes it an easy task.

In addition, Apex comes packed with useful extras such as a built-in donation plugin and Java edition minigames. It also brags about their largest collection of tutorials and videos to help you learn the game.

Additionally, you can contact expert customer support at any time so that you can resolve problems in your gameplay quickly and efficiently.

Apex hosting gives you the option of choosing a dedicated server, which offers you a wide range of configurations. You can choose from 16 countries in which to host your server and there are quick load speeds as well as plenty of socket options for all game types.

Apex hosting provides dedicated hardware features with high clock speed that shouldn’t be confused with decent speed, CPU with full SSD hard drives in addition to the ability for a user to be able to step their own servers and install lots of mods using a single click.

With more than 16+ data centers can be chosen from including those located across the US, europe, south america, asia, australia and canada.

Apex Hosting is a great choice for hosting your server. They support a wide array of different Minecraft and Bukkit plugins, including both Spigot and vanilla Minecraft.

You’ll be glad to know that Apex Hosting offers full FTP access and MySQL databases so you can play around with setups on the back end if you wish!

Apex Hosting data centers have one thing in common: They’re located all over the world, drastically reducing website loading times for customers.

North America and Europe are home to their original 2 data facilities, while Asia’s center is the most recently constructed. Each far-reaching location is a current model of efficiency and functionality while also being up-to-date with the latest technological advancements online with 99.9% uptime promise.

Pricing :

Apex Hosting Pricing
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Pricing starts out at $4.49 for the first month for basic servers only, then increases to $5.99 per month moving forward with a limit of 1 GB RAM and no support for mod packs.

However, there are plenty of other options available if you need to access more powerful resources by adding plugins and accessing mods like Better Than Wolves or Tinker’s Construct.

Their claim to fame owes its success to extensive support for Minecraft, via a well-developed and easy to use control panel, tutorials that are available on video as well as the ability to get Minecraft servers up and running in a mere five minutes.

An additional help resource is a fact that they have access to live chat and ticketing system support.

3. Scala Cube

Scala Cube
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ScalaCube hosts a variety of different Minecraft games, including the traditional game mode as well as a number of alternative variations.

One of the best parts about using scale cube is the fact that they have hundreds of different mod packs you can install and play on their servers, no matter what game mode you are looking to play.

ScalaCube (which is also popular for affordable Minecraft server hosting is another Minecraft hosting company that offers hosting services for multiple games. One of the best features of this particular host is that it allows you to install 1,000 different mod packs in less than an hour.


ScalaCube Features
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ScalaCube is like the Rubik’s Cube. It allows users to use one hosting plan to run multiple servers. Users can accurately and efficiently test different server configurations at the same time, such as development, staging, and production environment.

Overall, the best part is that you can launch your own Minecraft hosting – hosting comes with unlimited members & a pre-installed website server. Added extra note: also mentioned mods with unlimited members.

ScalaCube offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, regular updates and support for unlimited slots per server. If you achieve an unusually large number of players on one server, there are several additional plugins and mods to add more slots as required, such as the player mod or Battlefield Anti-Cheat.

They also offer a refund policy to new customers within the first few days of purchasing as well as help with any issues that arise on your domain. They provide unlimited SSD storage space (Secure Sockets Layer) with all of their plans and service DDOS Protection for MC game playing.

Creating the Forge server on ScalaCube grants the ability to create custom launcher. With it, you can design Minecraft skins and assign which files will be downloaded automatically when a player connects to your server.

In addition to this, it also offers access to Bungeecord. By installing Bungeecord, you can create one network of multiple servers. This gives players the option to switch between servers while playing Minecraft. It is worth noting that Bungeecord works with Spigot or PaperMC-based servers only.

Pricing :

ScalaCube Minecraft hosting pricing
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ScalaCube is the best and most affordable Minecraft hosting provider. Their starting package costs $2.50/month and includes 768 MB RAM, 10 GB SSD Disk space, and 10 player slots. That for a period of time, you can get 50% off but only for your first month of subscription!

ScalaCube offers nine hosting packages for small and large servers. You’ll receive a 50% discount on your subscription for the first month with any server package that you choose.

If you need more resources, you will find a range of different plans, some of which may be even better suited to your needs.

4. GG Servers

GGServers Minecraft
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GGServers is a Canadian web hosting company that offers web hosting but also specializes in-game servers. They have deployed more than half a million of these, and are known for their Minecraft servers.

GGServers is one of the oldest Minecraft hosting companies on our list. They were officially born in 2013, and they’re another great company offering Minecraft server hosting plans with affordable pricing.


GGServers minecraft features
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One reason why GGServers has been refined so finely is down to its user-friendly approach towards newcomers.

GG Servers’ multicraft control panel allows users to manage game servers, monitor players’ chats, and create worlds in a few clicks. Its control panel is user-friendly, making navigation a breeze.

It also supports the most popular modpacks and server editions, such as Java, Bedrock, Paper, Spigot, and BungeeCord. You can switch between server types anytime through the control panel.

With all plans, you have an un-metered SSD with NVMe storage and full features of FTP. It offers MySQL Database access. 1 day money-back full refund is provided in their database creation service.

Besides that, GGServers allows adding players as administrators of the game server if you are working with them. You can grant them the necessary permissions from our control panel if you want to.

GGServer is a business that provides game server hosting solutions and Minecraft server hosting. They have over 9 data centers worldwide and multiple different plans that can go with any budget or host requirements you might have.

Pricing :

GGServers minecraft Pricing Plans
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The monthly starting price for their “Stone” plans is $3, which includes the very first month. The Stone plan comes with 1 GB RAM and best suits personal blogs. You can complimentary upgrade or downsize at any given time.

5. Bisect Hosting

Bisect hosting minecraft
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BisectHosting is a popular name in Minecraft hosting although it does offer a lot more than just server hosting. Being one of the most well-known in the Minecraft hosting niche,

Bisect doesn’t have as much need for marketing itself and as such can be dedicated to delivering good service to its unique provider base while remaining very competitive yet affordable at the same time.

Unlimited SSD storage is a distinguishing feature of Bisect. All of their Minecraft hosting plans have SSD storage (even their cheapest plan) which means no matter how much you use the server, all of the data related to your project will be fast, safe and accessible.

Whether you’re looking to set up a Minecraft server with a small group of friends, or if your community has become more popular and you’re looking for something more scalable to deal with demand, BisectHosting is able to offer the infrastructure you need.


Bisect hosting minecraft features
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Bisect provides you with 17 data center locations around the world in order to minimize latency. You can choose your location depending on what best suits your needs.

Locations include the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. For free, you will get subdomain and DDoS protection as well as unlimited SSD storage provided that your usage is fair.

On the other hand, they offer quality and efficient Minecraft server hosting. With bisect, you can install as many modpacks or plugins as you want. Still, they charge a very fair rate for dedicated servers of all types!

Unmetered disc space, unmetered bandwidth and instant setup are some outstanding features that come with your free OpenVZ VPS. You can install many modpacks and plugins on your server if it complies with the fair usage policy.

BisectHosting has data centers located in multiple countries around the world, including several cities within various regions of the United States, Brazil and Australia.

With this many locations from which to choose, players living anywhere from any one of these countries can receive low latency throughout their gaming experience.

Pricing :

Bisect Hosting pricing
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BisectHosting has a vast array of Minecraft hosting plans available, with individual options and upgrade/downgrade possibilities so you can choose the package that fits your desires.

Whether you are just starting out on Bukkit or FeedTheBeast, looking for a place to put your own modded servers for cheap prices, or simply have heard great things about this community and need somewhere to call home besides DDoS-free CubeHost – BisectHosting will not let you down!

The most affordable option includes 12 player slots and 1 GB of RAM. This costs $2.99 per month. Other plans are also available and include more features for a higher cost – such as the plan that adds 2GB of RAM and 24 player slots, which costs $5.95 per month.

6. ShockByte

Shockbyte minecraft server hosting
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Shockbyte is a registered company in Australia – That specialises in hosting games and renting out game servers. Their key focus areas are Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust because they want to branch into other games.

If you need a web host for your Minecraft server, it’s often a good idea to find one that already has experience in the world of game servers.

ShockByte Hosting is well known for maintaining Minecraft and other virtual game worlds. Their hosting packages include fast solid state drives and complete DDoS protection.


Shockybyte minecraft hosting features
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Their plans are very professional and specific to different kinds of Minecraft server needs. THEIR years of experience in the area allow them to provide direct insight and suggestions as far as hosting Minecraft servers goes, offering choices shared by people from all around the world.

Shockbyte boasts top-of-the-line hardware specs. The CPUs are high-core, hard drives are NVMe and RAM is DDR4. These specifications will effectively boost user experience and productivity.

If a system failure occurs that causes you to lose access to your storage area, the company will provide emergency service at no extra charge.

Besides that, ShockByte offers complete freedom for users to build their Minecraft worlds. It supports all major server editions in Java and Bedrock and offers one-click modpack installers so that you can start building immediately!

If you are looking for the most fun way to play Minecraft with your friends, why not install a collaborative server for hosting games? To upload your own custom Minecraft server mods, you can take advantage of its FTP access.

Pricing :

Shockybyte minecraft hosting pricing
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If you are looking for a cheap and reliable Minecraft server hosting service, consider picking up ShockByte and its most affordable plan which costs $2.50/mo.

This will enable you to host 20 player slots for this amount of money if it’s what is your budget will allow you to spend every month.

If you do not have the money available, one can go on their website and use the custom plan section of their interface to make changes so that you get the offer that is right for your needs.

ShockByte makes it easy to upgrade your hosting plans at any time. Whether you decide to downgrade or upgrade, you will always have a choice in the matter.

7. Melon Cube

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American hosting provider MelonCube offers a variety of hosting solutions, but it’s most popular for its Minecraft hosting. It’s easy to use and its features are valuable, but it only has limited support options and its network coverage is somewhat lacking (especially in Europe).

MelonCube provides the best Minecraft server hosting service around. The first use premium state-of-the-art hardware for their servers, such as top-tier DDR4 ECC RAM and solid-state drives or NVMe drives. Therefore, when using their dedicated servers, you can expect up to 99.9% uptime from the host’s stable network.


MelonCube minecraft features
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MelonCube supports various Minecraft versions and jars like Vanilla, CraftBukkit, Spigot, ATLauncher and more. Its servers also support custom jar enabling you to use snapshots and other mod packs that aren’t supported by the server software such as Twitch, FTB (Feed-The-Beast), Resonant Rise, etc.

When it comes to MelonCube, the specifications are pretty standard and don’t differ from most Minecraft hosts. You won’t get a dedicated Minecraft server – you’ll share it with other players. Some of the server specifications include:

Although MelonCube claims to be 100% reliable, many users are reporting lagging and downtime issues. Also, choosing the right server location is very important when trying to optimize your traffic – choose a location close to yours if you can, in order to get the fastest loading times.

Additionally, they offer generous compensations. If downtime lasts up to 15 minutes, feel free to report this to customer service so that you can be given 10% service credit.

All MelonCube plans include unlimited storage and a free MySQL database, so you can have as many Minecraft mods and custom .jar files as you want to customize your world. We offer more than 30,000 single-click Bukkit plugin installers to enhance your gaming experience even further.

Pricing :

MelonCube pricing
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MelonCube has an amazing range of Minecraft hosting plans. There are around 22 packages in total, the difference between these varying on the amount of RAM allocated to your Minecraft server – from 1 GB to 48 GB.

Prices for each package come at different pitches for different people’s budgets but the best news is prices remain the same no matter where their servers reside at making it easier for everyone to find a plan that is within budget.

The most affordable option costs $3/month and comes with 1024 MB of RAM allocated to you for your own site. Additionally, all plans carry enough players slots for everyone in your group to get a slot on the roster and SSD storage for each member.

How to pick the best Minecraft server hosting?

Today, an increasing number of hosting providers provide support for Minecraft, and as such because, unlike most hosting providers, Minecraft runs on completely different server engines that should be taken into consideration first and foremost when deciding on which provider to use.

While other hosting providers generally run on the same type of server engines, Minecraft servers are run by a specific engine that requires special features and care of course.

Keeping a Minecraft server up and running is not as easy as simply installing the game on a virtual machine especially within an environment like,

Amazon EC2 where you need to ensure that the underlying operating system remains stable whilst still ensuring it can use up as much CPU and memory resources as possible.

Furthermore, the same way we can’t choose to host a particular website on another provider outside of the Wordpress system engine,

We cannot simply select any other Minecraft hosting platform in order to run this generator. Since every hosting service comes with its own set of requirements and features.

Running a Minecraft online service means you’ll need to invest in sufficient hardware and bandwidth to support the projected usage.

Unless you’re an IT expert with your own data center, which is unlikely for a home server, you’ll be renting server space from a web hosting company such as Hostinger which specializes in the Minecraft genre.

To run your Minecraft hosting business smoothly, you’ll need to make sure that you purchase the right type of hosting plan and scale with your business,

So below are some things to consider when choosing a Minecraft hosting service (these tips can also be used if you’re building a site from scratch)

1. Memory

RAM is much like a cup of tea. It’s fast and volatile, the perfect combination to provide you with the energy you need to get through the day. This energy can be used for a number of things, including improving your overall performance at work.

When problems arise, or when you have to make decisions about performance in relation to the memory, instead of settling on half-baked solutions that cause issues for your business or making last-minute changes as a result of deadlines not being met, consider using memory resources in bulk.

In the world of computers, RAM is a device that is used to store data temporarily. It is also known as Random Access Memory and its capacity can be measured in gigabytes. But what exactly does RAM do and why do you need it?

Well, when a request is made to your server, it loads all the necessary data into one place because reading from several locations would waste time. Since RAM has such a high information transfer rate, all of this takes place at an accelerated pace, which means you have better performance!

Whenever we talk about shared hosting, our minds drift to a big pot of RAM that is being used by multiple people at the same time. With VPS or cloud accounts,

However, users have more control over the amount of memory they want to utilize for their plans because it can be allocated on an individual basis. Whatever amount you choose will depend on the host and plan you decide for.

2. Processor

Your web applications will most likely require some time to process and run, but it’s especially true in gaming environments. In actual usage scenarios, the processing time is calculated in clock cycles (hence the presentation as MHz or GHz).

You can choose from a number of hosting options. For home users, shared hosting is usually the most cost-effective option, and it involves using a server with multiple other companies’ websites on it.

Businesses need more control over their sites and so VPS and cloud plans are often preferable because these offer cost-effective, dedicated resources.

3. Storage Type and Space

Minecraft isn’t a particularly storage-intensive game, but when you’re running a Minecraft server it helps to have an SSD drive to ensure that performance isn’t impacted as much by slower read/write speeds.

Do note that there are differences between the types of programs that go into making a server run fast on an HDD versus one or two single instances of the same application or game on an SSD due to differences in file fragmentation and caching.

Some web hosts manage hosting setups there is no dedicated distinction between the operating system, web server software, and data storage. This differs from other offerings that combine SSD storage with a “legacy” setup, in which there are some distinctions drawn between the hardware and software.

If you are modifying the game setup, then a VPS is recommended to mod the server this way. A basic modded Minecraft server needs at least 1 GB RAM, and CPU with 1 core for hosting about 10 players. The bandwidth isn’t commonly limited when it comes to hosting a modded Minecraft server.

4. Data Center Locations

For any server, your server location is probably the most important feature. If you’re located far away from where your players are playing on game servers then this can result in high latency for them.

It is critical for a server’s uptime and performance to be well-managed. For this reason, it’s important for the server to be hosted as close as possible to its players so that ping rates are low ,

And when hosting a Minecraft hosting server in an environment that has unpredictable Internet or power infrastructure, it can help to ensure that your server is hosted on cloud infrastructure so that you’re not at risk of having unscheduled downtime.

Choosing a provider with data centers that are close to your operations will decrease the amount of latency. The shorter the distance, the lesser the hassle and lag during your transfer.

5. Uptime

Uptime refers to the period in which users can access your Minecraft servers. As of now, the level of service that is the industry standard is around 99.9%,

Which means that there is only a 0.1% chance for your server to experience downtime between scheduled downtime and emergency maintenance on your computer’s end.

Depending on the service you choose, however, this doesn’t always apply because some companies may not always follow this guideline when it comes down to issues like maintenance being outside of their system’s control or unexpected server crashes.

6. Minecraft – dedicated support

As I mentioned earlier, any web host should deliver adequate services to be considered a good candidate for Minecraft hosting. Nevertheless,

It can be helpful to target your search when looking for a particular Web Host by checking out any special hosting plans specifically made for Minecraft Players or creators of these types of games.

Such an approach is especially useful if you’re trying to find a whole new web host with specific experience in dealing with Minecraft customers or groups/teams that are partaking in the sort of activity we have been discussing.

Most hosting companies advertise how they can help you install and set up your content management system. To see if the host you’re considering will actually assist with this, it is best to reach out to them directly beforehand in order to ensure they have the skill sets necessary to do so.

7. Avoid Cheap Minecraft hosting plans

I urge you to exercise cautiousness when considering these companies promising their services at lower prices. Though they may offer a tempting price,

These companies often provide substandard services which will negatively affect your gaming experience. Not all hosting companies are created equal so be sure to choose wisely!

What are the benefits of running your own Minecraft server?

So, you’ve read this far into this informative article and I’d like to think that by now you’re interested in learning more. There are some great reasons to build a server of your own in Minecraft. For example, if it’s just me and my friends – why go through the headache?

  • Perhaps the most important advantage to hosting your own Minecraft server is that you can play it with your friends. Given that the game is designed to be played in groups, you can create an exclusive server with only your friends and play it with them whenever you like.
  • If you are running a public server then you will also have the option of setting a password so that only those you have given the server address to can play it. Another benefit of running your own Minecraft server is that you can create unique Minecraft maps to play on.
  • You can make your own map in Minecraft, but that is rather difficult. It is far easier to create your own map using a 3D design program such as 3DS Max or Blender or to download an existing map and alter it.
  • If you host your own Minecraft server you can upload your custom maps and play them, along with others, whenever you like.
  • If you have a large map, you may want to use a Minecraft map hosting website. These sites let you upload your map, and then provide a link that people can click to play it.

It’s easy to see how starting up your own server to host Minecraft on could be seen by many as a bit of a headache. But there are some positive aspects of hosting Minecraft that we should explore.

1. Building Community

Humans are social creatures and while being alone can feel like the best way to spend your time away from other people, time doesn’t always permit it.

Thankfully the digital world has made it possible to have relationships with friends that don’t need to be face to face.

Minecraft gives players the opportunity to build their own society in a world shaped by their own rules without facing any geographical limitations, so this might just be the perfect game for anyone looking for the community!

2. Mods in choices

Why don’t you take control of your Minecraft server for a change and create the world that you want to play in?

When you host your own server, it means you have full choice over what mods are installed because you’re in charge!

If you’ve ever played a game and gotten frustrated because the version you’re on doesn’t have certain mods-enabled, it can be challenging.

These plugins might even be readily available, just out of your reach. There are ways around this, however. hosting your own Minecraft server enables free reign over what to install!

3. Set Custom Rules

If you’re in charge of your own Minecraft server, you can add or change the rules as the need arises. It’s great to be able to do what feels best for your tiny community, and not have to deal with anyone else.

If you’re a server administrator for Minecraft, you need to think about how your decisions affect the community around you. If you host your own Minecraft server, take some time everyday to consider the rules that will be most beneficial not only for you, but also everyone else at your club –

Think of it as “customer development” testing out new ideas and ways of enforcing them instead of adopting policies off the bat. If there’s a rule that doesn’t need to be enforced right away, leave it alone and revisit it at a later date if its use becomes necessary.

4. Monetization

Hosting Minecraft can get pretty expensive if you want to set up a server with a significant number of players. Microsoft understands that hosting any kind of game can get burdensome in the long run.

The cost associated with the game remains to be seen but Minecraft is still under license at this point – it’s working with players on ways to keep everyone happy over time.

Microsoft added support for servers in Minecraft to give players a better experience. You can make money from your server by setting up a web store or an in-game shop and offering revenue-sharing options with other businesses, like advertisements.

5. Educator Tool

Teaching kids about the importance of social issues might make you feel a little nervous. However, Minecraft can help with that too!

When kids are playing around with the game they think they’re just messing around while building their virtual worlds. But in reality they’re learning how to better empathize with others and how to make more informed decisions based on the consequences of their actions.

Minimum Minecraft server hosting requirements

Minecraft’s resource needs, while by no means small, can be adequately accommodated with what is typically a pretty basic hosting setup. Many web hosts are more than equipped for the job of hosting a game like Minecraft.

Luckily, Minecraft is not exactly a bandwidth hog and it can be hosted on web servers that have much lower specifications than the ones required for other production applications.

You don’t need anything more than a basic server to run a vanilla Minecraft installation. In order to ensure that average player group of 10 people will be able to connect, and that you refer new users to the right download site.

Below is a take a look at some estimates for the cost of Minecraft hosting if you go for a plain vanilla game set-up.

Minimum Req.

  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core

Recommended Req.

  • 2GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Core

Some Minecraft server hosting companies might offer a free plan, with resources such as CPU cores, storage space, and RAM that are made available to new users trying their services out. That can be useful since it allows you to test your client-side requirements without having to put down any money.

However a lot of the time these offers do not scale up well so if you’re planning on running networks in the 50 player range then you should expect to come across issues more often than not.

This is why we always recommend using an external service like VPS Hosting, this way you will only get connected to dedicated servers which means your data and infrastructure will always work in tandem resulting in uninterrupted playtime for all!

Minecraft Hostinger: FAQs

Is Minecraft free?

While there are various specializations in the world of Minecraft, that game does not come free. Prices range from $30 to $20 for the console version and that’s just for starters!

These prices fluctuate with market trends but can be a burden on people who want to enjoy this game but are unable to purchase it because of price factors.

Is hosting a Minecraft server free?

No, hosting costs money because you’re depending on expensive web infrastructure and equipment. There are web hosting companies that can help lessen the financial burden if you both know in advance what your special requirements may be for example.

How much RAM do I need for the Minecraft server?

Like most games, the more players that are on the server, the better. The more players you have on your server, the larger the RAM space you will need to handle them.

For a basic setup with up to 10 players, at least 1 GB is recommended but if you plan on having more people using your server at once then a much bigger amount may be necessary so that users can enjoy a better playing experience.

Final Words

A reliable Minecraft server host should offer low-latency hosting and high performance so that you can enjoy the game without interruptions. Also, having access to pre-built servers is a great plus.

Hostinger is considered the best Minecraft hosting provider because of its automated features that make managing a Minecraft server, or any other type of hosting account painless.

What really makes Hostinger stand out, however, is the fact that it provides first-time users with a one-click installer and preinstalled modpacks (this means fans get to enjoy their favorite mods without needing to request a server update/upgrade).

Although Minecraft doesn’t have to be terribly complex, it can easily get that way if left unchecked. As an administrator of your server, you’re in control of everything from the environment and creatures present on the map to what materials spawn in which biomes.

This allows you to customize your environment as much or as little as you want – something not possible without digging into the code and tinkering with some aspects of the user interface!

A search for best-hosting providers’ web Minecraft will bring you a ton of answers, and ultimately make it hard to choose between the vast multitude of options available.

If you’re looking to host a good Minecraft server, we recommend using Hostinger. Our first choice for server hosting if anything goes awry is Apex Hosting, and the rest mentioned in this article are best

Do you have any questions about Minecraft hosting? Or perhaps you’re interested in finding out more about Shockbyte, MCProHosting, or GGServers? Leave a short comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience!

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