Earn Money Online in Nepal 2022: 10 Proven Checklists [Full Guide]

Do you want to earn money online in Nepal without investment that pays 1000 daily earning sitting at home? If yes, then, I will show you the  Ultimate ways to make money online that everyone is following today.

I have started blogging back three years to provide the ultimate guidelines to ordinary people and students like me using online jobs and apps to earn some extra money.

In this post, you will learn how exactly online business works and how you get paid by working online, and the full guide to earning money sitting from home. No investment is required.

Earn Money Online in nepal No Investement
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Earn Money Online in Nepal No Investment

Indefinitely if you are searching for online jobs or earning money online, there is no better place than the pocketlinko because of these four essential purposes:

  1. I will show you not 2 or 3 ways but ultimate  Proven ways to earn income.
  2. I will provide you only the best genuine tested online jobs.
  3. All these jobs are definitively free and without investment.
  4. No Qualification, Experience, or technical knowledge; even a school failed students can earn unlimited money.

Earn Money Online in Nepal- 12 Reasons You Should 

Please Contribute your 5 mins to surmise well every online job provided below so that it will be comfortable for you to start and make money sitting at home.


You might have heard the term “blog” or “weblog” and you reflecting “what is a blog” and whats it’s all about?

Well let me clear this topic the term blog,

The blog is comparably related to the website, but cant called be a website; I would say the blog is a diary or journal about a particular topic in which you know.

Blogging is a great online job that wants to make a lot of money. It costs about no money to start a blog in Nepal or else, but you must know regarding it.

Earn Money Online In nepal
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Earn Money Online In Nepal

There are a few simple steps to start a blog :

  1. Create a blog (It’s Easy ).
  2. Publish Quality and unique content to the world once a week.
  3. Promote your blog.

Note – To Create a bog Click on this link to create a blog

If you face any problem regarding creating a blog, then feel free to comment down below.

Starting a Full Featured Blog like pocketlinko will costs you only Rs 5000 (60$).

I have written a depth post for Pocketlinko readers to Choose a niche for your blog on which you know &almost free.

Even a 10th failure  Students can create a blog and earn money using the above step – by step pattern.

My favorite way is to earn money through Google AdSense because every time you get paid when visitors click on the Adsense ads.

Blogging can be chosen as a full-time career or online job, and you can earn an excellent income even you work part-time.


Freelancing means providing service to your clients. Freelancing is a popular and awarded way to make money in Nepal.

You work on your terms and still earn an amount of money online in Nepal. Freelancing jobs is one of the best works for home jobs to make significant income externally without investment.

Before doing freelancing in Nepal, you must have the proper knowledge and some business skills.

It can be anything, and if you know something exacting, you will rise to make money.

How to earn money online in nepal
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How to earn money online in Nepal

Some skills like:

  • Writing
  • Coding
  • Online Promotion
  • Web Design
  • Singing
  • Advertisement
  • Creating Videos
  • Logos
  • Image Editing
  • Upload Videos
  • Many more

If you have some skills given above, you will start earning money with no difficulty; you can make 5$ to 100$ through these freelancing websites.

But remember that you will only be paid once you completed the assignment of your clients and accepted by your valuable clients.

There are several Freelance sites, and I will provide you the best Freelance company for beginners to advance.


Fiveer in Nepal has no time popular in Nepal, you can say Fiverr is messy for beginners to pro-level. There are more than 3 million different jobs where you can find here.

You can earn ranging from 5$ to 100$ based on the work you provide to your client or you get.

Website: www.fiverr.com

The lists of top 10 FreelancerWebsite that will be helpful for any jobs and also  you can trust in Nepal:

  1. Upwork
  2. Guru
  3. Freelancer
  4. Envato
  5. Hired
  6. Tutor
  7. Aquent
  8. i-freelancer
  9. Stack Overflow
  10. Freelance writing

So these were top 10 Sites for a freelance website for finding jobs in Nepal and also they are trustable.

Also, Read Wordpress Page builder. 

#3.Affiliate Marketing

The term affiliate marketing means passive income in simple words. Affiliate Marketing is the method of earning a commission by promoting other peoples (Products or Company), You find a product you like to encourage it other people to earn a piece of the profit for each sale you make.

Affiliate marketing is hard than other jobs; in this marketing field, you must have proper knowledge about it because you need to promote other products. To do affiliate marketing, you must have a decent website or e-commerce website for this; you must have a website.

It is familiar with running a retail shop — you signup with a retailer like Daraz, Hamro Bazaar, Saso deal, CPA Networks.

Affilcaite Programs in Nepal
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Affiliate Programs in Nepal

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nepal are as follow :

1. E-Sewa
2. Daraz
3. Hamro Bazaar
4. Sasto Deal
5. Khalti
6. World-Link
7. Max Bounty
8.CPA- Leads
9.Lead – bit
10. Mob – idea

Note–  You can do Affiliate marketing in Nepal, and also Daraz is one of the most extensive affiliate programs in Nepal. Daraz trades every kind of goods at a reasonable rate, and also you can prefer Daraz and E-sewa affiliate programs in Nepal.

#4.Online Tutoring

Online tutoring means teaching a person or people online through online videos or creating uploading videos on YouTubes on a particular topic if you are an expert on it.

Online tutoring means a way of connecting to students of all generations across the world to present education and help in the subject for which you are an expert.

How to earn money online in nepal through website
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How to earn money online in Nepal

There are several websites like Bharat tutors, Midas, Byju, as an online tutor website by creating profiles and listing all the subjects on which you are an expert.

So if you are thinking of doing online tutoring, you must have a high-speed internet brand board connection and a computer with a video cam and mice.

Online teaching and online tutoring are related to educational jobs that do people from home according to my language. There is a vast difference between these terms online.

Also Read: How to choose a niche for your blog

#5.Social Media Marketing

In my opinion, I say social media as social media marketing. This sound might absorb to Nepali people cause they are not inter-related in these terms.

Yes, social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. can be used to earn the amount of money sitting from home; only they can also be called making apps in Nepal.

It’s not simple to earn still more, not tricky. Companies and popular brands pay social media strategists to expand the demand for their commodities further.

Earn Money in nepal without investement
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Earn Money in Nepal without investment

With lots of competition around the steadily compressing consideration time of viewers, creativity is essential to create posts, videos, pics, etc. that go viral instantly’ and enhance the brand value,

Remember to earn money through social media; you must have a unique post, pics, and high demand of followers, and also social media takes time and energy to stay relevant.

Hence, you need to share posts regularly and interact with your followers regularly to earn.


Grasping various languages different than English helps you to make some extra bucks, numerous websites suggest translation plans that require a translating document from one to a different language.

A person who translates a document from one to another earns about 50$to 150$ per document. You might be assuming what types of materials you need to turn if you choose these types of online jobs.

How to earn money in nepal
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How to earn money in Nepal

Translating jobs can be like :

1. Youtube Video Translating 

2.Website Posts Translation.

This may include Spanish, French, Nepali, Hindi, German, Nepali, or any language to or from English. Several Websites such as freelancer, Fiverr, worknhire, etc. offers you a platform to be a professional translator, as already mentioned above.

Translation jobs get paid in the range of Rs 1 to Rs 5 PER WORD. This can go up to rs 10 for some languages.

#7.Surveys and searches and review

There are several websites offering money to undergo online surveys, carry out online searches, and write reviews on products. These types of jobs of having a risk of banking details, risky but significant amounts of money can earn.

This an effective marketing because you get the opportunity to review branded products. The most important watch out in the before-mentioned plans is to linger away from websites striving money that arrives in good to be faithful.

Earning apps in nepal
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Earning apps in Nepal

In Nepal, Swag Bucks is Popular as a survey and searches review and also a trustable website, and these apps are also called earning apps or money-making apps.

Here are the top 10  Earning apps in Nepal  that can make you rich in realtime:

1. Swag Bucks Search engines like Google or ask, but you can get rewards points by searching the web. From my side, this is the best app to earn money from Nepal
2. Ebates Best for Bargain Shopper in Nepal
3. ibotta Best Cash Back Payment instantly
4. Foap Best for Photographers and Videographers
5. Google Opinion Rewards Best for Surveys and cash payment
6 .i-Poll Runner up – Best Survey app
7. Acorns Best for investors
8. Slide-Joy Best for Passive – Earning
9. Sweat Coins Best for Fitness Buffs

#8. Facebook Online Jobs

What if I say you can earn money from Facebook living in Nepal, Sounds goods lets drive into it? Well, billions of people use Facebook for sharing videos, pictures,  and chatting with friends, but there are millions of people earning from Facebook.

There are many ways that you can use Facebook and generate the amount of money.

You can earn money through creating profiles or by creating a page, plus you also get paid for likes too.

Top 4 ways to earn money from Facebook are:

#Sell likes and shares.
#Develope and app.
#Affilate marketing pages.
#Creating an Ads for others.

These four ways are most popular in the world to earn money from, Facebook and even you might have seen some Facebook boosting pages or creating third-party apps like Payoneer, PayPal, they are receiving money through affiliate programs.


If you are not comfortable penning down your attention with blogs and writing content, make your use of the smartphone of video cameras to create a video presentation and earn money in Nepal through youtube.

How to earn money on nepal througt online no investement
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How to earn money from Nepal on youtube

Create your Youtube channel, upload videos, and start monetizing them. Choose a category for your channel that you want to make videos of it and get started with it.

Make super and lovely content so that users can interact with your video and let them subscribe to your channel. The payment once gets once you reach 1k subs and 4k watch time minutes; it’s pretty hard, but if you give you sufficient time, you will reach and start making money on it.

#10. Sell your Photos and Videos

If you think you are good at shooting photos and videos and have creativity, try uploading your photographs for free to the stock website. These types of jobs are also very helpful to passive income.

A good starting point is Adobe Stock Or Getty images,

How to earn money online in nepal without investement
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How to earn money online in Nepal without investment

You might be thinking about how can I earn by selling your own photo and videos, well there are thousands of websites which pay you to sell your pictures and videos.

You can earn 2 $ to 5$ per pictures and videos starting time when you upload Quality of pictures with high resolutions you have a high opportunity to earn more than that.

It might be a good idea to examine them out in print yourself; these types of jobs are extremely effective for students.


I hope you this in-depth article on how to earn money from Nepal; I have given you the top ten jobs above, which you can do at siting from home without any investment.

Let me know which online jobs you choose from above as passive income without investment by commenting below. If you face any problems regarding these posts, feel free to comment on where I will solve your problems regarding that topic.

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