6 Best Elementor Hosting Providers 2023 (In-Depth Review)

Elementor is not just a powerful WordPress website builder, it’s also important to choose the right elementor hosting service when hosting your site.

If you don’t do this right and get stuck with an underperforming host who doesn’t provide enough bandwidth or disk space for Elementor needs – well then everything will slow down including how quickly visitors are able to load pages on their browser windows!

Today’s article contains “The best hosting for Elementor. Elementor is the WordPress top #1-page builder to build sites on, whether you’re optimizing them or not; however, its performance always depends on where it’s hosted from – which I’ll explain below!

No matter how well you optimize elementor WordPress websites, its performance always depends on right WordPress hosting and its data center servers.

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Best Hosting For Elementor

Elementor’s hosting plan is a fantastic choice for ensuring that your site reflects all of the options and tools you have at your disposal. If you want to learn more about our recommended hosting solutions, here’s a quick summary of the top 3:

I found that WordPress and elementor are like two halves of earth. No matter how well we optimized the site, it somehow loads slowly–a terrible feeling when you know there’s something wrong with your website speed but can’t figure out what!

Now more tautness! Over the last months, I have been searching and testing the elementor hosting review solution on our elementor demo sites to find a perfect match for your needs. All of these hosts are loaded with features that can help you create an amazing website without breaking or slowing down too much in costs.

You can glide right into the list of topics you’re interested in by choosing a section from within this Table of Contents.

What is Elementor WordPress Page Builder? Is it worth paying for Elementor?

The Elementor WordPress builder is the ultimate platform for creating powerful websites. With over 3 million-plus installations,

It’s no surprise why this program has won awards and gained traction as one of today’s most popular tools among developers who want to make their projects stand out from competitors.

Our website is also fully built on elementor WordPress. This page builder for WordPress offers you no limitations to creating beautiful and creative websites with ease! If you are looking for elementor discount and promo then do check our dedicated article on “Elementor discount codes”.

This page builder has an advanced front-end drag & drop live editor feature which will make it easy for you to create websites without having any knowledge of code.

You only need to install the plugin on your website and use the best drag and drop addons, elements featured provided by this software!

If you’re sick and tired of not being able to build your website the way that works best for who comes on it, then this is an app just right up your alley. Install with one click!

6 Best Elementor Hosting Providers in 2023

This is a great option for those who want the peace of mind that comes with hosting elementor sites on one server. Your site will be more secure and quick because it’s fully optimized to work best in this environment, which means faster load times as well!

Here are the elementor plugin hosts who provide the best optimized hosting solutions for powerful WordPress website builders today:

  1. A2 Hosting Best Overall Hosting for Elementor
  2. Greengeeks — Best Eco Friendly Elementor Recomended WordPress Host
  3. BlueHost Elementor & WordPress Recommended
  4. DreamHost — WordPress-Endorsed Hosting
  5. Hostinger Cheap Elementor Hosting Provider
  6. Kinsta Premium Elementor Hosting

The hosts I recommend for your Elementor websites are carefully chosen to match the goals you have. Below is a list of our in-depth reviews that explain, all with their strengths and weaknesses so that it can be easy decision-making!

Reviews of The Best elementor hosting review

Best Web Hosting Providers For Elementor
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Elementor web hosting plan a2 hosting
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A2 Hosting offers the fastest speeds and excellent customer support you need to create an attractive site. With environmentally friendly hosting, a simple interface that’s quick on both ends of your connection as well as 24/7 tech help by experts who know what they’re doing – A2 has everything!

A2 Hosting is a best host for Elementor in the list of budget-friendly and affordable ones. They have their own hosting space where they recommend to use it when using elementors on sites, too!

A2 hosting is our #1 recommendation because they offer the best host prices at very affordable rates for any types of elementor projects with their cloud-based infrastructure. They are one of lightning-fast web hosts, starting as low $2.99/ per month!


a2 hosting features
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A2Hosting is the best in class when it comes to hosting speed and pricing. They have been providing world-class service for numerous years, so there’s no doubt that you’ll be satisfied with their work! We also recommend a2 hosting for any small business owners.

The company has made some exciting changes. They are now focusing on performance and pricing, with plans for Elementor users only available through their website!

A2Hosting has everything you need to create your website, 24/7 supervision and secure hosting. With a free migration service as well as their excellent CDN program A2Hosting guarantees that any site will be fast on our servers no matter what the size!

A2 Hosting offers a lot of great features, but we love the pro ones. Specifically with their reporting options that let you see how your site is performing and what stats need attention if anything!

They also have 24/7 support by phone or email (or even ticket system) so no matter when there’s an issue on our end they’ll be able to help out quickly – ensuring your site never goes down due to lackadaisical internet connection again.

A2 hosting focuses more heavily upon experience speed than price “Our Success at Maximum Speed”, however all the a2 hosing plans with wordpress pre installed so you don’t have to install wordpress on a2 hosting manually.

A2 Hosting offers a virtually risk-free hosting experience with their long term plans. They provide pro rata refunds at any point during your subscription and will never charge you more than what’s on file for the duration of it!


When it comes to your website, speed is definitely of the essence. A2 Hosting has a elementor speciific hosting packages you can choose from so you will sure find one that suits your needs and matches up with what’s needed for this site or any other future ones too!

The Turbo Boost plan comes standard in all plans which guarantees faster loading times – meaning visitors get into pages sooner rather than later; never wait a long time just trying on watching content load before getting stuck scrolling back

Below is a breakdown of what the prices for elementor hosting your site might look like with a2 hosting :

a2 hosting elementor pricing
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The preinstalled and configured settings of WordPress are the best in terms of performance, security while Elementor offers a more traditional website builder where users can build their own site from scratch.

The Drive plan adds unlimited storage and websites, as well as free automated backups. If you need top-notch performance for your business or website with a high volume of traffic on it then the Turbo Boost Plan is perfect because it utilizes A2 Hosting’s superfast servers which are 20 times faster than regular infrastructures!

If you are looking for a responsive WordPress theme, I recommend Astra. It’s one of the best in terms of user experience and design! If this sounds good then click here to find out how much it costs with our coupon code that will save your money with no extra fees ever again

A2 Hosting’s Elementor plans are not fully managed, but they come with access to their Turbo servers. To get automated WordPress and plugin updates you’ll need one of the more expensive managed hosting plans that include this feature;

However A2 does offer some affordable options for those who don’t want an unmanaged setup or just need basic services like email storage in addition with website building tools such as e-commerce solutions (which is what most users will be looking).

A2 Hosting is the clear leader in Elementor web hosting, and that’s not just because it offers more features. With a superior customer experience from their knowledgeable staff who are always there for you day or night when questions arise – A2 has won over customers by offering peace of mind knowing they can count on them at any time!

elementor recommends host greengeeks
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For those who love the outdoors and new technology, GreenGeeks is a great hosting provider because they offer managed green web hosting services using 100% renewable energy our top elementor cloud hosting recommendation. This allows customers to have faster-loading websites without sacrificing quality of service or performance!

You can reduce your carbon footprint while still getting all of these benefits by choosing this company as your internet provider today.”

With a huge community, Elementor and wordpress recommend “GREENGEEKS” as the best website hosting for mother nature lovers.

I have used greengeeks myself from more than one year ago when they were just starting out in business with their hostgator cousins at first but everything has been great so now it’s hard to imagine how things would be done without them!

Greegeeks is a top-tier web host that provides cutting edge technology and unmatched customer service. The company has won numerous awards, powered millions of websites for clients all around the world including fourth place on GeekEarth’s list!


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Elementor and WordPress huge community itself recommends “GREENGEEKS” to host elementor websites over there. Elementors team value unparalleled customer service, so they are here plus you get full support when using them with their hosting plans ,

Which means no matter what brand of webhosting package suits your needs best; this team will be able help make it happen! What’s more is if one ever has any problems or questions about the site in question?

Well then just contact an expert who knows everything anything related back end development for a response quickly as well

GreenGeeks doesn’t just offer green web hosting, they’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your electricity with a 300% return.

Easy Installation for WordPress/ElementorOne-click installer
Speed OptimizationsSSD storage, integrated CDN, server-side caching, LiteSpeed servers
PHP Version5.x, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
Managed ServicesYes
Specialized WordPress SupportYes
Price yearly$131.40 Today Pricing $47.40/Year Grab the discount now

Greengeeks Websites provides cutting-edge technology solutions in environmentally sustainable fashion by leveraging renewable energy sources and cutting down on server waste through efficient use software as well as recycling old servers properly when possible

With this panel, you can control your website security and manage files more efficiently with the help of google tools like Docs. And it’s easy to install WordPress or Drupal too!


Greengeeks web hosting pricing
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GreenGeeks offers affordable, reliable hosting that will keep your website up and running. With their automatic backups you can rest easy knowing if something goes wrong with the site’s content or layout they are there to quickly restore it for you!

There is no need spend more than necessary as all plans come equipped free SSL certificates and malware scanning–no matter what size plan one chooses,

GreenGeeks always has everything needed in order maintain an efficient environment where customers feel safe browsing our dynamic pages at any time of day without being sabotaged by malicious actors outside thier control.

You can take your website from slow and sluggish to lightning fast with the help of G-Lite. This plan includes almost all features available on more expensive plans, like server-side caching for Elementor websites or even CDN services straight outta’h dashboard!

The platform is an intuitive and easy-to-use, with a dashboard that will help you manage all content. Maintaining your elementor’s site’s has never been this simple!

Bluehost Elementor Plan
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Bluehos elementor t is geared towards the small business owner, who needs a website of their own but doesn’t want to pay too much for it.

One of the most popular choices for WordPress users. The reason why so many people choose it over other providers? It’s because BlueHost integrates with all major plugins like Elementor or otterbox page builder (to name just two), as well as their own SEO tool which scores highly in tests by our PCL inhouse experts!

Elementor Bluehost is the #3 elementor website hosting recommended by wordpress to host your website. They have powered millions of websites across all industries with their high-powered servers, excellent customer service from experienced employees who are happy to help you out!


Bluehost with elementor
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BlueHost offers a wide variety of features to fit every need, with their own custom-built dashboard that cut off cPanel traditional that enables you to manage everything on your site easily. They will keep in contact throughout the process whether it’s adding domains or updating blogs/websites so there are no worries!

The interface is very sophisticated and easy to use for beginners. It has a great user experience, which helps you backup your website regularly! The support guys are friendly too-they deal with any problems that might come up quickly so be sure not to worry about it

Bluehost Elementor plans are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to save time on updating their website. With one single installation, you’ll have access to all of your content management needs without having worry about software updates or plugin installation – even wordpress is included!

In addition there’s no need to keep track yourself because BlueHost automatically keeps everything up-to-date so it take care every step in building an online business from start until finish.


Bluehost web hosting pricing
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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use landing website builder, the Bluehost Elementor plan is perfect. With three different pricing plans and unlimited features including one free domain with almost everything in Plus or Choice Plus packages—they don’t come much better than this!

  • Shared hosting: Starts at $2.95 per month.
  • VPS hosting: Starts at $18.99 per month.
  • WordPress hosting: Starts at $2.95 per month.
  • Dedicated hosting: Starts at $79.99 per month.

You can host unlimited websites with the plus and choice package. It totally depends on you as elementor uses extra resources when hosting your site, but there are no hidden fees or propositions so it’s completely risk-free to try out this awesome bluehost elementor hosting.

Dreamhost shared hosting
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DreamHost is a professional hosting provider with WordPress that offers beginners and professionals alike an easy way to create websites. Elementor has an agreement with Dreamhost elementor, but it’s not one of their official partners.

Currently Dreamhost is in the top three of our recommend website hosting providers for WordPress users. Dreamhost offers a FREE domain name with each plan, but for PCL readers you can sign up to get 67% OFF on any new hosting plan!

Dreamhost offers the best WordPress hosting service in their industry and is recommended by wordpress.org as one of only a handful with an 100% guaranteed uptime guarantee,

Which will ensure that your website stays up 24/7 without fail The quality customer support from DreamHost makes them stand apart from other providers on this list, so if you need dependable solutions for all of these problems then look no further than them!


Dreamhost featire
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Dreamhost is an extraordinary hosting company, as it’s rare to find a monthly billing system in the world of web hosts. DreamHost offers their customers with multiple plans and features that make them stand out from others!

The best part about DreamHost? WordPress huge community recommends them!

When it comes to managing your website, DreamHost has you covered. Rather than using the standard cPanel like some other hosts which limits developers in what they can do with their user pages and puts unnecessary restrictions on features that every customer may not need or use at all times – DreamHoster offers its own custom control panel for optimum efficiency!

DreamHost doesn’t charge you for hosting your domain. Dreamhost offers one of the best hosting plans in the industry and is used by millions worldwide, but they’re not done yet!

For those who need an extra hand with website management or just want to save some money on their next project – take advantage of their annual discounts plans.


dreamhost web hosting pricing
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DreamHost offers the best pricing for monthly customers and those who want to invest in their plan as they go. Their low prices make them perfect if you’re looking more of an affordable option!

Dream-Host is the best choice for WordPress site owners looking to invest in high quality, yet low cost hosting. They provide excellent performance with just a small investment so your website will be speedy and responsive even if you have lots of visitors!

  • Starter – from $2.59 per month for a single website.
  • Unlimited – from $3.95 per month for unlimited websites.

Tired of paying too much for hosting? Want to save some dough and have a plan that will suit your needs perfectly. Well then, this might be just the perfect solution! It’s $2.59/month with one year or three years contracts at Dreamhost Web Hosting; not bad right?! Plus it comes highly recommended by several users as well so you know its good enough if ya ask me 😉

A hands-on review guide on DreamHost to learn more about the company or, Click “Sign Up Now” below and get started with a domain name for free!

Hostinger new year sale deal
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Hostinger is an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive elementor websites – hosted on this list and it has rich features with attractive deals for first-time users.

Want a cheap elementor wordpress hosting plan with lots of features for your wordpress elementor website? We have the perfect answer for you! Hostinger offers super-low monthly pricing and even takes your site to a new level with free domain names and SSL certificates.

You could never go wrong with Hostinger. Their prices are unbeatable and their site will be up in no time! You get a user-friendly hosting control panel system to make sure your content is safe from hackers, too;

This company has been the top choice by millions of bloggers for many years now because they have such low rates combined with great customer service that’s standing 24/7 available should you need help or assistance while setting up an account on any plan – including their cheapest one which only costs $1.99 per month!!


Hostinger features
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All Hostinger accounts come with WordPress, an SSL certificate, and the ability to create at least one email account.

Easy-to-use Control Panel access makes it easy for you to manage your site no matter what time of day or year! 24/7 support will be there when needed too so that all problems get solved as quickly possible

In addition, they also provide CDN booster which helps increase website speeds by loading content from multiple servers in different locations around the world depending on where a visitor might have connection issues such as bandwidth ranging up 10GB per month disk space 100GB monthly instance size 1 domain name included 30 days free trial

With some plans, Hostinger throws in a Jetpack license for free. With the mid-range WordPress Premium plan, you get access to daily backups and spam filtering among other features that will keep your site safe from harm (and make sure those pesky hackers can’t breakthrough).

In addition, they also offer free 100+ premium Free WordPress Hosting Themes that is fully integrated with elementor and other website WordPress page builders.


Hostinger WordPress pricing
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– Hostinger WordPress pricing

Hostinger offers a range of different plan options at some really cheap prices. We chose them for that reason among others and someone looking to save money will enjoy Hostinger’s services too!

Their Hosting can easily upgrade your package at any time! You have the option of choosing from many different packages: some offer more space or additional domains while others give access via mobile device too so there’s something perfect no matter what kind of business need arises

  • Single Shared – from $1.99 per month for a single website and one email account with 10000 visits/m.
  • Premium Shared – from $2.59 per month for unlimited websites and email accounts 25000 visits/m
  • Business Shared – from $3.99 per month for unlimited websites, daily backups, and improved performance with 10000o visits/m

The WordPress Starter package is a great way to get started with your own website. You’ll receive 20GB of SSD storage, unlimited websites and bandwidth as well weekly automated backups for secure site maintenance in the event that something goes wrong!

Plus they will also take care all updates so you never have worry about updating plugins or themes yourself again thanks to our one-click installer on top of Hostinger’s suite WP-optimized performance settings which includes Elementor too.

Hostinger has a custom dashboard where you can easily add, change or delete any element of your website. Their Dashboard gives the latest technologies like Firewalls and DDoS protection from here to make sure everything in account is under control for 2023!

Kinsta elementor plan
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Have you been looking to host your website on WordPress and have 50K+ monthly traffic? If so, then Elementor recommended is perfect for what you need.

Kinsta is the #1 most popular elementor cloud hosting for wordpress sites recommended by elementor Page Builder.

It’s specially built for large business, high traffic websites that need infrastructure powered by Google’s platform in mind and has been proven to work well even on larger blogs or e-commerce stores filled with thousands of pages thanks its fast speed CPU cores customized specifically just for this purpose!

Kinsta is great for creating professional websites, especially if you want to use Elementor Websites with daily backups and staging. The company has the most popular clients around world like Ubisoft (video games), Flippa(auction site) buffer etc., which shows that its dependable hosting!


why kinsta
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Kinsta’s incredibly fast servers are powered by innovative caching plugins, permitting you to experience a smooth browsing session with near-zero latency. They also have an advanced CDN and dashboard designed for experienced users who want full control over their website or need

Website security is a concern for many business owners, and Kinsta ensures that your site will always be secure. They have been working with world-class clients such as Ubisoft Entertainment -makers of Assassin’s Creed-, Flippa LLC., CodeinePharmacy Group Incorporated (tripadvisor), jQuery Foundation; the list goes on!

A guarantee from an experienced team like this means you can focus more time making money instead of worrying about hackers who want to do harm by stealing sensitive data stored in cyberspace,

Guarantees protect all aspects including hosting services because they know what responsible web hosts offer which leads into performance optimization

Kinsta offers a whole lot more than many other hosting providers do. The company has an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on all their products and services, so you can try it risk-free for one month!

How to Find the Best Hosting Providers For Elementor Websites?

I love learning about the latest developments in web hosting and recommend a variety of services to our readers. I enjoy being able to share my knowledge with you all by providing information on how each company operates, what features they offer for free or at additional expense, etcetera!

When it comes to features, there’s no such thing as too much. Every hosting company will offer at least daily backups and staging functions but for an elementor website host,

These are things that need be included in their service plans just like any other common necessity!Uptime Guarantee: 99% or Higher (Only applies when used on dedicated servers)

Below are our list of features that are must needed for an elementor hosting providers (not every but few of them:

  • Hosting with unlimited resources and storage
  • Access to Cpanel with cPanel to cPanel transfer
  • White labelling C-panel ( Mostly for Elementor Website designers
  • Limit client access
  • Integrate Unlimited domains
  • Excellent bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Around the clock support

It is always important to think about the features your hosting plan needs and all of these best-in-class web hosts provide their clients with at least some elementor functionality.

What is Elementor?

Elementor has become one of the most popular WordPress website builders. It’s a drag-and drop interface that lets you create beautiful websites without any previous web development knowledge or coding skills needed!

You don’t need any previous web development knowledge, nor do you have to write any code! With Elementor’s easy-to understand user interface (UI), it’s possible for everyone –

Even those newbies who are just starting out in this field of work or study–to create beautiful websites without ever feeling lost and frustrated about where they should go next with their project.

Does elementor offers free plan?

Elementor has a free version, but it comes with several limitations. You have access to the full page builder platform and over 40 templates;

However you can’t create your own theme from scratch nor do global changes across all pages or widgets on one’s website retain their original appearance after installing Elementor Pro which also includes 300 premium web design layouts including WooCommerce for online stores as well!

Is Elementor good or bad?

It depends. If you want a WordPress website, Elementor is one of the best ones. It provides plenty of templates and lets you edit each part of your site. If you don’t want to use WordPress, then try one of our other recommended website builders instead like webflow.

What is the best hosting for Elmentor WordPress Websites?

That depends on your needs, budget and level of experience. If you want to run a business on WordPress, it’s important that your site can handle all of the traffic efficiently.

You should look for hosts with plenty of storage space and bandwidth available so that there are no delays in loading pages or acquiring data from remote servers while also having helpful tools like performance monitoring systems as well as security features which will prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information online.


Each of these web hosting companies has its pros and cons. Some may be better depending on the needs you have, your budget or preferences for features such as unlimited bandwidth!

A final note to make it easier: if wanted an affordable yet feature-packed plan , then BlueHost, Dreamhost is highly recommended – though hostinger also offers this at equally low prices.

OK, so Kinsta is the fastest managed WordPress hosting provider out there including greengeeks who offer 5x faster performance. That’s not all they have going on though – if you need a more stable website and don’t want to worry about any update issues then definitely consider them!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post about Elemantor web hosting providers! We hope we were able to help with your search.

You should now know what features are important when looking at a web builder hosting provider and how much of them will fit within your budget, as well as which hosts offer those things in their packages or can be purchased down the line if needed later on.

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