Flywheel Growth Suite Client Reporting Review: best tool for agencies, freelancers

Flywheel has been one of our favorite web hosting providers for agencies. According to the many digital agency owners, Flywheel ensures their clients receive faster loading times and increased bandwidth compared to other major hosting providers like HostGator for example.

Flywheel has been one of our favorite web hosting providers in the business because they provide us with all the tools that we really need.

We get to start right away without having to worry about anything technical so we can get right down to building our own custom website and as you know, looking good on any given website plays a big role in growing your business even quicker so this was very important.

Flywheel has been one of our favorite web hosting providers for agencies, freelancers, and for those who are looking on growing their business faster.

Running a WordPress design agency can be compared to the chaos that Mr. Bean experiences after hitting the alarm clock, and then proceeding to place his slippers on before getting out of bed (perhaps he needs to sleep more?)

In any case, running a web design agency is just as chaotic with clients who need their sites updated at the very least annually. The best way to avoid this stress is by having reliable tools available when performing site updates among other things.

To make sure you’re equipped with all of the tools that you need to effectively manage your marketing automation and analytics, check out Flywheel Growth Suite, an all-in-one hosting solution for agencies.

Flywheel Growth Suite just so happened to be picked by thousands of agencies, freelancers so if you haven’t heard of it before, you might want to read up our review how flywheel specialized web hosting can boost agency business,

This suite is essential if you’re a busy agency owner who cannot afford to waste valuable time on setting up or maintaining your campaign software.

What is flywheel growth suite?

The top brand in web hosting, Flywheel prides itself on being an expert at hosting unique, curated, and high-quality projects for a wide array of designers, agencies, developers, and entrepreneurs.

With so much focus on ease and quality, the brand is striving to make the hosting experience for its clients easier than ever by offering them growth opportunities that their competitors don’t.

Flywheel’s customers have described the platform as extremely easy to use. With team members behind the scenes available to help with any issue that might arise – this focused idea is by far an industry leader giving connection new life no matter what you’re working on!

Flywheel growth suite
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Flywheel is a new way of doing things. It’s like a growth engine for your business – an easy, powerful tool that makes running your web business easier and more effective.

Get to know exactly what Flywheel growth is and how it can help your business grow by clicking here(we have published a dedicated article regarding it).

In short: Flywheel recently launched its newest product called Growth Suite, a collection of tools masterfully designed for agencies that are not only suitable but also save time and help grow business quickly with a set of countless tools that are helpful in the hands and handy when it comes to saving time.

Flywheel has continued to push forward with their impressive line of products, updating to the new level of excellence in hosting. Client Reports is one of those many great features.

With it, users will be able to view and gain intelligence on areas that need improvement as well as successes on their WordPress-powered sites.

Flywheel Growth Suite Client Reporting Review

There are many different ways for businesses to keep track of their finances. Did you know that reports can be artfully designed and are a great tool when updating your client base? You could use it in the form of an infographic, to visually communicate information in a concise way.

Reports are one of the best ways to keep your clients in the loop about what’s happening with their digital marketing campaign.

Flywheel growth suite features
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This helps them to feel invested, motivated, and assured of the value you bring to their business. Reports should be clear and concise, containing data and information presented in an easy-to-follow format.

While it is important to take care of your clients and report on the progress of works assigned to you, it’s also challenging to share those reports with clients can become a tedious undertaking.

And it takes an enormous amount of resources to keep tabs on all the changes,

Like software updates (WordPress core and themes), configuration changes, and custom WordPress development. Most importantly, all of this data needs to be put together into a report in order for your clients to make robust decisions.

What if I said everything we’ve spoken about thus far could be automated?

It’s possible to save so much time by automating your client reports. Below is a sample of what your client reporting might look like:

Following, we’ll dive into eye-catching reasons why Flywheel’s client reports through Growth Suite make them our top choice when developing on Wordpress.

1. Track Plugin status

No one likes to do business with people they don’t trust. It’s time-consuming and stressful. Imagine working with an agency that rushes to get you in and out of the door as soon as their work is done for the day.

By the end of it, you won’t know who your partner is or what they do – talk about a waste of your money!

No one likes to do business with a company that doesn’t make an effort to build a relationship. Wouldn’t it be frustrating if you had to work with an agency that wanted to get rid of you as soon as the work was over?

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Flywheel offers this as an added benefit to their already exceptional service. The ability to easily keep track of the plugin status is available for all customers who wish to take advantage of it, so you can always stay on top of things and catch any issues as soon as possible.

Flywheel will make WordPress maintenance less of a headache by allowing you to manage your plugins effortlessly. This saves you time and helps reduce bumps along the road to success for your project.

2. High-level analysis of Google Analytics

Flywheel helps you get inside of your Google Analytics report a little more than the average user.

Flywheel branded reports
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With Growth Suite, you’ll be able to analyze some high-level information pertaining to traffic and demographic data of your website in order to help achieve more efficient results from future marketing efforts as well as target specific areas of interest within your site statistics.

This will allow for more educated decisions when it comes time to make business plans for the next quarter or year!

3. Security updates

What good is a website if it doesn’t have proper backups and site security in place? A website can go down any time due to a bad update or vulnerability. And, if you don’t have an up-to-date backup, you might lose years of hard work because your hard drive crashed beyond repair.

Online security is crucial when it comes to running a successful online business. A good hosting platform should always be taking the necessary precautions with regards to malware, hackers, and cyber thieves.

That’s why Flywheel stays on top of it all with regular updates. With data encryption and encrypted communication included along with updates to both software and hardware – Flywheel ensures your site stays safe.

4. Conversion Tracking

Many businesses struggle and fail because they don’t study the success or improvement of past ventures. As a digital service provider,

Flywheel conversion tracking
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It’s crucial to look at what marketing strategies are making the most money so that you know where your business may be lacking or which areas should be adjusted.

Luckily, Flywheel Conversion Tracking through Growth Suite helps you see exactly who is reaching out to you, how many people view a client’s pages, and much more.

5. Automation Business Works

Not only can the flywheel growth suite automate your reporting and generate reports that you can share with your customers automatically,

But this automation will complement your business. You won’t need to hire someone to help you prepare and send over the reports since it’s all done for you without having to pause along the way.

This is perhaps one of the best parts: by refining client reporting and setting up automated reporting on our project management tool, you can ensure a reliable line of communication between your employees and clients, increase your MRR (Monthly recurring revenue), and demonstrate the value of your consulting agency.

6. Build Relationship With Clients

There’s one thing your clients want, and that’s transparency. Transparency also means you care about their success.

Flywheel Growth Suite helps you deliver on this by providing you with a way to provide your clients with accurate information so they can see where their money is going and how much it has grown their business over the past weeks/months etc.

Consider how your business would improve if you sent out informative reports weekly, biweekly or even monthly to your clients,

Demonstrating concern for them and empowering them to ultimately correct any mistakes or fix areas of improvement which will benefit them as well as helping build trust between the agency and it’s clients. The result is that this will help scale your business which in turn means growing it!

7. Branded Reports

Custom reports that are branded according to your company’s brand are a great way to provide accurate and informative information in a hurry.

Additionally, customized reports can help you build a reputation for yourself as someone with expertise and knowledge when it comes to providing customers with accurate reporting solutions.

Using custom-branded reporting is specially advantageous if you want to save time while still providing high quality information.

Using reports will save time and provide plenty of information, but you’ll also have a chance to build a positive reputation for yourself and your business by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.

Flywheel Growth Suite Pricing Plans

Flywheel Growth Suite offers the following three pricing packages:

Freelance Plan: The cost of this plan is $113/month (if billed annually) or $135/month (if billed monthly). This plan allows you to host up to 10 websites and domains, and comes with 200GB bandwidth and 20GB storage.

Agency Plan: For an annual fee of $275 (or a monthly fee of $330), you are provided with services that allow you to host 30 websites with 400,000 hits per month and 500GB of bandwidth.

Custom Plan: We recommend this plan for agencies that have multiple clients and need to have a separate Flywheel account dedicated to each one. This is a custom plan, so you’ll be charged by Flywheel Support.

Try Flywheel Growth Suite Client Reporting today to ensure that your websites are automatically optimized to convert more traffic into sales, lead generation and/or new registrations. What other trends and insights would you like to see?

Wrap Up

If you want to grow your agency, maintain great service and client retention, while having smooth operations in general I strongly suggest that you go with Growth Suite.

It’s got everything you need to bring you and your agency or business up to speed including hosting, billing, a CRM for managing contractors and clients etc..

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Your agency will be operating at its best with Flywheel.

This powerful yet remarkably affordable WordPress hosting service has it all, from incredible site speed and performance to support for your version control through Git or,

Subversion with access to tons of useful plugins for everything from site stats to MailChimp analytics integration – to help you keep your finger on the pulse of every single aspect of your business, big or small.

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of clients you have to manage at any given time,

Flywheel can help. It offers subscription billing, management features for your clients and their websites, client invoicing and more. Learn what it has to offer today!

DISCLAIMER: It is our honor to be sponsored by the wonderful people at Flywheel so that we can continue to bring you helpful content!

If you’ve been a long time reader of our blog, then you know that we have a never-ending love affair with Flywheel, who has been and always will be the preferred WordPress hosting platform for our team.

This could definitely be attributed to the fact that they understand what bloggers really want out of their hosting experience: ease, speed, and reliability. Recently Flywheel released an update to their Wordpress platform designed to give users better options than ever before when it comes to scaling up if needed.

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